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Revisiting My Perma Grin.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

In June 2009 my perma grin post was highlight post on Spark. I revisited that tonight. I have gained 25 pounds back and I've been struggling to get the weight moving so I wanted to remotivate myself and remember how incredible it felt. I hope it helps you too.

A Perma Grin - (written june 2009 after losing 54 lbs.)
The other day I went shopping, and I don't think my feet were touching the ground when I left. I have a strange facial thing happening ...I think it's called perma grin.
I used to hate shopping. Dressing rooms were depressing and I used to wish they'd light them by candlelight so I couldn't really see what would depress me. Now I love shopping, I love trying on clothes and the fun of wondering what size I am now.
The thing that put the perma grin on my face was when I tried on a pair of (no way will these fit) size nine jeans. Low- and-behold, not only did they fit, but I looked amazing in them (if I do say so myself)! My family flipped out too when they saw me.
Ever since then I've been just ...I don't know quite how to express it. Befuddled, gobsmacked, standing in abject wonder. How did this happen? Why was I able to lose the weight this time, but was never very successful all those other years? I really don't know exactly. What I do know is that I owe a huge debt of gratitude to so many wonderful girls on SparkPeople who have encouraged me and motivated me, challenged me. Made me laugh some days when I felt like crying.
I had a friend ask me how could I stay motivated losing so slowly and the best answer I could give her was somehow my focus had gone from the scale to fitness goals, nutrition goals and really rocking the monthly challenges on my SparkTeam. Over time, I realized how I was losing weight over a months time not each week. So I just got comfortable with the ups and downs of the scale, knowing in another month it would show a 3-4 pound loss.
I'm doing so many more things now. I run, I swim, and the other day I was doing flips on a trampoline! I discovered that at 44 I can still do running cartwheels. Woo Hoo! I feel like a kid again! It just totally blows my mind. I'm so happy as I write this I feel tears threatening...but they are good tears that flow while I'm still wearing this perma grin.
If I can do this, anyone can- and you can enjoy the journey. It's so much more than weight loss or how you look. It is literally a life transformation.

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KATELJM 7/2/2014 2:14PM

    I'm in the same boat as you. I also reached a healthy weight in 2009, but allowed myself to become distracted. I had 28 pounds to lose when I returned to SP this June. I came back because we bought a treadmill and I wanted to track nutrition and exercise... guess what, I already had an account here!

For me, the treadmill triggered memories of how much it helped me to lose that weight in 2009, so I am back in the groove again.

I wish you the best in your new career thrust.

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KELLIEBEAN 6/13/2014 9:19AM

    Great blog and a great way to give yourself a boost. Congratulations on developing perma grin!

I like how you focus on fitness and nutrition goals rather than the scale. That's what I try to tell people. You have your focus back. I know you are on your way!


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Drink V8 Green Juice if you wish to meet your Inner Swearing Sailor!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

While visiting my mom last weekend I was missing my juice. So I purchased a bottle of v8 simply green juice, no fruit in it at all to off set the green veggies or the lovely spirilina pond scum floating in it. To say it was a putrid concoction that induces an immediate shudder dance accompanied to a steady flow of foul language is a bit of an understatement. It was however fairly pricey and is in fact healthy so rather than flush it I decided I'd bring it home, throw it in a blender with some fruit and voila a healthy and tasty smoothie.

Today I made the smoothie. Remembering how gag worthy this juice was I decided to only use one cup of it thinking it would be easy to mask its foulness with fruit. I then added a cup of frozen blueberries...13 frozen green grapes...and a frozen banana. Gave it a blend and cautiously took a spoonful....a little sip...and was was only slightly less poor eyebrows were now living on top of my head, and my tongue and tastebuds tried to hide in my eyes watered copiously and my inner swearing sailor persona appeared and gave a rare demonstration of colorful verbosity.

Don't ask me why...I didn't flush it right then...I think perhaps its malodourous, cantankerous mold inducing vomit like fumes temporarily wiped out my ability to reason cognitively or effectivly....sooooooooooooooooooooooo I continued on my misguided path to not let V8's green juice win. I continued on...stopping and starting many times...

I added 1.5 cups of water...too early to taste..even I know that....
I added watermelon - taste.... - sailor
I added lemon - taste.... - sailor
I added more banana - taste... sailor..think sailor may be drunk.
I added yogurt - taste.... sailor is stuttering
I added chia seeds - taste.... - sailor is begging incoherently no more tastes....
I added scoop of vanilla protein powder.... taste....hmmmm no sailor...I think he is unconscious...hiding or both.

My brain may still be inoperative...but seems like I can drink it now. I have two cups in my glass...there are 4 more to go. Sailor may yet wake again.

So yah....don't buy that v8 green juice its a traumatic experience.

This is what my inner sailor on green juice looks like. Spinach is one thing Popeye...V8 Green juice is something else.

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MOTIVATED-ME 4/29/2014 5:20AM

    Wow - i had a good laugh - thanks

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BARB4HEALTH 4/25/2014 7:13AM

    emoticon emoticon

You certainly are a courageous being with loads of stamina.

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KELLIEBEAN 4/24/2014 7:16PM

    You had me cracking up! Thanks for the warning! I have not yet encountered green V8.

Way to power through and try to make putrid situation bearable!

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MERRYMARY42 4/24/2014 6:38PM

    great post, and thanks for the warning, I have been thinking I should try green smoothie, and if I saw that I may try it instead of making my own, Thanks

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GRACE2GRACE 4/24/2014 12:44PM

    Just checked its called V* harvest green juice

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WHYNOTJ1 4/24/2014 12:12PM

    Thanks for the warning! Your post really made me laugh!

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PROPMAN1 4/24/2014 11:52AM

  OH-MY....sounds awful! I will Not buy this juice...too much effort to make it worthy. You have my appreciation of your fortitude for hanging in that long and trying so hard. emoticon

I'll stick with the pill that has all your fruits/veggies for the day.

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I've gone Koookooo for Veggies.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Food Inc. Hungry for Change, Food Matters and Farmageddon....

All documentarys I watched on Netflix. Normally I wouldn't have watched them, but after watching Fat Sick and nearly dead I was drawn to them, like a moth to a flame, and yes I got singed. I will never be able to live in the bliss of ignorance again...but...I will never again have to live in the horror of ignorance about what I'm putting in my body, anymore.

These documentarys, challenged, changed and really pumped me up.

I bought a juicer...and started juicing regularly which led to an almost obsession with produce. all those foods like Kale that I would never eat, I regularly consume in my juice. Its exciting when I see how many healthy nutrients I'm putting in my body.

I normally drink a juice a day and the rest of the day its about veggies and whole grains and lean proteins.

The very first week I was astounded by how good I felt. Its been about a month now. My skin is clearer, my mind is clearer., I have energy, I'm excited about getting my health back. I'm drinking clear water about 14-16 glasses a day, my body feels extremely energized and I'm just happier all round.

My windowsill has kale and celery and pears on it, my counter has a squash, and bananas.
My fridge is full of everything veggie, my freezer has frozen bananas for smoothies and sfrozen green grapes, blueberries, strawberries and peaches.

I'm excited to learn about and be using Flax seed, Chia seed, Cocunut oil...can I get an amen for the Coconut oil. I think I might want to invest in Cocunut oil. Next week I'm going to buy this stuff called Spirulina a type of blue algae that's extremely healthy.

Its amazing to me how if you give your body only good things, it only wants good things.

Its amazing how bad we feel and don't even realize it...until we suddenly feel good.

My head feels so clear and I didn't know it was even foggy.

My husband made fettucinni Alfredo last night....a weakness of mine...I didn't want it...I wanted my stir fry.

If you haven't discovered juicing...I highly recommend. Juicing is part of my morning routine and its become almost a sacred thing with me.

I also highly recommend watching the documentaries I mentioned above....if you can only watch one...I'd say watch Food Matters.

have a great day...whoot whoot.

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APPEALSTOME 7/3/2014 6:07AM

    Awesome choices. I watched all the movies you listed. I grew up eating a large variety of veggies and fruit, but my parents said I eat more than they do. lol I am not a juicer. Chewing food is more satisfying for me. Keep doing what you are doing since it works for you. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WALKMAMA 4/7/2014 3:12PM

    Keep being awesome!

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Its all about the power of a Decision.

Friday, March 22, 2013

One Decision can change your life.

I'm making that decision today. I met my weight loss goal in Oct. of 2009 losing 52 pounds, and today its March 22, 2013.

My scale as of today reads 170 pounds up 15, but the damage is even worse. Since the summer I've been eating pretty much junk and stopped exercising, I've gotten flabby, lost my tone so I look even bigger, my clothes are getting tight, and I generally just feel blah.

I recall being in my healthy groove and how amazing it felt. I was always energized and happy and had such a sense of purpose and accomplishment. The fun of competing with myself and surprising myself with fitness gains. At one point I ran a 10 k, now I'm back to the start...I'd probably just drop unconscious if I tried to run for 5 minutes straight.

There are many things going on in my life right now that are challenging...the hotel I managed burned down last year taking away my income and finding work in an economically depressed area is proving to be very difficult.

My weight just ads to the angst. So I finally decided...I can't magic the hotel back, I can't just conjure up a new job, or make money fall from the heavens...But...I can choose to be happy...
I can choose to be grateful for all the wondorous blessings in my life and their are so many...and I can choose to take charge of my health and weight and get myelf back where I want to be.

Its time...I'm focused, I'm ready...and I have made a decision. I am going to lose 30 pounds and feel amazing both phsycially and emotionally. I'm posting this publically so that everyone knows I made this decision and I'm going to make it happen.

Here is to a new and improved, healthier version of me.

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MOM4HOCKEY 3/25/2013 1:25PM

    Good for you!! I too committed by posting my goals and intentions.. I've found it does help me be accountable,,and the support is amazing,,so hang in there and emoticon

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JEMLOVA29 3/22/2013 9:02PM

    You have a great attitude! Thanks for the inspiration. You can do it!

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You can change your state from Blah to Va va Varoooom Instantly.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This year I learned an amazing thing from Tony Robbins a well known Life Coach, speaker and author. What he taught me is our body responds to our thoughts. If you are feeling blah and kind of sad....your body reflects that. You feel drug out, your moving slow, your body would rather not move. When your happy and excited its the opposite...your body loves to move, everything is quick and easy, you feel light as a feather, you feel happy and energized.

The very kewl thing is the body just responds to thoughts it doesn't know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. So when your feeling lethargic and a bit down you can choose to change that simply by thinking and imagining happy thoughts, but its more than that to make the change instant...pretend just like when you were a little kid.

Think of something that would really get you excited and happy. One I use is...You just won the lottery. So as silly as it sounds I pretend I just won the lottery, I smile and shoot my arm in to the air...."YES!!!! YES!!!! I won I won. and I really throw myself into it. Another I have picked up is Little Richards song..OOOOOOOWWWW IIIIIIIIIII feeeeeeeel good...I knew that I would ya. I pretend I'm Him and sing it like him and well I always end up laughing and of course I make myself dance while doing it.

Its a choice...when your feeling low it takes discipline to do don't wanna bother...but if you quickly see it really does work. It changes your mental and physical state. Why feel rotten if you don't have too.

A few weeks back I was going to a job interview and I was really felt like my insides were quaking. So on the drive I turned into lil Richard and sang at the top of my lungs imitiating him all the other drivers I would look insane. However, I arrived at my interview just beaming with positive energy and was completely relaxed and at ease.

So today I get up...I'm feelin a bit blah, a bit low energy and I need to get on the treadmill,
but I don't want to, rather curl up with a book. So while getting washed up...I start doing my dance...and Iiiiiiii feel good....then I start whoooo its another big lottery win and some more crazy dancing while brushing my teeth.

Then I get on the treadmill and in my mind I was imagining winning a race and how amazing that feels, and then I saw in my mind I had just climbed a mountain and how good that accomplishment felt. and sometimes just thoughts like I am a winner, I am strong, I am fit...I am sheer awesomeness...I am an overcomer, I am a victor, I am a champion...I can do anything I set my mind to ...YES......I can. I reach all my goals and so on. And I allowed myelf to really feel those things and I smiled. Its amazing how much energy just smiling can give to you.

If I hadn't done this...I might not have worked out...and I certainly wouldn't have worked out on the treadmill for an hour and then gone on to do strength training.

Try this...Its amazing how well it works. you can change your state at will...its just a choice you make.

Whats the worst that can end up getting to laugh with yourself and feel like a kid again.

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SUE5007 3/20/2013 4:45PM

    This is so true. When I'm on a run and I'm having a hard time physically I make myself smile. Even though I just want to scowl. It literally lightens my emotionally and muscles that I didn't realize were tense will relax. I just have to imagine that I am happy to be running...and it really helps!

Our bodies and minds are amazing.

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