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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Well first I have to do this...

Whoooooooooooo hoooooooooooooo stubborn scale gave up another 2 pounds so I'm down to 186 if I leaned a certain way and held my breath and crossed my eyes, toes and fingers I could make it almost say 185 but in the end I gave up and accepted the truth it was 2 pounds not 3 pounds. lol

I'm not sure I can meet my goal of 2500 calories burned this week its been a
very hectic week and I even thought of lowering my goal I hate to see my streaks go down and I have to get groceries tomorrow and decorate for christmas as well as work the dreaded day shifts. Have I ever told you guys how much I hate mornings! : )

Today I went swimming and then I had to help my daughter with one of the community dance recitals. I was there for 6 hours. trying to round up the jazz kids, the lyrical kids, the hip hop kids, etc....and help them understand what they needed to do for the finale as it was there first time in that venue.
It was a challenge indeed and poor Kailee I thought she was going to have a melt down, but she held it together and I'm so proud of good thing it was her and not me or they would definitly have been bringing in the men in the nice white coats to take me to the funny farm.
In the end everything went well not perfect but well. The kids are so cute and the parents are just excited to see them in their costumes and on stage. It was really funny though. The tweens were all having a crush on Jason, Kailee's boyfriend who was amazing with the kids. Some of the fathers came in and they are a tough bunch of lumberjacks and Jason was helping the little three year olds remember how they were supposed to skip. That was toooo funny. He's a good sport for sure. I did the music and short of starting the first number with the wrong song I was brilliant lol.

Anyway it was fun...but I'm so glad it's over. hahaha

not much could faze me today though...cuz i'm down 2 pounds whooo hoooo.
love you guys...we can do step at at a time.


Whooooo HOOOOOOO theres a party on my page toooooday!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Whooooo HOOOOOOO ATTention, Attention, KMART shoppers and all my sparky friends I am currently throwing a humoungous party in Aisle 11.
Come and join the fun. There is calorie free chocolate cake and a whole lot of dancin goin on.

The reason for this special party is the celebration of the rehabilitation of my scale. It finally....finally....finally...after 5 loooooooooooooong weeks. Decided to move and YES!!!!

I have hit the promised land......finally...I'm in the 180's whooooo hooooo.
188 to be exact and since Tom is probably going to show up today its probably going to be an even bigger lose. Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooo

Stomping Stuffing really works....yeee haw. I so can't stop doing the happy dance. Every one at work will have to sit thru my happy dance and the story of the pounds that wouldn't go story. lol

Did I say Whoooo HOOOO. I am sooooooooooooooooooo excited

Finally!!!!! did I say Finally. hahahaha

Have a great day and thank you all for your support and inspiration.
love you guys,
Heather Dawn

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H-2-OH 11/26/2008 11:48AM

    Wow! I haven't stopped by in a while and blammo...I do and you're ticker has been ticking like crazy. Congratulations!

So....where exactly can I get this calorie-free chocolate cake!?

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WALKMAMA 11/20/2008 9:29PM

    I'm celebrating with you, too!


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SHARBABY123 11/20/2008 6:20PM

    Yay, Heather! I'm dancing with you!


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HEATHERSCOTTTN 11/20/2008 11:40AM

    YEA!! CONGRATS GIRL... just keep it up! We are exactly the same weight... and I'm just getting serious again... got to... so let's move on down the scale together!!!

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SMILINGEYES2 11/20/2008 11:00AM

    Enjoyed the break from my day with the delightful blog. Best wishes on your great accomplishment. You definitely have cause for celebrating!

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My scale is stubborn as any mule.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Scale dropped the 4 pounds of fluid its been holding the last couple of days. So I'm back at my 190. Happy about that but disappointed not to see a loss this week.
I was really hoping to be in the 180's before now. Anyway on the positive side
i've lost 3.5 inches off my waist and looking at myself in the mirror I can see
positive changes in my body. My husband even teased me and called me skinny the other day saying he could definitly see a difference around my stomach area. So thats something...and I have exercised every day the last couple of weeks and i'm seeing some real gains in my cardio. So its good.


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WALKMAMA 11/8/2008 6:28AM

    Heather, I am so happy you are using other indicators in addition to the scales. Be proud of your accomplishments. 3.5 inches from your waistline is awesome!

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I think I might faint....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

One of those witches on the fit in the britches team must have really figured out how to cast a spell on my scale...because...OMG...I still can't believe it...its down again today...2 more pounds and get this....TOM is here!!!!
I can't believe it its dropped altogether 7 pounds this week. so I think my upswing when it went up to 197 must have been fluid, but even so that means in real pounds I lost 4 real deal pounds.

Whoooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooo I'm doing ariel stunts on my flying broom. tee heeeeee.
I can put 3 more pumpkins down for the witches team this friday all ready. hurrah!

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PRALINEZ 10/29/2008 9:24PM

    emoticon Heather! Your blog tells a magnificent tale, and pounds are pounds! I'll settle for 'em whether they're made of water, fat, or concrete! CONGRATULATIONS!! I've subscribed to your blog - it's downright suspenseful and encouraging! - Susan

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B~ROSIE 10/26/2008 6:05PM

    emoticon You will fit in yer britches for sure!! Great job!!! emoticon ~ beth

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H-2-OH 10/26/2008 1:49PM

    Okay, that picture is FREAKY! I thought the "pig" would symbolize pigging out or something but nope! You did GREAT! Congratulations!

Now YOU put a spell on MY scale because it's not moving fast enough.

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IF I smile any bigger my face will vanish.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I guess all that wacking of my evil, demonic, monstrous scale must work. I dropped 4 pounds this week, and then got on the scale this morning and was down another pound. Whooo hooo I'm down 5 this week!
It was either the wacking it took, or one of the witches on the fit in your britches witches team at fit, fabulous and forty in the Halloween spooktacular challenge casting a spell on it. ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....
It could be just that I ate right all week, and I have burned so far this week 2150 calories and will burn more today.

Holy Moly folks ...this actually works. emoticon

Big hugs to all of you, especially those who were there during my melt down..I hate my evil scale day.


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WALKMAMA 10/26/2008 6:29AM


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GLITTERGIRL69 10/26/2008 1:43AM

    Great job1!!! Good for you, keep up the good work!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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H-2-OH 10/25/2008 4:05PM

    You're so cute!
Congratulations on budging that scale!

Five What did you do, save up for weeks and lose it all at once!? You could be on the Biggest Loser!

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GERMANPICKLE 10/25/2008 12:25PM

    congrats! and keep up the good work!

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