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A Fitness breakthru.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 all you runners out there your gonna laugh and think whats all the fuss about, but for me this was huge. I want to eventually run a 5 k marathon. Despite that fact that at 200 pounds and terribly out of shape, it seems like dreaming the impossible dream. I'm not even sure really why its so important to me, I never even thought of doing something like that before. However it popped in my head several months ago and hasn't budged. I've been quit smoking for almost 2 months now. I went from being a smoking coach potatoe to getting on my treadmill the beginning of January. One of the programs on the treadmill has you running at 4mph for 2 minutes then you walk for 3 minutes at 3mph. Those 2 minutes running nearly killed me.
Today though I decided to use the manual setting on the treadmill. I pushed myself really hard, and I was so happy...because I ran 4 minutes straight at 6mph, I walked for about 5 mintues and then did it again, several times.

Okay how far in distance will I get in a marathon in 4 minute intervals but Hey...its a start, and if I can do that in a couple weeks, what might I be able to do by summer.

So to me this was just awesome..and I'm up on the fence post just a crowing about it. lol

Altogether I spent 65 minutes on the treadmill. My day is crazy tomorrow and I might not get it in and I've already missed 2 cardio days so I thought I better do a good one today. I also spent 40 minutes doing strength training and crunches...Oh stomach...I'm sore there. lol

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COFFEYBEAN 1/16/2008 3:17PM

    What an inspiration you are....I can't do the running thing...I'm dead after about 30 seconds...walk yes...running no way...I have no stamina...You just go ahead and deserve it...and I know you're going to be running the 5 k sooner then you think...

I'm so proud of keep up the terrific work you're doing...God's right there with you...pushing...speaking in the ear...he's proud too...look what one of his vessels is doing....

I just can't praise you enough....


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Back on Track.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I went slightly over my cal. count yesterday, eating all my healthy stuff, but over just the same. Today I got back on the treadmill and did 50 minutes. I know your only supposed to weigh yourself once a week but I couldn't resist and guess what I lost again. I'm down 6 since I started. Now I'm hoping one of those little I lost 5 pound thingys will show up by my name. lol
Have a super day all. I'm off to work, the big boss is coming in this need to make sure everything is ship shape.

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COFFEYBEAN 1/15/2008 2:03PM

    That' s terrific!!!! You just keep at it for the stickers, I don't know where you get them either...I've never had one either...sorry, that's one question I don't know the answer....Dahhh

If and when I find out I'll let you know.

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Day shifts are a huge challenge

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm going to have to figure out how to handle day shifts at the hotel. I'm not a morning person and normally I work the three -11 shift. However I have to work at least one and sometimes 2 day shifts. My day starts at 5 am, and by 6:30 I'm on the job. Bleary eyed and wishing to be back in my bed, in my pjs at least for another few hours. Lets face it...Mornings really are for the birds. When I work day shift it wipes out my whole day. I get home around 4pm and I'm exhausted. My husband is home full time now as he has been injured at work, so he takes care of everything at home. I come home, and shortly after I fall on my head and fall asleep. I then feel lousy the rest of the evening. No energy at all. I can't stand day shifts.
I knew today would be hard, so I took my bathing suit with me, and thought I know I won't come home and get on the treadmill, so I'll just have a swim before I come home and it will be over, then I can fall on my head. As it turned out though...we had a storm, and I had to come right home.
Sooooooooooooooooooo here I am. I fell asleep, I ate my supper, I don't have any energy, and I think I'm getting a cold, and there is no way I can fool myself into thinking I'm getting on that treadmill tonight.

I have to figure out how to work in my exercise around these shifts they are part of my life, and I'm just going to have to suck it up and deal with it.

One good thing is food wise I ate very healthy. No eating fatty food in the dining room at lunch was healthy and so appealing my co-workers all wanted what I was having. lol

Tomorrow is a 3-11...number one priority is to get at least an hour cardio in.

hope you all had a great day.

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COFFEYBEAN 1/14/2008 8:49PM

    When you're working at the hotel...are you walking around or sitting...I was going to say if you're walking get a pedometer and you can try to get more steps in during the day...taking the time to walk to areas and not use the elevators, escalators etc....that will help and you won't feel like you're failing in some way....I do a lot of exercising in my chair at work...tightening up my bum and one even knows you're doing it..AT LEAST I DON"T THINK SO....sometimes I have my towel, or a sweater, or jacket with me and I stretch it over my head and do waist bends in my chair...or twists in the chair....flex your legs, builds your calves...etc...hopefully you can do a few of these things...we'll get you motivated little lady....I'm still watching you!!!

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Great Bouncing Exercise Balls Batman!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I am officially 43 and part of my birthday gift was an exercise ball. Being 5:10 I wanted the large 75 cm one. Well you should see this thing..its humoungous. Its the mother of all other exercise balls I swear. lol

My husband being the sweety that he is told me I don't look any different than I did at 42. haha
However, I do intend to look a great deal different when I turn 44. I intend to be fit, healthy, and at a proper weight with a normal BMI.
Yesterday I had my monster meal at Swiss was delicious and I don't regret a thing...but today...its back on.

I'm going to do 35 minutes on the treadmill, and I plan on going to the hotel this evening and getting in at least the same in the pool. I also plan to use my new exercise ball to start doing crunches on.

I'm not ready to commit to a full strength workout 3 times a week. I'm still figuring out everything. So my goals for this week are.
1. Track my food everyday.
2. Track my exercise everyday
3. Track my water Everyday.

I plan on at least 35 minutes cardio 5 days a week,
and as many crunches on the ball as I can do 3 days a week to start.
I may do more exercise but this is my minimum and if I do it right I'll be some proud of me. Baby steps...thats how I'm going to do this.

Hope you all have a great day.

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MICHELLEM42 1/14/2008 12:06PM

    Heather thanks so much for your comments in my blog. You are right we can't be perfect; but we can make continual progress.

I hope you had a Happy Birthday. You can do this have a great day! God bless.

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COFFEYBEAN 1/13/2008 12:54PM

    You go're older and wiser (haha) I can't do crunches on my ball, it turns my stomach....but I can do everything else...or at least what I have tackled I can do...I hope you enjoy your exercise is fun.

Have a great day birthday girl....and I'm with you all the way to 44.

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My Birthday Lunch, the stuffed Pig and Perky Rappers.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The plan was...go to lunch at Swiss Chalet and treat ourselves to chicken and ribs I purposely had not eaten a thing so I'd have many calories in my arsenal that could be used. Then we were to go to Canadian Tire, then get the grocery's and come home. Not quite what happened.

We went to swiss chalet, and I'm glad I saved my calories, because I haven't tracked them yet but I'm thinking I'm probably not going to be eating again until some time in March. I had the chicken and ribs combo but, we ordered the garlic stuffed with cheese bread. OH MY GOSH...thats good. Its also got to have a days calories right there.

The girl comes to clear away the dishes, and asks us if we'd like desert. You can gain 10 pounds just looking at the pictures of their deserts. We both are looking at her like two stuffed pigs. I mean where did she think we'd put it. So we both said we had no room. So were waiting for the cheque and all the sudden there is this horrendously loud clapping and marching, and oh my gosh the entire wait staff is there in front of our table, doing this happy birthday rap. lol Glenn turned beat red which completely alarmed me, I was soooooo embarrassed I wanted to hide under the table, then to my horror this stupid grin that wouldnt leave spreads over my face and tears came to my eyes. OH my mortification. lol I was so and I mean Glenn was just there and i thought he was going to die. They did a really good performance, and marched off leaving sundays with whip cream on the table. Glenn said we couldn't not eat we did. I'm not sure they really worked there even, though they were posing as waitress's they were all little sticks, and I don't think you could work there and not eat there food, and if you did eat the food, you would not be a little stick! So they may have been imposters, or spys, either way they had their rap down...dude.

Eat again...Did I say March?...I mean april I will legitimately be entitled to eat again. lol
Food was delicious though...mmmmmmm yummmy.

We made it to Canadian tire yawning all the way, those carbs kick in fast. Didn't find my birthday gift. So we went to Wallmart found my birthday gift and a couple more. I got weights, an exercise ball and dvd, a yoga mat, and a pilates resistance band set. My weight are really kewl they have this soft foam around them and feel so much nicer than the metal onces I had.

Okay fun stuff is over lets get serious...Now we go to Super store to forage for food for the children...except...we didn't make it. We were so stuffed it was nearly putting us in a coma, so we came home, fell into bed had the best nap, its 3 hours later, I'm still not hungry. Grocery shopping tomorrow. lol Course can't quite get excited about it now that I know I won't be eating again until april.

hope you all had a fun day., going to track my calories...I'm afraid...very afraid.

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COFFEYBEAN 1/12/2008 8:54PM

    Happy Birthday....and glad you had such a good time...You shouldn't neglect yourself of food allllll the time...but you do know you had to watch it ...and you realize your consciquences, so I'm all for you celebrating....I believe in you and I know you'll get back on track....right! Again happy Birthday...they only come once a year (Thank Heavens)

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