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I hope they don't eat Me!!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Okay....what a busy, crazy day, jumped out of bed, got my treadmill in did an hour, then ran for the shower, grabbed the list, off to the grocery store, nearly froze solid getting the groceries into the car, home get them out and put away, clean, clean tidy, tidy, to be ready for 6 pm when Tristans friends arrived for His 13th birthday party/slumber party. Yes I know what your thinking...I'm thinking I'm crazy too!!!! (See picture for
I took a cake display platter and made this intricate design out of candy (10 different kinds) it was overflowing with candy and in 5 minutes there wasn't a piece left. Which is good no temptation for me there...but we still have to get thru, cake, ice cream, chips, dip, nachos and cheese, Lord Help Me be strong.

These boys eat soooo much, sooooo fast, pray for me...they may just eat me, if we run out of junk food. lol

hope your all having a great night.

Today I discovered weight watcher whole wheat bagels just 2 points whoo hooo they are good too.

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LIZPB2008 1/27/2008 11:18AM

    Sounds like fun (((HeatherDawn))))! Think how many calories you burned off just chasing them around picking up candy wrappers! lol
You're doing so great! Love the attitude, love the pic! You're so gorgeous! Inside and out.

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ANNAREE 1/27/2008 9:06AM

    Well loser buddy you are just going great guns with great attitude. Love the picture and love you too.

At least if they eat some of you, that would be more weight loss.

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COFFEYBEAN 1/26/2008 7:48PM

    I want to see some pictures!!!!!! You're going to have a great time...You so fun loving.....have them do some exercising...see how fast they can go on the treadmill and for how long....make a game of it...and they get a treat for doing it the won't believe how they'll just go and go and go....and run off the junk food....have you ever played (don't laugh) butt daughter played it when she was young.....put a quarter between your cheeks and walk over to a jar, bucket...whatever and see if you can drop it in..... it strengthens there muscles and in fun...our little group of girls got to where they could drop in in a little votive candle holder...pretty good huh....

Okay, now that you know I'm crazy.....

You have fun....remember when you were younger...?

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Yeah Down 2 more...whooo HOOOO

Friday, January 25, 2008

Doin my hap hap happy dance down 2 more thats 8 pounds lost since Jan. 1. that never happens for me...I'm always a month into it before I see a I'm just ecstatic. However, I think the real story here is how awesome and amazing I'm feeling physically. I have more energy, I feel more alert, there's less of the fogginess in my brain that I was starting to think was me just getting old and senile or something.
Plus...I took an inch of that awful heart attack fat off of my waist. So I'm a happy girl today.

Plus when I think of the amazing friends I have made here, the awesome support I have received, I just feel totally blessed.

hope you all have a great day...We're doin this! whooo hooo.

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BETTA13 1/25/2008 5:41PM

    WOOT! That is good news! Do you exercise too? I think that is really helping me with the inches thing. YAHOO! Doesn't it feel good? I can't wait to get below 200!! Maybe by Valentines day! I remind myself everyday, "I am who GOD says I am"
Keep up the good work!!

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FAITHSONGLADY 1/25/2008 3:51PM

    Its your time to Dance...! This is the year of NEW Beginnings~! You will be stronger, healthier and JOYfilled in the Lord. Keep on dancing and don't look back~! I'm dancing with you~!!!

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COFFEYBEAN 1/25/2008 2:59PM

    I'm dancing right along with you.....the lbs loss is great but the Inch is terrific....I've still got the girth...but it will go....I'm sure of it...Keep doing that happy dance...and with no smoking too you have the capacity with breath wise to do the Happy dance for at least 10 minutes or so...

Glad you're doing so well...don't get upset if it stops for a while...but you just keep on keeping on.... Talk to you later...


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I feel amazing!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I was just marvelling to my husband today about how well I feel. I'm energized, and feel so alive. Its the healthy eating and exercise I know it. I never realized just how bad I had been feeling until now when I feel so good. Why in the world would I ever stop doing this. Its great!

Today I did the 2nd workout in the couch-5k program found it easy. Then I continued after it was over to walk/run. I was so excited when I found myself able to run in 5 minute intervals at 5 mph.

I have to be careful though to do it the way the coach wants you to do it in the program. ON my left shin I have a pain, and it scares me to think I might get shin splints. i have to be realistic here, I am not in shape yet, and my bones are probably not as strong as they should be. So as much as I just want to push myself and get flat out running , I'm going to have to do it over time and the way he says or I'll just be injured and not able to run at all. That would be awful, so from here on out I'm going to do what the program says and only what the program says.
Although on the alternating days when you do it, I will spend an extra half hour on the treadmill, but just walking no running.

I still can't get over how great I feel. I'm also finding when stress starts to get me, if I jump on the treadmill I have to focus on the workout and when I'm done I'm just not stressed, and how many times do we take a problem and run it over and over and over again in our heads only frustrating ourselves more and more. When your working out you can't think, its just breathe and get it done. So its a break right there, and after you feel so much better.

Did I say....I love this program...cuz...I love this program!!!! LOl

Hope you all are having a super day.
Lori if your reading I'm thinking of you sweety.
Annaree will you be near kangaroos this weekend?
Blairsville you all...We can and will git it done!

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MELDOYLE9 1/25/2008 8:45AM

    The pains in your leg sound familiar. Same thing happened to me. Turns out that I couldn't handle ANY of the incline workouts (which we do to push ourselves). Had to be on level 2 or below. Don't do the inclines, and see how you feel. Also, if it is shin splints, just make sure you're hydrated and have eaten beforehand. It will help. Also, I recently discovered HIIT training, 2 minutes walking at 4 and then one minute "sprinting." I started with 6 and am at 7 now and don't have a problem. I could walk/run like this ALL day! Repeat over and over for half hour, 45 min, whatever. I actually did an hour at 6 the other day because it was so easy. I am going to try 7.2 today and see if I can do it.

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COFFEYBEAN 1/24/2008 10:13PM

    I realize no matter what is going on in my life personally, I ALWAYS make time for my friends....You're such a boost for me...and I thank God for sending you to this group when he did....when I feel like I'm not only tredding water, but I'm gulping in that nasty taste they call the river of life...I see this bright light shining...and it's your lovely words, thoughts, and wishes that you so eloquently pour out to me over and over again....I love you Heather....and I am so blessed to have such a sweet soul ready to listen to me vent, or get excited over little minut victories....I pray I can do the same for you.....

NOW as for your be careful with your shins....we don't need you on crutches or with leg wraps....Your victories will come in time...and remember it's not our time...but the Lord's...he already knows how this race is going to turn out....but I do believe you are going to be a winner....I'm tickled at you....I hope everyone that reads your blog gets just as tickled, motivated, and the more we take care of our body...the more we will want to keep taking care of it...and what a tribute to God that will be.....He is so proud of you....and I am too....
Have a Super Duper Friday.....

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2 months Smoke Free yippeeeee!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm celebrating 2 months smoke free today.

Yesterday I did well right up until late evening when a beutiful chocolate bar was put in my hands...and well....I didn't have the will power to have just one little square this time.
Who knew that 9 little squares equals 295 calories. : (

Oh well back on track today.

have a great day all.

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ANNAREE 1/24/2008 6:56AM

    Way to go - 2 months what a great achievement.
You go to the top of the class.


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ELLIPSISDREAM 1/24/2008 2:20AM

    That is Huge! 2 Months is fantastic...
Be proud :)

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COFFEYBEAN 1/23/2008 4:00PM

    Happy Dance....Happy Dance....I look rather silly here at the hospital...but I'm so proud of you...I've been trying to get my husband to quit....but He's going to have to want to...I quit 2 years ago...and feel so much better....

as for the chocolate bar....okay, we fell out of the boat for a minute...I've got an you want it....or are you going to punish yourself and tread water for a while? In any case...I know how strong you you'll be back in the boat with us soon...

Did you get my sparkmessage.....were you able to get the whole thing....I was so mom loved between the tears...but she understood where my brother was coming from...

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LIZPB2008 1/23/2008 9:33AM

    Whoooohoooooooooo (((HeatherDawn)))))!! Congrats on 2 months smoke free!!!
Don't beat yourself up over the chocolate, just beat the person that put the bar in you hand up! lol j/k
You're doing super!

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A Celebration of the Little Things.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm taking some time this morning to acknowledge the little changes I have made in the last few weeks and give myself a pat on the back.
I have tracked my food daily,
I have tracked my exercise daily,
I have exercised 5 days a week.
I have been drinking my water,
I have for the most part blogged every day
I haven't beaten myself up when I have messed up, I just tried to learn something about myself from it.
I've been very honest in my tracking of food even when I knew I'd go over my limit., because it also can teach me and I want an accurate portrayal of what I'm doing.
I've told several people about Sparkspeople and they have joined.
I started a sparkteam for all my quitsmoking buddies that are now losing weight on spark. Called the Blairsville Bunch we all quit together on another internet forum geared for quitting smoking.
I've been active on the communtiy boards and spark teams I belong to.
I have supported other people and celebrated with them.
I've read many articles and been inspired by the success stories.
I'm now in stage two, and my one main thing this week is to measure ...absolutly everything. I couldn't believe my 2 tsp of sugar were closer to
I downloaded the coach to 5 k running plan yesterday and I'm working towards my goal of running a 5 k by summer.

I'm so excited and blessed to be here. I've met so many wonderful and amazing people and I'm just so grateful for

Have a great day everyone. I'd love to read about all your accomplishments or challenges you are facing and how you will go about meeting them.

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ANNAREE 1/21/2008 6:03PM

    We are blessed to have you G2G.

Thankyou for the Blairsville Bunch - just the perfect picture.

And all of those little things make huge gains - Well done, you are an inspiration.

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COFFEYBEAN 1/21/2008 1:37PM

    I'm at the hospital right now....Dad seems to be doing a little better...but my sister had her laptop so just had to check in with my little angel and friend....So you're in the 2nd't go to fast...don't want you completely skinny and gone in a month or two....

Good idea to measure everything, EVERYTHING....condiments...breath mints...anything that goes in the little section below the nose....

You're doing very well...and I see you're bringing friends into the group too...AWESOME....

Well better go....going to relieve mom and sit with dad for a while...he's in pretty good spirits...but he always is....

Thanks for the thoughts...

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