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See what you will look like minus the weight!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wanted to share this website I found with you all. Its too kewl.

Its called weightview. If you upload a pic of yourself they have the technology to reduce it by the amount of pounds you specify. In 48 hours they email back the before and after pic. Its very motivating...and FREE!


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BLESSINGS2DAY 2/20/2008 5:25PM

  I was wondering what website you found the funny cartoon on?
It really made me laugh and I wanted to download it.

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APPLEGAL:) 2/20/2008 12:31PM

    sounds like fun! i'll have to get a good full body pic of me, and then i'm going to try it out!

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Finally...I know what I want to be when I grow up!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I want to be a Jellicle Cat. LOL

We went to see the broadway show Cats this weekend. It blew me away the singing, the dancing, the athletisim. was just so amazing. If I was a little kid seeing this show I know I would have determined right then and there to become a "Jellicle Cat".

Well I may never star on Broad way....(wink..ya think) but I'm going to keep that jellicle cat image in my mind. Like a cat lithe, limber, flexible, fit, and healthy. I can even sing too....although probably not dance and sing at the same time like a real jellicle cat, but what the hey...I'm gonna give it a try.

I may even decide to try out for a part in the community theater. Hey...I quit smoking, I'm losing weight, getting healthy, made the goal of running an impossible dream 5 k race, suddenly things seem exciting again...its all an adventure...anything is possible. Who day I may tramp the boards of the community theater stage...whoa...and who knows...

I might just be....a Jellicle Cat! LOL

Life is for the living....I've been sleeping thru it for to long.

I've been telling myself I can't for too long.

Problem is I'm starting to see that with tiny baby steps...huge things happen.

I can make a baby step, and therefore...all things are possible...thats exciting....thats LIFE!!!!

Whooooooooo HOOOOOOO so tell me...

What do you want to be when you grow up?????

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MRS_TOAD 2/20/2008 5:13PM

    I absolutely love your wording:

Life is for the living....I've been sleeping thru it for to long.
I've been telling myself I can't for too long.
Problem is I'm starting to see that with tiny baby steps...huge things happen.
I can make a baby step, and therefore...all things are possible...that's exciting....that's LIFE!!!!

You have said exactly what has been on my heart for the last couple of weeks. Yes, I too have been sleeping through life and life is far to short for that. Know that we are on the adventure together!

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RUNCHOOSE 2/19/2008 12:16AM

    I like that idea. When I grow up, I wan to be Venus Williams. :)

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Whoooo HOOOOOO finally my scale loves me again.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I was starting to think my scale would never move again. It did though...2 pounds down today. I'm doin my happy dance. That makes 10 pounds gone since I started spark the beginning of Jan. Thats pretty normal isn't it?

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KAREN_01 2/15/2008 11:06AM

    Congrats on the loss!! Ten pounds since January, I think you are doing great!

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COFFEYBEAN 2/15/2008 3:14AM

    Happy Dance....Happy Dance!!!! Good for you girl....10 lbs is pretty darn just keep it up....Hope you had a great Valentines Day...and you weren't tempted too much...and if you were...okay...I know you'll buckle down again....How's the shins...are they doing better?

Well I'm thinking of you...and I'll be watching your ticker...

God Bless

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PUREBREDMUTT 2/14/2008 4:17PM

    I definately support the use of the happy Dance :D keep it up funny girl.

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FAITHSONGLADY 2/14/2008 4:09PM

    Happy Daning with you...And yes, I do think its normal. My was doing the same thing and my went down today too two pounds..Yahooooo~! I am aslo glad you loved your Tiara~! I about fell off my chair reading your note. That was a God thing~! He must really love you~! I was sure it was going to fit you to a tee! You go girl and keep up the great work~!

Blessings, Donna

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Takin the nike's for a test ride.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Yup its true when you buy real runners you get to try them out and if you don't like them, you can bring them back. The store I went to gave me 30 days to try them out on my treadmill. Sounds crazy but its true.

So today I did my coach to 5-k program first time on the treadmill in a while because of the pain I've been in. Sneakers are awesome except one spot on one foot. I think that particular foot is too wide for this sneaker. Which I hate because i like these shoes but they have a special guy who comes in from the city and I'm going to go see what he thinks.

I also discovered one of my knees is out of alignment with my foot so that may be whats causing all the pain. I'll have to see the doc. about that one I guess.

Anyway, I thought it was really kewl that you could test drive sneakers, but then again...I thought it was super kewl..."ME" being in the sporting store. lol What a great place. I think we should go in their weekly just to smell the place. hahaha

There is something about being in there around all that sporting gear, and all those sporty people that makes me want to be sporty too. I don't know if its like this at all sporting goods stores, but the staff at this one couldn't help me enough. They knew I was a baby runner and they were sooooo encouraging and helpful, they acted like they had all the time in the world to help me get my shoes or anything eles I wanted or wanted to know about. For anyone in my area it was Cleve's Source for sports I went to.

Anyway as for couch-5 k I did the 2nd week routine for probably the 10th time. I didn't dare push on to the 3rd week until I saw how bad my legs would react to just this much.

I am seeing some real progress, I didn't find that hard at all at the time I was doing it, and it really doesn't bother me breathing at all.

I think I'll stick to 2nd week routine again this week though, just to be sure and to give my body that extra time to adjust.

Gone are the days of just pushing it...I've learned my lesson.

have a great day all, and I suggest if motivation is lagging just drop into your local sporting store. check out some of the kewl and cute apparall in tiny I see that and think oh thats so cute...when I get down I'm going to get one of those. Instant motivation. lol

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SAMETTE 2/13/2008 5:13PM

    Keep up the good work! You are doing great! I think it's excellent to have something like smaller workout apparall as an inspiration. Way to go!

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RILEYEM 2/13/2008 4:24PM

    Do your shoes have the little compartment that you can put the i-pod chip in? I saw those at the sporting goods and I really wanted them. Shoes always hurt my feet, no matter what size I am. Well, good luck to you. I hope you have fun doing the C25K program! I am in week 6 and it has really gone by fast. Doing the program has actually taken some stress away from worrying about my scale. I hate that thing. See ya around. :-)

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No ciggy in my mouth...leads to Nike's on my feet.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Well I'm feeling purty proud today.

Its been 2 months, 2 weeks and 3 days since I smoked a deathstick.

My scale hasn't moved in the last 2 weeks its true. Yet I'm eating healthier than ever before, obviously I'm not smoking, I'm drinking water, and I'm exercising, and since I started in Jan I have lost 8 pounds.

I started running a while ago and soon got into difficulty with muscle and shin pain. Today i decided that all the money I hadn't spent entitled me to a pair of decent running shoes. So I went to the running store and was fitted for the above kewl shoes. They feel like a dream on my feet so light and so comfortable. The girl said my sneakers could be the reason I have been hurting so bad. So I think its a pretty kewl trade off.

I gave up smoking cigs that would kill me, and at the very least make me stink, while I payed a very dear price for the privilege. To getting healthy, losing weight, and buying myself some super kewl Nike's that are going to help make my other dream come true, running a 5 K.

wow...its really quite a fast turn around.

So yeah I'm feeling pretty proud of myself, there are definitly other ways to measure progress than just the scale.


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CBOCEAN 2/10/2008 9:33AM

    Congrats!! That is a big accomplishment and you deserve a new pair of sneakers. Great way to reward yourself.

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ANNAREE 2/10/2008 3:52AM

    No cigarette clogging your body, Nike's on your feet and Joy in your heart. You are on a winner here. Well done and make sure you look after yourself. You are worth it and more...................LYMI.

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MY4MISFITZ 2/9/2008 11:12PM

    Congrats on giving up the "Deathsticks" (never heard them called that before, very clever!). I quit 10 years ago. The very best thing I EVER did for myself. Good for you. Good luck on your goal of the 5k. I start week 7 next week!
Take care!

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TIGERBEAT 2/9/2008 9:52PM

  That's fantastic!
My quit date was Nov 14, I haven't rewarded myself for that yet but you've just given me an idea.

Keep it up!

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