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Sunday, April 06, 2008

This is my "a-ha" moment for the day (week... month... lifetime?)

I have posted this link and commented in a few of my teams. It just really struck me for some reason. This beautiful girl is a finalist for Miss England. She is just a few centimeters taller than I am, and weighs just a few pounds more. But our bodies could not be more different! So for those who are hung up on what the scale says, I say relax, keep doing what you are doing (so long as it is healthy, and not a tub of Ben & Jerry's every night!), and know that it is what you're made of that matters, not how much of you there is.

In the last paragraph she says she is promoting a healthy girl who takes care of herself and does not try to force her body to be something it isn't. I think that's an attitude we all should have.

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SMURFI 4/8/2008 11:57PM

    I agree, how you feel matters way beyond what the scale says! And as someone who saw you quite recently, you look awesome!

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MISS_BETH12 4/6/2008 11:03PM

    Awesome blog Jen! I agree, I think we all need that same attitude too. For me right now, I am just trying to get healthier. I am hung up on the scale right now because I have so much fat to lose. but when I get closer to my goal... if I am lean and never reach my goal weight.. that's ok as long as I am happy and healthy!

Thank you for reminding us what's really important!


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This one's for Bethie

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My friend Bethie broke her plateau today! Woo! I'm so proud of her.

I read my best friends blog from a few days ago, she rewarded herself with a cute dress. Today I rewarded myself with a new peach scented salt scrub. After using it, I don't know why I waited so long to use one. The winter is so harsh on my skin. The scrubs were just sitting pretty on a shelf in the health food store, so I had to get one. They are homemade, and it feels good to pay a little bit more to help out someone's home business.

What have you rewarded yourself with lately?

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ROSEMARY24 3/27/2008 3:17AM

    Hei Jen!
I've been over to meet your lovely friend *Bethie*
You are a really sweet friend .... even sweeter now after your lovely bath scrub ... I clicked on the link too.
No reward for me yet Jen ... I need to earn it first!
Love, lovely blog.
¡Besitos desde España!

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MISS_BETH12 3/26/2008 8:23PM

    Awwww thanks Jen! It's actually thanks to you. :) You were the one that suggested I should eat in the high part of my range. I did and it worked! So thank you! :D

That scrub looks so pretty and awesome! I too could almost smell it by looking at it!

I only have 2 pounds to go until my first goal, so I better start thinking of a reward. Maybe more workout clothes if I can find them. I could use some. :)

I hope your having a great day, and thank you again! It felt good to open your blog and see this. :D


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SMURFI 3/26/2008 5:21PM

    I clicked on the link, how cute! Just seeing it, I can almost smell it! I bet I'd love that store, hehe.

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DRAGONWOLF 3/26/2008 5:21PM

    ooooh a homemade scrub. I will have to look around and see what I can find. How is it going? haven't seen you post in awhile.

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Back from Vaca

Sunday, February 24, 2008

After a delicious 2 weeks in the US, I am slowly getting back on track. I had a fantastic time on vacation. I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Surprisingly I didn't WANT that much junk food, just a few things I was missing: Krispy Kreme donuts, Tex Mex, BBQ, In 'n' Out burger (with fries AND a shake!), fajitas, Ben & Jerry's, Marie Callender's Coconut Cream Pie, etc. I am very happy to say that after all that, I maintained my pre-vacation weight. It's up now because of TOM, but that doesn't count.

I had severe jet-lag, topped with an insanely stressful week back at work, so I didn't sleep well. I only made it to the gym twice, but promise to be back to 3-4 times a week starting tomorrow. I did manage to sneak in 50 crunches tonight, so I'm just over 550, I think. I have to do a minimum of 31 crunches every day for the rest of the year to hit my goal of 10,000.

Unfortunately, I am going on a tour of the local chocolate factory tomorrow... This sounds funny, but I'm only going to get a cocoa bean. I've been on the tour twice before, and they let us take home a cocoa bean. The last one we had fell on the floor and broke. But I have every intention of going to the gym after work, to get my ST in.

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MISS_BETH12 3/21/2008 12:23AM

    Hi Jen!

Your doing good on those crunches! You have inspired me to inflate my fitness ball and to start doing some too (for some reason, I love doing crunches on the ball!)! I think I will do that tomorrow. So thank you!

That's awesome that you didn't want a lot of junk food. That's a good sign! AND that's absolutely awesome that you didn't gain!

I hope all is going well with you!


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    Sorry to hear that you had a stressful week at work and I can relate to that horrible jet-lag! But I'm glad that your holiday went well - sounds like you had fun over there.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Four hundred and sixty-five. That's how many crunches I've done since Jan. 1. I am a long, long way from my goal of 10,000 in 2008, but you know what, they are getting easier! I used to do 3 sets of 10. Upped it to 2 sets of 20, then 3 sets of 20, and today I did 2 sets of 30! If I hadn't just had a shower, I might whip out my ball and do more! And the last time I tried a "1000 crunches in a month" goal, I didn't even clear 200.

I have to admit I'm focusing right now on "regular" crunches, not reverse or the obliques, but it's a start! And I'm not giving myself credit for the ab work I do in my "movement & pilates" class on Tuesday evenings. Six-pack by summer? Who knows...

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SARASVATI827 2/12/2008 2:44PM

    Good for you!! That's a lot of crunches and it's great that you're doing more and more. At that rate you prob. will have a 6 pk. by summer. I need to hit the crunches also, my tummy is way out of shape, ugh. I've been working on my legs and booty mostly. Hope everything is still going good for you.


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ROSEMARY24 2/2/2008 4:46PM

    Yes Jen .. they do get easier!
Your hard work is showing great dividends and 2008 is going to be a super year for you.

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SMURFI 2/1/2008 7:39PM

    Oooh a six pack! I want one of those, too!

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DRAGONWOLF 1/30/2008 8:34PM

    Man you are on a roll you will get to your goal yet

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ZENA695 1/30/2008 5:51PM

    Wow! That's great. You'll be the one we're all jealous of when you wear a bikini (if bikinis are your thing, that is...) Good work! You inspire me to start my pilates work again.

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This one's for the Sims Team

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In my Sims team our challenge is to blog! So here I am. Our Sims Team Leader is really motivating. I love getting her emails.

We're off to the US on Friday for a 2-week stay. I'm a little worried about all the fast food and eating out we will be doing. I'll try to stock up on some healthy snacks - fruit, nuts, protein bars - and skip the burgers and burritos, but there are some things I will just HAVE to have. I don't work out 3-4 times a week and eat SALAD ALL FRICKIN' WEEK just to blow it all on Taco Bell. (Can you tell I'm tired of salad?)

In happy news, I got my permanent residence permit today (like a Green Card for Norway). I waited at the police station at 7 am, when they don't even open until 8:15. If you go any later than that, half your day is wasted waiting your turn. Both my meetings were cancelled at work, making for a very productive work day that included SALAD FOR LUNCH. So tomorrow I'm going out with a colleague to eat something that is not salad.

How do rabbits do it?

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SARASVATI827 2/12/2008 2:49PM

    Congrats on getting your 'green card'! YOu've been over there for a long time I though you probably already had it, lol. Hope you had fun when you came back to the US. It's to late for this tip but you can get almost anything at taco bell 'fresco style' now. It really helps with the fat and calories and still tastes good. Salad is good, sometimes, but I couldn't live on it.


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MOMRITZ 1/30/2008 4:19PM

    That is fantastic news! Congratulations!

Geez, I don't know how you're doing the salad thing all the time. I would never make it! :)

Enjoy your trip. There are some fairly decently things to eat - even at Taco Bell (hard to believe I know). Most restaurants have their nutrition info posted online. Maybe you could check them out and have some ideas as to what is safe. Then you will be ahead of the game and not making quick possibly emotional choice while at the counter!

You can do!

Positive thoughts!

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ZENA695 1/29/2008 6:43PM

    Congratulations on getting your permanent residence permit. That must be exciting. I can commiserate with you on the rabbit food issue. My new meal plan includes a lot of fruit and veggies, which I have, sadly, not been eating much of in a long, long time. Good luck on your US trip as well!

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ROSEMARY24 1/29/2008 4:46PM

    I don't know anything about the Sims?
But I'm glad you're back blogging again Jen.

Don't worry yet about your food .. you know what's healthy and you like it right!
Doesn't need to be all "green" stuff .. lots of colours remember.
Try though to remember your water .. that what I forget when I'm away from home.
Have a WONDERFUL holiday Jen ... and congratulations on getting your permanent residence permit!!
You "always" rock Lady!

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DRAGONWOLF 1/29/2008 4:00PM

    Jenn, there is a new book out here, the guy was on Ellen the other day it's called "Eat this, not that" and is for eating fast food it just tells you which choices are better than others. one example was dunkin doughnuts bagel with cream cheese or their english muffin thingy . The english muffin was actuality healthier and lower calories. You might want to see if you can look at it either before you go or once you are there. Have a great vacation how long has it been since you have been to the US?

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