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Making The Most Of My Day Off

Monday, March 03, 2014

Well I have two days off so I am going to make the most of it by preparing meals for me to take to work. This has been helping dropped 5 lbs this week as it has been really busy at work. I want to make sure that I am eating healthy because the food we have has too many sugars and salt in them
I make lots of stirfry foods, lots of vegetables and very little meat. I have also been eating a green salad every day. We will see if by next I can drop another 5.


Feeling Out of Control

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I don't know what happened ut ever since our move to the country I have een struggling to get back into the routine that I had started. It didn't help that I developed a vein problem in one of my legs so it is painful for me to do the long walks I use to do. I just bouht an excerise bike but have found that after 10 minutes my legs get cramps sometimes. I still try to do at least 10 minutes plus a short walk daily. I just wish I could get back the momentum that I had last year. I have got my husband and I back to eating a salad daily as well as eating fruit but the worst time is the evenings after I come home from an eight hour shift of being on my feet all day. I have a tendency to want to snack and have been eating peanuts, usually about a cup, then I will eat an apple. I am not really hungry I am not sure of why am dong this. Everyday day I say that today will be different I can conquer this then before I know it I have started snacking. It is not to ad on the days that I have not worked as I can sit and eat a meal properl where as at work I have 15 minutes to get a meal down. I usually bring healthy prepared food fro home. I am trying my best to control my food and exercise routine but I am definitely feeling a lose of control. Hopefully today will be better.

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TMCAT1129 2/27/2014 9:25AM

    Please don't give up, a trick i use for the munchies is to slice an apple into chip thin slices & eat them slowly making sure i chew each one of them well before i put another one in my mouth. Another one i use, is to eat Greek yogurt with a baby spoon & try to eat slowly & enjoy every bite. Also, walking in place while watching tv, time goes by fast & you get a workout (just don't look at the clock while walking, that just makes each minute feel longer than they are). I hope any of this might help you get back on track. Best wishes

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Chasing The Winter Blues Away

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Chasing the winter blues away starts with a visit from the grandsons who livemwhere snow is a hit or miss in winter and is usually a sloppy mess. They came up for our new holiday family day which turned out to be the coldest time they could of come. Temperatures have been colder than -32 degrees Celsius for the last four days but the sun has been out every day.
It was great to see their excitement when they saw all the snow we had and even with it as cold as it was they stayed out playing in it while the sun was out. My husband and I have seen the snow for over 95 days so it was starting to get to us but seeing the excitement being greated by my son and grandsons warmed us up to the beauty of it again.
We took everyone down to the lake and let them walk out on it. We showed them an ice fishing hole which got the boys trying to find water. They didn't as the ice was to thick.
Next day we took everyone skiing on our local mountain it was the grandsons first time and my first time in four years. I sure felt all my muscles the next day and so did my husband. We had a great time as our mountain is not a busy mountain so it is grat for first timers. It was a great day and everyone enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. My son and grandkids where having a great time and I was feeling the excitment as well and feeling blessed that we lived in an area that offered outdoor recreation year round and those winter blues where disappearing. The boys went sledding as well because we have a mountain ridge within walking distance so they went off to see how fast they could come down it.
Now that they have gone home the weather is warming up the snow is melting and you can smell spring in the air. I found the secret to winter blues and that is to get outside and enjoy the snow like a child.


Cooking Healthy can be a Challenge but not impossible.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

I love my slow cooker because it allows me to make healthy meals all in one pot. With the great selection that is offer with spark recipes and some online sites I can find many recipes. When I find recipes that everyone likes I add them to a file that I store online in a folder so they are always with me even if I am traveling and staying with others. I will be going to Mexico in the spring so I am taking a small crock with me as it will allow me the freedom to make a healthy dinner without spending a lot of time cooking in the kitchen. You can prepare in the morning put it on in the afternoon and just wait for it to be done.
I have also found some other great recipes. Living in a rual area has got me I to making my own bread. This allows me to contol the ingredients that I put into the bread(less preservatives).
Other healthy foods are fruits which I always make sure there are plenty. Fresh vegetables in the winter months are hard to come by so I watch for sales of frozen vegetable and stock up. I read the labels to make sure there is nothing added to the vegetables.
Like I said eating healthy can be a challenging but not impossible. I have done my homework and now have a great amount of new healthy recipes.


It's Been Awhile, No More Excuses

Saturday, February 01, 2014

How time fly's. It was just December and now it is February. I have put off the walking I use to do because of the pain in my leg, it got really bad. After seeing the doctor he prescribe a medicine that I could take while waiting for surgery that will allow me to function. I now can walk and exercise without being in extreme pain in my one leg. So no more excuses I am either walking now or if the weather dosen't cooperate I bought a stationary bike so I can still get 30 minutes minimum a day work out.
We are both still eating healthy other than we are limited at this time of year on fresh vegetables and fruit. When I can't get fresh I use frozen. I add new healthy recipes weekly to my growing cookbook. We are making own bread now so we can limit certain ingredients and add better more healthy ingredients. The dog is still my best workout partner, although she perfers not to walk when the weather is at anything less than -10C and the suns not out.
I will try to blog again soon.


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