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How many of you actually want to become a loser?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The end of the BLC 25 round comes at an already reflective time for me. Yesterday, 7/19 was my 5 year spark anniversary. So over the past few weeks, with that date looming in the future, I have been thinking about my progress, my accomplishments, my set backs and wondering why I am still in the process of trying to lose weight.
Five years is a long time to be dieting. I think Sparkís slowest loser was able to reach his goal in less than two years, and that was intentional.

When I first started Spark, it was about getting into a routine of exercising, eating within a calorie range and connecting with similar people. The Done Girls Team was a life line for me. I was able to do the workout challenges and watch what I ate and feel like part of a community.
As I began increasing my exercise options, one of my friends introduced me to a group of running buddies, who were out running @ 5:15 AM. Sometimes the weather was brutal, but they would be out there and I would feel the pull. We signed up for races, including 10 milers and emoticon and trained together and I began to really enjoy running with these wonderful women.
On the days I didnít run, I focused on cross training using DVDs, a stationary bike, and whenever we went away, I used the gym which hopefully had an elliptical trainer. Then I started noticing how some days my running went really well, while others I felt like my legs were cement. I started taking stock of my nutrition. Spent more time on Spark, educating myself about not just being within a calorie range, but needing to fuel my body so it could run most efficiently.
It was around that time one of my sparker friends told me about the Biggest Loser team. I was already a fan of the TV show, watched the contestants as they overcame HUGE obstacles and watched the show evolve into what it is now. Anyway, my stay on the Waves DONE girl team had ended so the timing was right.
I got an invite for round 15 and have been in the BLC ever since. So, then I ask myself, ďWhy has it taken me eleven rounds to realize what I need to do in order to live up to my moniker, Health4Lyfe?Ē Because although in the beginning of this blog I stated it was a long time to be on a diet, the light bulb emoticon has finally stayed on! Itís not a diet. Itís a lifestyle. I have had some events recently that I have wanted to look my best, so while I have not deprived myself of tempting treats emoticon emoticon emoticon , I have been able to allow a taste here or there, but not given in to a previous ďall or noneĒ attitude which has been pervasive in these 5 years.
This past silver round of the BLC-25 coincided well with goals I have set for myself and my decisions to keep my long term goals more firmly in my view, so I donít lose sight of what I really want by confusing it with what I want NOW. I am better able to read signals from my body about being hungry versus being bored or dehydrated or emotional. I have learned to stop and think and act less impulsively. I have learned to eat more raw food and reap the benefits of preparing many foods for myself. I am eating more vegetables than ever before and they have SO many benefits!
Thankfully some of the challenges our team has put forth included eating more veggies and trying new recipes, which, because I can be somewhat competitive at times, has motivated me to meet those goals as well. Itís been such a win win situation! I could not have done it without the support of my team, the Navy Ninjas! Each and every one of the team mates, between their victories, their joys, their struggles, their setbacks, their competitive spirits, and their sharing have inspired me this round. Yes, and even our dreaded jumping jacks~ Thanks Grace!
I wish for all of you that the light bulb may stay on for you, especially during this time in-between rounds. Please donít make the same mistake I have repeatedly made and go on a break from your health. emoticon emoticon and You Are Worth It!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ANNIEONLI 8/3/2014 4:57AM

    Mo - such a great blog to read! And so inspirational for those who haven't had their "light bulb" moment yet! That moment is the key!! The "AHA!!! By Jove, I've got it!" moment!

Patience & persistence! emoticon

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REALITYCHECK86 7/24/2014 1:05AM

    I know the feeling, I've already been a spark member since Jan 2011, over 3 years now, going on 4. I've taken a break a few times during that time. I've lost, then gained then lost, then gained again. Realizing that what you need to acheive is a healthy lifestyle instead of going on a "diet" is an important step. It sounds like you have learned a lot through your journey and even if there are a lot of bumps in the road, we usually seem to end up wiser for it. Keep up the good work!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SHANTODD420 7/21/2014 12:36PM

Keep it up and keep going. I love seeing and reading your blogs. You are an inspiration to me.

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BOOKLOVINGGIRL 7/21/2014 11:09AM

    Wow, out running by 5:15 am?! You guys are inspiring! Happy Sparkerversary!

emoticon emoticon

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4EVER21B 7/21/2014 10:05AM

    emoticon I love what you said about lifestyle. Instead of dieting. I still suffer from the all or nothing mentality. It occurs less frequently now. emoticon

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BECKYSKEL 7/20/2014 8:24PM

    Very well said! I know that you are going to get there. Thanks for always supporting and pushing me to do and be my best! You are awesome!!!!

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LITTLEDEBI 7/20/2014 7:46PM

    Maureen you have been a great inspiration to our team.
Looks like your determination has paid off.
Hope some day we all get the bulb to click and stay one...

emoticon Happy 5th spark Anniversary!!!!

Stay strong and health & live well...

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TWIRLNYC 7/20/2014 6:06PM

    I too have been actively trying to lose for years. I got my lightbulb too! We can do this.

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CHERYLN 7/20/2014 5:59PM

    Well said Maureen! I believe you will reach your intended goal soon and stick with it. You've been a great member on the team, so supportive and inspirational!

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GRACIEC 7/20/2014 5:38PM

    Remarkable journey! You have been an inspiration to all! I know that you will reach your goals and continue on your healthy lifestyle!

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My smart goal and the behaviors I am going to use to get me there.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Originally my goal was to get to IBW by 6/20/14. But then I did the calculations and that would mean I have to lose more than 1.5 lbs EVERY week. emoticon
In the beginning, it generally is easier to shed the weight, but as time moves on and your body readjusts, it can become more difficult. Thus my new goal is:
Lose 33 lbs by 6/20/14.
And my longer term goal is to lose 38 lbs by 7/19/14

In order to accomplish this, I will need to change some of my behaviors.
First: I will track all my food, every day.
Next: I will stay within my calorie range.
Third: I will eat at least 4 servings of veggies each day.
Fourth: I will work out each day by running 3x a week, cross training on either the elliptical trainer or stationary bike (and if weather prevents running outside, will substitute another cardio) for a minimum of 45 minutes each day.
Fifth: I will strength train a minimum of 3x a week, using the Vigorfit for a minimum of 15 minutes each day.
Sixth: I will plan 5/7 days worth of meals a week.
Seventh: I will get at least 6 hours sleep each night, but work my way to getting 7.

I have a college reunion in June and a wedding as well. These are extrinsically motivating to me so I will not only feel better, but be comfortable in the skin I am in.

I need to drop the excess weight so my body stops producing additional amounts of estrogen, which is generally a food source for Breast Cancer cells. I have already been treated for BC once. emoticon By lowering my risk factors, I intend on that being the only time.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DNJEN471 1/31/2014 1:44AM


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IAMLION 1/21/2014 7:49PM

    You have a great plan going on there! emoticon

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CHERYLN 1/20/2014 2:51PM

    Logical steps to lose the weight you want to lose. I know you'll succeed in them! No more BC for you either!

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GRACIEC 1/20/2014 1:22AM

    Your goals are realistic! And you are SO right about the body fighting you every step of the was as you age! Grrrrrr! You can do it!

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JOHNWBROCKSR777 1/18/2014 9:09PM

    Good plan...stay the course!

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A plan not to fail

Monday, December 16, 2013

C~ Count every bite, lick, taste and morsel
H~ Hydrate with ten 8 oz glasses of water a day
R~ Reflection: review goals and change what is not working
I~ Involvement: Stay active on the BLC threads
S~ Strength
emoticon Lift weights at least 2x each week.
M~ Measure food before it goes into my mouth
A~ Action: work out, 45-60 minutes 6 days a week.
S~ Sleep: Get a minimum of 7 hours a night.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LIGIRLATHEART 1/19/2014 2:33PM

    Been off Spark (for too long!), and catching up a little bit today --

This is GREAT! Did you write it?

Hope you are doing well!!

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SAASHA17 12/17/2013 6:59AM

    U got this ....

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How do I love me? Let me count the ways.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Lately I have not been feeling the love and thus have not been treating myself with love. Oh, I have been treating myself, and then treating myself again and again and again. Wonder why I have been getting the headaches? Probably because I am coming off a sugar high and I am going through withdrawal. Last night/early this morning, I woke up and had SOB. Pretty scary and then followed by awful heartburn. That has never happened to me before. I hope it never happens again. Guess I got a wakeup call; now letís see my response to it.
Why all this negativity? And this is supposed to be more of a ďlove letter?Ē I hope it is because when we are at our low point, the only direction we need to look is up. By looking up, things seem to be lighter, less burdensome, and more positive ~ anyway thatís how it is for me.
I have a friend who is dying. She has stage 4 lung cancer and it is just a matter of time. The new tumors they have found on her throat prevent her from being able to eat or drink. The most recent scan revealed how pervasive the cancer is throughout her body.
So then I think what do I have to complain about? Or why do I continue to indulge myself and not take better care of myself? Compared to Terry and her family, not much! I am basically healthy. I have a wonderful DH. I have three healthy children. I am fortunate enough that my parents are still alive and active. My in-laws are also well and lovely people. I have a job, which I usually love and some great people with whom I work. I have friends and family who care and love me. Am I near or at my goal? No! But I have not given up. I know there will be positive strides in the right direction and then steps backwards, but hopefully, the steps forward will continue to be bigger than the steps backward.
So, how do I love me? Well, a good start would be to make more frequent healthier choices. Since I do love me, I need to treat myself better. I need to have my actions reflect my words and emotions. I need to surround myself with my support groups and not retreat when I am faltering and spiraling out of control. That only further alienates me and then it can be even harder to seek out support.
I love that I exercise every day, sometimes not really wanting to the night before when setting the alarm clock, but never regretting it after I have finished. I love the result of planning my meals ahead of time. It takes the burden out of trying to decide what is for dinner and I know by sticking to my planned meals, I am taking better care of myself.
And I am fortunate enough to anticipate a long life ahead with things I want to do, memories I want to make and people with whom I want to share those life experiences.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BOOKLOVINGGIRL 12/12/2013 1:32PM

    emoticon You drew me in with the title of this post! You have all the right ideas. You recognize how life could be worse and you are counting your blessings. And more importantly, you are being a friend to yourself first. emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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FREELADY 8/12/2013 7:30AM

    You have terrific insight, and you are so eloquent! This is so beautifully written, and several things hit me right where I am. Thanks for sharing these thoughts and blessing me.

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MASTERCARE 8/3/2013 10:02PM


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BECKYSKEL 8/3/2013 1:08PM

    What a great letter to remind yourself that you are worth everything!! Personally, I think you were meant to write this even though it wasn't for this weekend's challenge. emoticon

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CARLAWO 8/3/2013 12:59AM

    emoticon Your team is here for you! Feel the love!!


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SINGER73 8/2/2013 7:55PM

    emoticon Give this to yourself. Sometimes we all need to be reminded to love ourselves.

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POETLKNG2LOSE 8/2/2013 4:46PM

    Sorry to hear about your friend. But great insight into yourself and maybe you are feeling depressed because of your friend to. Maybe taking a walk or doing something else you like to do might help you feel better. emoticon emoticon

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SILVER_WOLF1221 8/2/2013 2:23PM

    Wonderful! emoticon emoticon

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SHANTODD420 8/2/2013 2:21PM

    Great blog sorry to hear about your friend. Hugs

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BOBANDTY 8/2/2013 1:54PM

    I loved your blog Maureen. You have given me some insight into what I want to write to myself. This is a hard task! Thanks for sharing! emoticon

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GRACIEC 8/2/2013 1:37PM

    Very insightful! Let us know how we can help!

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Planning and tracking, one of the keys to success:

Friday, July 19, 2013

This is just for me, and for accountability, so if you dropped by to look for inspiration, I am not really sharing incredible words of wisdom. I am simply putting into words my plan, hoping to increase my chances of success.
So if you want some ideas for menus, this blog may help, but otherwise, you'll probably find it boring.
For one of my team challenges, we need to plan a week's worth of meals:

1) scrambled egg on Arnold whole wheat thins, decaf coffee with .25 cup 1% milk
2) fruit smoothie with fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries and frozen banana and Greek yogurt
3) multigrain cheerios 3/4 cup mixed with Oikos Greek yogurt~ any flavor, decaf with .25 cup 1% milk
4) 16 g creamy peanut butter with 1/2 banana on Arnold whole wheat thins, decaf with .25 cup 1% milk
5) 1/2 cantaloupe with 1/3 cup 1 % cottage cheese, decaf with 1% milk
6) lemon muffin, orange, 2 tbs half and half.
7) smoothie with fresh strawberries, 1 tbs peanut butter and frozen strawberries.

1) Salad with grilled chicken breast, bib lettuce, grape tomatoes, bell peppers, and walnut raspberry walnut vinaigrette.
2) Garden lites broccoli souffle. Peach
3) Salad with solid white tuna on letttuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, bell peppers, and 1 tbs light dressing.
4) Eggplant Parmesan.
5) Wednesday~ lunch out with office~ probably a salad with either fish or chicken for protein
6) Chicken and zucchini left overs (from a recipe) tabbouleh.
7) Fruit salad with 1% cottage cheese~ fresh berries, pineapple, peach.

and pasta

and left overs.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LIGIRLATHEART 7/19/2013 10:22PM

    Meal PLANNING has ALWAYS been very stressful for me. Great effort of your part! Hope you don't mind, I will revisit this blog for meal planning inspiration!


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NORWOODGIRL 7/19/2013 9:56PM

    I'm always looking for meal plan ideas. This is great!

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GRACIEC 7/19/2013 9:52PM

    I like the way you laid it out - then you can switch things around if you need to! Great plan!

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HAPPYJAY 7/19/2013 9:48PM

  good for you

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KIM22211 7/19/2013 9:47PM

    very impressive!!

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