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New week

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hi everyone! I said I would try to keep y'all posted so I figured while I have a moment on what is going to be a very busy week I would make a quick blog for you all. Two weeks ago I joined sparkpeople and while I have not been tracking all the stuff like I did previously on Sparkpeople I have been keeping an eye on everything I eat/drink. I have been drinking a lot of water but have still allowed myself to have a mountain dew here in there so that I do not feel deprived because that is the one thing I always have trouble giving up completely. Thinking about getting one of those soda machine thingys and trying that out to help cut out the empty calories from my bubbly softdrink. :-)

Anyway, my progress a dress I put on three weeks ago which fit me decently is not a perfect fit. When I wore it to church three weeks ago when I would sit down it would feel tight around my abs and thighs; however I wore the same dress to church yesterday and it was very loose around my thighs and abs. I was extremely comfortable in the dress this time as a matter of fact I am not afraid to say it made me feel beautiful this time. I was not uncomfortable at all.

Now for the scale part, I have went from 229.8 down to 224 even if the past couple of weeks and that was with my mountain dews and having cake and ice cream on my daughter birthday party. I plan on working really hard this week if time permits with my schooling so that I do not gain weight through the holiday. I also plan to watch what I eat but I'm not giving up this homemade pumpkin pie my 14 year old son made for us at school in culinary class. I will make it a small slice though. ;)

That's my progress, I'll keep you all updated. I know we all got this regardless of the time allowed for us to put the effort in.



Not staying online

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hi everyone! It's been a week since my last post! I have lost right at 4 lbs this week from 230 to 226.2. I will not be on here all the time and I will not be posting or tracking anything online because I feel it takes up to much time to sit down and track but instead I will be logging on once a week to let everyone know how I have been doing and share my progress with those who are interested. It just seems a waste to try to log everything and earn sparkpoints when I could be up moving around, which would be more beneficial in any lifestyle change. I pretty much know what I can and cannot have so I should be okay if I do not track everything I eat. I have the portion part down and I am in the processes of retraining myself on those portions. My goal is still to get to 145-155 (I am tall) and I still plan on doing it with small goals because I feel that is a better plan than just saying I need to lose 84 pounds. My first goal is 15 pounds and I have lost the first four pounds of that goal--11 pounds to go on GOAL 1!!!! I can feel and see a difference in my legs and so can those around me so while I have only lost 4 pounds I am proud to say without measuring I KNOW I HAVE LOST INCHES AS WELL--AT LEAST 2 IN EACH LEG MAYBE MORE AND SOME IN MY ABS! Will update next week if I have time but with the kids being home and the holiday and studying for finals I may not have the time but will def post the week after Thanksgiving so that y'all can see my progress. THIS TIME I WILL SUCCEED THERE IS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND!!!!!!!!

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KESTRYLL 11/21/2014 8:46AM

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Day 3

Thursday, November 13, 2014

So while I have been exercising for a very long time (over a year straight). I just recently changed my eating behavior. I won't say I wasn't eating healthy before but when I was I was still gaining weight so while I continued to exercise with my friends I gave up on eating right. Since we have increased our workout routine each week (to 5 days and 3-5 rounds) I have decided to watch my eating AGAIN as well. I have given up soda completely this time and I have my coffee in the morning (I drink alot of coffee in the AM anyway) and once my pot is empty I switch to water for the rest of the day. If I need the caffeine pick me up in the afternoon I am drinking diet green tea which has enough caffeine to pick me up without keeping me up all night and is also full of antioxidants. it has been three days since I had a mountain dew. :-) Unfortunately, my workout buddy youngest son is sick today so we didn't do our usual Thursday routine but I am going to find a workout on SparkPeople to do so that I don't miss a day. I need to get my weekly groceries but I am having trouble deciding what I need for the week. Any advise? I cannot eat anything to hard and I do not like asparagus, spinach or very many green veggies (Broccoli is okay). I would like to make smoothies (low fat healthy smoothies) but I am unsure how to go about it--advise on that would be great too. Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


November 11th, 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I logged onto Sparkpeople for the first time since March of this year and was not sure if I was ready for the commitment that I have made so many times before and failed. I know I am ready for the commitment this time as far as exercising and eating right just not so sure I am ready for the commitment of logging and keeping up with everything online. I never stopped working out my commitment to my exercise regimen never stopped unless I was sick or hurting so bad I couldn't move; however my weight has increased not decreased. I have had my thyroid checked as well as other health issues and the only thing they could find was a vit d defiency so they had me take a very high dose of vit d weekly for 8 weeks and then I lost my doctor when it was time to recheck so I am unaware if I still have a defiency it is very likely since I am lactose intolerant and do not get in the sun very much. Any one else have this issue please let me know how I can increase my d levels especially since I cannot get in the sun and I don't get enough calcium which helps the body asorb it because of lactose.

Anyway, I read many motivational posts and I also did one of the ten minute kickboxing workouts which was very energetic. I did this after my circuit workout this morning (which is not very intense). So GO ME! LOL MY workout partner and I have increased our days of the week working out from 3 to 5 and we also increased the rounds we do from 3 to 4. A couple of days we did 5 rounds just cause we were talking and cutting up and lost track of where we were at for a moment. She has lost over a 100 pounds in the past year. I am so proud of her!!! In the past year I have gained right at 30 pounds but I am ready to take it off--got a motivational jar with pretty stones/gems in them (look like they belong in a fish tank) and I have put one for each pound I want to lose in one jar and then the other jar is for each pound I lose (got the idea from Sparkpeople few years ago just never done it until last week. My jar has 3 rocks in it meaning I have lost 3 of the 84 pounds I am aiming for. Woo-Hoo 81 to go!

I have made small goals to help me reach my bigger goal. My first goal is 15 pounds and I did not set a time frame when I get there I get here but my plan is to set small goals like this to work my way up to my bigger goal. 15 pounds would put me back around 210-215 and that's a start! My next goal will be to get back in ONEderland once I reach that goal I will begin to make my goals a little smaller and work toward them. Perhaps ten pounds for a while then 5 pounds once the weight is down not sure how I am going to do this just yet. I just know that my first goal is what I am waiting on and that is 15 pounds and I know I will be happy when I reach GOAL 1. I am so happy with the lifestyle change I am going to make this time!

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TRAVELGO 11/11/2014 3:19PM

  Thanks for your blog. I LOVE the word "ONEderland" as I have been trying to figure out a way to mark it when I reach it. Good luck to you.

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weight and measurements

Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekly weigh in this morning showed me gaining two pounds since last week, but everyone keeps saying I have lost weight so my workout partner told me to check my measurements and I have lost 2 inches on my waist on inch on my hips and one inch on my thighs. So in all I have lost total of 5 pounds (including my 2 lb gain this week) and 4 inches overall. :-) I was getting frustrated but now I am excited and ready to knock em down!


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RAESUN54 3/10/2014 8:28AM

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Sometimes the scales don't always tell us what we are doing. In time you will see the numbers on the scale reflect the weight loss too. emoticon

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