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No map, no destination, no idea

Saturday, December 20, 2014

So I lay in bed this morning thinking about the coming new year. Most people seek out New Year's resolutions. I honestly did that one year. That was 11 years ago when I got serious about my weight and health issues. It was the ONLY New Year's resolution I kept. Honestly, I don't need a New Year's resolution to make a change. Change starts when you decide to embark upon it. I think that motivation actually can lose it's thunder and importance if you wait until a certain day to make those changes you want. It's like the old saying says "Strike while the iron's hot." I wait to do something, then you are basically saying that it's not a big deal. I think there's a difference between being proactive and immediately starting opposed to building up for this BIG MEANINGFUL DAY..............and then soon after all the "hot air" gets let out of that idea somewhere within that year. I'm not saying don't make those "resolutions." I'm just saying I view it as more difficult. Then again, like I said, that there was that one year that I stuck with mine. That was really not about the day I made the decision, but more the fact that I MADE the decision. I view New Year's resolutions as permanent things or lifelong changes. Just like this past year, I am looking at the year ahead searching for a challenge. I took on a lot of running challenges this year. They were all tied in together for the most part and relevant to one another. It was motivating and supportive goal-wise, but it actually was SO MUCH that any failure would have been devastating to me. I didn't just decide to take on all of those things all at once. It just snowballed. Just like with going out for a run and stretching it out further and further I thought "Well where can I take this from here?" So I just kept adding more to this year. And with one particular challenge, it evolved into just taking it to a different finish line or point. I have 12 days left to run through the entire year everyday. I initially took on the challenge of cracking 1,000 miles for the year, and now the mark is 1,200 miles with less than 20 miles left. Still I'm aiming for another mark and that's to increase my average per day for the whole year (and that will be more of a loose goal, but then again I said that about the 1,200 mile mark.) As this year winds down, I keep thinking about how long the year actually has been with the running. I'm saving all my thoughts on the runs this year and the things that stand out for my 1st blog for 2015 on my first day off of running in over a year. I'm excited about the blog and not having to run that day too. As I said before though, I was in bed thinking about the New Year. What challenges do I want? Nothing really stands out and comes to mind. I thought about changing from running everyday to lifting weights everyday, but I did something similar to that when I made all my big changes so long ago. I still have that challenge to bike up to Wisconsin and back which is 100 miles, but I don't know if I'm confident enough with the bike I have (good bike though.) Yeah I can imagine that phone call. "Honey, um...................I'm stuck in Wisconsin but I don't know where I'm at or how you are going to find me." Kind of scary. I've thought about running clubs, running fast 5ks (to get faster and feel that competitive push I felt in a way, and that running with the pack feeling,) and I've thrown around the ideas of longer runs here and there. After running a half marathon on the Vegas strip at night, I find it hard to find another interesting half marathon like that again at night. If I did one, I would NOT train like I have though. There was absolutely NO FUN in getting ready for Vegas this year. In fact......it was all just a looooooooooong series of challenges. All well worth the reward of doing that Vegas run though. Maybe that's it. Maybe the challenge is just having the different mindset. To treat things as stuff I want to do rather than have to do (there's a difference.) I'm already feeling that way with getting back into the gym and pushing some weight again. Sure it's nice to have a different format or plan to get bigger again, but it's just different. It's not geared so much on performance but more on looks and feel. I planned this all right too. I basically stripped everything I could off of my body that I didn't like. Now it's all quality pound for pound. That's what I want to build upon. So maybe it's not the challenge or a New Year's resolution. Maybe it's just a continuation of my journey on a different road but moving in the same direction.....................forward.

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FLGIRL1234 12/21/2014 6:27PM

    You are a huge factor in my motivation and not giving up. I always think "What would Brian do?" I always know the answer. emoticon

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ZANYGIRL1 12/20/2014 10:17PM

    I don't make "New Year Resolutions". I have in the past and NEVER carried through with them. November of 2013 was when I came back to SP and decided that I was never leaving. This last year has been up and down, but I'm still on my journey. I wish you luck in all you decide to do with 2015!! emoticon

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NEPTUNE1939 12/20/2014 10:34AM

    Strength train. Bodybuilding.com Look it up, good articles & training plans. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Friday, December 12, 2014

That's it. That's all there is left. Countdown to New Years and a countdown (or rundown as I look at it) to the 1200 mile mark. I got aboooout............55 miles to go. Tonight I did things a little backwards to give myself that extra kick in the a$$. I planned my route, logged my miles, and then did my run. The REALLY messed up thing is that it also prevented me from running longer than I originally planned. It's strange to admit, but I didn't want to get back on the running website and re-log my run tonight. I wasn't too lazy to stretch the run out though. I ran for GREAT time too. 25 degrees, no mask, breathing was good, pace was at 180 strides a minute (very comfortable now,) and I just knocked it out quick. 3.24 miles at a 8:07 minute pace. Amazing because I'm NOT a fast runner in the cold. I've adjusted pretty well within the last week I think. I think it's because I think I've gotten so locked into the metronome and matching rhythm of the footstrikes that I just normally breathe (no thought required.) I guess a good way to describe it is like a drummer's limbs all doing different things but still keeping time. It's not that I wasn't doing this in the summer, but right now it's HUGE, because breathing in the cold has been challenging for me in the past. Nothing's changed with next year. Just ONE......BIIIIIIIIIG........."?". My thing that I would like to do is keep faster pace that I've worked hard on acquiring this year. If I can do that, I think I'll be ready for whatever I decide. Even if it's only once a week on the (don't want to say it) TREADMILL at the gym. Something a little different, where I can kinda add the stress level of the belt driving towards me and challenge myself. I think if I do it right, I can get around some of the damage that can ocurr with running on those things. Then again, I dig the runs where there's mounds of snow everywhere and it's looks like the TUNDRA (probably will feel like it too.) That's just getting out and kind of enjoying the run. Kind of like the other day. I got on one of the paths, and they have the little Christmas trees lining the path all lit up. Just something different and enjoyable. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand then maybe I'll just take the whole winter off.........or FOREVER off. LIke I said.............. "?".

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FLGIRL1234 12/19/2014 8:17PM

    Whoo hoo! You're KILLIN' it this year!

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LUVS2BIKE101 12/13/2014 5:44PM

    You are an inspiration to all! I admire your enthusiasm to run. Your rewards are great because of it!
Keep Sparking!

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CONTENDER or pretender......................

Thursday, December 11, 2014

So I'm on another little running streak here (hence another blog streak as well) as I went out on another decent run tonight. Just like last night, I just grabbed the wife's mp3 (because mine is BROKEN along with the radio bought this year) and I just took off with sports radio in my ears. I just use it really for a little background noise and distraction sometimes. All I know is that it does the trick. Occasionally something does get noticed by that little acorn object between my ears and it rolls around in there for a while. Heard the words "That extra gear is the difference between the CONTENDERS and the PRETENDERS." Just made me go "Hmmmmmmmm.........." He was talking about team sport achievement (basketball, hockey, football, etc.) I was thinking along the lines of personal achievement. Cooooooontenders and ..........................preeeeeeeetender
s. Well I started to notice a little play on the two words. Both may start out as contenders, but in reality, after it's all said and done, only an achiever and a pretender is left. There is NO contender. So really what it should have been is either achiever or pretender. I look at those two words and I see "the real thing and the poser." Just something I was thinking about as I was rollin' towards that 1200 mile mark tonight even closer! Oh yeah. That extra gear they were talking about tonight? That's what is used to make sure the damn job gets done!



Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Finally got out for a sort of decent run tonight. I've had a really crappy week of runs with a suspect case of food poisoning and a little bit of not wanting to deal with some of the weather elements (rain or freezing ground.) I've been getting up the last couple of days (out of bed and then off of a chair after sitting for a while) and one of my knees feels sore or stiff too. Strange because when I was running all those miles this year I didn't feel that kind of stuff. Well I should know better that THIS body doesn't respond well to A LACK of activity. Didn't feel a damn thing on the run tonight. In fact I was rather inspired by the weather forecast for the next couple of weeks. They are saying temps between the 30s and the 50s. See everyday there's this mental battle in my head now. I kind of commit (which isn't me at all) to hitting the 1200 miles for the year, and then I call it off with weeks like this one. The thing is I laid it all out in no matter what weather there was, and I put in extra to make sure I got things done sooner than later. Now I'm in a position where I can still run everyday but not risk killing myself running through what I did previously earlier this year. So I can take those excuses and say.............SCREW IT I DON'T WANT TO! Then there's the possibility out there of ONE MORE ACHIEVEMENT for the year. One more thing to pull off. One more goal to co inside with the everyday running. And even with all the minimal mileage days, I'm STILL close enough to make up the miles and easily accomplish it. IN FACT possibly CRUUUUUUSH it if I get the WiiiiiiiiiiiiLD hairs going! Like a 13.1 mile NEW YEARS RUN?????????? Yeah. All ideas. All depending on the weather. All depending on....................what I WANT to do.............at whatever............moment................

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YMWONG22 12/10/2014 12:42AM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Gear shifted...............goal TARGETED!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

MAN IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK IN THE GYM ON A DIFFERENT FORMAT! For a long time now I've been doing high rep sets, toning muscle, cutting weight, and leaning out. Now I'm back to short sets, HEAVY weight, and just bouncing from exercise to exercise. IT'S AWESOME! What I'm finding is that I really haven't lost as much strength as I thought I did. I just forgot how I got to lifting the heavier weights with the lower repped sets. I'm not burning myself out so early on, and it's more aggressive. It's like I hear this voice that says "How far can you take this?" And last night, I made the gym a priority instead of the running. I got into the gym, and I knocked out my run there. I didn't blow the gym off for the run. I hate the treadmill, and I forgot my running shoes, but I got on that damn thing and I cranked it up to a speed I've never had it on before. And the speed is still continuing with the outdoor runs too. Todays run was set at 180 strides a minute. NOW........FINALLY ...........I'm comfortable with that pace. Ideally that's what I'm doing. Just keep the quick pace going and hope the speed carries over to whatever next year (which is stil.........WHATEVER right now.) Good thing is that now they are talking possible 50 degree temperatures coming soon again. Hmmmmmmmmm...........yeah.....you know what I'm thinking if you've been following my craziness on here. That's right. YOU'RE RIGHT! Looooooooooong ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! THAT 1,200 MILE MARK IS GETTING SHAAAAAAAATTERED!


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