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A return to the trails and the "hmmmmmmmm"

Saturday, November 22, 2014

So it's kind of cool. With no training for a race, I can pretty much run anything I want distance or speed-wise. The only commitment I have is to run everyday til the end of the year. I have that soft goal of 1200 miles out there for the year, and I'm like 98 miles away from locking that up too. I think that kind of pushed me to stretch a 3 mile run today into almost a 5 mile run. I just wanted to get back on the trails. It's been a while because towards the end of the training, I kept the runs on roads and sidewalks so I wouldn't tear up my shoes and to run on the same surfaces as the half marathon. I can feel how worn out the Skechers are now that I've been running in since the beginning of summer. There's got to be around 600 miles on those shoes now and I can feel the softer material in the worn sole causing drag on the road transferring the energy to my ankles and knees. Yeah, it's about time to say goodbye to them, except for 1 mile runs. So about a week being removed from the race, I'm still thinking about what led to the result I wound up with. While I'm completely satisfied with the time, I still look at the why's. I think the dry air played a factor. I'm curious to wonder how it effects a runner opposed to being in a moist climate. The other thing is that I keep thinking about running with only eating breakfast that day. It was a rather large amount of food I ate about 6 hours or so before the race. I think that may have worked in my favor instead of consuming a protein bar and banana before the race. It just all makes me wonder and things I'm going to research just to satisfy my curiosity.


And when you train like a crazy person.......................

Thursday, November 20, 2014

So Sunday was the half, and I NAILED the 2 hour mark by about 5 minutes. I ran into a few potentially disastrous things that came up, and almost had to back out of the race at the starting line and a couple miles into the half. Fortunately I was able to overcome all of them and finish what I had set out to do. I pulled out all the stops to get the job done. Made me proud of the training to not only continue on to finish the race, but to come away with a time goal achieved. I attribute all of it to the variety in the runs and the endurance all year round as well. I did everything I could think of and whatever was necessary to keep going. I was scared. Thoughts of me dying (literally falling dead) on the course entered my mind. That's how freaked out I was. I even was able to run off a rolled ankle with about 3 miles to go and finish at full throttle and full stride across the finish line. Unlike the last half marathon, I wasn't even winded and probably was good for a few more miles after that. I ran a good race, and adaptive race, and a smart race. Instead of being exhausting, my finish was emotional. All the hard work I put forth this year was not a waste of time. I would not be denied. I would find a way to overcome. I was getting what I came there to do. I switched to the 1:45 coral to match up more with the faster run times I was having recently, and I came out 10 minutes off of hitting that. I'm good with it, but the number now dangles in front of me as the 2 hour mark did. We will see if I decide to scratch THAT itch! For now, it's down to just finishing out the everyday running. I might hit the 1200 mile mark for the year, but if not I DON'T CARE. And January 1st ..........................................


It's starting to feel POLAR again!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

So temps are now in the 20s in the morning and at night. This morning's run was a frigid mile. Tonight I had my Ghosts on and a jacket already from getting coffee so I just threw on the neoprene mask and left. Back to that run where things are kind of blurry. I can't wear glasses with the mask because they fog up so that takes a little getting used to. It was actually nice running in the old Ghosts tonight, even though they are pretty much worn out. I honestly felt a lot better than the Hokas, however I will see how things feel in the morning. The damn Hokas stretch the hell out of my feet (I think) and my heels are sore in the morning even though they don't contact the road at all. I was VERY impressed with the run I did tonight. I was FIRMLY in the 7s at 7:45. I was surprised at how I was able just to keep up with the metronome and at times over run it with full strides pretty much all the way through now 8 strides a minute faster than where I was a week ago. All in 25 degree weather. I think that mask just kept the air entering my lungs rather warm and I was able to just able to keep it dialed in. I CAN'T WAIT for this race Sunday. I'm getting a little squirrely with these multiple one mile runs. I'm riding home from getting coffee tonight and I'm just thinking "Man I would like to just do a good length run tonight." Everything is going as planned though. That may also have played a part in the way I ran tonight. Just motivated to BREAK LOOSE! I love the Skechers, but man tonight made me feel like getting another pair of Ghosts. Then again, I just saw a winter version of the Skechers I'm running in. DAMN SHOE JUNKIE!

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PRAIRIECROCUS 11/13/2014 12:50AM

    It's getting cold, here, too !
All the best, in keeping warm, AND fit !

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A completely breed of animal

Monday, November 10, 2014

So there's no more runs above a mile before the half on Sunday. Three one mile runs a day just to see if I can increase that natural pace. The first run was quick enough to knock 15 seconds off my last speed run. The second run I notched up the metronome a few beats, and I came around where I was the other day. After that I was like "Man I don't want to do this three times a day." I got out there the third time tonight and think I figured out how to attack it. I just need to keep increasing the beats and keep the pace. The trick to it seems to keep the strides short until that last quarter of the run where I extend the stride out more. It's a good way to try to improve with temperatures on their way that are going to be below freezing. If I continued longer runs, they would have been pointless with not being able to run them faster. This is just until Friday of course before I leave, and I'm doing these runs in the Heavier Hokas. The Skechers will be much lighter for Saturday's one miler and then the half marathon the day after. The theory on that is that I'll have a little more pop in my strides. I think I got this. But yeah, all of this is very different than running for a certain time, hitting a certain mileage, or doing a certain route. Just have to match the footstrikes with the beeps.



Sunday, November 09, 2014

So coming out of breakfast this morning, I was a little behind my wife because I paid the bill. She was at the truck already, so I did a little jog across the parking lot. I was VERY happy to notice my natural form just with that short stretch of strides. Had a nice immediate forward lean, great mid foot strikes, and a good stride length Just felt very put together. I've been running in the Hokas I got last week. Now these are not my favorite shoes (especially on long runs) because they are heaver and I think I run into slight toeslam somewhere inside the shoe. They are good for up to about a 3.5 mile run though. I noticed each run I put these on, that they just put me more in the form I prefer naturally. Maybe it's the weight, maybe it's the design, or maybe the fit of the shoes. Whatever it is, the benefit is carrying over to the other shoes. I mean I'm pretty good with keeping the same form, but I feel a little manual adjustment here and there. The strange thing is that the Hokas keep me in the pace despite the extra weight they carry. So the game plan is to use them for the rest of the runs tomorrow. Today's will be a 6 mile run (just going to throw on the headphones and run on a path that visually moves quickly. From tomorrow until Friday I'll be running all one mile speed runs multiple times each day. It's something I had planned on doing a while back, but as a lot of plans with running they changed. I'm doing this for a few reasons. It's a final push to increase the natural pace for next Sunday. The other thing is that it's getting too fatiguing to do longer runs at a quick pace in the colder temperatures. Finally, there really won't be any wear on anything and virtually nothing to recover from. Kind of like maintenance. I'll just have a one mile run the day before the race and that'll be it for the preparation. I'll do a couple one mile runs the couple days after the race, and when I get back I think I'll have 100 miles left to surpass the 1200 mile mark. Those 100 miles will be very unrestricted on my daily runs. It's less than 3 miles a day average. Who knows. I might have a tough time with the winter weather. Just going to go with it and feel it out.


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