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It's not THAT bad

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sometimes there are runs that I do that suit my comfort level. It's not very often, but it happens. Tonight was a good example. Of course it was getting late (but that's been around the "normal" time) that I've been going, but it was also really windy and raining. Runs like this always feel like i'm dogging it or being lazy. It mixes things up to my benefit though I think. It gives me a time to recover a little easier, especially when I've been putting out a series of decent runs. The other thing is that they are different than the longer runs, because I use them as speed runs. It just shows where I'm at, and it gets me going at my race pace right from the jump. It's a quicker and shorter run. One mile or about eight minutes and some seconds. That's it. Simple commitment. Knock it out as fast as I can. This usually starts out with rainy and cold conditions though. I've run through it all, so I'm less eager now that I'm nearing the finish lines in my efforts, and I'm not looking to add any extra strain or complications. Only see how quick the one mile comes out. I look at the result and try to tweak things a little here and there (even though it's becoming too late to do so.) I do value the one milers as all the other runs as well. It still counts, but it just brings something a little different to the game.


Just beyond my fingertips

Saturday, September 27, 2014

50 days left before the half marathon, and I FINALLY put together over a 13 mile run today. I have mixed feelings about today's run, but overall it's positive. The downside is that I'm still not under the two hour mark, but I'm off by only a minute or two which doesn't leave that goal out of reach at all. I had sports radio going in the earphones, and I felt that the pace was pretty right on. As usual I didn't want to get the run started, but I shook that off around the two mile mark. Fatigue came and went heading back over halfway through the run, but I was able to keep the pace for the most part, and I would feel my speed pick up the last couple of miles. If the Vegas run was today, I would be ready despite being a little bit off today. I ran faster with the pack in the second half last year, so I would think I would be driven much the same. No matter what time I come away with after I finish that half, I get what I get. I planned out training, I readjusted the training as needed, I've put forth every ounce of effort I had, and everyday I lived up to the commitments I made. That makes me proud. Speaking of commitments, today's run was also big because it brought me with in 4 miles of cracking the 900 mile mark for the year. I will have that 1000 mile challenge locked before the end of October, and that's well ahead of not just the end of the year but also a couple weeks prior to my trip. I still have to run everyday until the end of the year, but once I hit that 1000 miles, and the closer I get to the half, the less obligated I am to put together big runs. Still it's up to me, and I won't rule out aiming for the 1100 or 1200 mile mark before the year is up either. But today....................another mission was accomplished.



Monday, September 22, 2014

So last night's run proved that I still had the stamina for the long runs. With my hips being a little tired, I just felt like changing things up a little bit. I ran at a pretty good pace last night, so I figured I would give ANOTHER shot to attempting to increasing it. I came out marginally better, but it's always the same result. I can't lengthen my stride long enough at 5 strides a minute faster to come away with a significant difference. Still, I actually felt more of my legs doing the work tonight, so I did get some benefit out of increasing the rate on the metronome tonight. I think I'm going to do the runs the same way for a little that are under the 3.5 mile mark and see what happens. I might be able to adjust my stride to it eventually. Just something new I did tonight that I figured I would share.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tonight was a statement run. Over nine in a half miles tonight at the pace I've been working at all year. I'm there. I just put on talk radio for some background noise and locked into my pace. And it's in temperatures that are probably going to be very similar to Vegas when I go. While it's shorter than the half marathon, coming off of tonight's run was more sweaty than tiring. I also put in just over 35 miles for the week, so my runs have really picked up, even considering that most of them have come around the midnight hour and beyond. I'm not a fan of daytime running, but it also gave me the chance to see how treacherous the roads are that I've been running on at night. This, like most of the runs I've been doing lately, just was a run that I kept stretching out. I think if I get out and have a planned run, I will come away with an even better time. Lot's of variables will be present with this half half with the crowds and the atmosphere, but with everything just about in place it's about time to take a look at the characteristics of the run itself (mileage points, turning points, inclines, declines, etc.) It was just really reassuring that I'm right where I want to be with my runs. I was a little freaked out about the inconstancy with my runs (not the frequency, but the mileage I was putting out.) Seems like I've rebounded STRONGLY and need to stay focused with these remaining 8 weeks left to get ready.


Mentally there but haven't done that....................yet

Thursday, September 18, 2014

So I'm on a REALLY late run last night (or morning depending on how one looks at things,) and I'm just thinking of how proud I am to be out there. It's the dedication. I don't know where it came from in the everyday running, but it's amazing. I only can equate it to getting up and going to work everyday. It's just something I do. Unless I physically can't do it (which might require my heart to actually stop) I show up. I was thinking about all the people who don't have the follow through. The people who manage to find the excuses. The people that burn out or get bored. Yet everyday here I am. And there's not a day that I forget, and that's the really fascinating thing. I just know. No mental effort. It's just a matter of when the run takes place, where it's at, how far it is, and how long it takes. No matter what, I put something together. I thought again back to my runs from last year when I was half marathon training. I'm also proud of that too, and I have it on display in my basement. Funny how I ran a lot more runs than the training designed me to, but there was that ONE week where I was a run short. I just remember it, like it's a scar or something. This year though it's a constant pound on the calendar. I'll figure out a way to print that too (I hope I logged them all because I certainly know I did them all.) That's my award, my reward, my prize, my medal, and my trophy right there. Sure I'll have another bib, another certificate, another shirt, and another medal to put up there. None of that is possible in two hours if I don't run everyday for it ( and then for the month and a half left in the year too.) It's funny. While I'm excited to see if I can get a finish time in under 2 hours, it's just not that important to me now even though I'm still working at it. If it happens, it happens. I'm just eager to start another race with thousands of people and find holes to run though. I think the bigger challenge I'm wrapping my mind around is how I'm going to do a few of the daily runs outside of the half marathon when I'm in Vegas. I mean I'll be in the Grand Canyon for one or two of those days. I think that I'm mentally ready and confident about the race, and my focus is plugging in the rest of the details of my trip.


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