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first caffeine about 3pm

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Its been a so so day. Not productive, but then I still have a cold.

I am trying to simplify my life. Im getting rid of the things that are holding me back. Caffeine is a big one and Iet the change take before I change anything else.

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    Aw, being stuck with a cold. Blech. Are you feeling better?

Smart move, changing one thing at a time. Caffeine...does that mean no more Mountain Dews? (my occasional bugaboo) Haha.

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I am in new territory

Saturday, February 06, 2010

11am no coffee no headache
This was easier than I thought, but requires that I get a healthy amount of sleep or more.
I must have slept 14 hours. I am getting over a cold and this appears to be a prime time to get rid of the coffee.

I never ever considered cutting back on caffeine. There was always a study that showed it had no harm, but that is not going to be enough for me. I am going for the better shape of the navel.

Happy belly, good digestion, happy navel.

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    Sleep really does affect everything else. Believe me, as one very sleep deprived person...I KNOW about these things. You will be a new person with enough sleep.
Did you ever consider how caffeine affects sleep? I always thought that was an old wives tale (wishful thinking??), but unfortunately, it's not.
Here's to creating the right environment for a happy navel.

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HJFOGARTY 2/6/2010 3:01PM

    good luck - I've been caffeine free for 2 years now, but I never did drink coffee - just soda and tea - no soda and only caffeine free tea - life can be great!

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tea is going well

Friday, February 05, 2010

I am the point where I am getting more sleep regularly and am not so panicked about reducing my caffeine intake.

I don't dare go "cold turkey" because of the headache potential.

I have been drinking black tea with agave nectar and I haven't had cravings for java.

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    Do you like agave nectar? Sis tried that in her tea for colds. She said it was the worst. Then she tried the tea without it, and realized the tea was the horrible worst. Most teas created specifically for colds/sore throats/etc are pretty bad. But give me a good cup of herbal tea, especially something in the mind family, yummmmm perfect. I've recently found honey chamomile tea, and we know chamomile is sleepytime tea. A few years ago I used to wonder why chamomile tea was in the basket of teas at a class I was taking. Not conducive to staying wide awake and alert.
Glad the headaches never materialized and that you are doing well on this endeaver. I am reading the blogs in backwards order so I know the ending.

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  emoticon That's great!

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SIRIRADHA 2/5/2010 7:15PM

    Good news! My grown children are like me, extremely sensitive to caffeine. DS experimented with lattes a couple of times and told me he could not believe that that stuff was a legal drug! I guess, in a way, we are lucky in that we're not likely to become addicted to it.

Glad the tea is working for you. If I drink black tea for a few days straight and then stop I get unbelievable headaches. Must be very hard to withdraw if you've been drinking caffeine for years.

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the shape of my navel

Thursday, February 04, 2010

My navel is pulled down by my belly fat and smiles wide left to right.

When bellies are beautiful, chakra knowledge tell us that it stems from deeper confidence and organ balance. Some mudras and yoga poses to strengthen the core are recommended, but oddly, the shape of the navel, it tells up about the health of digestion, reproduction and posture.

backing up a tad, this all started when I began reading up on Chakras. A little introspection into my energy sheds light on an underactive 3rd chakra, with the source likely being 2 decades of sleep deprivation compounded by the giving up of a good self image, increased fear of rejection, and a shift to perfectionism and nervousness. It's like a non-western psych-analysis!

With regard to nervousness, fatigue and adrenaline, what my neurologist told me supports this, "Give up the coffee and get better sleep". I got the CPAP for the sleep but haven't given up the coffee addiction.

My friend Dave says the GI diet (for the gut, not the soldiers) urges participants to switch to herbal tea and promises a shift of insulin response ( and maybe a break for the pancreas?) within two weeks (if you achieve it..)

The third chakra is the center of self and personality. Today I am practicing (along with spark principles):
surya mudra
the Bow (Dhanurasana)
hourly posture adjustments (how often do I sit slump shoulder doing spark?) - i'd love it my cell phone chimed on the hour!
using tea breaks to reflect on thirst and hunger

Here is an affirmation for the over-indulger!
When you sit, be the strong-hold of truth. As you eat, feed the negativities and illusions into the belly of emptiness, dissolving them into all-pervading space. And when you go to the toilet, consider all of your obscurations and blockages are being cleansed and washed away.


spark while you sleep - lucid dreaming

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dreaming to me is not unlike the maze of IKEA. I have a sleep disorder that disrupts my REM sleep and mostly I haven't had much to remember and when I do, the images are grey and events confused. It's like wanting to check out and winding up in lighting..you take a shortcut and you've made a circle around bedding.

Lately I have been remembering more dreams threads but my sleep hygiene is still sucky- perhaps because my CPAP keeps the REM sleep going, but I don't get enough hours on the machine ( I push it off at night unawares). I walked the IKEA maze this weekend and now as I read about lucid dreaming, I am struck with this image of wandering.

Besides treating nightmares, lucid dreaming is good for practicing performance. What if you could practice good decisions about food choices as you sleep?

Tonight when I go to bed, I will " Decide to have a lucid dream...
When ... ready to sleep, take ten deep breaths and countdown slowly from ten to one.

Repeat the affirmation 'Tonight when I dream I shall be perfectly aware that I am

With each number, feel yourself becoming more relaxed.Wake up while dreaming Set your alarm to go off 20 minutes earlier than usual. You'll wake during your final REM (rapid eye movement) period, and therefore during a dream, so you'll probably remember most of it. Journal it.


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