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handling the heat

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Had to walk a few miles in the heat with my dog when my car broke down. I got a tow to a sation close to my house but no lift home. It was in the 90s and we tried to stick to the shade. We hydrated and took our time resting in the shade. As the heat grew and the shadows shortened we took more frequent breaks. We got a water refill from a guy mowing his lawn. And we made it home, without too much fuss.

I cant take away too much from this except I need a betteremergency kit in the car. Cant always rely on strangers.

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NEPTUNE1939 7/7/2012 2:59PM

    Great idea; it's always too late to gather necessities when the trouble starts.

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exercising when you are not feeling well

Friday, July 06, 2012

Yesterday I swam a shorter set and noticed I was shorter of breath and made the necessary modifications.

I Kicked a few more 100s than usual and tried to slow down. I noticed the swelling in my gut is lower this morning, and the soreness of lying down for a few days is gone.

A clerk at the organic market suggested this was how her menopause started, and I'm just not able to believe it. Im worried I have a parasite but it could be flora "out of balance". SO I found some probiotic gummies (yum!) and and doubling up for a few days with daily aloe vera juice until my doc appt on Monday. Once I get a stool test, I plan to do a parasite cleanse regardless.

This was a really bad couple of days until I found 3 checks for $1500 that I misplaced in early June, It was in the cutting board drawer which I found when I sliced a pineapple. Suddenly I realized how much stress it relieved, both financial and in confidence.

Its going to be 95 so I am going to swim again for sure.

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SHELDONFOSTER 7/6/2012 10:10AM

    Make sure that you are listening to your body when you are working out and go and see a doctor if the pain isn't going away!

It awesome to find money that you forgot you had - i always find money in my snowboarding jacket from the season before since it sat in the closet for 8 months.

Have a great weekend!

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down but not out

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

I have this recurring stomach volatility. It has been brewing, receding and brewing. My measurements have been shrinking, except my stomach, which today is so bloated and distended that I have been holding it like I am pregnant. Even a loose pair of shorts is causing me discomfort. Lately I have been eating the best I have ever eaten, and thought I identified the culprit as the aglae in the water cooler, but two weeks later it is back.

To night I bought some probiotics and ginger ale, and will make a doc appt in the morning.

I am down for the count but not out, and I will be healthier when I identify the problem.


trace minerals removed in 10 stage filtration

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Yesterday I found out that the water I drink is missing its trace minerals, from this really nice shopper that was asking me if I replace my trace minerals. I said, I have to replace my trace minerals?

Hmm. According to the store, 10 stage flltration is removing contaminants, but also the good stuff.

I asked this question at my organic market a year ago, and they said, no, all the good stuff is still there. I guess buyer beware, is always going to be true.

Im going back to spring water.


It's not lazy vs. disciplined: video review Henry Cloud's Boundaries

Monday, July 02, 2012

I chose this movie for the literal boundary issues I face with family and work, but also because I see that every decision I make in food and health boils down to the shades of grey between absolutely good for me, or bad for me. Somewhere there is a fence, that separates light from dark, better from worse. This video addressed the emotional motivation of boundary crossing and I really enjoyed it for that.

I like summaries! Sadly, this movie didn't really have any. I was a bit long and preachy. Boil it down, baby. I have my life to live, sparking to log and fitness minutes to crunch. Still there were some good ideas that sparked me, so I am blogging to have a better memory of what I learned.

Overall, I set poor boundaries. One could say poor boundaries show a lack of discipline ( and boy have I heard that a few times in my life!) If you take the lazy vs. disciplined approach however, you miss out on the evaluating the emotional content, especially law #4. * I did my best to list them all below*

Lack of boundaries can be due to needing comfort, putting a balm on loneliness, anger. If we don't examine the motivation behind our financial, interpersonal and fitness decisions, how ever will we be able to look back and say, " That was a solid decision in my best interest!" I want more of those A-HA moments where hindsight illustrates my excellent thinking. (Sounds like a goal!) See law #4 again. Freedom first, then serve others.

In light of that last few sentences, I did walk away with some pearls of wisdom. I need these boundaries for my relationship with my family, and work as well. Oh yeah, and I need to be better at waving the finger at misdirected emotional actions before I eat, skip workouts, or, worst of all, date sleazebag-jerky dudes. (just saying, it could happen emoticon)

Here are the laws Cloud and Towsend describe
Law 1: The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Boundaries reinforce consequences. Healthy for everyone including nay sayer and supplicant.

Law 2: The Law of Responsibility

We have to take responsibility for our own growth and life ( and living it). Tough love! I think they could have beefed up the personhood aspect. We are lovingly created and let no man put us asunder as individuals. Something like that.

Law 3: The Law of Respect

We earn the respect with the angerless and firm "No". I don't really worry about others respect . Isn't approval a false motivation? Henry! John! No necesito su aprobacion! ( This is a great empowering song from Los Aterciopelados which negates this law...http://www.musictory.com/music/Aterc

I do not need your approval
I have inside, a gauge
which marks satisfaction levels...
I do not need approval
or base metal to tempt me
Nor seek your understanding
and sweeten the ear

Law 4: The Law of Motivation

Twisted or veiled: loss of love, othersí anger, loneliness,
Ask yourself is it motivated by a fear? payback, approval, identification with the otherís loss can sometimes be healthy
First be free of fear, then serve

Law 5: The Law of Evaluation

There is pain in choices as well as in confrontation. We may evaluate the pain our confrontation causes others but not the opportunities for our mutual growth and health. Look at both!

Law 6: The Law of Envy

THere were some sweeping generalizations in this one - its either boundaries or emptiness, lack of fulfillment and envy. The idea may have been - eventually you are going to be looking at these poles if you continue to cross boundaries.

Law 7: The Law of Activity

He tied this into spiritual activity of seeking, and asking. If you are watching this video, you probably are in the position to need help, so seek and ask. Actively pursue a healthier spiritual life.

My library had this for loan. Check yours before buying.

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THEEXERCISER 7/2/2012 9:42AM

    very interesting thanks for sharing!

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