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glycosaminoglycans to soothe bowel, kidney disease and joint degen

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bones have been simmering since Monday. I gave a piece of the hip ball to the dog and it crumbled. The danger is constipation mostly, I have been doing this with him for a year and I find he gets a whiter stool after chewing up a chunk of bone, but he is a big boy at 90 bls. I also notice that when he gets soup and bones with his kibble, he worries his front paws less with his mouth and gets a physical boost from the GAGs in running at a healthy 8-10 years of age.

Tidbit one: There are four kinds of GAGs including hyaluronan, chondroitin and glucasamine.

I dont have any training in chemistry and Im regretting the poor attention I paid to the one class I took in 7th grade. The more I read I remember the little tidbits. Here is another tidbit for this week's broth:
Studies have found an underlying deficiency of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) in patients with Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. Correcting a deficiency and helping to repair a compromised gut wall is another good reason to consume bone broth regularly. (http://www.holisticselfhealing.org/BoneBr

Tidbit 3: add a tsp of apple cide vinegar to my next batch to loosen more minerals from the bones, maybe shorten the cooking time.

Did I say its delicous? I pulse any soft tissues in a processor. This is the goldmine of the batch, and no need to ruin the experience with textures. I get a silky rich yummy pudding which I spoon into each cup of broth I eat. I tried to freeze it in ice cubes this time but oh well, it's gelatinous cold texture defies cubing. I'd love any tips you may have!

The ice cubes did eventually freeze, but needed a full day.
Happy sparking!

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RACEWELLWON 3/28/2013 1:30PM

    Good one - did you know you can eat apple seeds to cure cancer ? Ty Bollinger - Cancer Think outside the Box - it 's a great read for everyone - trust you will benefit from this book - Cancer survivor - twice !! Hugs K emoticon Have a nice Easter emoticon

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68ANNE 3/27/2013 11:40PM

    I had never known that.....thanks

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snow babies

Monday, March 25, 2013

I need to hurry up and feed the critters stumped by the snow. I had my shake and wanted to write about a daily spark article I loved

After looking at how little food is in 300 junk calories, even it is gourmet, I am going for healthy.

On my last contract I found a wolfgang puck electronic zeroing scale and bought it for $25. It seemed only slightly extravangant...now I can be the master of portions. The artile on daily spark really drove home the idea that road food is bad food. I have seen what it does to my body and energy level.

So I went in the kitchen this morning, first am home on hiatus from contracting and asked the cabinets what was healthy. I chose almond milk and and alive powder meal in order to have the strength to make the black bean quinoa, and sweet potato caserole for lunch.

Then to the chinese market for bones to make broth.

Everybody needs a good meal. snowbabies , I need one and the dog for good measure.

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RACEWELLWON 3/26/2013 12:13PM

    I find you really need to be crafty on the low cal. meals . I to have taken out my scale , nice that you feed the critters ! emoticon

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APPLESBANANAS 3/26/2013 7:31AM

    Thanks for the article! I always have to remind myself I'll feel more full and better overall if I stick to high fiber foods that are closer to the way nature made them. (Blueberries and all bran for breakfast today instead of a donut!)

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68ANNE 3/25/2013 5:46PM

    I am still working on my low calorie meals. Good article, thanks

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oh what a beautiful morning

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Its a beautiful morning when you can break into your own house! I have a numerical door lock and every once in a while it jams on locked. in other words not often enough to have hidden a key under a rock.

Its 35 and the snow I walked through was seeping mud as I circled my prey. I pretty much coated myself with winter dust and was nearly out of options on first floor windows when I found one sadly low enough to open but too high to scale. Back and forth I went through the golden barbery hedge with an illfated milk crate, a chair.

Mind you, I still had not had coffee, as this was the dog's constitutional morning stroll. No gloves, no coat, just a hat and a white polar fleece. And as added bonus, gladly, no neighbors phone the police. I was too sleepy to be cold and clumsily experimented with what body part to put in the window first. I did that hand walk you do with your toes on the big yoga ball, except my toes were on the window sill. I found myself lying on the floor, thinking "I learned that on a spark video, "and then, "do I count the calories"?

Hide a box key, hardware store for key copy. Going now.

Allie B

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RACEWELLWON 3/18/2013 1:53PM

    To me this is funny - yesterday - I locked my purse in my car with keys before church - lol - purse on the front seat . I live in Chicago - what are the chances of someone stealing my - car even in front of the church ? No one !! Good thing too - Went to Mass then broke into my car - Luck of the Irish emoticon emoticon

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STHAX10 3/18/2013 9:21AM

    emoticon Dear, that sounds like a heck of a way to start a day off. emoticon

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68ANNE 3/17/2013 6:53PM

    What a terrible way to not have coffee. I have to break in with a crow-bar and screw driver. One of the kids hasn't returned the key yet

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AUNTIEANNE22 3/17/2013 5:21PM

  Sounds like an interesting morning. I, too, would be headed for a key copy and key box.

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spark and work

Friday, February 22, 2013

I work with some hostile people.

Am I really that annoying?

I shared my spark page with two coworkers on my current contract assignment and I am already seeing a closer rapport. "Yes, I did notiee you are wearing an armband, that's what it does?"

We may be different in work styles and opinions, but underneath we are all just folk. I hope I can connect with a few more ladies and lose the antagonism that detracts from service delivery.

Underneath we have a beating and bleeding heart! We are not so different.

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 3/11/2013 8:44PM

    GRR. I don't like people like that.

Hugs to you for being a kind person.

It's tough to be brave and stick to your values when others trample you down.

Thank you for being who you are.

emoticon mm emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Let the diamond in you shine, shine, shine.

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68ANNE 2/22/2013 7:13PM

    People always live up to or down to your expectations. Keep up the positive!

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APPLESBANANAS 2/22/2013 2:37PM

    Keep pushing the positivity, it's better than giving in to their negativity! You can't win them all. Have a good day : )

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JILLIEWILLIE1 2/22/2013 11:26AM

    Ebony and Ivory! Sometimes it is difficult to find a common ground...just a hint of compassion can go along way! Continued improvement will come your way! emoticon

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EBONYSOL 2/22/2013 8:37AM

    So you work with hostile people. If that is the way they choose to be then don't take it personally. You are probably not that annoying. They may be suffering from chronic irritability.
While you can't choose your coworkers, you can choose your friends. Working with people who have a toxic attitude is one thing. I suggest you don't hang around with them.
When I was working, I was cordial, polite and helpful with my coworkers. I treated them the way I would want to be treated. However, I watched, listened and learned. People who were chronically dissatisfied with work and life in general were people who stayed on my coworkers list as I had no desire to foster a closer relationship. Why hang around with negativity when there are other people who bring fun and laughter into your life.

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armbanding amuck -too many calories light

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dear self,

You did a great job in the last week focusing on portion size and keeping the exercise high. You were consistent in daily exercise. You measured! way to go girl.

It is always a struggle to keep the goals realistic and it is time for a re-mapping of goals. You went a little gaga on this week. Is a 2000 calorie deficit a good thing? Is it healthier than eating fast food 5 days a week? It is as bad on the other side of the pendulum.

Too much deficit means loss of muscle in addition to fat. When you think the numbers look too sweet, remember that's how Ponzi schemes get perpetrated!

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68ANNE 2/15/2013 8:03PM

    If some is good then more must be better? Yes we all do it. Good for you to catch it!

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FITMAXIN 2/14/2013 3:36PM

    It's easy to get carried away, isn't it?! I think of it like a little mini-reward when I "have" to eat more to get that deficit right where I want it. It gives me an opportunity to be creative and think of some yummy and healthy choices to get those numbers right where I want them :)

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MCLYMORE 2/14/2013 8:24AM

    Getting the numbers right is very important; boy that can be a monster sometime. I like ot think of it as a work in progress....we will get there!

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