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kessler - brain hijacked by fat sugar and salt

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I picked up a few Kessler titles at the library, "The end of overeating" on audio recommended by carolyn sutton and a print copy of "Your food is fooling you or how your brain is hijacked by sugar fat and salt".

A few interesting ideas - "Overeating is a result of changes in the reward center of the brain."

Conditioning kids to food means that when kids are repeatedly exposed to food cues, their reward center becomes hyperactive. They will repeat these patterns even if they have just eaten. They will not stop until the food is gone. My parents were refugees from eastern europe and starved after WWII for years in DP camps in Germany. As I was a severely picky eater, my dad used to force feed me by holding my nose at the dinner table until I had no choice but to open my mouth. My mom use to sneak snacks to me later, after meals. Food was always an argument and a fight for physical control with my father and bribery from my mother. I don't judge my parents for their actions anymore, but I do yearn to understand my love hate relationship with food. Having lost 60 pounds twice in the last 5 years, it is really important for me to put away the diet cycle forever. Despite that I lost the weight, I didn't learn a better way to live. I did learn some good stuff, just not the big picture! It's like finding the lock, but growing weary after fumbling with the key so long. I believe the key is turning and the success of the last 6 weeks is giving me renewed strength.

Another nugget from Kessler:
Combine this 'reward habit' with chemical addiction...block the brain's drug factory and animals pass on the high fat and high sugar foods. the opposite - inject animals with opioids/endorphins, and the animals eat more fat and sugary foods. The brain rewires for more more party space with a bigger and stronger reward center. Foods high in fat sugar and salt do something to the brain, that other foods do not and they are tied to brain chemistry of addiction.

Bland food (ie not high fat and salt) is a way to block the (drug factory) opioid production. Exercise is a way to create a different opioid production habit. Personally I have never felt an addiction for exercise, but my brain may be so starved of opioids I turn to the stairmaster in a fit of jonesing. Either that or try to eat the stairmaster. (The wires looked like red vines candy?) Eating veg is pretty bland but, the palate adjusts and evolves.

Whether explained by science religion or philosophy, overindulging is harmful and one of the oldest human passtimes. I am so ready to prevail! This may be the best summer of my life to date, and I wish the same for all my spark friends. Let's make it the best summer of our lives to date.

I wish you success in everything your collective hearts desire. May you receive what you need most, plus hope and faith to keep your heart on this path.


So that is a quick scan of the material, thank Caro for recommending - will look forward to diving into the audio book!

That is when I am done with Game of thrones...addictive. Drat!

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AUNTIEANNE22 6/28/2013 3:25PM

  The fast food industry has made a habit of putting addictive elements into their food to get us hooked. Sugar and fat are loaded into fast food.
Veggie eating doesn't have to be bland. Just get creative with spices and herbs. They don't add calories. I love eating veggie and as soon as the Spark solution challenge is over, I'm going to start using less veggie meats and eating just whole foods. I've come across some good recipes in the Spark Solution, but my real go to is The New Laurel's Kitchen. It's older, but really good. I do have to figure out the calorie counts and nutrients, but that's an okay trade-off.
I am making this my best summer and I'm taking Peer with me.

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NAPPIGURL 6/28/2013 2:55PM

    I wrote a paper on picky eating in a childhood nutrition class, & it is a very interesting topic that I think lots of parents are misinformed about. Most parents are concerned that their "picky" children aren't getting the proper nutrition needed to grow & thrive, but numerous studies have shown that the difference in growth between picky eaters and their non-picky counterparts is negligible or minimal. Like you said, it becomes a mental struggle for control between parent and child, and that can lead to negative attitudes about food. The best outcome was when parents ignored or didn't make a deal of the picky eating habits and most instances resolved themselves within a few years.
This blog has piqued my interest in the Kessler books, so I'll be at my local library to see what they have (or betterworldbooks.com if the library turns out to be unfruitful). Thanks for the summaries!

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RACEWELLWON 6/28/2013 11:14AM

    Interesting Read will have to pick that one up - yes , I can relate to your situation , my Mom was in a Russian Camp during the WWII. Its incredible how they survived - I guess they knew nothing but starvation and did not want to see us starve . Although their methods of feeding us were not ideal , I truly believe they meant no harm. The emotional strain placed on us has caused a ton of issues and emotions with food. - Thanks for Sharing -- Hugs K

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MICKEYH 6/28/2013 8:23AM

    I am so ready to prevail too. These books you've picked up at library really fit in the category of the book I am currently reading, listening too. I've got Dr. Mike Dow's " Diet Rehab" 28 days to
Finally stop creating the food make you fat. And Micheal Moss's "Salt,Sugar, Fat". And some other health and nutrient books. Hope to learn and understanding of food craving as to addiction and stop doing hurting myself with foods. How did you like the audio book? I've been listening audio book as well and I love it. Also love my kindle too. Thank for sharing this blogs. Have a wonderful summer for you too.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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mixed feelings about coffee

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I am torn about whether or not I should be drinking even a little coffee. I suspect coffee is one of those silent triggers that keeps me under optimal functioning.

Today I made no coffee and I am a slinky-like in my energy level. Started the day with a bike ride and that did not energize me.
Ate a macrobiotic lunch and that didnt energize me. I really dislike needing coffee. I had decaf tea with a little chai. Nada.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better without coffee

PS listening to Game of Thrones on audio book while I work and loving it!

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APPLESBANANAS 6/28/2013 7:41AM

    We were just talking about coffee on rounds yesterday, trying to guess who drinks it based on the color of our teeth. One of my coworkers said that a study was just published with an open-ended uptrending curve representing the correlation between amount of coffee consumption and lifespan. I need to read it with my own eyes before I start adding a second cup in the morning.

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AUNTIEANNE22 6/26/2013 10:30PM

  i usually have one cup of coffee in the morning, but I have also gone through times when I give it up completely. Once I get through the withdrawal headaches I'm usually good to go. My energy level is fine.

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68ANNE 6/26/2013 5:27PM

    How much do you usually drink?

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RACEWELLWON 6/26/2013 5:24PM

    I love my coffee but I do limit to a couple in the am only - Nice - love the Thorne !!

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KNYAGENYA 6/26/2013 3:34PM

    I have 2 cups of coffee a day. Anything more and the jitters take over.

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DANCINCAJUN1 6/26/2013 2:39PM

    I managed to go down to 2 cups a day ..... but me and my coffee enjoy the quiet in the morning .... makes my day go better ..... maybe you should quit slowly rather than cold turkey if that is your ultimate goal. Roc

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MENEFF 6/26/2013 1:01PM

    I cannot live without my coffee and I am totally 100% ok with that!

There are so many different opinions of whether it's harmful or helpful, you never know who to believe. If you think you should go without- more power to you!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I talked to a stranger tonight about the end of life. Why people avoid nursing homes. One of those brief exchanges that are heartfelt and open. At lot of western philosophies look to minimize suffering, but I prefer the buddhist view that suffering is a human condition that can be ended with truth and following the eight fold path. I have studied very little but what I read seem to be true: too much attachment to eating and attaining things has created suffering. There are foods that seem tro trigger my craving and my old way hedonistic behavior.

I feel I am on the path to accept the transient nature of life and simplify.

I do meet people who have come through tremendous physical suffering. I relate obesity with emotional suffering, but the physical discomfort has been advancing as I have aged. Has being overweight created suffering for you? Are you ready to come through? I am so glad I am not alone in this journey!!!


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AUNTIEANNE22 6/26/2013 10:39PM

  We all have trigger foods. Something will always bring up those old feelings.
Not only is size 14 not the average anymore, but it's also not a 14 anymore. In order to make people feel better clothes sizing has changed as people have gotten heavier. What is a 14 now,used to be a 16. A 6 used to be a 4.
We all need to face the facts of life, but how we choose to deal with them is up to the individual. Some people choose to remain independent and others choose to depend on others.

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68ANNE 6/25/2013 9:31PM

    Do what you can to minimize for yourself and what others do to you to create suffering

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RACEWELLWON 6/25/2013 1:54PM

    Yes , it has - you know that we do attach feelings to food . It goes without saying that we as Westerner's eat for pleasure instead of necessity . Almost every Holiday is based around food - and not just religious Holiday either - The Forth of July , Memorial Day with BBQ''s . I too feel that we idolize the very thin Models and that within itself creates self conscious image of ourselves. I am sure you remember as I know we are close in age that a size 14 was considered normal - when did a size 4-6 become the norm - the Twiggy days ?? Good article - thanks -Karen

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KNYAGENYA 6/25/2013 12:50PM


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pocket change

Monday, June 24, 2013

Here I am thinking about onederland, reminding myself I have a 5 pound focus. Which means I am focused on 208 not 199. What makes round numbers magic, for good or evil? The concept behind them?

Why is 50 so much scarier than 49 for an age? Why is $1.99 better than $2.01? We are talking pocket change.

I think I am doing really well when I get a message from Body Media that is has been more than 2 weeks since a weigh-in. I am trying not to let the "magic" of little numbers impact my "maintenance"thinking too much. Weigh in every two weeks and if I gained, then change, if not stay on track. I eat between 1400-1600 calories and try to burn 3000 daily and sleep 8 hours. If I have a lazy day, or a celebration day, that doesn't change the formula back to my home maintenance base. Those days I had a little difference in the pocket change. The big picture is the long haul.

In the meantime, the things that keep me going are how my clothes fit (I really hated when velcro popped open above the zipper on my shorts while gardening) and how my shape is changing in the mirror. This round with spark, I also notice how my food makes my body feel and that has made it easier to cut down white flour and sugar to low levels. I feel stronger when I eat healthy vegetables, beans and fruits.

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AUNTIEANNE22 6/24/2013 10:02PM

  Funny how much white food impacts how you feel. I do much better without them. I, too, like using how my clothes fit as a better indicator of m weight, than the number on the scale.
I think we will never get rid of the penny, because people will pay 19.99 for something, but not 20.00. Even more astounding when you get into the big numbers. Why is 199,900 better than 200,000, when you're buying a house?

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MICKEYH 6/24/2013 9:40PM

    You've got great point!! I'm with you on this one. emoticon

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68ANNE 6/24/2013 4:56PM

    subliminal things that they use against us.... you are on top of it!

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RACEWELLWON 6/24/2013 12:41PM

    You right , in the long run the numbers will shift. Besides there no magic number . I like to know who created that BMI chart anyway ?? Everyone is different . I have play days where I eat what I want , just prepared different and not as much. I am in the calorie range as you . Sometime I think I need to eat more to keep up with all my running around but I am afraid to take that step - Hugs K emoticon

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MYUTMOST4HIM 6/24/2013 12:04PM

    emoticon emoticon

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NORWOODGIRL 6/24/2013 12:03PM

    How inspiring! You have a really great attitude. Thanks.

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lusty thoughts about cannolis

Friday, June 21, 2013

A.M. thoughts :
Today, I am going to rise above. I am well- rested! I have a fridge full of fresh food and I want for nothing. I am blessed. I will make the most of what I have.

I will follow the meals I have chosen, and finish the path projects, now that the taproots are removed. I will clean out and organize 1 space of the garage - jars, jugs and cans. I will bring the new insulation to attic.

P.M. reality:
I hit the supply store at dinner time and stopped at the market on a craving - for red meat....The Miles farmer's market has great cold ST. louis ribs and I decided to have some...yes I know I am a vegetarian, but this is a confession. I carried the package around for a bit and then brought it back to the cooler. I dont really like my digestion on meat, and the temptation got less wonderful as I walked. Walking around was enough time to make the right choice. I settled on some couscous with pistachios for a little extra carbs to finish my projects and oil cured olives for a little walk on the wild side... Victory - right size, right ingredients!

Then I stood next to the pastry counter for a while and had lusty thoughts about the big cannolis (sometimes a cannoli is just a cannoli ) versus the little ones. It was that good just to look. Hubba hubba. Ricotta with little chocolate nibs and pistachio crumbles. And it was enough to remember the taste. The little wisp of lemon that gets lost in the sweet cream and flaky but crisp pastry. And then I remembered the mood swing after the last pastry. Here's looking at you kid, I decided. Farewell, cannoli. We'll always have the miles farmers market.

Go figure - there is a full moon in two days. Mine will be obscured by branches and look like a pale cannoli, I think. Off to bed, now that I have adjusted my food tracker . Nite sparkers!

Sweet dreams emoticon

We knew it was made of cheese - why not ricotta?

The cat ate the cannoli!

Dont forget to wink at the full moon - and remember Neil Armstrong!

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RACEWELLWON 6/23/2013 1:31PM

    You are hilarious - lol walked around with the package - Taking Elsie's for walk through the store , are we ! emoticon I do not mean to laugh . For good behavior you can ride on the Harry Bus !! But really that Cottage Cheese contraption sounds delish. I am slowing going veg myself - I get freaked out at eating meat now - so I understand what your going through !! Big Hugs K emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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AUNTIEANNE22 6/22/2013 4:54PM

  I find myself craving something, but when I go to get it, it doesn't look as inviting as I imagined. I'm not always perfect, but it's getting a lot easier./

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LOSIN_IT4GOOD 6/22/2013 3:38AM

    Now I want a cannoli.

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4EVER21B 6/21/2013 4:25PM


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SALGUOD2 6/21/2013 3:48PM

    sounds good

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RACEWELLWON 6/21/2013 11:14AM

    emoticon emoticon

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GYPSYROVER 6/21/2013 10:48AM

    emoticon I better get moving! You're going to be difficult to keep up with! emoticon Wishing you much success with your day! emoticon

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MYUTMOST4HIM 6/21/2013 10:43AM


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