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How come....?

Friday, April 26, 2013

How come I am so weak? How come I am so lazy sometimes? I have been weak against my urges for peanut M&Ms... yes. I admit it! I have been eating them and I don't know why. Most of the time when I eat them they taste good, but often I think "why did I eat that?". you would think after all my years and efforts, my brain would come forth and stop me with compulsive eating.

I have at least restarted a fitness regimine. I have restarted my 28-day bootcamp video, Sparkpeople, and I have been trying my Yogalates video. I am also taking ice skating lessons; so I am skating a couple hours a week. I still suck at backwards skating, but i can stop and I am improving on my lemons (except backward lemons...). So at least I am being active!

Since the weather has been a lot nicer lately, I have been spending less time on the computer inside! So that is also an improvement in my habits lately. I have been working on a garden and we will be starting to build the greenhouse soon! I've been so excited with the sprouts coming up and I can't wait to enjoy the veggies I have planted! I am worried since a frost warning is coming in tonight, but things that are in the conservatory seem to be doing well! AND my tomato growbag has more sproutlings than I thought! I was counting two, but found multiple others under the plastic edge! Broccoli plants are growing stronger, and the tomato plants i bought are doing very well inside the conservatory. So, i'm actually very happy and excited to be working on my plants so well and how so many are finally starting to sprout.

So, since I've been more active, especially with gardening activities and taking the ice skating class, I really do need to concentrate more on my food intake. I still make healthy meals, but I'm fairly sure I am not getting enough veggies in, and my sugar intake is way off the charts. I will be doing some serious meal planning with the hubby this weekend for the coming week's meals. (we do this most of the time anyways, as this is our shopping list for the week!)

So here's to a better week, starting tomorrow! And limiting sugar intake as much as I possibly can!

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JENNIAUN 5/3/2013 5:52PM

    I am buying them. So it is my own fault. I was pretty good for about 3 days of no M&Ms but I got some yesterday. I just need to get myself into a better habit of not buying these bad things again.

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KAYOTIC 4/27/2013 1:44PM

    Maybe you just need to not have the peanut M&M's available for a while. Are you buying them, or are they around from somewhere else? If you are buying them, then stop! If it's someone else, either avoid that place, or ask them to put them away so you don't see them. It's the best way I've found to break those habits that sneak up on you.

Good luck with your garden! I'm trying to plan one myself, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to do serious battle with the squirrels and rabbits to get any kind of garden growing this year.

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TCANNO 4/26/2013 6:20PM

    Your eating is getting you down but try this set up your daily calories and include your snacks. Now the hard part, don't eat anymore, or if you do make it fruit.

It helped me, so good luck

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NO MORE JUNKIE FOOD! (repeat infinity!)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yes, I did it again! I stress ate and i had quite a few peanut M&Ms... and a small pack of oreos. Oreos really aren't that good adn I'm not sure why I keep eating them! And I think all the peanut M&Ms cut my gums a bit. So, that wasn't good either. I've been feeling like crap, but i'm pretty sure a good majority of it is my eating. I have really slacked on my eating. I am touching my goal for the rest of this week and beyond, NO MORE JUNKIE FOOD! I've really been needing to do that particular aspect of my health anyways! Plus, it's probably counter productive against my current health regime of detoxifying my body and liver while feeding processed disgusting foods!

On another note, my leg is almost all better!! emoticon emoticon
So i have been walking at work around the grounds a few "laps". I even attempted the elliptical the other night, on a low range and took it slow. No problems! So, definitely on my way to full recovery! Still stretching and such. Trying to keep up somewhat with my upperbody but haven't been as successful at keeping that up.

I am still adjusting to new schedule and dealing with course work as well. So, I am doing well in this class I am finishing this week. So been a bit tired, but the job is going pretty well. Definitely having stressful moments (hence the stress eating and icky foods from yesterday and today!) I should have been smarter about that. I am trying very hard not to catch the bug that seems to want to make its way through the office! I told one of my coworkers to eat more veggies and fruits and that will help! The vitamins will help the immune system!

So i have probably derailed any slight bit of progress I made in January. Injury and stupidity have definitely affected me. So my need is to refocus, yet again. Why do I often lose focus on my health goals?? Pretty soon, I will get my food tolerance test done with my naturopathic doctor. So I will have a list of foods I probably really shouldn't be eating and foods I should probably avoid as much as I can. I'm definitely not feeling my best lately, and my blood sugar levels are altering a bit. So, back on track for me! Although, the revelation hit me last night, it's not the peanut M&Ms I want, it's the peanuts!! I think I just need some peanuts to snack on, and that would waaaaaay better than eating icky M&Ms. And I'd probably enjoy them more too! So, peanuts on the shopping list for this weekend's shopping! hehehe. So, next time i'm in a shop i'm grabbing peanuts emoticon

At least I'm making physical progress for my leg... and realizing how much I have slipped the last couple of weeks.

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HEALTHY_BEACH 2/27/2013 7:42PM

    great job for being able to recognize the reason for eating the food. I am on a sugar detox too. It is a challenge, but the feeling crappy from the sugar overload when it happens really brings a reality check to me, that sugar in my body is like poison seeping through the blood.

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JENNIAUN 2/27/2013 5:42PM

    Me too, Robin! I find it funny that I was more interested in the peanut part of my candy than the actual candy! I probably should just get myself some peanuts emoticon Just silliness!
Thanks Sammi. Hopefully i will be back on track the rest of this week!

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COCK-ROBIN 2/27/2013 3:27PM

    Keep it up! And I know what it is to be around junk food. My nemesis is chocolate, and the compulsive overeater I am, I need to completely stay away from it.

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SAMMI4444 2/27/2013 2:20PM

    Great job! Keep up the good work!

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Rough week, but good sort-of...

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Well, Monday I got a call stating I got the job I interviewed for last week! So YAY! Good news. I started on Wednesday. BUT Tuesday, I was working out with my trainer and I heard my left calf muscle go *POP*. So i've been fairly injured this week. So much for my fitness efforts. I am quite frustrated because I can't move very fast, and I sort of hobble along everywhere. I am moving a bit better as of yesterday, but I'm still very frustrated that I am moving so slow. I am also frustrated because i'd like to walk at work during lunch but i can't really move!

Weight wise, I could finally stand on the scale, relatively on both legs, and my weight was down 214.4. That was nice to see. I am hoping to resume some fitness, and probably going to do some pilates, instead of my usual work outs. But i've been advised to just rest my leg still. so i'll do a little pilates, then ease back into activities.

Food wise, i've been pretty good! I made a chicken-pot pie with a corn bread crust for dinner on tuesday, and then that was my lunch for the rest of the week! That's not a bad thing to have for lunch emoticon I think I need to adjust the recipe a bit, but I already know what i'm going to do! Keep the filling that I used, and remember to put in the corn kernals next time, but do my GF cornbread recipe, instead of adapting the one from the other recipe. I like making big dishes that i can freeze and re-heat for good lunch/dinners! I have some lasagna I have frozen, GF!, so I might dip into that for lunch next week. But maybe i'll pick a recipe to make and eat for lunch this week. I've honestly eaten very well this week. I've been trying to snack a bit more, but I got busy with a problem at work yesterday so i didn't snack.

Ugh, this work this is definitely going to have to adjust me. I am pooped! I have to get up earlier than my hubby, and we go to bed quite late. So, i really need proper rest and no tv! But getting my hubby to turn off the TV at a decent time is tricky. I'd rather read... Definitely need to get a good routine going with sleep!

I think I am rambling! I am tired. I'm going to go make breakfast, and get ready to head to the farm shop to pick up my raw milk! Oh! Raw milk is good emoticon My stomach seems to be handling it fine!

So recap! New job! weight loss! (sorta) but bum leg and tired!

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MAXCASEY1 2/21/2013 11:22AM

  good job. Nice to see another Henderson person staying active.

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 2/9/2013 10:27AM

    When that happened to me I could barely move due to extreme pain. What about just doing upper body exercises. emoticon

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SCHECK5 2/9/2013 9:53AM

    Congrats on the job...and keep up with what your doing...great job!!

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HPSANDDOLLAR 2/9/2013 7:02AM

  You are doing great!

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Happy February.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Well, I successfully finished the January Fitness challenge. Unfortunately, my Personal Trainer has me on a scale ban, so I can't really weigh myself. I will admit, I snuck a weigh in yesterday and I'm at 215.1. So i think that's down? so IF i lost, I didn't lose much. But i'll officially weigh in next week when i see her again. I did have some off days but made up my workouts as appropriate. I went on a nice long walk today through town and the off pavement footpaths (through some mud) and i'm starting to boost up my elliptical trainer, for hill training, to get my legs ready for hiking in march!

I have been a lot better about my gluten free stuff the last couple of weeks. I do slip, but i'm getting better. I am also on Raw milk, which i'm quite excited about! It's very tasty and so far my stomach seems to be fine with it. I'm hoping it will help me feel better, but letting me get the wholesome nutrients it provides!! I'm trying very hard to space out my eating, in to smaller, frequent meals. I think part of my problem has been I have been eating rather large-ish meals 2-3 times a day. But i've only managed to do that today! I tried yesterday , but wasn't that successful! I'm getting there. I also joined the Eating Whole Foods group yesterday! So i'm hoping I can get more help and support there, so I can maintain my healthy eating habits, or at least improve them!

I did my muscle testing with the Naturopath. So he wants to put me on some greens mixture (like you put it in your water?) and a couple more vitamins/minerals stuff. One is for digestion and something else, and the other is detox on my liver. And start taking a zinc/copper mixture! This is in addition to my usual calcium, magnesium, etc etc! I was looking at this other stuff, called Tangy Tangerine, which also provides some very good minerals and nutrients. I was mostly pondering it because of testimonies that is can give you more energy with getting all the extra nutrients. For now, I am sending it to my dad to help him out! hopefully it will help him with energy levels and his health in general! Then maybe I'll get me some!

So my february goals will be something like this:
1. maintain good eating habits, reflecting my gluten-free and eating whole foods.
2. do my elliptical on the hill program, upping my level and resistance to build strength
3. Start walking outside more, lengthening out my legs more! Hopefully i can start running!
4. fit into my new hiking pants by the end of february!

Goals for my trip coming up!
1. attend my yoga classes at least 3 times!
2. maintain my gluten-free or bread-free eating as much as possible
3. HIKE HIKE HIKE!! hehe

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HEALTHY_BEACH 2/3/2013 3:52PM

    Just saw your blog for the first time. I am new to SP, but am also starting the journey of GF and Dairy Free. I want to give my body a full detox. So far it's been 1 week. Nothing but whole foods, I feel yucky and energized at the same time. My inner self feels so much better. I'm not certain how long I will detox. I made almond milk from scratch the other day. I did not have the straining bag or cheesecloth to remove small pieces. I used a french coffee press. Oh I haven't had coffee for 12 days. Giving up the caffeine for a while too. I have a long way to go to re balance my body emoticon

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PSHOWS 2/1/2013 6:15PM

    Fantastic job! Anni

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EXPOGIRL50 2/1/2013 5:35PM

    You seem to have a great plan -- good for you! It's inspiring to read a blog that has such specifics. Good luck! emoticon

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January Challenge update! Day 19!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello again world! or at least those of you who read my stuff!

Update on my January Challenge. I have been pretty good with my workouts. We had a lot of snow fall last thursday night, Friday... all day! and even a bit yesterday. Saturday, my husband and I went out for a nice walk in the snow! I took a lot of pictures! emoticon

I am on day 19 of the bootcamp video and week 3 day 5 on the January challenge. I like day 5 because it is the pilates lower body workout I found a few months ago that I like to do for strengthening my lower back and glutes. I am improving on my bootcamp videos, as I am starting to be able to do the intermediate level on some of the exercises. I really am trying but I have been a bit slack. Friday and sunday i was totally lazy. Part of the reason was I was feeling exhausted and just flat out tired; unsure why i was feeling that way. The other was, i exercise in the garage and the snow was coming down pretty good and it has been uber freezing outside... thus the garage is FREEZING! So as I sit in the garage now, I do have the space heater on, but its taken at least an hour to get the room sorta not too cold... the chill is still in the air. I did catch up today, so I did 52 minutes of bootcamp videos and two of my challenge videos! So i'm caught up! emoticon

I have been pretty tired this week. I suspect it is my sleeping quality or melatonin dosage. I have been trying to cut back my dosage but I took my usual dosage last night and don't feel as tired today. So maybe that was the problem! I will try to keep my usual dose and see if that maintains my energy in the day and helps me keep a good sleep quality.

I did find a new doctor, a naturopath. I met him last week and hopefully will get things straightened out! So I feel hopeful. He did think i was taking too much on my supplements. So i'm down to my basics of calcium/magnesium, vitamin D, L-Tyrosine, DHEA, and Cranberry! and of course echenacea and L-Lysine and vitamin C when i'm sick or have a cold sore! He is very much on the no processed foods and no sugar as much as I can do. And definitely no soda. He also thinks the Gluten-free and wheat-free will help me a lot.

I have been pretty good on that front, with a few slips but it was situational. I do have some gluten free english muffins and gluten free pitas for my lunch. I probably should back off on the bread but I do really like my sandwiches. So definitely on a more "whole foods" track and trying to follow my guide from the nutritionist a lot better lately! So overall, I have been doing better. I did make cookies today but I haven't eaten any yet! the cookie craving has been quite strong lately! But i've been non-cookied for over 10 days now I think! at least 9 days... So i'm being good! We have also tried at least 3 new recipes since the new year! I altered them to be more gluten friendly and even tried some chinese noodles made from rice and some from sweet potatoes. Those are gross btw! I am making some new recipes this week. And one is a veggie option! I am planning on a "fried steak" and cheesy enchiladas this week I Can't wait!! emoticon they are from recipe books for belly and gluten friendly stuff. SO should be good for me and hopefully just as delicious!

ANyways. that's my update! And I think I've gotten a couple pounds off to show some effects! I've got some progress going so far this month. emoticon Let us hope i can maintain my progress.

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PAULAAUTUMN 1/22/2013 3:41AM

    Sounds like you are enjoying your exercise emoticon emoticon

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NEWANNC 1/21/2013 2:56PM

    Sounds like you're getting the exercise bug. Good for you!

Do you find the melatonin helpful? I really struggle with sleeping patterns and am willing to give anything a try.

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