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20 Mile Week

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I got more than 20 miles on my bike this week thanks to spring!!! :D I got 3 days of riding in the books for the week, thanks to 2 days of my van needing a tire/rim/brake bolt and one canceling flute student which enabled me to get 11 miles after school yesterday.

I also got a quick half-mile swim yesterday morning and that felt great.

Not feeling so great is my foot. I'm in this Passion Play for the Easter season, and I was unable to work any scenes today except for the ones I have lines in, just because my foot was hurting so much. :(

Next week I'm going to try wearing my boot again and see if that helps it feel better. Even on my bike, my foot doesn't feel that great. But I'm not giving up everything I love. I've already given up my morning workouts and my mood has been in the tank ever since January, along with my sleep schedule. Yesterday while I was at the gym, I saw a poster with tips for better sleep and yep...regular exercise is one of them. I know all of this, and I know how much better I feel when I take better care of myself. Just stop this ride so I can get off. My kids are sick of this, my husband is sick of this, everyone just wants me to graduate and put full-time school behind me forever.

Now that I'm about to graduate, I'm starting to evaluate my gym situation. The gym at my school is $400/year if I want to continue to go there after I graduate. It comes out to about $35/month which is about the same as some of the other places around town. It's a nice gym, and it's super CLOSE. It's the only one that is so close! Unfortunately, they don't open until 5:30am, and that is just way too late for me. I need to be done by 6am, so I really need a gym that opens at 5am. I'm rethinking Gold Express because it's only $10/month and they open at 5. Also, my oldest daughter wants to join with me so she is in shape for tennis season in August. But it's on the opposite side of town from me, just like all of the other gyms around here. Sigh. I don't know what I'll do. It's not such a big deal in the summertime, but come winter, I will really need a gym.

I'm also looking into getting a trainer for my bike. If you don't know what that is, it's a metal rack that supports your rear tire of your bike off the ground, so you can take your outdoor bicycle indoors for the winter. It would be great to stay conditioned all winter long. On the rides I've had this week, it's been so disappointing how much of my conditioning I have lost over this hard winter. :/ Anyway they are expensive, so I am asking around the Spokeswomen group to see who is interested in selling a gently used one. Those chicks have money, I don't know where everyone gets all this money from because we can barely put food on the table, but these women are always buying cool new stuff and cool new bikes. I try really hard not to be jealous. Hopefully this fall I will be working. A job...yeah...that must be their secret. ;)

Well, I have had a full day and still have a long to-do list for tomorrow, so I'm going to bed. We are getting some severe weather tomorrow, but I'm hoping for an early morning ride before the storms hit. Good night!

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EVER-HOPEFUL 4/14/2014 5:32PM


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CONFUSEDBIRD 4/13/2014 8:14AM

    I heard through the grapevines that a Gold's Express Bloomington is in the works as well to open soon. The owners of the local one are going building crazy. They just opened a big one in Pekin and opened another in Morton a few years ago. No idea where the new one will be located. I loved my rec and it was sad to leave it. I hope you find you trainer soon! Maybe it would be a nice graduation gift from Dan.

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123ELAINE456 4/12/2014 11:24PM

  You are doing Great. Keep pushing Forward. WTG!!! God Blessings Always. Have a Wonderful Week. Take Care.

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NYARAMULA 4/12/2014 11:10PM

    emoticon on the miles!

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When Life Gives You Lemons

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Yesterday I got about 12 miles on my bike thanks to my van tire/brake/rim breaking down, and it was a lovely day, thankfully! Also thankfully, I love my bike so much that it's not much of a hardship when I don't have a vehicle in this kind of weather. Only hardship is getting 7 people where they need to go, on time, with ONE car. :/

I'm so out of shape! This semester has done me in. But I am enjoying being back on my bike for now. Almost graduation time.

I think my ct must like having a student teacher around because he is never there anymore. Last week Boston, this week technology conferences, and more meetings to come in the next couple weeks I'm in the classroom. It is pretty awesome for me to be in the drivers seat, and even though I feel like I'm a pretty lousy teacher, I'm getting all the work done and when he came back earlier this week and asked the kids what they did last week, many of them were able to explain the respiratory system. So I must not be doing too badly!!! :)

I have to go pack up and get everyone out the door now...and the dryer is buzzing with clean clothes for my boys...and my hubby needs a lunch. Gonna be another hectic day but the end is in sight.

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JWARD199 4/13/2014 8:22PM

    emoticon It is spring, and a good time to get out on your bike. Your stamina inspires me to do more.

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EVER-HOPEFUL 4/11/2014 5:47AM


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CONFUSEDBIRD 4/10/2014 7:54AM

    Almost there and you are still fitting in bike rides!

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123ELAINE456 4/10/2014 12:58AM

  You are in the home stretch now. Graduation from Collage right around the corner and then summer to spend with your family riding bikes and a lot of other thins you want to do. You are doing a great job with your diet and how you eat. You will make a fine teacher too. Keep pushing forward. WTG!!! God Blessings Always. Have a Wonderful Week.

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60 Degrees

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring! It's coming! I can see it!!!

It's been a crazy semester and I have not been focused on food/exercise all year so far. :( I do the best I can, but there are not enough hours in the day to reach every goal I have right at this moment. But I made it to the gym twice this week and today will be in the 60's for the first time since last September, so I'm really excited to get out on my bike this afternoon!

I need to get my eating under control but I don't see myself doing much about it for another 8 weeks, when I will be DONE with school. I am just not in the right mental state, but I do eat good balanced meals. It's just that birthdays come around and celebrations happen, and I never get a break from all the other things in my life, so it's a way to just not worry about things. Wow, that pretty much sums up emotional eating for me right now!!!

Anyway. I'm still planning on all my rides this summer, and I did get out one day last week for a short ride on my mt bike, since there was still snow on the ground. Today, the snow is melted, and my road bike is ready and waiting for me. :)

My first ride looks like it will be in Charleston in April, with my friend who had hip replacement surgery last year and is ready to get back in the swing this year. We are also going to do a ride on Memorial weekend up near Wisconsin, and one of my Spark buddies is coming to meet up also!!! The rest of my summer will be one after another, all summer long. I'm hopeful for 2000 miles this year. 3 summers ago I got 2000 miles, and the past 2 years since, I've come close. My foot problems have held me back, but now that I know what's wrong with my foot and I know that cycling won't hurt it, I'm ready to graduate from college and then put as many miles as I can on my bikes. :)

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CONFUSEDBIRD 3/29/2014 8:30AM

    I'm so happy you have so much good stuff to look forward to this summer!

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123ELAINE456 3/22/2014 12:38AM

  Enjoy the bike rides. Yon Can Do It!!! You are doing Well. Keep It Up. God Blessings Always. Have a Wonderful Week. Take Care. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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EVER-HOPEFUL 3/21/2014 1:26PM


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Wake Me When It's Over

Saturday, March 08, 2014

I will have my degree in about 9 more weeks. 9 WEEKS!!!

This semester has been the most hectic yet but it's been FABULOUS!!! I have loved every minute of it. I love the kids, I love the teacher I'm working with, and every day has been incredible. Today I spent my afternoon applying for jobs and fixing my resume/cover letter. It is so weird to be doing this after 15 years of being a stay-at-home mom.

My food and exercise have been...ugh. Everything has fallen by the wayside while I've set my entire focus on school. I'm not happy about it, but I've also decided that when I am finally done, I will have the whole rest of my life to pull it together. I'm starting with #30daysofbiking, which is a promise I signed up for yesterday to ride my bike every day of April. The weather is starting to warm up and since tomorrow will be in the upper 40's, I'm getting my butt out there a little early! There is still a lot of melting snow and I will probably have to ride my mt. bike with the tires that can handle snow, but that's okay, a ride is a ride. I'm also signing up for the Blackhawk Country Roads on Memorial Day weekend with my friend Jean who had hip replacement last year and scratched most of her cycling season. She and I are both ready to gear up for a great 2014 riding season!

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CONFUSEDBIRD 3/9/2014 10:41AM

    It will be over soon! Enjoy your ride today!

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    emoticon Have a great ride. I am going to do my first outside run of the year!!!!!

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123ELAINE456 3/9/2014 7:46AM

  Awesome Blog!!! Very exciting and Very Inspiring. Enjoy your bike rides too. God Blessings Always. Have a Wonderful Week. Take Care.

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KELLIEBEAN 3/8/2014 11:05PM

    So exciting. You are very inspiring.

Sounds like a fun challenge for April! I can't wait to get outside to run and ride my bike!

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What Are You Doing This Summer?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I'm riding my bike!!! I'm hoping for 2000 miles this year. My strategy is to get out there every day during the week, even if only for 5-10 miles, and then get at least a metric every weekend. I have a lot of cycling events this year, and being finished with school, I will be able to focus completely on my bikes. Sadly, there will be no Evergreen Triathlon this year, which I was planning to do the bike/swim and have my running daughter do the run for me...the race director canceled it due to dropping registration, plus a group in Springfield is organizing a half Ironman the same weekend, so she is not having Evergreen this year. But I have plenty of other events to keep me busy this summer.

It is going to be in the 50's today, and my spirits are lifted. Some of my biking friends have gotten fat tire bikes and have been riding in the snow this winter, and it looks fun! I already have a road bike, commuter bike, and mt bike, so I can already see hubby rolling his eyes if I ask for one... :/

Earlier this week I went snowshoeing, but the snow was *meh* so I wasn't out long. I went snowshoeing with some friends a couple weekends ago and it was perfect! Great time, and nice powdery snow. We've had plenty this year.

My food got really bad and this week I'm back to logging and trying to rein things in again. My pants are tight and I've worked so hard over the past 8 months, that I don't want to throw any more of my hard work away! Lunches are working out pretty well...I got a bunch of healthy-choice meals and grab one from the freezer every morning before leaving, and then I keep a bag of apples and container of yogurt at school, so I have those at lunch. Bfast is pretty consistent with my PB&Banana on whole wheat, and I can eat while driving because it's portable. It's after school that I struggle...lots of snacking while making dinner or foraging for something to settle me down after a busy day. I'm trying to replace that with water instead but I'm not always successful. I just keep trying.

My husband is getting on my nerves with his diabetes. His A1C is up, his cholesterol is up, and his weight is up. He doesn't watch his food anymore and doesn't exercise anymore, he just expects the drugs to do the work for him. His dr. is putting him on cholesterol medication this summer if he doesn't pull it together. So then we'll be up to 7 meds in his cocktail. He's 43. Sigh. :(

On a brighter note, school is going well. My ct is constantly pushing me to do new things and try new things, and I'm learning a ton. I have been saying for awhile now that I'm just going to sub for a few years when I finish school, and part of that is my lack of confidence talking. I'm working on building my confidence right now. I'm very glad I'm in a new room this semester. :)

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TBOURLON 2/20/2014 9:31AM

    I wanted to try Kayaking last summer but didn't get around to it. I WILL get around to it THIS summer! Good luck on your biking! emoticon

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123ELAINE456 2/20/2014 8:41AM

  Great Blog. You Can Do It!!! Thanks for sharing. God Blessings Always!!!

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CONFUSEDBIRD 2/20/2014 8:17AM

    I bought a bunch of frozen meals last time I was at the grocery store. I figured, it has worked in the past.. I hope this is the fear Dan needs to get it together.

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CMBELISLE 2/20/2014 8:08AM

    After school and before dinner? Maybe you need to plan a snack rather than just drink water. I get the munchies around 2:30 to 3:00, so I built a snack into my meal plans (plus I should eat one anyway). It will give you an energy boost prior to cooking dinner and it may help you nibble less.

Glad to hear school is going well. You will make a great teacher because you have enthusiasm for what you are teaching. That makes a boatload of difference. Consider too that you took the time to learn what you love BEFORE going to college. That will also make you a better teacher.

As for the hubby, it is what it is - he will either figure it out or he won't. You could always ask him if his life insurance is paid up. emoticon (Yes, I'm trying to make you laugh, but I'm not sure it will work.) Anyway, you can't control him. All you can do is live by example and offer him good meals when he is at home. It's frustrating but only he can make the needed changes.

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ELRIDDICK 2/20/2014 6:57AM

  Thanks for sharing

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