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Stray dog who raced 430 miles to a better home!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Stray dog who raced 430 miles to a better home: Arthur latched on to an extreme sports team during Amazon race - and what happened next will melt the hardest heart



What a great story! Happy Monday everyone!

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LJCANNON 11/25/2014 1:04AM


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I_CAN_AMY 11/24/2014 4:25PM

    Dogs are amazing! I think mine would stop at the first house that fed him, but maybe not :-)


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MARGOH12 11/24/2014 8:25AM

    Brilliant thanks for sharing

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Do We Really Need 130g of Carbohydrates a Day?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Institute of Medicine explains how it “set” its carbohydrate RDA in its Dietary Reference Intakes (the DRI), Chapter 6, “Dietary Carbohydrates: Sugars and Starches”. The quotes below are taken directly from this chapter. My irreverent comments are in blue.
From the summary:
“The primary role of carbohydrates (sugars and starches) is to provide energy to cells in the body, particularly the brain, which is the only carbohydrate-dependent organ in the body.”

The DRI later points out that the brain does not require ANY ingested (exogenous) carbohydrate – it can get ALL the carbohydrate it needs from conversion of ingested fat and protein (endogenous carbohydrate).


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    My intent isn't to confuse anyone.

I just get so frustrated when people say things like, "You must eat carbs to fuel the brain, without them you'll die." It's simply not true.

I am not super low carb, nor do I want or need to be. I think that the more damaged your metabolism is, the more carb sensitive you are. If you are obese and/or diabetic you will have to be very careful how much and what kinds of carbs you eat.

I'm not perfect, nor do I claim to be. I just try and do my best and try to enspire others to do their best as well. We will have to keep at this healthy eating thing for our whole lives, it's a long journey for sure.

So I'm going keep working out and trying to eat lots of vegetables, fats, meats and low glycemic fruits the majority of the time and not worry overmuch about the times when I eat a whole GF pizza, because it's going to happen from time to time.

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I_CAN_AMY 11/23/2014 3:27PM

    I read most of the article and my main take away is "holy crap my body's relationship with food is complicated". I feel like I don't know what to eat. I know that I used to get by on less carbs/ calories and I felt fine. As I have lost weight and become more active (6 days of exercising a week) I get hungrier and hungrier. The only thing that makes me feel full are carbs; oatmeal, sprouted grain bread, or crackers. (I am totally guilty of eating crackers as soon as I get home from work because I'm starving.) I should include more whole foods into my diet and slowly cut back on crabs to see how I feel.

So Complicated.

Thank you!


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SPEEDYDOG 11/23/2014 11:28AM

    I personally have failed miserably in attempts to lose weight with lower-carbohydrate diets. As a matter of fact, the first Adkin's diets advocated stuffing yourself with protein and fats. Just don't dare eat an apple! The Adkin's franchise has since change that stand to a lower calorie intake model.

I have experimented on my own body and found that I have more energy for activities if I have a follow a balanced diet. A balanced diet for me, as a heavily muscled active adult male, is different than that of my wife who is a petite dynamo that thinks a marathon is a short distance race. My wife is 90% vegetarian but eats lean fish on occasion.

I don't necessarily think that refined sugar is horrible. Bees are little sugar refiners. The issue is that refined sugar tends to be associated with non-nutritious addictive foods. Consuming two Twinkies in 2 minutes is pretty easy. Consuming two apples in 2 minutes is more difficult.

Some of the reason refined sugar is consumed in such large quantities is because sugar is cheap! It is possible to buy 5 cases of pop for less than $10. Organic Honey Crisp apples cost about $1 each.

I actually think that artificial sweeteners are a heck of a lot worse than granulated sugar. Artificial sweeteners stimulate appetite. I am not sure there is anything such as a safe artificial sweetener.

The one vital nutrient that few of us get enough is water. All energy systems in the human body require water as part of the chemical process. Get dehydrated while riding a bike or running and you can bonk, really badly.

I hope you get your fatbike soon.

Thanks, Bruce

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MRTHING2000 11/22/2014 8:09AM

    We could easily get by on fewer carbs and many of us do. Or, if we are as active as we are supposed to be, like walking a solid hour a day, then 130g is just fine. But if we are sedentary and going LC, then that is a silly number. If I was running a 10k then I would eat that level, but I wouldn't do it every other day (and I can't run a 10k yet).

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NOWYOUDIDIT 11/22/2014 1:31AM

    thanx! emoticon

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We Really Can Make Glucose From Fatty Acids After All! O Textbook, How Thy Biochemistry Hast Deceive

Thursday, November 20, 2014

"In July of 2011, a German research group revisited the question of converting fatty acids to carbohydrate by publishing a computational analysis of the most up-to-date information about human biochemistry available (9). These authors identified 22 pathways by which acetone could be converted to pyruvate that they considered likely to be important, and concluded that these pathways would be less cost-efficient than making glucose from amino acids or glycerol, but are nevertheless biochemically feasible and likely serve as supplementary modes of glucose production. "

See Chris Masterjohns full article here -


"Gluconeogenesis is a ubiquitous process, present in plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms.[2] In vertebrates, gluconeogenesis takes place mainly in the liver and, to a lesser extent, in the cortex of kidneys. In ruminants, this tends to be a continuous process.[3] In many other animals, the process occurs during periods of fasting, starvation, low-carbohydrate diets, or intense exercise. The process is highly endergonic until it is coupled to the hydrolysis of ATP or GTP, effectively making the process exergonic. For example, the pathway leading from pyruvate to glucose-6-phosphate requires 4 molecules of ATP and 2 molecules of GTP to proceed spontaneously. Gluconeogenesis is often associated with ketosis. Gluconeogenesis is also a target of therapy for type II diabetes, such as metformin, which inhibits glucose formation and stimulates glucose uptake by cells.[4] In ruminants, because metabolizable dietary carbohydrates tend to be metabolized by rumen organisms, gluconeogenesis occurs regardless of fasting, low-carbohydrate diets, exercise, etc.[5]"


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BILL60 11/21/2014 8:42AM

    It's probably great information, but a bit too technical for me. Nonetheless, thank you for sharing.

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NOWYOUDIDIT 11/21/2014 7:21AM

    Wow! Thanx for sharing! emoticon

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Monday, November 17, 2014

I don't believe in 'all foods in moderation' because there are foods that are just plain horrible for your health.

A SparkPeople article about moderation says refined sugar isn't evil or bad? WTH? Actually yes it is and the less of it you eat the healthier you will be.

This journey isn't just about losing or maintaining weight for me. It's about being healthy and in order to be healthy things like soda pop and sugary candy can't be eaten moderately.

Think about it this way. Smoking a moderate amount of cigarettes is better than smoking 2 packs a day but isn't it even better not to smoke any at all?

What is moderation anyway? Ask 100 people and you could get 100 different answers to that question.

What do you think? Does moderation work for you? What is moderation to you?

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EFKLUTZ 11/18/2014 10:57AM

    I think I know the spark article you are referring to.....it came to me in an e-mail and I read the subject and my thought was a very sarcastic "yeah, right". Deleted it without even opening it so I can't really speak to it... I don't believe in drinking or eating sugary foods on a regular basis as long as it is done "in moderation" - But for someone who has a 2 or 3 soda pop/day habit, and they want to start getting healthy, they might need to practice moderation - 1 pop/day - until they can get to the point where they can cut it out entirely. If they are faced with cutting out a food item entirely, they might not even try. I had to give myself that kind of a pep talk when I first started losing weight (this last time). I would say to myself "it doesn't mean you can't ever eat that again, just for now, if you want to see weight loss progress, you need to stop giving in to your cravings" I do need to practice moderation during the holidays when I allow myself to splurge on foods that I would not normally eat otherwise, like pumpkin pie.

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MRTHING2000 11/18/2014 7:00AM

    One of those documentaries on Netflix made the case that refined sugar is should really be classified as a drug, because it causes physiological changes as well as mood changes. I'd agree with that. It has no place in the human body. We make our own sugar and don't need more of it.

Aside from honey and the sugar/starches that are in fruit, there isn't a sugar that I'm aware of that is highly refined in nature. At least with the sugar/starches, you'd get some fiber and other nutrients with it. With sugar, you just get empty calories.

It is hard to avoid sugar. It is in EVERYTHING. That's part of the food science though. Engineer foods that people crave so they buy more. Its sort of this hypersensitivity to yumminess that is doing us all in. Most people forget that a raw carrot is actually quite sweet. They'd never know this because they eat so much refined sugar that the carrot is bland by comparison.


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NOWYOUDIDIT 11/18/2014 2:55AM

    No moderation does not work for me. I read that sugar was once a spice, meant only to be sprinkled or used sparingly on food. Look what happened. I see "dessert" recipes with 2 - 3 cups of sugar. Unreal!! Eating any of that would not be moderation.

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Recovering from an Ankle Spain and Torn Ligamnets

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I sprained my ankle and tore 2 ligaments on Sunday night and had to go to the ER for x-rays because I thought I may have broken it. It was not broken, thank goodness. I was advised to wear a walking cast for 3 weeks and told it could take 3 months for the ligament to heal.

Here's what I've been doing after the initial 24 hour RICE period. If I feel any pain I stop immediately. Gentle movement, Traumeel cream, l-glutamine, gelatin, magnesium, multi-vitamin in the morning, tumeric/ginger tea blend, hot epsom salt soaking and massage. I saw my chiropractor within the first 24 hours to have my ankle adjusted as well.

This goes against the traditional immobilize the joint recommendation that doctors give which from my research can actually prolong healing. When people have surgery they are told to get up and moving as soon as possible to help speed recovery. The same is true for sprains and strains.

I am a busy person everything doesn't stop because I hurt myself.

Monday I was gently walking around my house with very limited movement.
Tuesday I was walking outside (day to day stuff) with just an ankle brace on.
Wednesday I was walking outside (day to day stuff) without a brace.

My ankle is black and blue my ligaments are still torn but I can walk with minimal discomfort and without the use of a walking cast or brace and it took 3 days!

One article that touches on the subject here, but there are many more out there.


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SPEEDYDOG 11/22/2014 7:17AM

    I think we may be long lost twins. I walked, ran and biked on severely torn ankle for a year. Eventually, I had to have surgery. My ankle could not heal itself. Two torn ligaments were completely detached. The tendons were torn and out of place.

This was a result by being clobbered by a car while riding my bike.

I was in a cast for 8 weeks. I then was in physical therapy for 6 weeks. Ankles heal very slowly. I hate to say this but immobilization allows the ligaments to mend. Where the brace as much as you cab stand.

Thanks, Bruce

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EFKLUTZ 11/18/2014 10:33AM

    When we were kids, we'd visit our family in Mexico and one summer my oldest sister sprained her ankle very badly. I remember this distinctly - the first reaction was to take her to a "sobadora" - the best way to describe it is she is the equivalent of a massage therapist. My sister was screaming bloody murder while she was getting worked on. The next day she was walking normally as if nothing had happened. I'm glad you are on the road to a quick recovery. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful information with us.

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WOUBBIE 11/15/2014 10:04AM

    That all makes a lot of sense, though the "no NSAIDS" makes me sad. I really don't like pain, lol!

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BILL60 11/14/2014 8:38AM

    Hang tough and listen to your body.

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POCKETFULOFSUN 11/13/2014 10:06AM

    You are def. on the right path. Keep moving, but not too fast.

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FORZACHANDMATT 11/13/2014 9:22AM

    So sorry - hope it heals soon

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NOWYOUDIDIT 11/13/2014 8:35AM

    emoticon ouch! hope it heals nicely for you, don't push it! :o)

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