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50 pounds Gone!

Friday, October 25, 2013

It has been a while since I've posted so I thought I come along and say yes...50 pounds gone total! I've been on and off here so let me break it down. Last year I started at 257, came on sparks in April and May and lost some weight. Left and gained it back. Came back in October and lost again but left for the holidays and gained most of it back. I have this real bad habit of not "dieting" during the holidays and gaining back. I did ok I guess and started the new year at 242. I put off everything till after "birthdays" and then started walking but was not losing anything due to lack of diet change and the walking was just once a week for the most part at times. So after 2 months of walking and then going off track I decided to get back on track and stay there. I started July 27th and did good for a while, fell away for a few weeks, got back on and got off for about a week and I'm now back on again. I've reached the 50 pound marker and I'm almost to the end of my ticker. Hopefully I can reach the 67 pounds gone by the end of this year!

I'm posting up a picture of my starting weight for this year. (Already have one of my highest weight).

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NGCHILD 10/25/2013 7:03AM

    Congrats on your loss!! Keep up the good work. You can do it Kat!!

We are hotties!!


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My Thoughts on the Lives Lost on 5/20

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The 20th was a big bag of emotions for me. There was a lot going on in our country, some of it big such as the Oklahoma storms and some of it big but on a different level. On one hand my heart was breaking for those hit by the tornadoes and on the other hand I had found out that a singer I listened to had lost his battle with cancer. It sounds small in comparison but not one life weighs more than the other. What was big about this kid (he died at 18) is that he had known for 4 years that he would die and lived his life to the fullest. After watching the devastation of Oklahoma I then turned to a 20 min video about this singer/songwriter and cried some more.

But there were good tears there. It was amazing to see the lives he had changed. It was amazing to see the positive and to feel the love. And, when I turned back to Oklahoma it was a return with a lighter heart. Already the outpouring of love and helping hands was flowing through in images, actions and words. Through this tragedy I know many lives will be changed for the positive. We don't see it now but when we hold those who are lost to us in our memories, we will remember the good in them and our thoughts will be on all the good that we know they would have done if they were still with us. If we hold on to that and begin to live our lives as this young man did, as if we know that tomorrow will not come for us or those around us; if we live in the way that we wish they could live if they were here, it would only make our lives and our world truly worth living for.

My heart breaks for those who have left us and those who are left behind to cope but my spirit grows stronger, it will not break for there are lives left unfinished and I still have the chance and choice to allow their legacy to live through me.

I leave you with the video of the young man who passed from cancer. He wrote this song when he was told last year that there was nothing else they could do. It was his way of accepting his death and leaving behind something for his friends and family, a way to say good bye and to let them know that all will be okay.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDC97j6lfyc&list=F Ltm9tF85U5Z8NXFaPiZV7ng&index=3

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ZEN_WOMAN 5/24/2013 2:39PM

    Beautiful song by Zach. It made me happy to hear it and reflect on the people I have lost in my life due to cancer. Thank you so much for sharing.

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JESSERMOVICK 5/23/2013 9:17AM

    emoticon This was a wonderful blog. Thank you!

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HAPPY-ME 5/23/2013 8:58AM

    Zach Sobeich was an amazing young man. I was very sad to hear he died Monday. And with the Oklahoma tornadoes it was a sad day all around. What helped me was to see the smile Zach had and listen to his song and to see so many come together to help the victims(2-legged and 4-legged) in Oklahoma, it shows the human spirit.

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NGCHILD 5/23/2013 7:31AM

    Tough blog but I know where you are coming from.


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GHOSTFLAMES 5/23/2013 5:17AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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I'm at a loss...

Monday, March 11, 2013

I just can't get the darn scale to budge! I have been working on doing squats, push ups and crunches, actually doubling the amount of each that I can do while only doing each group every 3 days. I'm super proud of myself.

I have started walking but only short distances, nothing long, so I know that my cardio can use some help.

I've been keeping my calories around 2k and under though I will be the first to admit that the food choices are not too great.

I've given up soda, juice and milk.

I've given up fast food.

I've gained weight!

What? Yep, I've gained weight and not just a pound or two but a whole whopping nearly 10lbs in about 2 weeks. How can this be? I mean no swelling to suggest that I'm retaining water and even with cutting out salt I'm still not losing.

My only thought is that I've gained muscle and it is causing the scale to shift up. I actually measured myself and yet the numbers are not shrinking. My clothes are not getting any looser.

I'm at a loss.

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THEMUDBABE 4/22/2013 4:49PM

    I'm glad to know it's not just me with this problem... but it took so long to put the weight on, I am learning to get comfortable with the idea that it's a slow-starting train to get it back off.

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KATRINIA17 3/13/2013 3:37AM

    Thank you all for your comments. You all are right and I've been going over this tons for months now. I have always done my own thing and then second guessed it when someone came in saying what I was doing was wrong even though it was working for me. Then I change based off of whatever new study was out and regain. I'm done with that mess!

I finally got a change on the scale. TOM and I'm assuming muscle gain are the reasons why the scale had not budged. As for why no change in the measurements I'm clueless because I FEEL like I'm losing. I have so much strength and energy that it isn't even funny.

I know I'm doing something right, my body is telling me so. I'm sticking with that.

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FULLBLOOM 3/11/2013 1:17PM

    I travelled down that path. where I was stuck for a couple of years. Up 5.. down 5 and so it went......... I was frustrated as h.... I didn't get it.

Like the previous writer said trial and error.

For me, it was all about consistently eating the right foods......everyday. NO time off for good behavior...... where as before, I would eat well, then indulge myself so my weight complied with that scenio by going up and down.

...... miraculously or so it seemed.......it all came together.

That's what worked for me. In time you will find your own way.

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NCSUE0514 3/11/2013 5:20AM

    It's not uncommon to have a period of leveling off as far as the numbers on the scale, but the scale isn't the only measure - or even the most important measure - of your progress.

You've made several important changes, and you've identified several others that you'd like to integrate into your program. You mentioned that your cardio "needs some help". How about start a cardio streak? Set a goal for yourself, perhaps to do 10 minutes of cardo every day, or 15 minutes of cardio three times every week, or whatever goal think would be feasible for you to begin with? I don't know what your current activity level or capabilities are, but there's even a team on SparkPeople for chair exercise for people who are unable to do more conventional cardio exercise. And I know there's at least one video of chair cardio on this website. You may also want to set a goal for you to incorporate a certain number of servings of fruit and vegetables daily and/or a certain number of glasses of water daily.

Don't try to do all of this at once. I just saw a blog post from someone who said she was fairly new to SparkPeople, and she was planning to incorporate one food change and one fitness change each week. Even that might be a bit too much for you at first. Perhaps you might want to implement a change until you feel pretty secure about that one, and then add in another.

Meanwhile, as to weight gain, it may not fully explain 10 pounds, but muscle does weigh more than fat, fluctuations with hormonal and fluid changes are common, and I swear I've had scales that you can step on 5 times in 5 minutes and get 5 different weights. So there's one more reason not to get too focused on a number you see on the scale.

Just remember:

emoticon emoticon

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PINKEUROGIRL 3/11/2013 3:21AM

    It is trial and error. You will find a routine that clicks

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Happy 2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hey Spark Friends!

I know it has been a while since I have last blogged but I wanted to let everyone know that I'm still around and still doing my thing. I managed to keep the weight I lost last year off until the last 2 weeks of the year. I then gained it all back minus 2 lbs. When I say I gained it all back I mean that on New Years Eve I weighed in at 235.8 and on Jan 3rd I weighed in at 242.2. That is a LOT of water weight.

But I'm dropping it and I'm already down to 238.0 as of yesterday. I've not changed my diet though except to cut out the salts and I can see the swelling going but not the inches in the areas that I want them to be (can anyone say hip, butt and thighs?).

But I refuse to give up! I will drop the weight and hopefully I will have results to show by my birthday in Feb.

Well that is all for now. I haven't gotten a plan set out other than portion control but when I come up with one I'll let you all know!

Wishing you all the best in 2013!

Hugs and love-Kat


November Challenge

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I didn't stick with the full October challenge. Actually once hitting 228 on the 15th of Oct. I slacked a bit. I did finally hit 225lbs making the 30lbs gone and reaching my goal for the month.

And that is when it all ended.

I have decided to get back on track as of today. SW: 227.8 which means only a 2.8 pound gain in the past 4 weeks. I'm pretty happy with that since I know that it is water gain since I gained it within the first 3 days after going off track. I'm super proud of myself. :)

So I will be doing another challenge for about 2 weeks with just a bit of a break for Thanksgiving. I'm hoping to have great results and hit my next goal which is hitting that next mark on the ticker of 33.5 lbs gone. This means hitting below 225lbs. I got this! LOL

So the plan is low cal and low carb. I will be adding in the cycling around the holiday so 2 or so days of high cal and high carb and then back down again for a week. I know there will be a water gain during the high day but I can live with that.

I know that if I'm lucky I will hit 220 based on the idea of losing water weight when starting over. I am not expecting that so I'm still keeping my goal at 4lbs lost for the next 2 weeks. But wouldn't hitting 220 be sweet?!

Wish me the best!


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TIME2BLOOM4ME 1/9/2013 1:59PM


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