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the aftermath

Monday, September 01, 2014

By the time company left, I was too exhausted to do anything. Believe it or not hubs spent and hour cleaning the kitchen!
Today is my day to get caught up.
Friend brought over some green beans from her garden and I have them cooking. Oh my home smells delightful!!!
Heat has subsided for the moment. I hope we are done. For the year! We had a mild summer but the last 3 weeks have been HOT. I told the weather it had until September 1 to be hot. So far, weather has behaved! lol
I pray that hubs gets a second wind on his 2 days off this week and decides to at least finish the one room he started painting.
Two room and a hallway need to be empty and painted by Oct 6!!! Let's get moving!
Have a great day all!

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    Good luck with all the painting. I'm with you on hoping the heat is gone and the cooler weather is here. You know I love the cooler weather.

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1CRAZYDOG 9/1/2014 5:14PM

    Good luck!!! Painting is my least favorite project for sure!


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PICKIE98 9/1/2014 4:10PM

    DD and I primed and painted our living room, hallway and two bedrooms in two days..
That did not include moving the furniture which took a half day before.
I wish I did not have to work at that time but I did... it is hard work and the best part is when you are finished and put everything back in its' place, how fresh and new everything looks.

Who is the lucky duck that gets to tape everything?? That is the bear of it...

I can just paint and paint and pain once I get going, but taping up all of the windows, etc, is a big pain! Kind of like batch cooking: once you get all of the stuff ready, the easy part is just standing there putting everything in the pan and letting it cook!

Your home will look so nice later on,, keep that in your mind as you go..

I am glad the family felt comfortable and really, they were just glad to be with you all...
fancy was not needed. You did great@ Now, back to normal.. okay, normal painting!!

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Company headed home!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Good visit. I feel like I have been beat up! lol Calling it an early night tonight. take care all.

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HICKOK-HALEY 9/1/2014 2:22AM

    Take a deep breath, and have a cup of tea. emoticon

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STEPH-KNEE 9/1/2014 2:03AM

    You survived LOL! emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 8/31/2014 9:52PM

    HUGS and hope you get some rest.

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So far so good

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hubs daughter got here safe and sound to spend the weekend with her 2 little ones. I snapped a cute pic of her little gitl. I am trying real hard to get them use to calling me Nonni, the name I prefer over grandma. It hasn't seemed to catch on yet. I end up being called gam-ma. I am just grateful that they are seeing me as their gam-ma rather than them calling me by my first name!
His daughter said she felt so comfortable and pampered here in our home and that she loves our home. (even with the total mess with painting!!!)
She crashed on the sofa so we took a pic!
I went out and got her the little pink scarf and she wanted it as a head band!
sleeping beauty!
Have a safe weekend all!

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DARLENEK04 8/30/2014 6:52PM

  What a cute little girl and love the .....she is adorable..


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1CRAZYDOG 8/30/2014 6:00PM

    Awwwww, cute doesn't go far enough for these 2 beauties!

Have a great weekend . . . HUGS!

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JUDITH316 8/30/2014 3:44PM

    Sounds like a great weekend, so happy for you..

emoticon for sharing the pictures, they are emoticon

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STEPH-KNEE 8/30/2014 6:00AM

    Yay, it sounds like everyone is having fun!! emoticon

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this weekend........

Friday, August 29, 2014

I may not be around too much on here with company coming to town, but I hope you all have a wonderful safe weekend.

Get out and enjoy the end of summer!

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DARLENEK04 8/29/2014 8:36PM

  Have a great weekend Kim....


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1CRAZYDOG 8/29/2014 12:46PM

    Have fun!

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LIZSPRINGSTEEN 8/29/2014 11:33AM

    Have fun!

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STILLMENEWBODY 8/29/2014 10:03AM

    Enjoy your company! Have lot's of laughter, fun and hopefully activity!!!! emoticon emoticon

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PICKIE98 8/29/2014 5:30AM

    Good luck with your sleeping arrangements and maybe find a tent from the neighbors house????? Sleep in shifts?

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making an appointment for a man

Thursday, August 28, 2014

me: Sir there is an appointment available at noon on that date.
Him: noon?
Me: yes sir, noon. Would you like me to schedule you for that time?
Him: is that is the afternoon?
crickets...............I don't even know how to answer his question without making him look completely ..........utterly............unbelievably.
.........I can't say it. I was told if you can't say something nice then keep your mouth shut. I am opting for keeping my mouth shut!

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GLAMNGLOWDIVA 8/28/2014 11:19PM

    Some people are unbelievable. Crazy!

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DARLENEK04 8/28/2014 8:14PM

  Oh brother.....sorry Kim....just had to laugh..


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    wow, honestly....some people......

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SNS1968 8/28/2014 7:37AM

    Noon at night is my favorite time of the day!

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GARDENCHRIS 8/28/2014 6:53AM

    stupid clueless people.... what can we say???

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NUTRON3 8/28/2014 6:27AM


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SEVERINA418 8/28/2014 5:45AM

    Are some people really that ignorant?

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STEPH-KNEE 8/28/2014 5:12AM


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GHOSTFLAMES 8/28/2014 4:42AM

    emoticon emoticon

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PICKIE98 8/28/2014 4:26AM

    Head trauma or mental eval???????????

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