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Yoga shoulders

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I am still doing daily yoga workouts, but now I have some shoulder issues and must be careful! Like many people when I do something I go all out. I pushed myself in yoga to achieve more faster and now I MUST slow down or I will have to stop altogether. In fact, if I am not careful this could affect my job (ie income)...yikes! That being said, I still need to get my workout in. Not just for fitness, but for my sanity. So what can I do? Well, I could just stop yoga altogether and start somewhere new, maybe running or weightlifting. The truth is though, I have already tried running, weights, boxing, cycling, and so much more. I really like yoga. I want to continue doing yoga. So here is the cold hard truth....I have to slow down! Trust me this really goes against my grain, but I am determined to go slow, maybe add in a walk in the evenings. I know I can do it. I will do it. However to keep myself from getting discouraged while I 'go-slow' I am going to keep a journal of my progress. I have a plan, a time limit (flexible if needed), and a reward system made just for me. I made a notecard with 70 tiny little squares on it. Each day I write a letter in each square; the letters correspond to the yoga workout I did that day. Some of the squares are colored and on these days I get to go out for lunch or on a date with my husband, each special day gets better and better. I keep the notecard next to my bed and record my workout each night before bed. The best part is that I have a plan to follow through to heal myself and get back on track.

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KJEWEL1 9/20/2014 8:27PM

    Thanks ALOOGOBI! Your comments are appreciated. I am going slow and can see tiny improvements already.

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ALOOGOBI 9/18/2014 3:24PM

    I can tell you from experience, yoga can help your body heal itself, even from a yoga injury! Do continue your practice, just avoid doing the things that hurt your shoulder.

I have been doing yoga for quite awhile and last year decided I was ready to do full Chaturanga, high plank to low, instead of "knees, chest, chin" during my vinyasa. I did it for about a week, incorrectly, and really messed up my right shoulder. I had severe pain at first, followed by intermittent pain, weakness, and instability. I felt terrible despair that I would ever be able to use that shoulder properly again.

I was worried about hurting it more by continuing yoga but I was even more afraid of stopping and losing mobility in it. So I kept going to yoga and kept doing whatever I could that did not hurt my shoulder. Slowly, I began to feel like I could do more and more, the pain went away and it felt more normal and stable as time passed.

Only now, more than a year later, do I feel ready to try Chaturanga again, this time with some careful oversight and coaching from my yoga teacher. I would highly recommend that you find a studio and ask the teacher to look at your alignment in the poses, especially ones involving the shoulder, and make sure that everything is okay. Then you will be sure that your home practice will be beneficial. Good luck and happy yoga! emoticon

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Me, just me

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I am working on yoga now, and doing it alone in my home. I need some breath and relaxation, I need some stress relief, and also some physical strengthening. Yoga works. I feel calmer all day and since I am not a get up and 'work out' kind of person, I can enjoy the slow start to my morning practice. What I have noticed is that I can easily do an hour or more of yoga without even noticing the time going by...well mostly, there are THOSE days. Still, I have tried getting up early to lift weights, to run, and to bicycle without any success. I have now completed more than one month of getting up and getting busy (gently) with yoga. In fact it has gone so well that I think I might try adding in another type of exercise later in the day.


Body Work

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I am running. Not too much, maybe three miles four times a week. I would like to run a half marathon, or maybe a marathon, but I haven't been able to step it up. The truth is... I AM RUNNING. I am still putting in three miles a few times a week. This is important for me to remember because I have also been dealing with a lot of unusual stress. My beloved mother-in-law passed away recently, my nephew had a major break down in my presence and I had to help unexpectedly, I have been stressed out at work where a co-worker was recently fired, not to mention that I am the mother of three teenage boys who are going through their own trials and to top it off I just went through menopause at the age of forty three- hot flashes and all. I guess life is just a stream of events, some bad, some good, most unexpected.
In the midst of all these changes I have this body of mine that, even though it is going through it's own set of adjustments, pulls me up each day and supports all my actions. I have this body that runs. This body that smiles and laughs and which is recognized as friendly. I have this body that helps my spirit process life. I am so grateful for it. I may not be quite ready for the big races, but I love my body and I will allow it time to adjust to each goal at a reasonable pace. I will help my body to grow and adjust, just as my body supports me in all I do.


Setting Goals

Thursday, September 30, 2010

There are so many things to consider when you decide to live life to the fullest. Of course I want to be healthy and fit, but why? To feel good, to be able to do more things, to have the ability to help others too. I want to be strong for my kids and a set a good example. When I work out regularly I tend to think I can eat whatever I want to. That has not produced the results I want. So goal one: healthy food. Also when I work out I tend to focus on one thing, like running, and then my abs stay flabby and my arms are not toned, so goal two: balanced exercise. When I do eat healthy and exercise regularly I start to feel as though my creative side starts to lag, I start craving the 'other' stuff (like crafting, or time with friends, or remodel projects or...) So goal three: balanced activities. And of course when I have all those things in place and still feel like something is missing I soon realize that it is the need to give back. I live in a small town where meth use, childhood obesity, high school drop out rates, and child abuse thrive. Now that my life is perfect (right? Ha ha) isn't it time to find a way to help the other people find their path as well? Goal four: help others. emoticon

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MICHELE_L 9/30/2010 11:50AM

    emoticon emoticon

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FRENCHYFEVER 9/30/2010 11:49AM

    Very solid goals! Good luck to you.


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