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By night one way, by day another... blah

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

In the past two days I remind myself of Princess Fiona, true love of Shrek.
By night one way, by day another... apart from the fact she seemed to enjoy her life as an ogre. I don't.
By day I'm physically active and eat well, then evening comes and I just sit and eat like an ogre ... if I continue doing this I will look like one too.
I haven't gained yet, but I surely will if I go on like this.

I like summer a lot, especially the cool early morning walks / runs, and being able to do yoga outside, but I'm uncomfortable with my children traveling around for 3 weeks, and hardly seeing them all. And when they come home exhausted they sleep all day, then invite their friends over and I can't have much quality time together, like during usual school year time.
Quite normal behavior from 20-year olds, and it bothers me far less than in the past years, but I'm not so cheerful as usual.
Probably this is why I feel grumpy and my motivation is low.

Otherwise everything is great, work is interesting and workload is normal, I have great books to read, I can do yoga or go for walks with hubby in the evenings...
This too shall pass.

Tonight I managed to eat a normal dinner, so far. I hope I can stick to it.

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COMPUCATHY 7/25/2014 10:58PM

    You've taken an honest look at yourself and what is going on. It helps me to have "counseling sessions" with myself. When I am driving to and from work, sometimes I turn down the radio, and I announce out loud..."counseling session." And I try to ask myself self-probing questions to check in with myself and my feelings and I try to work on any things that are nagging me. It's nice to be able to talk out loud and yet still have the privacy of the car. I think that, once we know the problem, we can begin to work on the problem...consciously and sub-consciously...then the resolutions come. You've taken the first step in that process in identifying the problem. Continue to probe and to analyze and I am confident your answers will become apparent...and then you can start working the solution. Keep up the good work! Thanks for the encouragement! Spark on! emoticon emoticon

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DEB9021 7/24/2014 10:10PM

    You know, I was just thinking that maybe I am ready for the transition to fall. Which never happens to me. I LOVE summer, and it always goes too fast. But I am slipping. I don't enjoy time in the kitchen as much in the summer, don't use the crockpot, am actually getting tired of grilling ... And we've had a string of fun events (concerts, community festivals, parties) that have had me eating whatever, whenever. And my family, too, has no schedule. I never know who will be home for dinner which makes me less able to plan menus ahead. I have been getting my jogging in, but that isn't enough to justify a crazy diet! So it's not that I want summer to end, but I need to get back to my set schedule, planned meals and better eating.

At least we have caught ourselves at it. We can get back with the plan quicker by recognizing that we abandoned it.

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KANOE10 7/23/2014 8:40AM

    This too shall pass. The blahs are hard. All of us go through times when our motivation is low. It is good that you realize that this a temporary phase and that you will soon be feeling better.
I do remember my kids in their 20s spending all of their time with their friends and never been home!

I hope today is a good healthy day for you. You can do it.


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LESLIESENIOR 7/22/2014 10:21PM

    You are always so good and taking inventory! Thank you for being honest with us. You encourage us all to do the same. And "This too shall pass!" is a great mantra. I use it often.
Be sure to hug yourself!

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BA5454 7/22/2014 8:35PM

    The evening time is my great bugaboo--I manage all day just fine then completely fall apart at night. Have tried to keep myself busier with painting and drawing and that's helped a bit...but yeah, I feel your pain. Keep up the good work during the day, though--I'm sure that helps to even things out a bit.

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JANTHEBLONDE 7/22/2014 5:03PM

    I know you can stick to your food plan tonight! You can do it! You need to pat yourself on the back for exercising and eating healthy during the day! Just tell yourself after dinner..." The kitchen is closed" and don't go back in there! I hope that helps.... That's what I do! Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a nice relaxing evening! Hugs and love!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WENDYANNE61 7/22/2014 3:29PM

    I buy nice fruit like blueberries and cherries in the summer and I have a small bowl of them to munch on during the evening. My kids are older (25, 28 and 31) but I know exactly how you feel! Now they all live in different places and I am really pleased when they come to stay - daytime-sleeping, eating at wierd times etc., etc. Hope you have a good summer and feel better sooon!

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PMRUNNER 7/22/2014 2:59PM

    I know exactly what you mean. I do well during the day, but need to do better in the evenings!

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LJOYCE55 7/22/2014 2:41PM

  It does sound like normal 20 year olds. Congrats that they are doing so well that you have no worries.

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HONEYBEESBLISS 7/22/2014 2:39PM least seasons change and better ones will be ahead. And you have your vacation time to look forward to!

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IFDEEVARUNS2 7/22/2014 2:26PM

    Self-awareness is half the battle. You will triumph!

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Being mindful about my own thoughts

Monday, July 07, 2014

My most important realization coming from my mindfulness / meditation practice is this: I am not my thoughts. My thoughts are objects of my mind, they come and go, some are true others are not.
This is a great thing to keep in mind in case of negative thoughts.

Here is a (bit long) story about how it works.
Yesterday DH and I drove 3 hours to pick up DS and DD + one of their friends after a music festival.
I got up at 5:30 to get a short run in at least, instead of the usual 7K forest run.
We agreed that they will be all packed and ready when we are there at 9:30-10:00, so I assumed we will arrive, pick them up and head back to home.

I called DD when we were one hour away - she was still sleeping. Told her to hurry up, wake her brother and get to the main exit.
She called back: DS is sitting on a chair, sleeping and she is unable to wake him up, he doesn't respond to slapping or water splashed into his face. Also DD has a huge inflatable bed that she cannot deflate (!).
Did not sound promising.
The habitual thought "the ungrateful boy does not deserve that we spend tour day driving him home, all he had to do is drink in moderation and pack his luggage and tent and show up, and he doesn't care to do this, so we can't head home at 10:00 as we planned despite getting up so early ...." rose in me, together with annoyance and indignation.

Two years ago this thought would have sent me into screaming white hot fury.
Now I stopped at the stage being annoyed and looked into my thoughts.
Yes, my son is stupid and careless, we will have a hard time getting him out of the festival's premises (it is huge and we don't have tickets so can't go in) and we will be delayed.
Yes, I will have to educate him again on the dangers of extreme drinking.
Yes, this is different from what I expected, but this is the present situation, I can't change it and have to let go of my expectation and deal with the reality now.
It helped: I didn't lose my temper and did not suffer more than 10 minutes.

I called DD back, asked her and their friend to pack DS's things and bring to the exit where I wait for them, then go back for DS and bring him out.
When they got out with the luggage, I lay down on the huge inflatable bed in the shadow, watching the sky, the clouds and tree leaves above me, relaxing.
After another quarter of an hour later they emerged again with DS who was still unresponsive but walked, with eyes closed... We got all the stuff in to the parking lot where DH was waiting (two rounds again) and headed home.
I could even see how funny the situation was in its own horrible way, and laughed.
I'm very proud of myself for handling the situation effectively and not stressing out.

Another thing I'm proud of is the Crow Pose: I did it today!
I did it many times for 1-2 seconds in the past week, but today I held it safely for 3 breaths, two times, so no mistake!
OK, it was not as graceful as my goal picture below, and my toes were only 2 inches above the ground, but still I DID IT : ))

I will post a picture of myself when I'm more confident and I have a witness to take the photo.

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SETTIMIA 7/12/2014 5:38AM


Comment edited on: 7/13/2014 5:21:03 PM

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WILLITWORK1 7/10/2014 8:25AM

    wow! This is on the same side as TRUST! That is the word I hear most from the Lord.

I've also heard about thinking as thoughts as though catching a baseball-hold the thought in your hand, as you would a physical ball and look at it-really look at it.

Decide where it came from and if it is worth holding on to.

If not, then throw it away!

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TEMPEST272002 7/8/2014 6:37PM

    Thank you for sharing. It's a great example of how life is only 10% what happens to us and 90% what we think about what happens to us. This was a message I needed to hear today.

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ROXYZMOM 7/7/2014 10:24PM

    He will learn! Consequences of actions chosen are the best way to learn. I would have played the radio extra loud, maybe eat fish in front of him - lol!!

Great job on your new pose! That is fantastic!!

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STRIVERONE 7/7/2014 7:38PM

    Things happen in life that will bring us some pain, but you are mastering the art of not suffering any more than you have to. Good work.

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    Wow that is so awesome! Good job and way to go! I loved the moment I realized my thoughts aren't me either and you can choose which ones stay etc. And you can just let them go. Several moments while traveling I had the "oh no I'm going to be tortured" but I stopped it and said "I am open to finding the joy in this" and I just kinda waited it out to see what would be joyful and I did find things and had much better air travel experience! Just setting that intention really does wonders for your attitude! LOL

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JANTHEBLONDE 7/7/2014 11:27AM

    Awesome blog! Well done! Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 7/7/2014 11:28:25 AM

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JSPIN74 7/7/2014 9:12AM

    this is awesome & so helpful...thx for sharing!

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SMILINGTREE 7/7/2014 8:55AM

    I think that learning to recognize those negative thoughts and look at them objectively is something we learn throughout life. It's a difficult skill to acquire, but well worth the effort. I'm glad that everyone got home okay :)

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EDENZMOM 7/7/2014 8:47AM

    I'm very impressed with your reaction, and it's really heart warming that there's a way out of the frustration and stress. I really truly believe that I need to incorporate more yoga for myself. Thank you!

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KANOE10 7/7/2014 8:10AM

    Wow that is great that you could do the Crow Pose! That looks difficult. You are getting stronger.

You handled that situation well. You did not stress out and get angry. That was a healthy response for your body and for yourself!

That certainly was nice of you to drive for 3 hours to get your kids. I did the same thing and took my kids to a concert. I went to a coffee shop and read while they were at the concert.

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SETTIMIA 7/7/2014 7:59AM



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NEW-CAZ 7/7/2014 7:18AM

    well handled!

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ONEKIDSMOM 7/7/2014 7:14AM

    emoticon Backing off the initial response, applying reasoning to reality, instead of anger to unmet expectations... outstanding job! And a great big emoticon for success with the crow pose! emoticon

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ELRIDDICK 7/7/2014 7:10AM

  Thanks for sharing

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Six reasons why I love yoga

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

I have been doing yoga for a couple of months, and I LOVE it.
I know I talkl too much about yoga, but I have to go through this phase with every new activity I fall in love with.

Here are my reasons:
1. it is graceful, and feels like dancing
This is why I started it. My 20-year old daughter has been doing yoga for 3 years, at home, and when she does it outside on the terrace, I can see her, radiating strength, grace and beauty.

2. there are so many kinds of poses and workouts
One can start at any level of strength, and there is an endless opportunity to improve.
I love running and getting my pace from 10:00 to 9:30 min/mile is great but is not as meaningful as learning a new beautiful pose I was unable to do just a week ago.

3. there are so many kinds of poses and workouts
This is the same, but I love this for another reason too: whatever body part is injured, there are endless possibilities to work the rest of the body.

4. yoga builds strength everywhere (legs ,core, arms), improves balance, flexibility and posture
It keeps my arms and abs just as strong and shaped as barbell lifting, no kidding!
I dropped weight lifting 3 months ago in favor of yoga, and my arms and abs are just as strong as before.
My husband is 55 and is quite inactive, his job is entirely sedentary, and has hip problems - after a few weeks of yoga he says hips stopped bothering him, and he can bend down and move much more easily. And his posture is much better, standing and sitting!

5. doing yoga feels good and creates a connection between mind and body - very important to me, as I have totally neglected my body in the first 42 years of my life. Being aware of my body feels great, and calms the mind. Good against emotional eating too.

6. and finally: I can do it at home. This is very important to me, because getting dressed up and driving to a gym is very likely to demotivate me. I have my videos, yoga mat, living room and terrace ready at all times, before or after work.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DEB9021 7/6/2014 3:48PM

    I agree! Yoga has so many benefits.

For me it is strength training, balance and stretching, and since I have trouble with sitting still mindfulness or meditation, it fills that much needed gap for me, too. At the end of a session I feel completely worked out and yet completely relaxed, as well. I know it has helped to keep me injury free as I've added distance with my running. I am not usually a class person, either, but found that a good instructor is worth the effort to get out and be there. My teacher offers two or three options for each pose so that each person can tailor the session to their needs, and will say exactly where you should feel the stretch and how to adjust if you are not feeling it. Those small reminders really make a huge difference. Then I feel that my sessions at home are more effective, as well. And ... Sometimes she brings along essential oils and will move through the group giving mini massages during relaxation times. Ah ... So soothing!

I have been "filling in" this summer with another class because my original teacher is not doing classes this summer. Still worth doing, but not nearly the same. Thanks for the great blog!

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KANOE10 7/5/2014 10:07AM

    I just took my first yoga class and agree with everything that you said. It looks easy, but really requires strength and balance. I was also amazed at the stretches and use of muscles that i normally do not use.

I am going to find some online yoga to do at home.

Thanks for sharing!


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SETTIMIA 7/5/2014 5:01AM

    I love yoga too, it is so great. Thank you for your inspiring blog, now where is my mat?! LOL

Comment edited on: 7/5/2014 5:01:45 AM

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MJREIMERS 7/4/2014 10:23AM

    I agree! Although, I don't feel graceful, yet! emoticon I love how calm and confident I feel when I'm done. It makes me feel taller and more like I can go with the flow of life.

All your points are so good! Keep it up. Namaste!

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TEMPEST272002 7/1/2014 7:17PM

    Love yoga!

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LESLIESENIOR 7/1/2014 6:09PM

    I couldn't agree more. As you know, we have also been doing yoga for only a couple of months. We are feeling the same amazing benefits. We go to a studio, but we could easily practice at home as well. The wonderful part is that it fits any age or body type. I'm 20 years older than you are and I can reap the same wonderful benefits. What practice or sport can claim that?
I had been resisting weight training as well. I just don't stick with it, so yoga has been a wonderful all body replacement. The mind, body, and spiritual connection is such a blessing.
Thanks for your enthusiasm. I feel the same!!!!!

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JANTHEBLONDE 7/1/2014 2:34PM

    I love your blog! Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad you're enjoying your yoga! I hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    LOL I had to laugh out loud when you said having to go the the gym would be very demotivating!!! I am totally the same way!!! Same for me with Zumba I'm glad I have the Wii games and can have fun right at home, because if I HAD to go to a gym for a class I wouldn't do it.
Anyway I love the "falling in love" stage of finding something new! emoticon

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MIRAGE727 7/1/2014 11:39AM

    I say keep rockin', keep talkin', and keep the fire in Yoga!
I highly recommend Yoga for all athletes. I do restorative yoga. As a 64 year old runner & Triathlete, it hits all cylinders needed to do the best I can. Flexibility & strengthening makes me a better swimmer, cyclist, & runner! Do one hour and you will realize a serious workout which is so good for you!
See, now you got me going on Yoga!

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EDENZMOM 7/1/2014 11:16AM

    What a clear and well thought out blog! It is motivating me to try this out for myself :)
Thank you for the gentle kick by power of suggestion!

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SMILINGTREE 7/1/2014 8:47AM

    I am working towards a daily yoga practice. I think that it will help with my back problems -- and in fact, when I actually do it daily, it does seem to help. Some days, I only have 5-10 minutes, but even that little bit helps. I can't say I like it better than running yet, though. Hopefully it will get me back to running soon!

It's so nice to know that you keep finding more reasons to love it -- and you definitely don't talk about too much! Your posts are pretty much always inspirational, and it's good to know that you are not getting bored at this point in your healthy pursuits. Thanks for sharing.

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ROXYZMOM 7/1/2014 8:27AM

    I can totally relate. I love yoga too!! I think it is fantastic that you and your husband practice together.
Namaste!! emoticon

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NEW-CAZ 7/1/2014 7:04AM

    emoticon emoticon

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2BDYNAMIC 7/1/2014 6:16AM

    It is inspiring as you made such a nice presentation .............. emoticon

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NYARAMULA 7/1/2014 4:46AM


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GHOSTFLAMES 7/1/2014 4:16AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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What does my healthy lifestyle cost me? and weekly update

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Not much.
I already had a bike and a stationary bike, so don't count those.

These are the items I bought during my journey:
Year 1:
-5-pound dumbbells
-a stability ball
-running shoes #1 (70$) + 7 various tops / shirts, 2 bras, 4 pants, 2x winter underwear, jacket, hat, gloves, socks (total about 280$)
-simple pedometer

Year 2:
-running shoes #2 (now over 700 miles but still good) 120$
-ice cleats to run safely on packed snow and ice
-fancy pedometer that links to internet
-barbell and extra plates (don't use them anymore, but my son does)

Year 3:
-running shoes #3 (now over 400 miles) 80$
-running shoes#4 (Goretex for last winter but used only once as we had no snow) 150$
-1 fancy running top for the marathon relay 20$ (all my running clothes are still good)
-yoga mat
-yoga website yearly prescription 90$

Healthy eating actually costs less than my previous "diet", as I don't drink soda, and always pack my lunch and snacks. Even dinner, when I'm traveling.
I quit smoking too, and I'm saving a lot of money.

Last weekend I had a great run, saw a deer (very rare here!) and met the friendliest biker ever. He said "Hello, biker behind you on the right! Thank you, enjoy your run!" It was so kind, polite and efficient, it made me happy.
In comparison, the rudest person I met on this forest tail ever was (sadly) a runner, I walked with my friend, and as always we kept to the right side of the path, so there was plenty of room to pass, but he yelled "Get out of my f*cking way!"

Anyway, I ran absorbed in my thoughts, kicked a stone and fell. Got away with a few superficial scratches and a deeper cut on my right palm.
So for a few days could not do yoga workouts with hands down the floor.
One wonderful thing about yoga is the wide variety of poses.
I could not do sun salutations downward facing dog and planks, but I had all the standing, sitting and lying poses I could do.
When I hit my knee a few months ago, I had many knee-less sitting and lying poses to choose from.

My husband continues doing 3-4 yoga workouts per with me, and we are both improving a lot, strength and flexibility.
There is a 60-minute arms and core strengthening workout that we found very exhausting 2 weeks ago, he even quit halfway when he did it the first time, but yesterday we did it quite easily.

My work week was crazy. Worked long hours and had 2 one-day and 1 two-day client visit. In addition I had to revise a long and complicated report. Luckily I got home relatively early on the report day, and had a nap and a yoga workout before doing it late at night, and so I avoided stressing out too much over it.

Eating went well, except the report revision night when I ate a quarter of a small jar of peanut butter. At least I recognized it as comfort eating, and made a conscious choice to eat it anyway. It was a poor choice, but did not make me feel awful and -surprisingly- it did comfort me. Maybe thanks to the fact that there was no more peanut butter in the jar ; )

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WILLITWORK1 6/29/2014 4:50PM

    And, Kriszta, how can you count the monies saved on health care, suffering, shortened life, and more.

I'm just SOOOOOO proud of you!!!


hope your ouchies feel better soon.

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MRS.DOYLE 6/29/2014 2:30AM

    I saved quite a bit when I stopped drinking cola a few years ago. I think that probably pays for my gym membership which I do actually use at least 3 times per week. I've also cut way down on sugary treats. My clothes fit for years as well. Keeping fit doesn't have to cost anything when you work it all out carefully.

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DEB9021 6/28/2014 8:07PM

    You forgot to add that you are probably saving lots of money with healthy habits that keep you away from doctors bills! I think the cost is really negligible, as I also may spend a bit more buying healthy foods but save by packing meals and not eating out. A much bigger cost! I do splurge on my workout gear, as I have found that good shoes, comfortable bra and shirt/shorts/skirts that wick sweat and don't ride up allow me to have a more comfortable, and therefore longer, exercise session. But not one thing has worn out, which probably means I'm saving money over time by buying quality workout clothes. I often crave peanut butter ... At least it has good protein!

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JANTHEBLONDE 6/28/2014 3:49PM

    Awesome blog! I am so proud of you! You have come such a long ways! Way to go girl! You are what Sparks is all about! I hope you're right palm of your hand heals soon... So you can get back to your yoga! Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    My favorite investment is my Zumba Wii Games they are so fun and really helped me get started on this path! I love eating a spoon of peanut butter's hard when one is not enough though!!! LOL But honestly there could be worse choices at least it's nut butter and not empty calories.

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NEW-CAZ 6/28/2014 3:11PM

    You've come a long way and the money has been well invested.... in your improved health!

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BROOKLYN_BORN 6/28/2014 1:04PM

    Nice analysis. Even if it did cost something more, the reward would have been worth it. Congratulations on quitting smoking. It's a testament to your will power.

Ah, peanut butter. That's one of my favorite foods - every day for breakfast and an occasional snack.

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3rd Sparkversary - honoring my #1 secret of success

Friday, June 20, 2014

Today is my 3rd Sparkversary.
This makes me remember how different I was 3 years ago, and I want to honor my #1 secret of success: The Spark.
At that time I was content with my body at a BMI of 25.3 as I was 5 kg below my highest, and hopped on my stationary bike a few times a week.
I was browsing e-books and came across "The Spark: The 28-Day Breakthrough Plan for Losing Weight, Getting Fit, and Transforming Your Life" by Chris Downie.
I figured I could do anything for 28 days, and if it really transforms my life, all the better - and downloaded the book.
I learned a lot about eating well, the role of exercise and the "criss-crossing effects" between the two.
Added lots of fruits and vegetables to my meals.
Quit drinking soda and drank water.
Exercised everyday.
And almost immediately I started to feel better than ever. Happier, calmer, and kinder to myself and others.

I think the book helped me putting things together, and feeling better was an immediate result that kept me going.
I reached my goal weight as planned, and I'm here ever since.
I'm maintaining a weight about 2 kg above my lowest which I could maintain only when I was at the top of my motivation and focus.
This weight (63 kg / 138 pounds) is a good center weight for me.
I'm below when I'm focused and I go over when my motivation is low, and going over the range alerts me to get focused again.

Sleeping enough, drinking water, eating fruits and vegetables and workouts everyday (yoga, running and walking) are old habits now, and I can't go one day without them. Like brushing teeth.
This lifestyle is good for me, and I'm enjoying it.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CELIAMINER 7/5/2014 8:11AM

    Congrats on your success, and thanks for continuing to inspire!

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NYARAMULA 7/3/2014 3:20AM


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HAKAPES 7/2/2014 5:52AM

    You are the STAR! :-)

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JANCARD 6/30/2014 8:57AM

  Happy SparkVersary! Amazing how little things like eating more fruits & veggies, switching from soda to water, etc., can make us feel better & have ripple-effects on ourselves and others. Congratulations and wishing you much continued success! - jan

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JEB03253 6/29/2014 10:48AM


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JEANKNEE 6/28/2014 11:42PM

    Congratulations on your Maintenance Anniversary!

Yoga has been calling to me again. It may be time for me to reacquaint myself with it. I was introduced to it by my elementary school teacher at the age of 10. It has been a long time.

Have joy!

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2BDYNAMIC 6/28/2014 8:19AM

    emoticon ............. congrats! ........... and I would LOVE it if you could join in the Tribute blog TO Chris Downey .................... "He Sparked a Nation" .............. It is not my blog alone but all the readers who give him their profound thanks from all over the country ............... (I would not plug if it were just my own) ............... It is going to be OUR gift to him this week!)

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KANOE10 6/27/2014 10:28AM

    Congratulations on 3 years of Spark and on maintaining your goal weight. You have developed a successful healthy lifestyle. I am planning to try yoga also!


Report Inappropriate Comment
-SHOREIDO- 6/27/2014 9:57AM

    You go girl!! ~~~~~~ celebrate ~~~~~~ Great blog!! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
SETTIMIA 6/27/2014 1:20AM


Report Inappropriate Comment
MJREIMERS 6/26/2014 6:26PM

    Sorry, I missed this when you originally posted it. Congrats on your 3 year anniversary and I know you will have many more healthy years!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MILLIE5522 6/26/2014 2:56PM

    A little late I know but congratulations on your 3yr Sparkversary!

I love SP and really wish that it had been around 30 years ago. It would have saved me from endless yo yo dieting.

emoticon emoticon

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KATIE3908 6/26/2014 11:24AM

    Happy 3 year Sparkversary!!! Keep up the good work.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LESLIESENIOR 6/26/2014 10:55AM

    What a perfect person to pick to highlight and be a motivator. Hooray for your 3rd Sparkversary!!!
You inspire me to be better every day. Your honesty, clarity, and commitment are so refreshing. Thank you for always sharing yourself with us. emoticon

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IAMAGEMLOVER 6/26/2014 10:41AM

    Congratulations on your third sparkaversary.

Report Inappropriate Comment
FELINA 6/26/2014 10:34AM

    Fantastic! Congratulations on reaching your goal and maintaining it! You've found what works for you and you are committed.
Keep up the great work!

Report Inappropriate Comment
BABARR67 6/26/2014 10:06AM

    You are living my goal. I haven't yet got that consistency, where daily exercise and eating right are habit, but I am working toward it. Great Job!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MOMMY445 6/26/2014 9:30AM

    congratulations! woo hoo! have a fabulous day!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ROXYZMOM 6/26/2014 7:58AM

    Congratulations!!! You have done very well and have been such a great inspiration!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BESSHAILE 6/26/2014 7:01AM

    Woo Hoo! Congratulations.

And I think it's interesting that sleeping was one of the first things you mentioned. Man - I sure can tell when I'm not getting enough sleep. I sure look and feel better when I am.

I love to hear about people who have maintained for multiple years and who are still learning things. Makes my own future look so good too.

thank you.

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WIFE48 6/26/2014 6:56AM

    Congrats and best wishes for continued success. emoticon

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CRUISEBOUND2014 6/26/2014 5:26AM

I also can't go a day without walking a minimum of 10K steps. It comes so natural to me now. What a huge difference from where I started from.

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NEW-CAZ 6/26/2014 2:53AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DSJB9999 6/26/2014 12:41AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon for sharing

emoticon you found the Spark emoticon

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SUSIEMT 6/25/2014 10:08PM

    Great Job! Keep up the good "hard" work! Woo Hoo you!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ROCKYCPA 6/25/2014 9:21PM

    Congrats, good for you!

Report Inappropriate Comment
GLORIAMAJDI 6/25/2014 9:19PM

    I love that exercise has become a habit, like brushing teeth! Congrats!

Report Inappropriate Comment
ALICIA363 6/25/2014 9:18PM


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PMRUNNER 6/25/2014 8:51PM

    Way to go! You are an inspiration!

Report Inappropriate Comment
_LINDA 6/25/2014 8:39PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Happy emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
DAWNDMOORE40 6/25/2014 8:30PM

    emoticon You should be very proud of yourself and your accomplishments! Keep up the emoticon work! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
MICKEYH 6/25/2014 8:30PM

    Wonderful!! emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
WATERMELLEN 6/25/2014 8:28PM

    Good for you -- it's great to read about your success and the Spark role in helping you maintain it!!

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PEZMOM1 6/25/2014 8:12PM


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MEXGAL1 6/25/2014 7:45PM

    Wonderful. So glad the book helped as well.
Have a great evening.

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SWEDE_SU 6/25/2014 7:19PM

    congratulations! you are a role model, it isn't easy to keep the spark going after reaching goal!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SLENDERELLA61 6/25/2014 7:16PM

    Congrats. You certainly deserve to be highlighted by the At Goal and Maintaining Team. Happy Sparkiversary!! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
DIDMIS 6/25/2014 6:52PM

    emoticon You have done a great job.

Report Inappropriate Comment
HOLLYM48 6/25/2014 6:36PM

    Congrats to you! Way to go. I cannot agree with you enough. Spark changed my life for the better and I am so happy to be here for life!! Keep up the great work and way to change your lifestyle for the rest of your life!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 6/25/2014 6:36:58 PM

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MONA791 6/24/2014 2:45AM


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EDENZMOM 6/23/2014 9:05AM

    Congrats, that sounds fantastic!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SUNSHINE20113 6/23/2014 7:39AM


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DEB9021 6/22/2014 2:28PM

    I agree, this book motivated me to make a lot of changes in my life that have now become regular habits. The advice that i used most and helped me stay motivated was to make small, every day life changes rather than shooting for some crazy exercise plan or weight loss gimmick. I knew this was something that I could do, something that would improve my health and fitness (not just about the number on the scale). I have known too many people who have endangered their health with crash diets and/or insane fitness plans. The Spark promotes a plan for a better life, focused on your own goals and priorities. It is inspiring and yet realistic.

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WILLITWORK1 6/22/2014 9:43AM

    Wonderful blog, Kriszta, and good for you!! Happy Anniversary!

Isn't it amazing how something so simple is so life changing! Maybe it is the simplicity that keeps us all here, learning, growing, and supporting each other.

Thank you for all the support you have given me and others!

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TIME-4-TINA 6/21/2014 6:53AM

    Congrats! This is what we all strive for. Maintenance and a happy healthy life!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MRS.DOYLE 6/21/2014 12:35AM

    emoticon This will inspire lots of people. They were all sensible changes and look at the difference they made. Wishing you many more successful years.

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JANTHEBLONDE 6/20/2014 8:15PM

    Happy 3rd spark anniversary! Congratulations! I'm so proud of you! You rock girl!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MOBYCARP 6/20/2014 7:08PM

    Happy Sparkiversary! It's good to hear that you've settled into a routine that can be maintained even through periods of lesser motivation.

Report Inappropriate Comment

    Happy Sparkversary! I think enjoying it is a major part of keeping it! Life is meant to be enjoyed! Glad you found The Spark!
emoticon emoticon

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GEORGE815 6/20/2014 5:07PM

    Glad you found it, and staying with it!

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