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I'm Not a stress eater!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I have this problem at work with this person that likes to attack EVERYthing I do. I spend 6 hours organizing and dusting off hundreds of bottles of wine and "it looks no different" I get two phone calls from my kids and she snidely tell the one other co worker that I should really go home and "Handle" it. Oh and "She couldn't handle my life" was the other comment made....JUST today!

I can't go to my boss and complain because this is his mother! There is only four people who work where I do and so I am stuck with her.

So after my day of perfect eating.....great exercise at work moving hundreds of wine bottles around...I came home and ate cookies! yes I stress ate! I never thought I was a stress eater till lately.

BTW....My Life.....Is as close to perfect as I could ask. I just celebrated my 15 year anniversary with my husband, who I adore....I have five wonderful kids, none of which have any major issues, We are all happy people. So yeah it irks me when people say things that really have no business being said!

Please do not apologize to me for the fact that I have five kids and four of them are boys. words like "oof" or phases claiming I must be catholic or mormon do not need to said..OH and BTW I KNOW HOW THAT HAPPENS! Yes ...Boy+Girl+Sex=BABY DUH!

On a better note I am reading a book that has been a little helpful so far and even though I read it knowing it was printed to make the author money, I am optimistic that it will help me find solutions to my weight and lack of control over it.....

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PATSYDOTES- 2/18/2013 11:33AM

    I have been blessed to to know you and your family.. not just on here,, but in person! I, to be honest, have been envious of you! You really do have an amazing life and an even more amazing family!!!

People who make snide comments... are blind... and selfish.. They want to bring you down to make them selves feel better... YOU are FAR BETTER then them! and when you are shaking your skinny little body in front of her face you can say THANK YOU!

You are amazing!!! ALWAYS remind yourself of that as you laugh next time she says something! emoticon

I miss you lady!!! emoticon

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BLUEEYEDBETTY 2/16/2013 1:30AM

    That woman knows she is not strong enough to do what you do! Let her talk and just know that your happiness is all that matters! Let her be snippety all by herself. Good luck with your goals. You can do it! emoticon

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TLG71567 2/16/2013 1:18AM

    Kill her with kindness. You are a positive person, so stay that way and don't let her bring you down. People who are constantly putting other people down are doing so to avoid dealing with their own issues.

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Don't Think Just do...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I am challenging myself to do something new to me. I tend to procrastinate with all kinds of new and great ideas of why I can't/shouldn't/ won't do something. But for the next month and a few days...end of Feb.

I am challenging myself to simply act. No thinking and no procrastinating.

I will do my insanity four day and run two days.
Eat BETTER..Not perfect, but better.
I will rationalize things I don't like in a positive light. Instead of dwelling on negative I will do my best to put a positive spin on whatever comes my way.

If anyone would like to join my mini challenge..Please do so . The more the merrier!

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PATSYDOTES- 2/6/2013 8:26AM

    Of all the people i know... you are the one that can do it!!! i will be joining you on this! Thank you !

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LOVINSHERRY78 1/26/2013 8:34AM

    putting the positive spin on things really will make all the difference! glad your back and U CAN DO IT!

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_MOBII_ 1/24/2013 1:40PM

    Eating better instead of perfect...thats a good way to do it!

Good luck with breaking your procrastination habit!

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DEACONTOM 1/23/2013 12:34AM


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Procrastination in really a four letter word!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Ok not in real life but it sure does feel like it sometimes.

For me lately it has been my crutch for more than just weight loss and exercise but also doing the correct things financially and emotionally. I really need to sit down and talk to myself about WHY I procrastinate in everything.

So this years goals are....

1. Get out of debt.....(except the new car payment as it would be impossible to pay off before the end of the year...)

2. Do my Insanity every single day possible no matter what little results I see on the outside....It's good for my brain and my heart to do those workouts. If Insanity isn't possible...I can surely walk.

3. Staying logged in and tracking everything I eat even on "bad" days. More fruits. More veggies. Less processed crap.

Goodbye to the "Deep fried smothered in chocolate" of my past and onto "how skinny feels".

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PATSYDOTES- 1/12/2013 2:30PM

    you know, its funny... that was gonna be my blog entry for yesterday,( but errands came first, and well i never got to blog).,... not so much the procrastinating thing but the goal thing.. i find myself living in the negative not the positive.. but i figured if i listed my goals... that would be one step towards the positive!!!

GREAT MINDS think a like!!! emoticon

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16 pounds behind

Saturday, September 15, 2012

No it's not what you think I didn't lose 16 pounds and it's behind me now....I was looking at me report for my weight loss here on spark and I am 16 pounds behind where I should be. There is no way I would be able catch up doing reasonable things to try and lose so I am changing my goal up a little bit....Instead of choosing an end date I want to focus more on a negative number at the end of each month, rather than a goal each week.

So there are 2 weeks left this month so on the 30th I want to be under 189 today I am 189.8 so surely I can lose .8 pounds in two weeks.

To give you some back ground here and put this in perspective....I started at 198.8 and that was on June 19 so in the last 3 months I have only lost 8 pounds. MOST of that being in the last 45 days .

I am pretty certain my thyroid is acting up and need to get into the Dr. to get it checked but I have been procrastinating. Which is stupid because I don't want to hear that I have a health problem but at the same time IF I do then I will be put on meds that may very well make me shed the weight without alot of work!

So that's all that is going on here...just trying a small goal for a change...

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LOVINSHERRY78 9/24/2012 7:12PM

    even though slow...your still working hard and losing weight. yeah, def get yourself checked out b/c you just never know. :) proud of you for not giving up with what you've been dealing with. so many would have just thrown in the towel by now. hold your head high b/c you are doing all you can. :) miss u! ttly

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STORMYSKYS 9/18/2012 11:42PM

    Thanks for the crown and visiting my blog. I would love to have your figure right now. So... keep in mind. It's all relative.


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_MOBII_ 9/16/2012 7:25PM

    As long as your scale or tape measure is moving in a negative direction, its a positive thing!
Good luck with the doctor visit, I hope they can get you in for a visit soon and that it is something that is easily treatable.

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B-LYNN1ST 9/16/2012 1:25AM

    You are doing so great, and I'm proud of you. I started off with 207, but I didn't change my ticker to that. And I wish I would have, but I do keep in mind that I started this thing off on a good note.

1. This time it was about getting healthy and not fine... emoticon I used to get sexy mixed up with health. I wanted to be sexy, fine, and in control of my life, but I wasn't looking at the big picture, and now I am. And I'm grateful for the lesson.

2. I placed high goals for myself during the 1st of the year... BIG MISTAKE, but with that MISTAKE I learned one hell of a lesson. That lesson was. I'll get there in due time, and when I get there I'll appreicate the loss more than before.

What a great blog, and thank you so much for sharing.

You got this, and those .8 are going to come your way... Soon....

emoticon on all your success, you earned it and you are so worth it.

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DEDE824 9/15/2012 2:57PM

    I encourage you to set your appointment to have it checked. That has helped in more ways than weight loss for me.

Congratulate yourself for the 8 pounds and keep on doing the right things, maybe even kick up the exercise some more or alternate with something different so your body has to learn a new routine.

emoticon emoticon

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Ok I'm Ready To Pee On It!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

It took me a few days and a whole morning of pity party but now I am over it and can move on.

Over the weekend I had a comment made about me that I let hurt me. I say let because normally I am pretty quick to just admit a jerk is a jerk and not let things get to me.

I am a very outgoing person, I love to talk. For me working all day in silence is pure torture and I really can't make myself do it.

I started a new job and was working with the owner for about 4 hours. I mentioned a few things that I like about this new job over things I didn't like at previous jobs.

Apparently me mentioning my previous employer was too much for my ex-navy boss to handle. So he promptly ran to his mommy so SHE could tell me to ...Basically...Shut up and work. REALLY DUDE you are ex-navy and you couldn't come to me and tell me you don't like to talk!

Anyway, I was told they have all these hours for me to work on Monday and Tuesday but when I called Monday morning to find out what time he wanted me there he told me he could handle it and not to bother coming in......SO you don't like ME because I talk to much and then you made me look like an ass when I had to scramble Sunday to figure out my kids schedule so that I could work, only to turn around and tell these people who may have had to reorganize THEIR schedules to pick my kids up from practice. THANKS, your awesome! NOT.

Ok So why can't these grown people say "I don't really talk that much" Or "I don't think it will work out" instead of being a chicken. I try to be really honest with everyone about how I feel and I guess that makes me the weird one.

I will have to work with guy on Thursday...NO sound from the two TV's that are on...NO sound of music in the background.....NO talking either.....NO headphones....So utter silence except the clank of bottles on the shelf as I stock the entire Liquor store by myself...While he sits not 10 feet away staring at a computer! Ugh.

This liquor store is all of 1000 square feet. How am I suppose to work like this. With this feeling of dread and the feelings that this guy just can't stand me.

I am not someone who cares whether others like me or not, I try really hard to just be me, but this whole thing really urked me...I think more because he didn't just come out and say something to my face.

There are only three people who work there, the owner guy, his mom, and me. So when those two go into the office for 15minutes and I felt like they were talking crap about me....I tried to convince myself I was simply paranoid...but HEY I wasn't! They really were talking crap about me.

How am I suppose to deal with this while working with these people? I will tell you how!

I am going into work tomorrow and I am not even going to open my mouth to say "Hi". The silent treatment has always been my favorite go to punishment for ticking me off......How much do you wanna bet he asks me whats wrong!!!

The true question is...Do I let him have it? Or do I just ignore that fact that he is even talking? The beauty of it all is HE asked me to work there I didn't go in their looking for a job. I don't really need the job because I do daycare a few days a week...... emoticon

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_MOBII_ 9/6/2012 6:58PM

    I can't give the silent treatment for long...I would go in and mutter to myself all day...at least it wouldn't be dead silent in there!

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WOLFKITTY 9/5/2012 10:02PM

    My vote is to ask if you did anything wrong, let them know that you're willing to talk less if that is the issue, and that you're flexible.

If you want everyone else to be an adult, sometimes you need to set the example. And as satisfying as it might be to give the silent treatment, that isn't really going to get you what you want (a more positive and open work environment).

You are clearly smart and like to be outgoing, engaged, and stimulated. Use the time to reflect on things that you want to do in your life - in a private inner dialogue, or make lists, anything to keep you active mentally if you're forced to be isolated or have your workplace be without any stimulation like that.

You are awesome - continue to be!

(And if you find out that they're really just awful jerks to be around - you could always find something that fits in better with your personality. Many people need someone like you around.)

Comment edited on: 9/5/2012 10:02:54 PM

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HANDYV 9/5/2012 3:55PM

    Go right ahead - PEE ON IT - figuratively that is.

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ALESHAWALKER 9/5/2012 3:43PM

    I would keep doing as you are.... they can't fire you for being too friendly. Sounds like this guy has a hard time adjusting to change. I work in silence a lot too but I work in accounting office. As soon as I read you were working at a liquor store I was like.... wait..... no music?

Some people are just jerks!

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LOVINSHERRY78 9/5/2012 1:10PM

i say be yourself no matter what. the silent treatment will only make things worse so don't give him the satisfaction that he's caused you any grief. learning that right now with my new landlord..ugh. people sometimes are just such asses while the rest of us nice ones get screwed. it's tough but we gotta keep being the bigger person. shoot, if anything..i'd probably talk more, lol. be a smart ass...that's me sometimes. like u said..u don't need the job so being a smart ass can't hurt either, lol.
k...love u girlie and know that some people just not right. it's not you....it's them! soooo emoticon on them!

love all the pics you put up in your blog...fantastic!!

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