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Roller Coaster

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

So, I can't ever really get a straight answer (maybe you all can help) but is it normal to be losing weight this slowly lol?? It's like 4-5 pounds a month which honestly is discouraging a bit. Mainly because I saw myself as a fit and happy 150 by the start of summer, but at this rate it'll be more like towards the end of summer... Either way, it's nice to finally see 175. I swear I was at 179 for years. It can be hard to keep going when you see the scale barely moving. And I can admit, I haven't been an angel. When I first began I wouldn't deviate from my plan even an inkling. Now? Not so much. I've given up trying to do the whole "no carbs no sugar" thing. I want this to be natural/normal. Granted, I don't eat white bread, pasta, or rice but I love bread and can't see giving it up completely. I try to stay away from pasta and rice as much as possible because bread is my favorite of the evils and I just don't really crave pasta or rice. I eat it so seldom that when I do have it, I don't even stress. Bread is another story. Sugar too. I just want to have what I want when I want it. I try to level with myself. One day I really wanted pizza, and I mean really wanted it. I also wanted dessert. So I went to a pizza BUFFET, had the lightest pizza they had (87 calories per their website) and THREE pieces of dessert. I felt a little guilty, but I just balanced the rest of my day and that was it for the pizza craving! It no longer looms over my head.

One of the biggest lessons in this process is that deprivation is counter productive. I know the message is every where, eat the things you love in moderation but that's really it. If it feels like a diet, for me at least, I can maintain it for a while but not for long. I'm 26. There are many foods that I love and want to enjoy. Eliminating entire food groups (carbs) or having forbidden foods just isn't practical for my life. I guess that's the reason I'm losing 4-5 pounds per month as opposed to 8-10. But I am also enjoying my favorites on occassion (and sometimes a little more often than occassional) but I bargain with myself. A few pieces of something. Maybe half and trash the rest. One day I really wanted a honey bun. I tore off a few pieces and immediately trashed the rest, I didn't even take it back to my desk at work. I'll grab a few pinches of chips, put the bag back and move on. Craving solved and no real harm for my efforts.

Again, my weight loss journey is a roller coaster. Some weeks I feel like it's barely moving. Some weeks I may notice a bigger loss than normal. No gains though! I want to be in this for the long haul. I guess on a life long journey some bumps in the road are normal right??

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GINNABOOTS 3/5/2014 11:42AM

    Your success of maintaining the weight loss is greater if you take it off slowly. One to 2 pounds a week, so you are right on target. emoticon emoticon

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Almost to the 170s! I remember when I thought I'd be satisfied at 190 (I started at 220). I'm thinking 170 is going to be some kind of magic number, but I doubt I'll start looking how I dream of looking until about 150. 140 is the ultimate goal, but I think I'll be really pleased at 150. Anyway, the numbers are still falling which is a good thing!

I am tracking ever single bite. I'm using the Lose It! app for my phone. You can actually scan barcodes to foods and it will tell you how many calories you're eating. I always just used to brush tracking off as too obsessive and time consuming, but it makes all the difference if you ever hit a roadblock and seem to be not losing inexplicably. Tracking those calories will set you straight every time. I'm even measuring my portion sizes and making sure I'm only eating when hungry. So now, it's back to the two pounds a week again. I see that I really just have to follow the program 100%. No shortcuts is so real because I'm only cheating myself when I do overeat. It will definitely show on the scale.

The running is going well. I'm running at least 20 minutes straight most days and a total of around 25 or 26 minutes walking sporadically whenever a rest is needed. This morning I felt pain in my knees so I ran for 11 minutes, walked for 2 minutes, ran for 8 minutes, walked for 3 minutes, and ran for 7 minutes. So a total of 25 minutes ran. Not bad for a beginner!

I've got dreams of summer and teeny bikninis! Have a great day!

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BABY_GIRL69 2/1/2014 11:48PM

    That's great! emoticon

God bless!


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LILSHINE 1/29/2014 9:14AM

    emoticon emoticon

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TIFFY0906 1/28/2014 7:53PM

    Congrats on the weight loss so far and great job - emoticon

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PRIN1978 1/27/2014 8:34PM

    Keep it up! emoticon

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MAERETH 1/27/2014 2:36PM

    Great job!!

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DOLLIE6 1/27/2014 11:33AM

    Sounds like you have a plan and or making it happen. Good for you and keep on Sparkin.

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Fitness Success

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ok, so I'm out of the rut. And really it only took a couple of days of exercise to do it. I'm taking my fruit with me to work and paying attention to what I'm eating at each meal to ensure a good balance of of nutrients throughout the day. It has made all the difference. I foolishly thought I could skimp on the exercise and see the same rigorous results that I saw before, but NO SHORTCUTS.

Last night I worked out with my best friend. I did cardio for forty minutes. Essentially I ran for 30 of those minutes. Out of the 40 minutes I only took 2 five minute breaks. That's phenomenal for me! Having my best friend there kind of made me want to show off a little lol. But I proved to myself I can do it. I really need to give 100 percent during my workouts. It was a challenge for me at times, but I got it done. I pushed myself. And I felt great afterwards.

I checked this book out from the library and it's pretty good thus far. It talks about starting a sensible running program, which I'm all for. I've only been doing this for four months so it's hard for me to picture myself a life long runner. Once I'm in there and I'm doing it I feel happy and especially after it's over, but the hardest part is getting going! This book is a good motivator and tool.

Glad to be back on a progressive track. Happy Sunday!

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MAMAJAHMAI 1/13/2014 4:31PM

    Love this blog! I can totally relate to that....Workouts are so Important to our life and health. I remember this dude at my gym asking if working out is a forever thing and I said basically yes...he had lost a TON of weight, and knows staying committed is the only way (that and healthy eating) and he knows there is no plan B :-)

Keep the beast mode up!

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EXQUISITEDEE 1/12/2014 9:55PM


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Slow & Steady

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy New Year!

VERY slow progress in the month of December (obviously) as well as November really to be Frank. Not the 2 pounds a week like when I first began, but then my habits have changed. I was working out 6 days a week and now I'm staggering in at three, less than that on the past holiday weeks. Also, I'm barely doing my strength training DVD anymore. I'll have to find another because it's beginning to bore me. I like the squats and ab portion (and the end that focuses on upper body) but that's it. Maybe I'll just do those segments? I can't abandon the strength training though. When I look at pictures, even though I've weighed less than before when I was doing the strength training, my stomach looks more toned then. I mean it's still pretty flabby overall lol, but I don't want to give up what works.

Speaking of what works, at first I had set out to eliminate as many carbs as possible and also sugars. There were specific things that I just wouldn't eat. I was revved up because the change in lifestyle was new and all I could think about was my new image of what my body would look like. Now that I've been at it for a few months, I've adjusted that method of thinking. I don't have any foods that are just completely off limits. If I want to have something, I'll have a little and move on. I had pizza three times last week. I still lost weight. I haven't gained anything. Again, not the two pounds a week progress that I was seeing back in Sept and October, but it's still coming off. I do want to meet a certain goal by summer, but the important thing is I've found a variation of what works. I ate the foods I love over the holidays but in moderation. I had pie and Mac and Cheese (I did skip the dinner rolls) and I ate a little more than normal. But all is well. It's about balance. We hear these things all the time, but to know they're true and they work because I've tested them makes this journey seem... effortless.

I do need to get my exercise schedule set in stone and not deviate though. That's been more difficult lately with the holidays. Plus I don't wanna ruin my hair, which is another matter entirely. The running is going GREAT. I can do it. Like, I can really run. It amazes me every time. And I actually look forward to doing it.

Supposed to be at 185 this week, but at 187. That's not so bad. Maybe kicking up my exercise will put me back at the 2 pounds weekly mark? We'll see!

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EXQUISITEDEE 1/2/2014 11:07PM


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ARNETTELEE 1/2/2014 12:13PM


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Sunday, December 08, 2013

This 191 was hard to come by, let me tell you! I already know the week of my cycle that I won't lose anything. This happened to begin the same day as Thanksgiving. I didn't work out as hard that week because I wanted my hair to stay fresh because I knew I'd be around family. That combined with the fact that I ate freely on Thanksgiving. I didn't limit myself to anything and I even had slice of pie. I didn't have any seconds though nor did I take any leftovers home. So after my cycle ends I usually see roughly a three pound weight loss, but this time NOTHING. I was depressed!! It had been two weeks and I had lost nothing. One day after work I stepped on the scale and it said 195. I was so upset. So I had to reevaluate what I've been doing. I do work out at least three times a week, but for the last two weeks not much more. Maybe four when I was doing a consistent six before. Probably the biggest change is though an increase in carbs. I'd been eating a lot of peanut butter sandwiches. Like two, sometimes 3 a day. I wasn't eating much else in between, but that's a lot of bread when before I was very conscious of my bread consumption. I had white yeast rolls on Thanksgiving and I had a grilled chicken sandwich from Wendy's with a white bun. So, I had obviously gotten slack. So I went sans carbs for two days and I got down to 191 where I need to be. My original goal was 190 by my graduation which is next Saturday December 14. I think I'll get there!!

So long story short, I think I'm just going to do away with bread altogether. It's not really healthy from what I understand. I was doing better with trying to eliminate sugar, but then I got addicted to that peanut butter. I was eating it on crackers and other stuff that I had not been eating. I have to get back to good clean pure eating.

I've also decided that I'm pushing my limits with six days a week working out. Five of those days is at 5:30 before I report to work what is about to be 14 hour days. I'm only going to work out three days during the work week instead of five and then on Sunday, possibly... My three days though I promise will be hard giving 110% workouts.

And that's my update. Happy Holidays everyone!

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    sounds like bread and pnut butter is both of our vices. you can do it!

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