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She's back and making a come back...

Friday, October 24, 2014

Morning Sparkers!!

I've missed blogging...but I'm back at it I hope for a while at least. My weigh in this morning was good. No I haven't put the scale away, not until Monday morning. One of my weight lifting boos asked me to try flipping my meals, lowering my sugar intake, cardio 45-60 minutes 5-6 days a week, lifting and gallon water for a week and see if I shake my plateau. I did!!! I'm not back to 266.6 but I'm not up to 274.6 either. That's how much my weight fluctuated over the last 3 weeks trying to carb cycle. I'm 270.4 today.

So I'll talk with him today to see if I should make adjustments. I also went to foot doc on Wednesday due to pain in my right foot at the end of my day. Found out due to poor rehab (only 3 sessions) after my knee surgery that it has now affected my foot and beginning to affect my hip. My podiatrist was so aggravated that my surgeon didn't prescribe longer rehab. My honey had been saying the same thing and so next week I start therapy for the hip, knee and foot for a month. He gave me two shots of cortisone and boy I felt brand new yesterday. At the gym it was like I was back to my old workout speeds. I'm grateful for good and caring doctors. He pointed out that I need to have 3 moles biopsied that I have on my legs and ankle. Says it's dangerous not to have them check once they reach a certain size. So I go next week.

Now for the next challenge: this has already started for me until the week of thanksgiving. I will:

Continue meal flipping and lowering my carbs
Increasing my protien
Working out daily
Gallon of water daily
Weight training
No weigh ins after Monday

No specific weight loss goals. My goal for this challenge is to get better with my meals and eating within my micros. To journal the good and bad foods and stay committed to these things. The scale will not rule this challenge due to weight lifting so NSVs will be my goal. This weekend I'm going to try on some jeans I know didn't fit and I will measure my progress by these jeans.

Well that's it have a great and successful weekend

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SUGAR0814 10/25/2014 12:15AM

    Glad you have a doctor that knows what to do & it's just "practicing." emoticon

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SNS1968 10/24/2014 7:35AM


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Scale hatred...time to put it away

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hey Sparkers I've been so m.i.a... With Monday being a holiday I really didn't do anything but relax. My honey made it back on Saturday safely so I'm happy about that.

Tuesday I was a busy from the early morning until I left. Yesterday was headache day...and I stayed in my office in the dark all day. Today I'm feeling better...although I was awake since around 1 a.m. Just having some prayer and talking with The Lord. This Ebola thing has been heavy in my heart, especially since my daughter lives in ft. Worth...I had to put in some prayer for her and her friend along with others I know in the area. But that wasn't enough...I felt compelled to pray for the nation and people walking in fear of this thing...okay I'm moving on...prayer in unity can change the situation

As for my journey...I'm just done with the scale...I stay within my calories, carbs and exercise...I gain weight. I lower everything...or go higher...I gain...I don't workout but eat right...I gain....I have gone up to 273.2 from 266.6 every since I started carb cycling and even lowering my carbs. Nikki I'm starting to think its medical as well...I'm going to weigh tomorrow morning and that will be it until I'm done fasting or thanksgiving.

...warning TMI.....

I've been quite backed up or not regular like I normally am...this is very uncommon since I have Crohns and never had any problems in that arena. The only things I've changed in the past few weeks has been...

Started taking probiotics
Started taking enzymes
Stopped taking my green food vitamin (ran out)

Doctor had out me on farxiga suppose to help me lose weight (it's really for diabetics) not doing a darn thing...stopped taking it. I'm guessing one of these May be the problem.

I'm going to see what happens as I begin my fast (spiritual) one of my reasons is to inquire of The Lord about this journey. I've struggled to long on my own to not have gotten past this evil obesity. So I'll be missing while I'm fasting. I'm taking social media out of my life. Lord the things some people post will blind you and scar you mentally.

I'll miss you...but I'm praying for you and your journey as well. I will overcome this. Thank you for your support and prayers.

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SUGAR0814 10/17/2014 12:26AM

    Wishing you well with your fasting! Take care of yourself! emoticon emoticon

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Still feeling frustrated

Thursday, October 09, 2014

I upped my calories for one day yesterday and I'm back to the plan today. I'm hoping this will boomerang my body into weight loss again.

I still have a surplus of calories to eat after I workout and log my food in for dinner. No way I'm eating 600-700 calories before bed. I'll be patient. I put in some serious prayer this morning about it. I know God won't let me down.

Honey returns tomorrow and of course my body and the scale looks the same. Well good thing he loves me as I am...but I will continue to work towards who I believe I can be.

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FORZACHANDMATT 10/10/2014 11:20AM

    You may look the same right now but I bet you feel a lot different!

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SUGAR0814 10/9/2014 11:48PM

    I think it's your exercise. You can't fully exercise like you were before your injury which means what little exercise you are doing is only helping you maintain or in "the range". You might have to become more strict with your intake. Log everything for a week (honestly!! Not saying you're not honest, but sometimes I know I will eat something that I don't want to log) & log your workouts.

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NIKKICOLE83 10/9/2014 10:34AM

    I wish you knew what it was that makes it so difficult for you to release weight. You are one of the most consistent, hardworking women I know and it doesn't make sense. Perhaps it is a medical issue?

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SWALLIS7 10/9/2014 7:46AM

    You can do this! Be positive and believe in yourself!

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Sticking with lo carb why is scale not moving ... or moving up?

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Seems I've been on a steady ounce by ounce climb since my official weigh in on Saturday. I know our bodies fluctuate day by day but this has been the case for about two weeks now. I was carb cycling and decided this week to lower my carb intake a bit more and nothing yet.

Yeah I'm going to give it time to work itself out. This meal plan I'm trying is for 4 weeks. So I'm going to wait it out and see if I need to adjust. Today I'm adding in a little more carbs to increase my intake a bit. I've stayed away from fast food and soda this week so far.

I did make it to the gym yesterday. I used the elliptical for 40 minutes. I was so ready to stop at 20 but I made myself go until 30 at least but then I got to 30 and kept going. It's a mental battle. My body follows my brain and sometimes they battle and leave the final decision to me. This time I won the battle. I also strength trained my upper body.

Who ever said or thought that losing weight and being healthy is easy...never tried it! I'm just so tired of this... I want to see changes and weight loss. I'm tired of bouncing around the 270..266 mark. I want to move past these numbers and never see them again. I just know that I can get there but I just don't know how to make it happen. It's like I almost feel I have to stop eating and exercising and maybe I'll get there and maybe I won't. But I will never give up trying and when I get my breakthrough. There will be no going back! A testimony I will give because I know that no body but God did it!!!

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NIKKICOLE83 10/9/2014 10:37AM

    Have you had blood work done? I wonder if you have an underactive thyroid? What is your intensity like when you do go to the gym? Are you tracking every single thing that enters your body? I am just perplexed as to why the scale hasn't moved for you and I want you to have success so badly. I am rooting for you!!

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SUGAR0814 10/8/2014 11:06PM

    Keep at it! That scale will move! emoticon emoticon

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TEEPHOTO 10/8/2014 7:14PM

    It will happen for you. emoticon

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Tuesday day 2

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Yesterday I give myself an A- for the day. I didn't get the A+ because I didn't finish about 1/4 of my water. I just couldn't drink any more. I was too full after eating dinner. I was a bit off in my day time drinking so I was behind by the time I got home.

I did the c25k day 1 week 1 and I only walked. Instead of jogging I increased my speed to a faster pace and walked consistently on an incline. I also strength trained and tried those battle ropes...whoa what a workout. I could barely battle 30 seconds. But I'm not giving up. I stayed on my eating plan for day 1. I had a few almond joy mini yesterday and I will do better today.

On to day 2...

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SUGAR0814 10/7/2014 4:58PM

    One day at a time!! emoticon

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ELRIDDICK 10/7/2014 7:44AM

  Thanks for sharing

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GETHNOW 10/7/2014 7:38AM

  You can do it - God Bless

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