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Day 3: 30 Day Blog Challenge

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Day 3! Yesterday was a bit more challenging. My shoulder is the worst it's been since my surgery in July. I have no idea what I've done, but the pain is from my neck to my shoulder blade. I bought new pillows at Costco, but woke up to even more pain in my bicep. So today it's no computer work except for this short blog.

I managed to walk yesterday, though! And wow I got hungry. But I stayed on course and ate a bunch of small meals. Gotta stay on course: tomorrow is T-day!

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 11/26/2014 11:58AM

    I'm sorry your shoulder and neck have gotten so bad. You have been dealing with that for a long time now.

Wishing you the best on "T-day."

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11/25/14: 30 Day Blog Challenge -- Day 2

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

So, instead of spending $100 on a 3 month WW membership, I armed John with coupons and sent him to the store to buy two more sets of measuring cups and spoons.

Off to a great start yesterday as I journey towards my goals. Super busy day, but John helped out by making this for dinner:

It was delish! I realized I had more calories to use, so I even had room for a cup of hot chocolate last night.

I know I shouldn't do this, but I was already down a little over 1 lb today on the scale. I'm going to need to stay on the straight and narrow this week. Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away!

Daily goals for the week:
Track food emoticon
Workout emoticon

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 11/25/2014 3:00PM

    That recipe does look really good! You are off to a great start.

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30 Day Blog Challenge

Monday, November 24, 2014

I've been vacillating between joining WW and just spending more time on Spark. And guess what won?

I like the structure of WW, but when I added up the pros and cons it just didn't work out (at least for now):
Facing the scale every week
In person meetings
Points structure

Time for meetings
Lots of debate on web (and Spark) about how effective the plan is (no counting for fruits/veg)
Don't like the fact they push processed food in meetings (we eat as much unprocessed as possible at home)

I realize that what I really need is portion control. I eat healthily, but just too much.

So, it's time to break out the kitchen scale. Instead of buying a WW membership, I'm going to invest in more measuring cups and spoons. I'm also going to challenge myself to blog here 30 times through 12/31 to keep me honest over the holidays.

Oh, and one more thing. Since you have to weigh-in at WW, and it's kind of public, I'm finally putting my weight out here for all to see. In a way, this is my second challenge: to be honest with myself about where I am and where I want to be.

11/24 Starting Weight: 170.4

Here we go!

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 11/24/2014 3:01PM

    I lost about 15 pounds with WW years ago. I liked their point system because it is so easy. As much as I like WW, I have never gone back for the reasons you mention in your blog. I really think that in the long run, it's about eating healthy. I hope your plan works for you. I'm looking forward to seeing more blogs from you.

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Shoulder Surgery II

Monday, August 04, 2014

1 week into recover from second shoulder surgery. First one was to repair a bicep tendon in June 2012. That progressed into full on frozen shoulder.

The new surgeon has me out of a sling and doing passive range of motion exercises. Still a lot of pain and limited mobility, but hopefully this time it will go smoother.

I have a long, long way to go before I can get back into P90X workouts. For now I'm going to have to watch every bite, which isn't easy since I just finished a big pack of steroids.

I am truly starting over. DH starts traveling for his new job next week so it might be easier to eat healthy/on my own schedule. I still have at least 20 lbs to lose.

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EBETHET 9/10/2014 1:29AM

    Get healed soon. Do you want to get back to our weekly emails? I disappeared this summer. I am back again.

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MRSBENNETT2 8/7/2014 5:06AM

    I didn't have surgery for my bout of frozen shoulder, but that was 3+ years ago and I'm still recovering. I have great trainers who are working with me. I wish you all the best with a speedy recovery! Limited mobility is such a pain in so many ways.

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DEB62BIE62 8/4/2014 1:00PM

    Hope you heal quickly.

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REGINAROLLINS 8/4/2014 10:29AM

  Wow what a pain, but you can do it. Especially with DH not around. Our own schedule means alot!!!!

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The Big Question for an Entrepreneur: "How's The Business Going?"

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Every year I teach at a CLE event in Houston.

This year I'm not feeling great for a few reasons. I have a shoulder surgery (again) scheduled for next week. I also have a nagging feeling that my little start-up should be doing better before I go under the knife.

So, last night one of my friends asked: "How's the business going?"

At first I felt doubt and disappointment. Then I realized it's been a full year since I saw my buddy. And then I was OK! In the last year, I've launched my website, completed a successful, paid beta test with 41 locations at a national hospitality chain, added an additional 35 locations, raised my rates a bit, and am waiting to hear if they want to go to a full rollout nationally. I also secured client #2 (a small one, but one with good potential). I got my trademark approved by the Patent Office. I also have a lot of people helping me, whether it's to secure finder fees or as part of my Board of Directors.

I have a lot to be grateful for. No wonder I'm still so excited!

Entrepreneurship truly is the biggest roller coaster ride of my life. I've learned that it's normal to move from anxiety to jubilation at least 10 times per day. And I've learned lots and lots of other stuff to.

A lot of people are going to ask me the "how's it going" question over the next two days. Now I'm ready to answer, "It's doing better than I ever could have dreamed."

I believe that there's usually a reason why we have certain interactions with people. If we pay attention, we can learn a lot from them. I am so grateful for last night's lesson with my buddy. Perspective truly is everything.


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