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Long month

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

You know, once you have been is hard to get back up and running. A month without my internet connection has really got me back-logged. I am finally caught up with all my emails for our business and personal. I just hope that replying so late to some of them does not cost us customers. emoticon I have been upset with our internet service for some time but hating to go thru the phone company for one as we no longer have a landline, just our cellphone packages. There are some other companies around here that use a dish also but having talking to some of their customers, the service did not sound any better then what we had. I KNEW it was the equipment from our provider because the rotor was almost 15 years old. They preferred to think it had to be with our computer but when you have FOUR computers and they are ALL getting kicked offline....GRRRRR emoticon . Anyway...we now have a new modem and router from them and gee....we are back up and running. I had even backed up my system on disc and then took the tower in and it was not infected. THAT was a lot of work. Everything now for our business as far as the laser engraver, printers, scanner, etc and all the software programs are now reinstalled. emoticon OK, enough whining about this headache.

On the health front...still no answers. I have been tested for West Niles, Lyme disease, MS, had a brain CT scan and viles of blood drawn. An EKG was run and a stress test. On Dec. 1rst, I go to Sioux Falls for my Cancer checkup. The headaches are still two to three times a week and still suffer from fatigue and muscle weakness. I am thinking I am going to have to accept this as "Chronic pain syndrome" and my fibromyalgia. So, it may be time to put on my big girl panties and learn to live with this.

I am happy dancing because for a month of not logging and yes...not really exercising...I have only gained about a half pound. I really would like to lose another 10 pounds before the end of the year. I think that is doable if I really start eating for Insulin Resistance again.

I am done canning and freezing! I do have to get my last four rows of potatoes out of the garden yet.

I have tomato juice, stewed tomatoes, Salsa in two strengths, Chili sauce, Pasta Sauce, Spaghetti Sauce, and for my hubby...pints of Bloody Mary mix. Then there are pie apples, spicy apples, apple sauce in smooth and chunky, apple juice ( I will NEVER make that again). Carrots and Dill pickles. My cucumbers did not produce well at all this year.

In the freezer...I have sweet corn, green beans, bell peppers diced and also sliced, onions, squash, and some potatoes that I cooked up and then froze as hashbrowns, and cottage fries. I planted 80 hills of potatoes and have enough for both my sisters, mother, and daughters and us for the entire Winter. They REALLY produced too.

I had planted 18 Bell Pepper plants and usually, only get about 4 to 6 peppers per plant. This year I had 298 peppers and yes...gave away a lot. emoticon

I had this table down about five times.

I think we are ready for Winter in the veggie department. emoticon

I am rambling now. I never really get off the acerage much and it just feels good to talk to someone. emoticon

I am going to take a break from Fall house cleaning my disaster of a kitchen and try and catch up with some of you now. Hugs all.

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CALENSARIEL 10/16/2014 9:12AM

    You got kicked off my blog subscription list again, as did Angel and Bean. And that's after clicking the "receive blog button." I'm to the point of just junking my stuff and starting anew, but to be honest, my computer freezes up numerous times when I try to work on here. I hate how that happens since the site has changed hands.

My jaw dropped when I saw all those peppers! I LOVE peppers. A couple months ago Brandon bought me this chopper from Bed, Bath and Beyond where you just lay the pepper or onion or whatever on the grid and close the lid. It was all of $19 and is one of best gifts I ever got! makes piece exactly the right size for cook and freezing, and they're so uniform they look pretty! Especially love doing Roma tomatoes for salad.

Do you cut up and freeze any of your veggies?

As to the fatigue and pain, I guess that's why we keep a bed handy! Sucks you have to deal with that. emoticon

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SIOL55 10/15/2014 8:46PM

  So good to see you back on line.

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WENKEL1020 10/15/2014 11:59AM

    Looks like you ARE ready for the winter with all your veggies! They all look great. Sorry no resolve on the health issues, but way to keep going. Glad to have you back.

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MSLZZY 10/14/2014 11:43PM

    My, you have been busy. I still have to dig carrots, potatoes, pick
the squash, pull the leeks and get the idea.
We had peppers too but nothing like yours. Get some sleep. HUGS!

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Back up and running

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

We have been having issues with our internet connection for so long. I kept getting kicked off when I switched from one page to another or would get kicked off the internet all day. The Arris box just kept rebooting. Of course, it is never THEIR equipment but must be a virus on my computer. After saying enough was enough and looking for another internet service came here and switched out their equipment. FINALLY, I am back online. It has been an ongoing problem for about four months and just continued to get worse until I could not stay online at all.

So much going on here but I have about 1000 emails to catch up on tonight. :( Will try and catch up with all of you later. I have really missed SP. HUGS

Heck...I really missed having internet. SIGH

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CALENSARIEL 10/16/2014 9:04AM

    Catching up with all that email wears you out after awhile, doesn't it... Too bad it doesn't use up more calories! Hope you're making progress.


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LUCKYDUCK2 10/13/2014 9:49PM

    Thank you both. I am playing catch-up here with everything and hope to be back on track soon. emoticon

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SIOL55 10/8/2014 10:43PM

  Was worried about you. Glad it was just technical problems. Welcome back.

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MSLZZY 10/7/2014 11:02PM

    I just knew that there had to be a big issue for you not to post. Glad it was the internet and not you! HUGS!

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Tests continue

Friday, August 22, 2014

I just spent another 32 hours down with a headache and vomiting. The muscles in my neck, shoulders, and lower back got so tight it was almost impossible to move them.

I am going to be tested now for MS and Myasthenia Gravis next week. I will be running between my regular doctor in my hometown, and my Cancer doctor in Sioux Falls, and my team of doctors in the Cities.

I do not have West Niles. Seriously, I was hoping I did as that can be overcome within a years time. My sister, Niece, husbands Nephew and my father-in-laws brother have it.

Exercise has become now a thing of the past. I joke that what use to take me an hour can now take a day to accomplish. Its hard to explain but...I have a chair placed between the house and my garden now because just walking to the house is an effort. I tire out so quickly. I started my Summer doing GREAT and then about the middle of July...started to feel drained all the time. Now, I feel weak. It has become an effort to keep my arms raised long enough to dry my hair. Middle age bites. I can hardly wait for the golden years. LOL

Personally, I think it is my fibromyalgia messing with me. It makes it hard to get a good nights rest etc.

I will let them run their tests and pray they have an answer for me that I can live with. I am going to be concentrating on this aspect of my health right now.

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SIOL55 8/23/2014 12:10PM

  I continue to think of you and pray for you. emoticon

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WENKEL1020 8/22/2014 11:19AM

    Praying for you! Hoping they find an answer so you begin the right course of action. The unknown is always the hardest. Stay strong.

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LUCKYDUCK2 8/22/2014 9:36AM

    SIOL55...Thank you. I AM a tick magnet and that is something to consider! They were bad here this year and last year and it is not an exaggeration to say there were times I could find as many as a couple of dozen on my legs at the end of the day. :(

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MSLZZY 8/22/2014 9:31AM

    emoticon I hope all the testing points your doctors in the right direction so you can overcome all these issues. I can't imagine not being able to do what I want. HUGS!

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CALENSARIEL 8/22/2014 9:20AM

    Boy that's a hard one. MS vs. Fibro... I'm not sure which of them is more debilitating. Always got my fingers crossed for you, girl. And glad you got the visit with your brother in before this round of your "social life" started. emoticon Hugs, Calen~

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SIOL55 8/22/2014 7:00AM

  I am so sorry to hear you are going through these struggles. I hope you have answers soon. I know you are outdoors a lot. Have they checked for Lyme's disease? I only ask because my sister-in-law was just diagnosed after months of suffering similar symptoms. I hope they soon find the cause of your pain so treatment can begin. You are in my prayers. emoticon

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Now waiting for results

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

They ran a series of tests on me. Five blood tubes for inflammation tests, West Niles, and two others that I am hoping I pass.
A chest x-ray, ekg, and a cat-scan for my head. I guess we will find out if I still have any working matter upstairs. emoticon I have ALWAYS had blood pressure that is 112/67 and today it was 180/80. My body temp is always low...about 93 and today it was 99.4. Odd.

The extreme fatigue and headaches point to West Niles I am hoping this is the case because the other possibility is that my cancer is back. I had Medullary cancer in my thyroid. We will have to wait and see if my calcitonin levels are elevated again. This would be the worst outcome because....there is no treatment for this type of cancer. Only surgery until there is nothing left that can be removed. emoticon

I will find out more on Monday. All prayers appreciated.

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SIOL55 8/14/2014 7:22PM

  You will be in my daily prayers. I am so sorry to hear you are going through this. I hope you will soon have tests results that will let the doctors know how to treat you. Stay strong. Prayers going out for you right now.

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MSLZZY 8/14/2014 11:16AM

    West Nile isn't easy to overcome but better than cancer, that's for sure. Hope all the results come back soon. Praying for you while you are waiting. HUGS!

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GOWITHTHEFLO50 8/13/2014 8:28PM

  Hope your results turn out ok. My prayers are with you. emoticon

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TRUCKERDEE 8/13/2014 8:25PM

    thoughts and prayers sent your way!!!

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LYNMEINDERS 8/13/2014 6:26PM

    Praying for your results and your health

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RAPUNZEL53 8/13/2014 6:23PM

  Good Luck! Hope everything works out!

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CALENSARIEL 8/13/2014 6:22PM

    Oh dear... You have been through so, so much already. You desperately need a break from all the worry right now. Am so praying that the tests come back that you have a virus. Hang in there, girlfriend. Hugs, Calen~

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PRAIRIECROCUS 8/13/2014 6:19PM

    I hope you will be fine !

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Down again

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I woke up Tues morning around 6 am feeling GREAT. By 8 am...I was down with a migraine again and by 9 am...vomiting until 1:30 am Wed morning. Now it is almost 6 am and I feeling a little weak, but the headache is gone. Just some sore muscles yet in the neck and shoulder area. I am hoping to be able to put up some dill pickles today and maybe start the sweet chunks. Or, I may just call it a lazy day, depending on how sore I am.

This has been a bad Summer for Migraines for me. I am averaging a couple of them a week since the start of June. Odd, because usually I only get a bad one every couple of months. I do have a doctor appt. in place because I need to see if I can get them under control. They always rob me of a good 24 hours from start to finish and the day after, I am drained.

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CALENSARIEL 8/13/2014 1:52PM

    Allergens are over the top here. It's been such weird weather. Any chance it could be allergy related? You're always outside so much. So all in all, how'd your visit with your brother go? Get feeling better. Hope the doc can help alleviate the migraines. Hugs, Calen~

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MSLZZY 8/13/2014 8:48AM

    No wonder you are drained. I have never had a migraine and don't want to start now. Hope the doctor can help you.

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LUCKYDUCK2 8/13/2014 8:11AM

    Thank you all for your kind comments. I am hoping that the doctors can help me find some relief from them soon.

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WDIPIM 8/13/2014 7:07AM

  God Bless so sorry you are having such bad migraines.

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ELRIDDICK 8/13/2014 7:06AM

  Feel better soon!

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AJB121299 8/13/2014 7:00AM

    Feel better

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