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2014 Goals

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ultimately my chief aim is to be the keynote speaker of my own speaking weekend event in my hometown in Autumn 2014.

I guesstimate my knowledge around 80 percent ready. I am starting to put into motion the tools and resources aquisition to pull this off. I will do the best i can with what i have, dry erase boards and markers are easy to come by. Financially a laptop and digital projector and digital camera for recording the event are all my largest challenges. with gifts or financing options, i should still be able to pull it off.

My 2nd largest goal ties in directly with this, and that is, to lose as much fat and gain as much muscle as possible by then, while also constructing the presentations themselves. Much of the topics discussed will include, focus on, or mention aspects of better health. Accountability will be my biggest challenge in these goals.

With Gratitude

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JO88BAKO 12/1/2013 9:41AM

    Sounds like a great plan. Good luck!

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Immortality Truth

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

super quick blog this time.
short and sweet.
google or especially youtube a man Santos Bonacci.
study his work.
the truth part being the "key" or big secret is...
astrology is the origin of religion when interpreted as human anatomy
starting with aries at the top of the head. and christ is christos the oil.
the oil is the sacred secret or sacrum secretion.
starts in the brain and flows down to the sacrum, if one can turn the
7 vices into 7 virtues, the 7 chakras and return the christos back up the spinal chord
up to the brain you can regenerate. and that's how to live forever in a nutshell.

quick, truth, done.
thank you for tuning in.


Immortal Update

Saturday, September 28, 2013

I just did QiGong in the sunlight barefoot on the grass in shorts and tshirt with the neighbor's cat across the street and the cleanest bright blue sky witnessing. And yes I feel better after doing so.

I want to share with you some of the most powerful bits of information I have come across lately. We're not talking light stuff here, we're talking potency, we're talkin earth moving info.

First of all exercise, other than qigong, stretching, REBOUNDING, and dancing, it appears one of the best forms of well not even a form more like an engineered designed result of an interview with what the body already knows dang good science approach to exercise, the sprint 8, appears to be the best. this belongs in the immortal update because of HGH, because of lean muscle mass increase, and fat surplus decrease. Human Growth Hormone, basically keeps kids growing and teens growing, and adults fit and healthy and young. in adult years it should be dubbed as the human fitness hormone. i'm pulling a notion from audio interviews i heard and for good reason. it's well stated this way.

the sprint 8 you can google it but briefly here you do 20 mins, 2-3 times a week. and that's all you need. you warm up for 3 mins, sprint for 30 seconds hard as you can, rest for 90 seconds, and repeat a total of 8 times then cool down for 2 mins. this will make you quite winded but it boosts HGH up to 498%. no other exercise does this that we know of, which means no other exercise gets this good of results!

the others i mentioned were qigong which fills you with chi and calms your stress hormones like cortisol which tell body to store fat so qigong is good for fatloss because it's not about calories burned at all it's about controlling your hormones! or think of it as the orders, the commands, the signals, hormones tell your body especially your cells what to do. so do stuff that tell them to be healthy and build muscle and shed fat. easy. rebounding vibrates every cell in your body so they wake up and function better. oh yeah something important, we get our energy from mitochondria in the cells, the power factories, and after 8 weeks of doing the sprint 8 the amount of mitochondria in our cells DOUBLES. so we double our energy.

like i said folks, potent information!!

now let's talk more personal to me struggle is aromatase enzyme. which was/is a curse until i take on the mindset that it is a gift and receive it with the attitude as a blessing. this is good news for you and for me because guess what? it's one of the biggest keys to immortality ever, Aromatase Enzyme Inhibition means inhibiting the enzyme that lives in fat cells to converting my anabolic testosterone (builds the body up and puts on lean muscle and melts fat and lowers estrogen(estrogen adds fat) and high abnormal imbalance of estrogen leads to the big C word everybody is too familiar with these days. for women you also want to lower estrogen and promote your version of testosterone which is progesterone. your progesterone is what helps keep you cancer free and too much estrogen will make you fat and increase cancer risk. so again the aromatase enzyme converts our good anabolic hormones into estrogen which adds fat which adds more aromatase enzymes which snowballs the effect. to get it under control and reverse it we use aromatase enzyme INHIBITORS. and guess what, some centenarians (people older than 100 years) shared the same favorite foods which are huge high aromatase enzyme INHIBITORS. things such as raw chocolate (the dark cacao good kind), high quality olive oil cold pressed dark glass bottle good kind. controlling insulin with low glycemic is another precursor to immortality by keeping the mechanisms of blood sugar spikes at bay and cinnamon is a great one. raw honey loaded with enzymes helps especially when taken with cinnamon together. garlic was mentioned. passionflower(which is beautiful display of sacred geometry) is great inhibitor. and the hops flower extract (hops factor x) might be the best one. and the reservatrol in PORT wine. also removing bad estrogen by adding some methyl molecule(methane containing) like cruciferous veg or msm supplement are great in helping the liver filter and remove bad hormone wastes like bad estrogen. phew...did i just give you a massive download.

a big lesson here is knowing this stuff is empowering but none of it works unless you actually apply it or do it. which is part of my current struggle because of the literally addicting chemicals they put in "food". "the better you eat the better you feel so eat real healthy at every meal"

feeling good is vastly important, vital, crucial. you exercise when you feel good, to feel better. if you don't feel good, you don't feel like exercising. vicious cycle. so concentrate on listening to your body for foods that make you feel good, for music that makes you feel good, for relaxing and pampering yourself so you feel good, until you feel good enough to exercise. start with a slow lazy stretch and build up to a walk or until you wish to hop on a treadmill or something. it's important to keep inflammation down (simply avoid dairy cheese or replace it with nutbased cheeses) and it already becomes easier.

do things to help your liver filter and cleanse the body, to liver tonics, liver cleansing, something as simple as natural homemade lemonade(no powders just real organic lemons) etc. did you know lemons molecule orbits in the opposite direction? did you know grapefruit helps to emulsify fats? do you know how to apply either of those bits of info? basically by injesting them or as the juice of them in water.

okay what else i touched on sprint 8, aromatase enzyme inhibition, human growth hormone(eat goji berries also), and i would now add in supplemental info on immortality. chase your dreams and passions, eb and flow and adapt and let go, astragalus herb to protect dna from fraying damage when it splits to make a copy, you add 5 years to your life after a soothing session of stretching, or at least it feels like it which is a good indicator, human growth hormone is the fountain of youth, qigong is all about hormones, health is all about hormones, longevity and immortality is all about hormones, and if you REALLY read this blog and took the time to think about it and read it again, you'll see this blog is all about hormones. :D may whomever reads this and myself as well for writing it be incredibly blessed with abundance and gratitude!

Seth B

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SUSYEILEEN 10/23/2013 11:42PM

    NIce. Very interesting. I'm gonna have to look this up! :)

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MACH27 9/28/2013 12:02PM

    instead of rest for 90 seconds in the sprint 8, what i meant to say is do a cooldown to slow heartrate and catch your breath, BUT DON'T STOP, just go slower for those 90 seconds. think of it as the window of time you gain your second wind, because before you know it you're about to give it your best again for 30 seconds. after those 30 you get another 90 to slow back down and catch your breath again. you aren't resting, you're just slowing down. to put it another way let's say you warm up on level 3 of intensity, then you sprint at level 7, then you go back down to level 3 for those 90 seconds, then back up to level 7 for your best 30 seconds, then level 3 again. you only do this 8 times and by the end of it, you should be so focused on breathing that it's hard to talk because you're trying to catch your breath. a lot of people have to build up to this form of intense exercise gradually, maybe starting off with just a couple sprints, building up to the 8. this program was designed around using \folks in their 50's and 60's and it works incredible results, youth and fitness regained, fat lost. results! it works at your age and your health level.

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Owning the Struggle

Sunday, August 04, 2013

As I write this today I am barefoot Grounding with a universal mat. This is part of my cool down after a solid 45 mins of rebounding. Rebounding is using a mini trampoline to exercise every muscle in body and every cell in body. Maybe the best exercise ever because what other can make such a claim really? It's good for restoring eyesight and it really moves that lympathic system. makes ya feel less sluggish like changing the oil in the car, now the car runs better.

I rebounded 90 mins last night after i napped a lot to escape the heat of the day. I used pandora with headphones to upbeat dance type music which made a big help.

But before this wonderful exercising weekend, i was struggling, boy was i struggling.
I have food addictions and cravings. Some of that is my fault by choice, and some honestly the companies that strategically add in literally addictive chemicals should do their part for accountability and own up to that fact also. that being said yes i still struggle with many levels of food intake. from taste, to convenience, to prep time, to cook time, to eat time, to storage, to how much it will satiate me, and so on i just make decisions that don't give me the best results always. and honestly i'm workin on it.

i am a 35 year young man struggling with aromatase enzyme. obesity is the leading cause of the snowball effect in which the more fat one has, the more the enzyme starts to produce it's own hormone. it produces estrogenic qualities, which is known for storing fat. that would be okay except it also converts my testosterone into estrogen. that is extremely not cool at all. my testosterone is what helps me keep lean muscle which we all know burns off fat. so now i got 2 strikes against me.

luckily there is a process known as aromatase enzyme inhibition, which i've been studying a lot lately. passionflower is one of the best known ways. and it's a beautiful sacred geometry flower with blues and yellows, google images it sometime. well the idea is if i can inhibit the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, then i slow down my fat storage and if i eat good foods and specific foods i can use what little testosterone i have to build muscle and start to curb the whole equation over to the lean healthy sexy side. that's the plan stan.

another huge part of that is to remove the bad estrogen accumulation, that gets really complex. still researching it. but basically you take some methyl or methane molecule containing foods and eat those so they help the liver convert the estrogen into waste to be removed or digested or converted or whatever you want to call it. broccoli is one, olive oil is another, a supplement called msm is another, cauliflower. things like that.well some inhibit the enzyme and some just help remove the estrogen. olive oil and passionflower help inhibit, and supposedly sesame seed, fenugreek seed, and flax seed help remove it.

i'm a little ticked off at flax seed though. as good as it is, it is a phytoestrogen. which i thought was good because it takes up the parking spots on the cell receptors and acts like estrogen but reduces the effect of real estrogen by up to 1,000 times. so i thought wowie go for it eat a bunch of this and reduce estrogen effect. but the problem therein is apparently a phytoestrogen still promotes secondary sexual characteristics so i think i just made things worse.

here i am trying to transform my body into mr adonis and yet i feel like i look more like betty white in a onepiece swimsuit or something. definately not a greek god. i'll have my good days and my bad days, when i want to be in front of a mirror or when i want to hide and avoid them.

i'm a strugglin. and it's okay. this is part of it all. i know i'm getting closer with each new bite, with each new swallow, with each new bounce or pullup or pushup, with every new good nights rest, with each new bit of info to digest and absorb and become my dna. i'm strugglin and i'm okay with it. this removes the frustration and i can start to enjoy the turmoil and process of it all with greater ease.

i know it takes around 30 days to form a new habit and around a month also for taste buds to change. i know if i eat the right stuff for 30 days my body will DESIRE the healthy stuff and be turned off and repulsed by the bad tasty junk food. and i struggle adding in enough good to balance out the bad so i can make that permanent conversion. and yes some of that is my own fault. and it's okay. i'm owning the struggle. that's the purpose of this blog. it's a bit like free therapy. i'm venting. if you're reading this, kudos!

have the best day ever,

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QIGONGBELIEVER 11/21/2013 10:25PM

    I second the thank you for sharing Seth. It's been awhile since I was on here but you have helped me alot each time we've talked.

I, too, struggle with food addictions.. especially sugar!!!

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SWEETSOUNDS11 8/4/2013 9:27AM

    Well I must say Seth, you really have done a good bit of research to educate yourself on some core areas of nutrition in regards to your health. It's really commendable and impressive. I know very little about nutrition on the molecular or hormone levels but I feel informed after reading that. Thank you for taking time to blog and share your knowledge. Keep up with the great rebounding and love your self to the fullest!

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Getting CLOSER!!!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Welcome! Guess what, I'm getting closer because I got myself on some new better information, so naturally I'm going to weave that into what I'm doing and create better results. You can do this too.

For anybody male, female, old, young, any race or color or creed any religion or spirituality...hormones tell our bodies whether to store fat or use fat as fuel. Just yesterday I learned of a new hormone(well new to me at least) called Adiponectin. What's cool about this hormone you ask? Well it's the hormone that tells the body to burn fat for fuel. It kind of regulates what to do with the glucose and food you take in, whether to use it to store it for later or whether to use it for fuel feeding the muscles. Regardless, anybody living in this day in age especially in the USA has a real problem with estrogen dominance. I certainly do, and if you are overweight or obese, you do too. Because bodyfat stores create their own dang hormones and they produce more estrogen and more aromatase enzyme, both which tell the body to keep and store more and more fat, which is a vicious cycle because more and more body fat just keeps telling the body to make more estrogen and aromatase enzymes and the effect is exponential.

For me, and this has really been the case most of my life especially from my teen years on up through today, with maybe one exception about a year ago when i got down to 240 lbs and was doing fantastic only 35 lbs away from reaching my goal ! .... the aromatase enzyme inhibition information eluded me. I had no clue, i didn't know or realize what this nasty thing does, it also creates secondary sexual characteristics, which basically means as a male i've struggled some with my self image as an adonis aries masculine god, by feeling all too feminine at some times because i didn't have the "look" of a man really. sure i have a beard and i am tall handsome and can have a lot of muscle, but my chest isn't flat or chiseled, and my hips and waistline resemble more female characteristics which truly does a number on my self confidence and self esteem......for years and years of my life, because of a silly little enzyme. aromatase enzyme. you see as a guy i have testosterone and estrogen, both male and female have this, but for guys the issue is when you put on some toxins, the body protects itself by sealing it up in fat cells and stores it away from the internal organs as far as it can, but the skin keeps it locked in. this body fat then produces estrogen and aromatase enzyme. this enzyme does something really nasty for all of us, but guys feel the effect worse, it steals the testosterone out of our body and converts it into estrogen! whoa whoa whoa wait a minute hold the phone there mister. i need my testosterone, it prevents cancer especially prostate cancer and it helps build my lean muscle mass which helps burn my fat stores off! let me keep my testosterone so my confidence stays up so my self esteem stays up so i don't miss out on the best years of my life not having the best time ever!

so this nasty aromatase enzyme steals my testosterone and converts it into estrogen, so now i pack on even more fat in my chest and waist, hips and thigh area, and the effect just snowballs, and losing weight gets harder and harder because the hormones are telling my body to store fat you see.

so counting calories is pointless if your hormones are telling your body to store fat, truly. even doing cardio and lifting little 5 lb weights doesn't to much in the fat loss department. oh sure it helps your heart health(so long as you replenish minerals like magnesium and selenium to keep your heart pumping and eating organic tomatoes) and it helps build some endurance and stamina, but it does not burn off fat like you think it does, not if the hormones tell body to store it despite your cardio efforts. lifting heavy weights (like less than 20 reps maximum) stimulates your body to release the hormones that build muscle(which is lean not bulky it takes years to bulk up) and then to burn the fat off. muscle does burn fat so lifting heavy weights is good for bones(piezo electric effect) and good for building muscle and burn fat. muscle even burns fat in your sleep. see some of this info is new to me because i've been focusing on my health for a long time now, at least 3-4 years.

so about this aromatase enzyme inhibition....passionflower is perhaps the best plant/herb for stopping the enzyme. indole 3 carbinol, which is found in cruciferous veg like broccoli is good also. flax seed, which i had been avoiding when i found out it was a phytoestrogen(which may have been a mistake) also helps inhibit the enzyme. soy is horrible just don't do it avoid soy please. seeds are also good like flax seed and pumpkin seed(im a guy i need the zinc)and fenugreek seed(ladies if you're pregnant this increases breast milk production) and other stuff. so the thing is, if i can stop the enzyme from stealing my testosterone(which already lowers when everybody reaches 30's-40's all our hormone production decreases across the board for everybody and health is about keeping the glands producing high enough levels of good hormones well into our elder years. so if i keep my testosterone, and put on a little muscle, i can burn some fat off, now i have less fat producing estrogen, and less aromatase enzyme to store fat, and by doing both of those things im reducing my risk for cancer. estrogen dominance is a great factor for increaseing obesity and all health risks especially cancer and especially liver disease. you see, our body has 4 eliminatory (to eliminate) channels, the lungs, the skin, the colon, the liver. these things are like the ventilation we need to keep open and clear and clean. think of an air filter all clogged up, hardly any air flows through it. the same is pretty much true of the body we want everything flowing through our filters.

well quickly back to the estrogen issue. in the usa especially, both genders have estrogen dominance. in females we see tons of uterus issues, all kinds of surgeries carving and cutting out precious goddess organs like ovaries and uterus sometimes even breasts are hacked off (there were times i wish my female chest was hacked off so i could look and feel more like the man that i am) and a lot of those female issues are due to estrogen dominance. plastic is just awful stuff unless it is hemp based plastic. i don't like petroleum plastic for lots of reasons, it creates a static charge to its direct atmosphere, it creates estrogen because it is one molecule away from being estrogen/plastic, it is chemically toxic, and it helps oil barons stay filthy rich and feeds their unrespectful intentions. here's the thing about water in plastic're drinking estrogen so you're telling your body to store fat and become a fatty. and the more "less plastic" thin the bottle is to be all "ego and green" the WORSE it is because plastic as most people know is not biodegradable, BUT what they don't know is it is actually photodegradable which means sunlight/photo breaks it down. so light leeches the plastic chemcals (it is literally melting into the water) and the water becomes plastic estrogen water to make us fatties. and toxic sick fatties at that. so where i was going with this is estrogen comes from plastic bottles, it comes from chemicals like parabens (breast cancer from antipersperant and deoderant with parabens and other chemicals in it on the armpits right near the lymph nodes and right near the breast boom breast cancer made easy(not the sole reason but you get the idea). laundry detergents, household chemicals, any and all crazy chemical lotions and sunscreens we expose our skin to, maybe even the chlorine in the shower water goes right in the skin like a sponge and makes estrogen issues. anything not organic(humans are organic creatures you know not inorganic) so any foods like soy and other bad things that are toxic. remember my very first lines near the top ? toxins are sealed up in fat to protect the body and organs. so anything you expose yourself to, put on you, put in you, anything you eat or drink that is toxic is stored as fat. and fat ladies and gents promotes aromatase enzymy activity and promotes and releases IT'S own estrogen, on top of your body's normal production, and all that stuff tells the body to store fat no matter how many miles you jog, no matter how long you're on a treadmill, no matter how many litres of plastic spring water bottles you drink, no matter how much calorie counting(which is truly a waste of time as all people are different and no calorie is alike it's just a game wasting time), no matter WHAT you do. if your hormones are saying "let's store fat and produce hormones to make them even more fat, which produce more hormones to make them even way more fat" and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on.

bad estrogen buildup needs to be removed. the liver does this, but it lacks a methane molecule to do it. methyl molecules come from sources such as cruciferous vegetables, msm supplement, possibly even sulfur veg like roots vegs(but i may be confusing sulfur with good foods for joints so bare with me on that one) but basically the indole 3 carbinol cruciferous veg and anything with a methane or methyl molecule helps the liver in breaking down bad estrogen. now what, well now the body gets rid of it in 3 ways. this is kinda bad news. because one path is bad, one is horrible, and one is perfect and ideal. look it up. seriously.

so if you eat the right stuff you can tell the body to use the right path to remove the bad estrogen and you gotta eat the right stuff to speed the process of it exiting the body through the whole digestive/colon avenue as quickly as possible, if things get stuck or slow down, the estrogen(and other toxins) can leech right back into the bloodstream and start the process all over again or possibly worse create new ones. keep the colon clean and flowing, poop at least everyday or everyother day or maybe several times a day, just keep it moving!!!!!

sesame seeds, flax seeds, fiber like apples, seeds, chia seeds which are just awesome, and other stuff help grab the bad estrogen and keep pushing it out of the colon when we poop. we don't want it to stay in our body, we want it all out.

so now i'll just kind of recap here, first of all i'm not a doctor and the legal saying is to legally consult your doctor, the drug pushers that promote practicing medicine(yes practicing) and that this information is all more like entertainment and not designated to cure anything or treat any dis-ease. legally only a doctor can "cure" anything. i'd like to see them actually do it though. but you can remiss things! you can reverse things! and detoxing is perhaps the best method along with fortifying your body with nutrients, especially micronutrients, phytonutrients, minerals, organic material. anyway im an average joe trying to get healthier and shed the baggage and looked a lot up on the powerful tool the internet.

lift heavy weights, drink spring water from a real spring that you know is safe and clean, or properly filtered water, always drink out of a glass, eat or juice or blend up your cruciferous veg(cooking them might break them down and lose or mutate the nutrients so focus on raw) and keep the seeds in there, sprout or germinate them if you want. learn more about aromatase enzyme inhibitors and about the bad estrogen removal pathways, and remember to sleep and rest as much as you need(but don't overdue it listen to your body) and human growth hormone from goji berries(the body makes it but these berries stimulate it) and melatonin(from supplement or from sleeping bedtime around 9:30pm everynight) will promote more fat loss and more muscle growth and repair, so you'll be less fat.

so am i a fat guy right now? yep but i'm a 'healthy' fat guy getting CLOSER to reaching my healthier goal weight of 205. body mass index says i should be about 185, but i want a little bit more muscle, with my height i guesstimate that around 205 based on similiar physiques at 6'2" from what i saw on the ufc weigh-ins. they aren't puny skinny and they aren't gorilla jocks, and they are all my height and gender. so that's how i arrived at 205. and i'm getting closer because i make smoothies usually in the morning or after a workout which have more things like sesame seed, flax seed, passionflower, fenugreek seed, brazil nut(selenium), chia seed(fiber), pumpkin seed(zinc) and some fruit usually like berries(natures vaccine)which also berries are great fiber. these things with spring water from an actual spring in glass bottles help me out. i'm now starting to learn and add in the lifting HEAVY weights to force my body to secrete the hormones that promote fat loss and muscle building. who knows, by this time next year i might even look like a movie star or fitness model on a magazine or calendar, hopefully though i'll be happier with how i feel and look and be all the healthier for it.

i pray you learn more about some of the things i've mentioned above as they have taken me either years to find, or years to study, and yes i believe in this information. I also rebound which i believe in especially after no less than 10 minutes of it. i also believe in lowering cortisol which tells the body it is stressed so store fat for survival mode, lowering cortisol by lowering my stress, by breathing deeply whenever i remember to, by stretching, by relaxing, by removing fear and worry from my life, by doing yoga, by meditating, by chilling or chillaxin'! by embracing abundance and nurturing and cultivating abundance and health.

may you have the best...BEST...DAY...EVERRRRRR!!


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DIVA711 7/7/2013 6:16PM

    You have the best day ever (or rest of the day) also! I suffer from PCOS which causes issues with hormones (testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid hormone). It also causes issue with losing weight also. Congrats on getting close to your goal. I wish you continued success! Keep rocking it out! emoticon emoticon

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