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My 2014 wish for you

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

It is not original, but it is still heart felt...

May the Angels protect you, troubles neglect you and Heaven accept you when it's time to go home. May you always have plenty, your glass never empty, and know in your belly that you're never alone. May your tears come from laughing, you find friends worth having, as every year passes they mean more than gold. May you win but stay humble, smile more than grumble and know when you stumble, you're never alone. Well, I have to be honest, as much as I wanted. I'm not gonna promise that cold winds won't blow. So when hard times have found you, your fears surround you, wrap some love around you, you're never alone. Happy New Year to all my well loved family and friends! Tomorrow a new book starts with 365 blank pages, make your 2014 book one worthwhile to read.

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ICANBESLIM2 3/11/2014 6:06AM

    Hi Maggie,

I see you are still going strong. What a wonderful example for me to take note of. Hope your year is as wonderful as what you hoped for others.

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BARCLE 1/5/2014 11:40PM

    emoticon wonderful 2014 to you and family too emoticon

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SUSIEPH1 1/4/2014 8:29PM

    That's just lovely Maggie .. Thank you xxHugs Susie xxx emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PALMTREEGIRL1 1/4/2014 5:59AM

    Lovely, Maggster! Thank you for sharing.

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MEADSBAY 1/3/2014 4:38PM

    Thank you, my friend.
May 2014 be a beautiful year for you and yours.

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JANTHEBLONDE 1/2/2014 4:39PM

    Happy New Year! 2014 is going to be an awesome year!

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MEXGAL1 1/2/2014 3:19PM

    Thank you so very much and Happy New Year to you as well.

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DOOBRIE 1/1/2014 12:42PM

    Wonderful, Maggie - Happy New Year to you too!

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DEE797 1/1/2014 12:05PM

    This is beautiful! Happy New Year to you and yours. emoticon emoticon

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IFDEEVARUNS2 1/1/2014 10:49AM

    Happy New Year, Maggie!

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AUTUMNBRZ 1/1/2014 8:50AM

    Love it! Happy New Year. I wish you and your loved ones many blessings and much happiness. emoticon

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KELLIEBEAN 1/1/2014 8:02AM

    That us beautiful. Thank and many blessings to you in the new year!

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SHERIO5 1/1/2014 7:52AM


Thank you for sharing! This one is new to me as well!

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FITAT50 1/1/2014 6:41AM

    I've never heard this one before, it's beautiful, thank you Maggie! Happy New Year to you and Mr. Roelf!


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RDEE22 1/1/2014 6:32AM

    That is lovely Maggie! emoticon

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PHOENIX1949 1/1/2014 2:17AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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What have I in common with Britney Spears , Kristin Davis, Emma Thompson, Britt Eckland etc?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

We usually get it from our parents, yet few people are willing to reveal anything about it as there is a stigma attached to it. Yet, at least 40% of the population have this condition. People treated are from 12 years and many under 20 people already have these problems.

Well, what is it? I tease and say it is “very closed veins” as in varicose veins.
I had ultrasound guided Sclerotherapy last Monday since I had 3x Phlebitis in my right leg in the last 6 weeks and it is a very painful inflammation.

The specialist injected an agent mixed with air to make white foam which is easily visible with ultrasound. The foam is injected into the vein and causes a chemical injury to the inside of the vein wall. The specialist explained it is like ‘superglue’ for varicose veins, in which glue is inserted into the veins to destroy them.

Early research suggests that the glue not only glues the vein walls together, but also destroys the wall of the vein – an essential part of the process if the vein is going to remain closed permanently. Also when one is prone to headaches the injections might bring on migraines.

I need to go back after two weeks since they could not get to the very inflamed vein. Because the veins are inflamed, I have a swollen and a red angry reaction to the injections even now a week later. Yes, of course it will go blue, purple, green etc. but the worse part for me is the pain. I am having painkillers and an anti-inflammatory tablets.

The specialist said the vein walls heal itself over the ensuing weeks and month to form a scar which effectively seals the vein shut.

So all I can say now is… It is what it is. I can’t use my elliptical for 6 weeks but I walk at least an hour a day.

I will heal and in the mean time I am so very vein!

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BABARR67 10/9/2013 11:42AM

    Hang in there. I had one leg taken care of last year. The doctor stripped the veins though and tied them off with silk. For some reason I wasn't a good candidate for either laser or the saline injection. It looks and feels so much better. He said phlebitis was a bad side effect bc it is painful but it pretty much ensures the vein won't reopen. So there is a plus side!

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  I hope you feel better soon.

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MEADSBAY 8/5/2013 10:06PM

    Oh, my dear Maggie-
just read this-
hope you are recovering satisfactorily,
or at least no longer in pain.
I'm 'so vein', too-
how are your legs looking?

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MATHGURL 8/5/2013 7:52PM

    Sorry to hear you werehaving such problems.......hope you are feeling better by now

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STR458 7/21/2013 8:01AM

    Hoping you are back to normal routines quickly, I'm sorry you suffer... I hate pain having had migraines when I was finishing University in 1979. I understand pain puts everything on hold, makes one tired and sad. You have a wonderful attitude. (I used meditation to learn how to keep migraines back until finally I haven't suffered migraine since 1980 I was the same ages as my dad had migraines when he was age 20-21yrs old)

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HOPEFULHIPPO 7/21/2013 3:53AM

    Oh Maggie, hope you recover quickly!!!

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MEXGAL1 7/20/2013 7:57PM

    I do hope that you heal quickly and can get back to your normal routines.
Have a great rest of the week end.

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PHOENIX1949 7/20/2013 6:34PM

    Here's to a speedy recovery. This aging business is a real challenge, isn't it?

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SANDLADY48 7/20/2013 6:07PM

    Follow your doctor's instructions Miss Maggie Britney, Kristin, etc. Sounds ouchy!

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UZA77777 7/20/2013 4:14PM

    That does sound painful, but you've got the right attitude and I sincerely believe you will heal quickly because you've been giving your body the nutrient dense foods it needs to do so! Take care of yourself and all will be right soon. Blessings....


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DAKOTASMOMMY_07 7/20/2013 2:11PM

    Ouch!!! Take very good care of yourself.
God Bless~Christina

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JACEUG 7/20/2013 12:52PM

    Hi Maggie,

Thanks for the update. Thinking of you and hope the pain and inflammation subsides soon.

Hang in there...just think about those sexy legs you gonna have afterwards.


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DEE797 7/20/2013 11:49AM

    Do hope the healing process goes quickly for you. emoticon LOL about you being so vein.... emoticon

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LIS193 7/20/2013 11:41AM


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FITAT50 7/20/2013 8:47AM

    Ouch! I hope they heal quickly and you can be pain free again. I love your sense of humor and outlook on life.

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BEWELL48 7/20/2013 8:05AM

    Hope you have relief soon! I too have "very close veins" LOL. Fortunately am not experiencing any inflammation at the moment. Have had that treatment in the past!

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PALMTREEGIRL1 7/20/2013 7:10AM

    HA! You have the most marvelous attitude! I just love you Maggster!

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SHERIO5 7/20/2013 6:42AM

    It's hard to be side lined from your usual routine, but if it relieves the pain...

I hope you are completely healed soon!

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DARLY55 7/20/2013 6:36AM

    It's ok to be vein! But I know you would rather be vain instead!
Heed the Dr's advice, hard as it may be. Take care.

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IFDEEVARUNS2 7/20/2013 4:59AM

    LOL! Feel better quickly!

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AHAPPYLIFE 7/20/2013 2:08AM

    LOL, you are very funny - I too am very vein!!

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SUSIEPH1 7/20/2013 12:49AM

    So sorry Maggie, it must be so painful .. Walking will certainly help .. But do not over do it ..
Thinking of you my dear friend .. Hugs Susie emoticon emoticon

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I need to stop for a while with The Plan

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I still have candida and I am taking anti-inflamatories for another problem and I know from experience that I will get false readings from my scale. I still have to retest goats cheese and wine. Steak is ok for me.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

THEMRSH 7/5/2013 10:23AM

    How are you doing Maggie? Have you been able to resume yet?

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LITTLEIM 6/26/2013 1:08PM

    Hope you get better soon and can keep a lot of the things you enjoy in your diet.

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FITAT50 6/26/2013 11:10AM

    emoticon I hope you feel better soon Maggie!

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MEXGAL1 6/25/2013 6:27PM

    nice though that you are finding out what works for you.

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PEPPYPATTI 6/25/2013 5:09PM

    I hope you feel better soon! emoticon emoticon

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LIS193 6/25/2013 12:17PM

    Feel better soon!

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DEE797 6/25/2013 9:48AM

    Hope you feel better soon. emoticon

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IFDEEVARUNS2 6/25/2013 9:06AM

    Take a rest and feel better.
I'm OK on red wine, but not the other two.

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SHERIO5 6/25/2013 8:19AM

    Please take care! Hope things resolve quickly for you. emoticon

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KELLIEBEAN 6/25/2013 8:05AM

    Always good to readjust according to what your body needs!


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ALISHAM2009 6/25/2013 6:30AM

    Glad to see that you are listening to your body to know what's best right now. Hang in there! You are doing so well and a break will be positive.

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SUSIEPH1 6/25/2013 3:37AM

Love the idea of eliminating foods that do harm Maggie .. I am sure a rest won't hurt .. Hugs Susie emoticon

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The Plan – Start Over up to end of day 3

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Since I am eating lots of vegs every day of my life, I really don’t think starting the programme over will have any negative results for my liver. Once again one must realise that Recitas is speaking to the American audience who are eating an American diet. I have never been exposed to the American diet as we always cooked from scratch and don’t eat fast food except for once or twice a year.

So far I know that I can add butter beans, chick peas, rye crackers, white bread, white basmati rice, brown basmati rice, red capsicum and the combination of steak and white basmati rice to my diet without any negative results.

I am uncertain regarding goats cheese and red wine.

These are my results so far. Take into account that I have stopped The Plan over the weekend. I will not do so again, that is for sure…

6/6 = 84.3 kg
7/6 = 82.5
8/6 = 81.5
9/6 = 80.8
10/6 = 80.9
11/6 = 80.7
12/6 = 80.6
13/6 = 80.7
14/6 = 80.8
15/6 = 80.8
16/8 = 81.0
17/6 = 81.8 Monday Start over
18/6 = 81.2
19/6 = 80.5
20/6 = 80.1 This is the lowest weight so far.

Starting weight converted to pounds = 185.46 Today = 176.22.
I have lost a lot of time but let it be. There is merit in it for me to keep on testing.

Weight loss so far = 9.24 pounds.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GRANNY2B2 6/24/2013 11:07PM

    emoticon emoticon

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BOPPY_ 6/24/2013 12:43AM

    Another nitro-idiot: "American Diet"! emoticon

Keep after it. I know you are! emoticon

Lee emoticon

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PEPPYPATTI 6/21/2013 7:39PM

    Way to go Maggie! That is an awesome job! emoticon emoticon

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LIS193 6/20/2013 12:57PM

    You are doing great 4 kilos in 2 weeks is a great result!

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IFDEEVARUNS2 6/20/2013 11:28AM

    The fact that you maintained the loss is inspiring.
I'm now on day 6. Sure love that wine and chocolate.

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DEE797 6/20/2013 11:23AM

    WooHoo!! So glad to hear that TP is working for you. Wishing you continued success on your journey! emoticon

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MEXGAL1 6/20/2013 9:41AM

    Woo hoo, good for you! Sounds like the plan is really working for you.
Best of everything

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SUSIEPH1 6/20/2013 6:47AM

    You are doing a wonderful job Maggie.. Just make sure you have enough nutrients.
Especially Vit D,E, Calcium and Iron..
emoticon emoticon emoticon Hugs my friend ... Susie

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KELLIEBEAN 6/19/2013 10:53PM

    That is really impressive!

I'm also impressed that you only eat fast food once or twice a year.


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ALISHAM2009 6/19/2013 8:07PM

    Great job, Maggie! I am amazed at your results. emoticon

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FITAT50 6/19/2013 7:41PM

    Maggie that is wonderful!! Have you found anything yet that you are reactive to?

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SHERIO5 6/19/2013 6:34PM

    Yourweight loss is impressive!

How are you feeling? Good energy?

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SANDLADY48 6/19/2013 6:33PM

    Wow, very confusing, but great weight loss.

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The Plan - Receitas Day 7-9

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ok, here things are getting muddled. It is easy to see what is happening when I am a good girl. What if I am not?

On day 7 I gained 100 gram or .22 pounds and the same on 8. Why? Day seven I stayed course, but for the life of me I won’t eat all that garlic sauce. No, I love garlic but the moment it is too much… well I’ve had it. I think a lot will depend on how strong that garlic is and the ones I have here at home is very potent.

I did not make the potato chips as it is way too much to turn on the oven for 3 chips. And to be truthful, I am not a big fan of chips. Once or twice a year, then it is nice to have a portion but more than that, I simply just don’t care that much about it.

Day 8 & 9
I had my flax seed breakfast every morning but I am beginning to find that the full cup of flax seed is too much for me. With the fruit I can actually go with half a cup and still be very satisfied.

I am now weighing my water intake plus milk and sugarless teas to make sure I am not going over my water allocation.

Last night I was hungry so I had more vegs, all has been tested before.
Today lunch time we had bits and bobs out of the freezer and I had a bit of pork, chicken, beef and chickpeas with satay sauce.

For a snack I had 4 Brazil nuts and it is not on the menu so tomorrow should I test reactive, I won’t know which of the new foods, the nuts, the beef or the peanuts in the satay sauce caused it.

I am taking the day off tomorrow as we are getting guests over. I will still eat my normal breakfast and soup for lunch.

All I know that before The Plan, if I don’t stay on course, I am gaining rapidly.

There is merit in this way of testing one’s food. I will do course corrections from Monday on. I will not stop. Watch this space!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KASHMIR 6/18/2013 7:03PM

    Really interesting. I think I will see if my library has this book...I may not follow it, but I love to read about nutrition and all these new (and old) ideas about it.

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DEE797 6/17/2013 12:50PM

    A whole cup of flaxseed does sound like a lot at one time. It sounds like you are getting a handle on what you can and can't eat. I'm finding it interesting to read your blogs and see how you are incorporating The Plan into your lifestyle. Wishing you all the best.

Comment edited on: 6/17/2013 12:51:11 PM

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A-NEW-PAULA 6/16/2013 6:16PM

    Very interesting! I have a book that is several years old called The False Fat Diet which is a elimination diet similar to this. It makes me appreciate not having food allergies because all that happens to us if we eat something off plan is we temporarily gain a lb or 2 but others get super sick or almost die!
Keep up the great work! I did read some where that you can do the initial 3 day cleanse monthly (but not recommended more because it is taxing on the liver or something like that).


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IFDEEVARUNS2 6/15/2013 1:05PM

    Thanks for the update. I'm fascinated. emoticon

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MEXGAL1 6/15/2013 9:42AM

    I think it sounds like you are still doing great. The gain is just so small, I wouldn't be concerned.
Have a terrific week end.

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MEGCALIF 6/15/2013 9:29AM

  Well, you have several possibilities for why you gained: eating late, eating multiple animal proteins in one day, not getting the right amount of water, peanuts can be highly reactive, etc etc.

Also, any sauces are optional, plus you only use a couple spoonfuls per serving.

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SHERIO5 6/15/2013 9:24AM

    You sound like a woman on a mission! Is Mr. Roelf eating on the Plan as well?

I hope you enjoy your guests!

Comment edited on: 6/15/2013 9:26:32 AM

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MELTEAGUE 6/15/2013 8:31AM


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PALMTREEGIRL1 6/15/2013 6:14AM

    Great reporting! Keep up the great work!

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SUSIEPH1 6/15/2013 12:17AM

    Sounds like you are doing great .. Onward to success.
Thanks Maggie .. Love to read your Blogs
Hugs Susie emoticon emoticon emoticon

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