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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1/15/2014 @ 3:39AM - I have rediscovered my 'Start' page several weeks ago & have been spending time exploring it. I just tried to re-set my daily goals which turned out to be nothing but a major act of futility! I deleted the present ones only to find I have a very limited list of preset goals to choose from, many to most of which I simply cannot do b/c of the health issues I deal with 24/7 (some of which are stated in my first, & last entry here 2 years, 1 month, & 10 days ago, but whose counting.) I have been a member of SP for over 5 years now & have not been able to do one single exercise minute. Maybe I can track the ~ 3 - 5' in takes to get down the 14 stairs & out of my building, however, I barely do that on a weekly basis so what's the point.

Back to re-setting my goals that are relevant to me. Each time I tried to change/add a goal tailored to my needs I wasn't allowed to add it unless it had a "name & type'. What kind of gibberish is that??? Presently I cannot #1. Drink 8 8oz. glasses of water/day do to (this will mean nothing to most) b/c I was diagnosed w/ 'SIADH' in 2005 when I drank so much water that I put myself into 'water intoxication'. I was younger & more active then & really didn't realize how much water I was drinking. Fortunately for me at the time my doctor was a Nephrologist/a Dr. who specializes in diseases of the kidneys. Unfortunately for me my sodium level in my blood dropped so low I could have seized, etc. I queried my Dr. about how it is said one needs to drink 8, 8oz. glasses of water/day. Consider his point of view, his response was (paraphrasing) 'I didn't say that.' & he continued 'Any fluid is basically water that is flavored & colored'. Due to my inactivity, I use the urine method to guide my daily fluid intake. I also check labels for their sodium levels, not to see are they low enough, I need to check for them to be high enough. #2. I passed on 'fatigue' in my prior post so I guess there is no time like the present. I was diagnosed with a 'Sleeping Disorder' (totally different entity from Insomnia) & a 'Circadian Rhythm Shift (regulates one's sleep/wake cycle) in 2008. I totally shifted in 5/2009, simply put, my days are your nights & your days are my nights. It's bad enough to be out of sync with oneself but it is worse to be out of sync with everyone else. Thus, having a goal of obtaining 8h of restful sleep a night is not an option for me. I was also diagnosed w/ Fibromyalgia 1/2010 & while I do not have the typical symptom of generalized myalgia (muscle pain from head to toes)I still deal w/ pain just from other sources & my baseline went from tired to fatigue & I go from there. #3. Due to my mostly being inactive for assorted reasons, how am I to exercise 30' 3X/week? Believe me when I say that I prefer not getting on the floor as getting up from it is more than a bit difficult. #4. I don't cook. I can & have in the past but I just don't enjoy it & at this point I have too many days where I just simply don't have the energy or strength. Food shopping is interesting as I need to go with someone or have someone lined up that will carry my groceries up the 14 stairs. I have me, myself, & I & since we all share the same energy we don't do much. Needless-to-say, I'm not doing this aging thing very gracefully.

Well I guess I've said enough. It's a lot, however, I was venting... I don't think I'll be exploding now. Actually, it's ~ 5:00AM which used to be my bedtime. Presently it's anyone's guess. I used to write things down to refer to them later prn. Looks like there's something to be said for journaling or whatever. Unfortunately this doesn't come easy for me as you can tell by the date of my last post. I need to add that somehow I have managed to maintain my sense of humor, one always has to be able to laugh as it has it's own healing effects. Besides, a good hearty laugh really gives the lungs a good airing out.

Due to it's length, it's understandable that this will be passed by or maybe a mere skimming over. And that's OK. Any advice/suggestions/words of wisdom regarding re-setting my goals will be greatly appreciated & graciously accepted.

Were you to be so inclined, I thank-you for reading this. Take good care & be well. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LIVEDAILY 2/13/2014 4:49PM

    Marge - I'm sorry to learn of all of your health issues and the troubles you had with your Start page. Have you tried to revisit the Start page since then? It's very interactive with the drop down menu of old. I'm pretty sure if you use the drop down menu and go to Spark Points, you can then choose "Other Goals" and select goals from there. Have you thought about trying to find a Spark Team that will support you? I enjoy our chatting with the word game on the NJ team!

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PATRICIAANN46 1/15/2014 2:11PM

  Hi Marge.......
The advice given to you by HIPPICHICK1 re: the Site/Technical help is the same that I would give to you.
My Best Friend (we have known each other since age 3) has Fibromyalgia and has had it for over 30 years. Her sleep cycle is also the same as yours and she just can't seem to change it. I am sure that you have already checked out all of the information available re: Fibromyalgia, but if not, there may be some helpful hints given that you can use.
Another thing that comes to mind is the success written about on this site re: chair exercises. Is this a possibility for you?
I don't feel that I have helped much, but maybe just a little?????

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HIPPICHICK1 1/15/2014 8:33AM

    Hi Marge...well, if I were you I would get on the community boards and ask a tech how to change the goals.
Just go to the top of the start page and on the orange bar you'll see "community" on the right. Roll over that and a red drop down menu appears. Click on "Message Boards." Under "Get Help" click on the link that says "Site/Technical Help" and then post your query there.

As for your goals I would say that if you are monitoring your water intake and you see it as adequate for you, then I think that would qualify as "8 glasses of water a day." Lots of people need 8, I need more, you need less. The goal of drinking water is there only to keep one motivated and hopefully mindful that water is the best thing to drink instead of coffee or cola, for example.

I have fibro too and the one most important thing in regard to my pain that I discovered quite by accident was that eating wheat made my pain worse. I took wheat out of my diet (I don't eat gluten free, btw, just wheat free) and after 4 days without it I woke up and 70% of my general body pain was gone! And I said to myself, "Wow!! I don't feel like I was hit by a truck today!" Going wheat free is something to consider. There are a lot of yummy breads out there that are made from different types of grains such as Spelt and Kamut, plus pasta made from brown rice, spelt or kamut is out there too, so it isn't hard to go wheat free.

Good Luck!!

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Don't know what to call it? Listing my needs? Looking for Solutions?

Monday, December 05, 2011

12/05/2011 - I'm not sure what page it was, however, I just re-found this page having to do w/ my exercises. I removed all exercising trackers as possible as they are not possible for me to do at this time. Maybe someday, but I won't hold my breath. Due to my knees that have severe DOA & no medial meniscus in either (thus, I have bone-on-bone) making kneeling basically impossible,my back injuries from 9/2008 (10 total) & being prohibited from getting the care I need compliments of Medicare (no more procedures by the Interventional Pain Specialist to relieve the spasms & pain caused by them w/ or w/out activity), I need to find low-to-no impact strengthening exercises for both arms & both legs. There has been a marked decrease in strength in all 4 which I starting noticing months ago & it's getting worse. I've asked here on Spark People w/ no luck, trying to get a cycler to use with my legs & arms, however, I'm not sure I will gain strength by using the cycler. Also, my upper arms, need to rid of those teacher's arms ASAP, HOW? I hate my body & that I have no clue regarding exercises to decrease its quantity & increase its quality. Where do I go for the answers to the exercises I need to do to loose this obese weight. My body was not meant to be like this & I need it to get back to a lower & light & stronger weight. HOW?????? I would also like to get the knack of meditating as doing so may help me in others ways that physical exercising cannot do. Fatigue... I'll pass on that for now. Is this what is called blogging?

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    Yes, this is a blog, and a good one. Congratulations on your first blog post.

If you do a search for "chair aerobics" at the top of the SparkPeople main page, it will link you to others who are working out this way. I've done a chair aerobics class, and with resistance bands, hand weights and balls, we got a pretty good workout, even within our limitations.

I don't know what your situation is, but you could try your local library to see if they have chair workout DVDs, or if there is a Senior Center near you with an exercise program you could participate in -- our local senior center will even have someone pick you up if transportation is a problem. Just a few ideas off the top of my head.

I'm so glad you are looking for ways to increase your fitness. Some of us will never run a marathon, but we can still be "all we can be."

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POSEY440 12/5/2011 12:05PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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