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2014 - I am back (for now): resources, inspiration and my new wonderful life (with challenges)

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Hello Sparkpeople friends

I haven't posted in a very long time. Things have changed a lot.

- I moved to a lovely home in rural Switzerland with my partner. I am a housewife and freelance language teacher. My partner offered me to pay for my living and food by taking over the household chores. I love being able to give my time and work and not money (that for now keeps coming in irregularly), plus it makes me move.

- I put the weight back on; 51 kg it was at its maximum. I was so fit leading up to the move with all the packing, walking around in the good weather etc. I have managed since late autumn to loose 2 kilos by eating less.

- I am the main chef ;) in the home now, which means I have control. I cook healthier foods and am trying to make the portions smaller, but also have treats.

- I have a craving (chocolate etc.) problem

- I have built some nice habits: morning pages (after Julian Cameron), gratitude journal before bed, oils to wake/stimulate (citrus) and calm before bed (lavender).

- I love listening to podcasts now (the Rich Roll podcast, The Wellness couch and all their podcasts: favourites are Up for a Chat, Inside the Champion's mind, 100 not out, Careers unplugged)

- I am working on my productivity : books, ("Eat that frog" by Brian Tracy, "Get things done" by David Allen), Daily Docket to do list by Tsh Oxenreider and apps: wunderlist and Todois, mind mapping apps

- I got my best friend's old iMac (2007, Mavericks works still fine on this) and I enjoy the big 24" screen and all the apps that help me

- I had a hard look at myself after I inflamed my knee using Jillian Michael's "Ripped in 30" on a too hard a surface (yoga mat on our beautiful terracotta floor). I enjoy the programs, I did the 30 day shred again in May/June and felt great, but I don't enjoy the cardio part much. To take care of my knee I will do other things. I am doing Yoga since monday and I crave it so far. I have built it into my morning and evening routine. It's not so hard to do and I have several short or long videos, depending on how much time I have in the day. I will add more walking (Mon, Wed or Thu, weekend) and hopefully some more challenging yoga programs and some strength training. Maybe go back to Jillian in a few months, when I have built some strength and the knee has not responded with pain or anything...

Challenges 2014:

- keep building my career: widen the network, applications, replace the students I have now with new ones

- exercice (Yoga AM/PM for beginners with Barbara Benagh for now, since Monday; strength training and interval/heavier yoga around 3 to 4 times a week, get the cardio through walking the steep hills of where I live now)

- get the cravings under control and find a balance between not blindly giving into them and letting myself have nothing. A small sweet a day and an occasional treat (when eating out every other month or at a birthday) is the goal

- Keep the habits I've built up, for they make me stronger, mentally balanced, but when stressed the have a tendency to be left undone.

- Track the exercise on sparkpeople. I tend to get tired of tracking. I will not even attempt to track the food. I am losing weight with what I do (healthy breakfast, no or little lunch, healthy evening meal)

Cheers everyone, how have you been?

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KEC1974 1/27/2014 8:24AM

    Hey! Which part of rural Switzerland? ;) I love morning pages, I use for mine. Hope you're treating your body gently but giving it the movement it needs and wants.
All the best!

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PEGGY11 1/8/2014 9:47AM

    From the pictures I have seen, Switzerland is a beautiful country any time of the year. This will make your walks so interesting. emoticon Glad you are back. emoticon If I don't keep track I gain so here I am. I am at a plateau right now, but hopefully not for long. Have a good day. emoticon emoticon

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CLUMBOY 1/8/2014 8:37AM

    hi there--thanks for stopping by my blog--I am going to look into some of the sources you cited. interested to see you do morning pages--I do them too off and on, my sister in law gave me a copy of "the artists way" many years ago. take care of your knee--if you start on the high impact stuff again, wrapping it at first would probably help. I have a knee brace that I bought at a local drugstore--one for each knee. I don't use them all the time, but if I start having problems when running I wear them for awhile and lower my intensity. it helps. have a lovely day!

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GHOSTFLAMES 1/8/2014 5:17AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MARUCA-C 1/8/2014 5:11AM

    Love it! Thanks for posting!!! The 30 day shred is awesome! I have a soft spot for it, it beat me into shape a couple of times over the years! emoticon

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LIVELYLULU37 1/8/2014 4:56AM

    Great Changes!! Keep pushing!! Currently I am doing The 30 Day Shred! IT's going ok. Many changes are taking place in my body. YAY!

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Here we go again... for good it seems (but offline) or Finding the key to make it last

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hello sparkpeople and friends

Well you might ask yourself what happened to me since August. Well, I did 3 weeks of Body Revolution and then I basically stopped.

About a month ago I was fed up. My inner thighs rubbing against each other when walking, feeling sluggish, down (also due to the wintery weather way into March and April) and frankly fed up with myself and my inactivity.

I sat down and I asked myself: What do I need to change to what I did the last two times I attempted a healthy lifestyle?

The answer, after a lot of thinking: Less online tracking, because I never stay with it. I tracked for a few weeks in the past (which is enough according to Jillian Michaels, if you remember how many calories your usual meals have) so I know that the fat and sugar levels need to decrease and the protein and fiber intake needs to go up. I also need to start exercising and be more active again.

So therefore, I am not tracking now. I made myself a template in Open Office and printed it several times.

I note my exercises (and notes about it), my 3 meals, my snacking and drinking habits, feelings/thoughts/note on my exercise, healt or eating habits and anything else I want to add (inspirational quotes, thoughts, general remarks etc.). I've noticed that I had no problems in the last 2 weeks and 2 days that I am back on it, to scribble the paper full after each meal. I don't write it down with calories and all (because tracking every food and adding new products annoyed me on sparkpeople and was always the first thing I would discontinue doing and then my disappointment kind of derailed me), but I describe the meals with ingredients.

I am NOT saying I don't think the trackers on SPARKPEOPLE are not good, I think they are brilliant! I am even thinking of coming back tracking my fitness on here additionally, do a challenge again or whatever... But not the food! But in order to get on track, for now it needs to be be me, my spreadsheet and Jillian Michaels' "30 day shred" and a motivational "30 day shred group" on Facebook, plus a workout buddy from the same group that is also somewhere around day 13. Yes you see, I am well on it, I am almost halfway through the Shred and definetely feeling, and slowly seeing the change!

This is what I PMed to said buddy today (excerpt):

"Hi XX


I will be doing the 4th day into level 2 tonight. [...]

I am very grateful to leave level 1 behind me. I find all the jumping around annoying, as I have very delicate (ok ok weak) ankles and all the jumping got the me the last 3 days of level 2. I did the shred in 2010 (March) and I do remember now liking level 2 better as well. It is very hard, and I have to do the modified versions in order to take the impact of, but I am working up a good sweat and am trying to give it all where I can.

I am in my late 20s (29 in October) and I've always been thin, with curves in the right spots and never had to watch my eating until 25. So I was a lazy bone most of my teenage years and as a young adult, apart from hiking I didn't do much. Since turning 26 or so I've gained 8 kg, which for my Indian body is a lot of weight and my whole metabolism has changed. A lot of women I've talked to in my surroundings have mentioned, they had the same thing (some of them twice, around their mid 20s and then later again with menopause). I find that interesting.

I am trying to eat more sensibly and eat slowly and really listen to my body and to stop when I'm full. I also have started to try to stay active after a meal instead of passing out on the couch. I have an active, motivational, and loving partner, and he is really supporting me and pushing me (yesterday I nearly didn't work out, but he made me, lol I owe him). He loves healthy food and going outside so I am pushing him to push me. We will be living together from summer on (he bought a small house) and so I hope the cooking healthy for two and going outside regularly with him, will add to my healthy routine. I find it hard to stick with it over the long run. I've been trying on and of for 3 years now.


This summarises well, where I am at at the moment.

I feel very good, I sleep better, I feel happier, calmer/anxiety free (I have job-wise quite an uncertain future and will have to find a new job which really had me awake at night panicking). I can move longer, I am more motivated to do so, I enjoy the healthy foods as long as I don't have to log them in by calorie, but I can and make myself write down quickly what I consume. And I do love Jillian Michaels, her videos and podcasts and books really help!

I will post on here irregularly and only if I have time on my hand. For the rest, as I said: It will be me, away from Sparkpeople (apart from the Facebook site), but taking everything I've learned on here and taking all the motivation, kind words and good imput this Site has been and is providing me with!

Lots of love,


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PATSYB7 5/14/2013 6:10AM

    You go, Maria! Being mindful is so key and you're on the right track. Knowing what's best for you--well done! Keep us posted on your progress--we're here to cheer you on!

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Maria doing Jillian Michael's BODY REVOLUTION

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I will do my review of week 2 soon (I still have to do it in my RL journal as well, got a lot of time for that tomorrow)... but I wanted to give a link to where I will be posting my daily impressions of the BODY REVOLUTION (only execises not the food regime) :


who's doing the drill and enjoys it (more and more)


Week 2 - Ta da the aspirational dress!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

This is it. The aspirational dress for my big birthday bash in Summer 2014 (!). My birthday is in October, my Mum's in January but we agreed to celebrate in Summer of 2014 that I am 30 and she twice as old exactly (60), so we are 90 years old together! How cool is that?!

It cost me a fortune (70 bucks instead of 130, so I saved a lot), considering I am not earning much, but I got a few business deal and I looked for a wine-coloured dress like this for years, so I splurged!

The dress (a 34 European/Swiss size) fits me, but it looks not so great in certain places. I want - not to be very thin - but to be healthy and with my old figure (8 kg heavier here than a year ago, that's like +19% of my normal body weight) by then (will achieve that faster) and STILL BE IT then (errr hard one that!). I can do this!


2012 - Week 1 (5. Aug - 12. Aug) - I feel great... now it's about keeping it up!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hi sparkworld

I have decided to keep it mostly offline with the entries, as I am doing this journey mostly for myself and because it's the internet and some things are private etc. Also I was inspired by the journal of a fellow member the sparkpeople staff presented and I am keeping now a log with data, pictures and impressions. It logs:

- longtime, mid-term, short-time/weekly goals columns and notes for them.

- Noting down stuff that I found easy, stuff that I found hard

- Motivational things that happen to me and motivation I've passed on

- Other notes

I had a very good first week overall. I have not lost much weight (500g) but I am not dieting heavily but taking it slow. It's not so much about the weight loss, but making changes. The weightloss can go slow, if steadily I am not in a rush. It's about healthy, not thin.

As far as the week goes:

I ate within my calorie range and I've prevented myself from falling off the wagon due to not having time by doing a bit more on Monday and so let myself do nothing apart from walking fast on Tuesday. I've exerciced 5 days (one scheduled break today and exercised on Saturday instead of Thu when I had a migraine).

What really makes me estatic though is how well I feel. Anxiety levels are down, I sleep better, I am more awake and less sluggish during the day, I am less out of breath when hiking, my digestion has normalised (always had problems going from one extreme to the other), I fit better into my pants already and I feel more comfortable in my body. Keeping my daily routine with not falling asleep on the computer and nonesense like that during the week when I live alone in my shared-flat (and not with my partner like on weekends) have improved greately. I felt the need to go offline an hour before bed and just relax or read. Before I would game or watch TV series for far too long.

I struggled only with snacking but kept eating fruit and removed temptations. Getting myself to exercise was something I looked forward to at best and had to push myself and just put the exercising gear on was when I didn't feel like it. But I did it. Overdid it and made myself shakey on Saturday by doing 15 minutes circuit training BEFORE 2h of hiking. Should have just let that be!

My partner and my surroundings are very supportive. My partner is wonderful, he started jogging (additionally to his badminton evening with collegues), but he is very thin and can eat what he wants. But he wants to build strength. He respects whatever and however much I want to eat and does not grill me on eating a merci chocolate. We keep it lighthearted as we do with everything in live (he's a keeper I know!) and I share the knowledge on fitness I gain from books and articles. He's really great! I keep posting my fitness activities on my FB because there are people who will ask if they stop and some people wanna start doing more themselves. I also told someone about all this and my goal to keep healthy which helped him understand that reaching a language certificate is a longtime/mid-term goal as well. I made several analogies to my health journey and it seems to have had quite resounding effect. Makes me happy!

All in all a good week. I was better than ever despite pressure (lots of work and two relatives in hospital - scheduled but not without risk, wasn't an emergency or anything). While this and the pressure of not enough lessons from next week on would have driven me to TV, doing not much and snacking, I felt pretty strong and capable throughout the week.

I so wish I can keep this going and not fall off the wagon, again!

One week of the logging-10-min-a-day-fitness challenge I did as well. When I am done in 3 weeks I'll start the bootcamp...



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