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Saturday, April 05, 2014

So we're still in the early stages of the challenge...we are only on Week 4 of 10. So far I've lost a total of 5 lbs (+1,-5,-1). Already half way to my 10 lbs lost goal =]

Doubt this week will show a loss. I need to go get groceries very badly but haven't been able to go. It's too windy to take the lil ones out the last couple days and I need too many groceries to take them since I'll definitely need a cab to come back home and I'm not trucking around 3 car seats in the store just to get groceries. Besides I always walk to the store and only cab back. I find that if my cupboards aren't stocked very well that I eat miserably.

I also know that if my house is a mess that I feel more tired and I feel lazy. I don't want to cook and I don't want to workout or get outside for a walk. The house is definitely been in desperate need of a full overhaul since we were all sick off and on, taking turns of course so that Mommy can't take a break LOL. I've been working at it slowly, making small dents in what seems to be the never ending mess LOL. Laundry is finally caught up (although not all away yet LOL). that was really bad because we had a lot of "clean ups" to make when we were sick and so towels became priority, not clothes LOL. Bathroom almost looks completely clean again =] It always was just done in little sections LOL. Kitchen is still a work in progress. I've got a long way to go before Tasha's birthday party on the 12th!!!

I've made a list of what I'd LIKE to have done and then I'm breaking it down day by day getting it down usually room by room now if possible but also by how important I feel it should be done before the party. Some things can wait but I'd prefer it to be done just to look nicer. It's only family so no real pressure but I'd like it to look nice again LOL.

As for the rest of my goals...Cardio has been within range every week except the 1st one...not sure if it was or not so not going to count it. As long as it stays consistent now that I have it down pat.

Strength training...ya not really started yet. Better get it going for the remainder of the weeks so I can get it consistent to get that swim suit!! Livingroom is much cleaner most days so should be able to get some strength routines going. Just have to remind myself =]

Something I haven't made a goal but am proud to be doing now...getting outside couple times a week!!! Also have been chatting more on the boards...although it hasn't been the challenge groups board, but I have been talking more to spark buddies and it's been mostly positive talk which has always been a struggle for me.

Let's see how I'm doing in a couple more weeks =]

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SPUTNIK512 4/9/2014 7:53AM

    Keep it up!!!

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    You are doing GREAT my friend. I'm so proud of you. You're one of the busiest ladies that I know and you are STILL making time for YOU!!!! That's HUGE. Keep up the good work & congratulations on the 5 pounds lost!

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DWORB415 4/6/2014 6:00PM

    emoticon Congrats on your 5 pound weight loss! Keep it going!

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EMMACORY 4/6/2014 8:27AM

    Take it one day at a time. emoticon

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FITFRIT 4/5/2014 10:17PM

    Don't ever give up!

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BARBARAROSE54 4/5/2014 6:19PM

    emoticon emoticon

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Proud To Be In My Own Skin!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thurs was a birthday party/going away party for the one girl I was doing daycare for her son. I wanted to go out and look nice. Something I normally dread getting ready for.

In the past I hated dressing up because I always felt disappointed in the nice clothes I have...which isn't much since I HATE getting dressed up. I used to feel dumb getting all ready for something nice and I just wanted to get home and strip down to my nice comfy normal clothes LOL.

I haven't worn an actual dress probably never since Brandon was born LOL. I know I've worn a skirt a couple times because it was a wrap skirt and I could then move the button a little if need be and it still fit. Still hated wearing it...just felt silly in it. Plus I never had any shoes to wear to dress up mainly because what's the point if I'm only going to wear them once every couple years. So I'd grab my black work shoes and clean them up since they're the dressiest shoes I had...sadly enough.

So this time I wanted to look just as nice as everyone else. To buy myself a couple things to boost my confidence. Since I'm such a stickler on money...I bought mostly nice stuff that was on swap sites.

My Mom gave me a black dress that she bought for herself but didn't fit her. She told me I could have it if it fit and if not that I could sell it on the swap sites (she hates change rooms so she does this quite often). I finally tried on the dress. It's only been here for several months LOL. I put it on and I was amazed!!! It smoothed out all my problem me there's many!!! Minimized my muffin top...disguised that spot where extra me squeezes out over the band of my bra...hide my baby pouch...and it was cut to stop over the knee. Enough to look sexy but without looking like a...well you know LOL.

From the swap site I purchased square heeled boots and zip up and stop just below the knee. Also a pair of earring and a necklace. Although I totally forgot to put on the necklace and earrings...I still felt great about myself =] I shocked those that knew me because they saw me in a way that they had never seen me before!!!

Can't forgot that I got frustrated with my hair and took the scissors to them. Yes I cut my own and have for many many years. I found a way that I could cut my hair and have next to no mess and to be done in less than 10 mins!!!! SOLD!!! I grabbed the scissors and away I went. I was extremely skeptical of the things I had learned on youtube to do a fast hair cut but figured oh well it'll grow back plus I know how to fix it if it's really bad. I was shocked at how well it turned out!! I have gone back to layered hair again plus I thought I'd try side bangs. I left my glasses at home since truly I only wear them out of habit. They're needed for reading from afar and most of the time I can see fine without them but they're nice to have for long periods at the computer and if I'm watching tv I can focus on more of what's going on the screen instead of just focusing on the main parts.

Anyways...point of this blog??? For the 1st time in as long as I can remember...I was excited, and confident, and just proud of the way I looked!!! This is huge for me. Even back in the day when I was between a 10 and a 12 I still couldn't feel good about the way I looked. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin.

A HUGE step in the right direction!! I'm now looking forward to being invited somewhere again where I can dress up =] Although I think a purse is in order for next time LOL. I've never had a purse and was always against them. Now the point of what I'm trying to do is no longer do ONLY what I'm comfortable doing...but to every now and then do something that is out of my comfort level. Comfortable means no change means I'll be this way forever. I don't want that.

I'm finding that as my confidence grows, so does my desire to try new things =]

I'm falling in love with the new me!!! I look forward to the next adventure!!

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IAM_HIS 4/1/2014 4:26PM

    Wow, what a wonderful blog!! You are amazing!!! What joy you brought me to hear that you are happy being YOU! This is great news for me to know that you are feeling this way!! You have grown so much and have come so far!! I am rejoicing in your victory!! So grateful you shared this blog!! emoticon

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AJDOVER1 3/30/2014 5:03PM

    Great to read this blog!

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DEBSZOO74 3/30/2014 2:22PM


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DAWNWATERWOMAN 3/30/2014 11:49AM

    I am so happy that you are learning to LOVE yourself. That's the most important gift that you can give yourself. Congratulations on your 5 pound weight loss this week too! You're doing GREAT! You should post a picture of you in that awesome party outfit. Good job on saving money with the swap shops too!

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THEVOW2013 3/30/2014 8:17AM

    emoticon emoticon You are beautiful!

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BARBARAROSE54 3/30/2014 7:07AM


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Goals - Deadline May 22

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

As promised, here are my goals for this round of The Biggest Loser. May 22nd seems it's so much further away than 10 weeks LOL...well less than 10 weeks now LOL.

- lose 10 lbs
- min of 120 mins cardio per week
- min of 45 mins strength training per week

- new swimsuit

Weigh in is tomorrow and I've been already peeking at the scales. You know when you just "feel" lighter? Well I had that feeling on Sat so of course if you're at all like me you just have to see if you're right. I was!! A whole 5 lbs lighter =] Had to check this morning of course to see if it was too good to be true...I'm actually 6 lbs down for the week!!! Usually this wouldn't make any sense but I have an idea of why this time. During March Break I was doing really good til the twins birthday party. My food intake had been drastically decreased putting it back in line with almost where it should be. The birthday party we had pizza and pop and cake and cupcakes. I did ok. Could've been better, could've been worse. The rest of the week I snacked on leftovers. I ended up being 1 lb gained which didn't surprise me at all.

My eating has been fairly decent this week as well. Also went for a couple long walks and fluid intake was fairly high since I've been fighting a virus since last Wed. Sun I had to go to emerg to get antibiotics...coughing blood was something not to ignore. It was nothing serious. My throat and nasal passage had become raw and they started to bleed a bit. Obviously infection follows because your mouth is a very dirty place with loads of bacteria and germs. I figured this before going since it happens pretty much every time I have a cold that is still bad after a couple days.

Dealing with kids with runny noses has kept me busy too LOL. Although I AM shocked that it's a large # for one reason...generally I gain when I'm not getting much sleep. I eat and eat when I'm tired and I don't move much.Thinking back to this week though I haven't had time to eat and eat and there were a couple days I didn't feel like moving but other days that I moved a lot.

Looking forward to next week to see it all level out and get a better idea of how I'm really doing =]

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DEBSZOO74 3/27/2014 12:58AM


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MARINEMAMA 3/26/2014 7:03PM


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THEVOW2013 3/26/2014 5:48PM

    May 22 is close 8 weeks emoticon

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    I hope that you are just as light tomorrow as you feel today!!! Glad that you are set with your goals & planning to move forward for the challenge. I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work.

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BARBARAROSE54 3/26/2014 11:26AM


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Another Beginning

Monday, March 10, 2014

1st I want to apologize to anyone I haven't gotten back to in the last couple days. I will be in touch soon - I promise!!

This week would be March Break...It's my one uninterrupted week with my older children...MY ONLY week that I get with my older children that is uninterrupted. Also we are celebrating the twin's birthday this coming weekend since theirs is really next weekend and the older boys won't be here. March break also means that I have an extra daycare child...great for pocket, but more crowded LOL. Another March Break tradition that we have started is that my Dad generally comes to stay for the week =] He enjoys seeing the kids all together instead of them all coming and going without getting much time in with them because they're at their Dad's or have to go to school.

Another BLC starts this week. I lost 5 lbs last time but sadly gained it all back again. I have my reasons and they make sense, but I'm not letting that be the case anymore. I've made some changes and it's stuff that won't be easy to go back to.

I have come to the understanding that my main focus at this moment should be more based on food. Exercise is important too, but if I'm eating the wrong stuff or eating way too much, exercise isn't going to help me...which is probably why I'm up and down on the scale constantly.

I tend to eat better when Dad is here so this should be the kick start that I need. Although Sat for the birthday party I will be ordering pizza (not cooking for that many people!! I'm not totally insane LOL) and eating cake. But it is only the 1st week. So I will have time to bounce back if I work hard the following days.

I have also come to realize that I'm still just standing still since my best friend who is several inches taller than me is now almost 20 lbs lighter than me. I've never weighed more than her!! I think her progress is amazing and I'm very proud of her, but at the same time I need to use that as a wake up call. I'm not at all jealous, she deserves her progress, she's worked very hard to get where she is. I need to put a more visible effort into myself.

I'm getting a lot better at treating myself in positive ways. I'm longing to buy nicer clothes and for the 1st time ever I want to buy a purse (I HATE purses LOL) and I'm going to buy myself cute earring and a matching necklace for mother's day for myself from the kids. I haven't wore jewellery in years because I worked in fast food industry and for those that don't know..that's a food safety hazard so no point in wearing jewellery for a day or two and then having to put it away again for a week, so I stopped wearing all that stuff and couldn't tell you wear any of that stuff disappeared to LOL. I have so many ideas of what sort of rewards I want to give myself now for each milestone...I'm just worried I won't have enough milestones to meet to get everything LOL.

It's getting pretty late so I should get going, but I will share my goals for the next 10 weeks the next time I blog =]

Have a nice night!!

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KASURP 3/13/2014 6:24AM

    Love your reward ideas! You WILL do this!

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SPUTNIK512 3/11/2014 8:20PM

    Sounds like you've got some awesome rewards in mind! You can do it and the Lovely Limes are here to help!

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    Excellent blog my friend. I'm so excited about the Spring into Action Challenge. The very NAME has inspired me. I'm glad that you appear to be doing well. Don't worry about the gain.... move forward and trust that THIS is going to be YOUR time. I'm glad that your friend is doing well. It helps to have a friend to buddy up with... you can support & inspire one another. Have a great time with ALL the kiddos...and Happy Birthday to the twins. GO LOVELY LIMES!

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GORIANA 3/11/2014 2:40PM

    I can relate to the pendulum. Good luck. Keep up posted on how you get the food going....I need to do that too.

emoticon emoticon

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BARBARAROSE54 3/11/2014 11:37AM

    enjoy your week. wising you a successful challenge emoticon

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Through The Thick Of It

Thursday, February 20, 2014

All in all I have no choice but to be proud. Winter will no longer be getting worse and signs of spring should be approaching in the next month or so with any luck. Oddly enough we're having a thunderstorm as we speak - that's not common...who has thunderstorms in Feb???

Daycare is going well enough. Not as comfortable with the financial end of it as I'd like to be but it's not as stressful as I feared it might be. However received news that soon I will be losing the one because they're moving over a half hour away so that they can take care of her great grandma. At least I'll have one debt paid off by then so I won't be relying so heavily on the space being filled.

The Lil Ones are adapting relatively well with their dad being moved fact they don't really notice since their dad wasn't home much anyways. They ARE however struggling with getting into some sort of routine at their dad's and their dad has been calling me several times a day while he has them because he can't handle "being trapped" for so long. But that seems to be my only large amount of stress at the moment.

My older boys seem to be adapting well to the change and I'm not running into any issues at the moment with their dad either despite the conflict we had a few weeks ago.

The Winter Biggest Loser Challenge just wound down and I'm happy to say that I lost 1 more pound than I thought I could...I only aimed for 5 but hey - it's the winter!! Fighting temptation with Christmas and sales of chocolates for Valentine's Day and all the stress in between with Joe moving out - I'LL TAKE IT!!!

I have a couple weeks to prepare myself before the official start of the Spring Challenge. I'm into a much better routine and I'm catching up on a lot of sleep MOST nights. My scale has been in rough shape for a while but now I have Wii Fit so I'm tossing the scale and forcing myself to use the Wii to see my weight. Since I'm one of those people that KNOWS better but still has to jump on the scale regularly, this will help me get into a fitness routine because I HAVE to start Wii Fit to weigh in =]

I have regular "ME" time now and I also get to have time with friends on a regular basis now too =] Things are definitely going good again. This is the part where I usually say, "ok any second now...something is going to happen" but this time I'm not going to sit by and wait for something bad to happen. Instead I'm going to get up and enjoy the good while it's here. Yes bad things will happen, but why not enjoy it when it's not so bad??

I would also like to brag that I FINALLY have my room almost completely done =] It's taken over a year to get my entire apartment decluttered and I can safely say that by the end of the Spring Challenge, IT WILL BE DONE =] I currently have the majority of the stuff sitting in a closet now (yes it all fits in just the tiny closet now LOL...not overflowing out my huge closet LOL) and each time I get a chance to work on my room, I will pull one box out and go through it. I would like to have it all gone through by March Break so that I can set all my junk out on the one table outside and then post an ad on the swap group I belong to saying FREE first come first serve, anything left by the end of the week goes to the dump. Then I want to have a friend help me take the rest to the free trailer as well as have the one local person taht picks up e-waste to come and pick up all the stuff that needs to go but can't go to the dump (breadmaker, old cordless phones, breast pump that has already been used for 5 kids, etc). I find that having the clutter reduced has really helped me have a clearer mind and to just sleep more soundly, and to organize my time better. When you're not overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done, life seems so much more enjoyable.

I am going to change all my goals again and I want to really push hard this year. I want to show myself how strong I am on my own and that I can learn to love and appreciate myself WITHOUT having to have the approval of someone else. I'm excited to be this new me that I have been dying to be =]

It starts now!!

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    I am so happy that things are working out for you. I hope that you will soon find another little one to fill the empty spot of the one that you are losing. I am proud of your weight loss. I'm proud of you for sticking up for yourself and standing your ground. Good for you to be in a safe & happy environment, alone than to be miserable WITH someone there. Things will work out. Have faith. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

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MS_PERCEPTION 2/23/2014 3:33PM

    I'm SO glad things are clicking for you right now. I SO totally agree that a clear house helps with a clear mind. I am also in the process of decluttering. In fact, I'm about to go through my closet (or start anyway). My mom's garage sale is in May and I hope to have gone through my house by then so I can get it gone!

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AJDOVER1 2/21/2014 4:47PM

    You're making great progress! You absolutely should be proud!

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BARBARAROSE54 2/21/2014 10:55AM


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You are just doing emoticon

I too find the clutter does something to you and I have been working on mine but sounds like you are doing much better than me. I have a whole attic full of " stuff " !! Its just not insulated so I have to pick my times of the year to work on it .... spring is coming so I need to get after it.... Thanks for motivating me !! I need it !!

emoticon emoticon

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144AUTUMN 2/20/2014 11:51PM

  You can do it!!

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