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baskets, bunnies and eggs oh my!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

With the grass finally sprouting, the flowers blooming there's lots of bunnies hopping around my house. I don't mean the furry kind. My boys are so excited for tomorrow they can't contain themselves! They're being extra good, or attempting to anyway...sort of like around when Christmas is here. Life has gotten difficult for a short time but I'm hoping this week it will pick up and get better again. Good news to tell, my went to get another colonoscopy done. He's cancer free! He's only got a slight case of diverticulitus which can be managed with diet. Well with that, I will wish you all a wonderful Easter and hope for sunshine for all your little bunnies!!!!


stupid stress anyway!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I've been trying to refrain from writing negatively this month....guess its not working...yup thought I had it made with the little one. No dice...yet anyway. Every night is a fight to get him in bed and I'm so tired I'm seeing things that aren't there. Its driving me crazy! About 11 yrs ago before my hubby n I were married, we got broken into. Had our back windows smashed in and our 2 week new 4 wheeler stolen. We recovered the wheeler 2 days later, but the scars of it still remain today. I get the feeling that somebodys watching us around this time of yr and tonights no exception. I was trying to get the little one to bed and saw headlights heading out of what looked like my side of our open garage. Well id forgotten that our Amish neighbors were at the school tonight and they were being picked up. Possibly with the car pulled along side the front of my jeep looking like someone was in it. I panicked and quick called my husband at work and he's all upset n worried now as well. I pray I will sleep tonight and not be on eggshells over my tired feeble brain....ugh my kingdom for some sleep! I'm sure that's all it was and nothing to worry about, but once its happend its always in your mind haunting you visciously like a plague that won't go away!'s praying I sleep...night all!

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68ANNE 4/12/2014 7:18PM

    I really dislike when my brain will not stop long enough for sleep. I have started meditation and that seems to help quite a lot. I hope yours let you rest soon

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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Last night, my mom gave me the idea of switching my oldest and youngest sons beds around because we've discovered that the littlest doesn't want to be alone at night. Sooo I did it, and sure enough he only got up once and fell out of bed once as well. When I put him back to sleep he wasn't crying or even complaining! Thanks mom for the idea! I got some sleep, but with missing almost a week or 2 worth of sleep, I fear a cold maybe in order for me. Unless its allergies, not sure yet. I took today off to take it easy and now I'm trying to but I've gotta wake up hubby which takes forever and a day. I wished sometimes I could sleep like he does. Just tune out the world and not care about anything. Oh well, such is life...hope everyones week is going well!

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68ANNE 4/10/2014 12:11PM

    Amazing how sometimes the little things make a huge difference

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CAROL494 4/9/2014 12:20PM


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a special treat

Thursday, April 03, 2014

I am sooooo excited! Saturday morning my kids are going to my inlaws and I'm going for an hour massage! I've managed to save enough to get it done after not being able to all winter. I'm sooooooo happy! Then afterwards I'm heading to a local church to look at Easter baskets they're selling. I don't usually feel as though I deserve stuff because its been an ongoing problem I've got with myself, but this time I do feel as though I've earned it. I don't mean to sound so selfish on this what a rough winter with everything that's happend. I hope everybody has a great weekend! I'm hoping to have things start turning around for me!

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MJ7DM33 4/5/2014 12:20PM


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MILPAM3 4/3/2014 10:05PM

  When is the last time you took time for just YOU? Bet it's been a while. Feel absolutely no guilt!

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PENNYSAVER2 4/3/2014 9:38PM

    Enjoy yourself. You deserve to pamper yourself. emoticon

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68ANNE 4/3/2014 5:57PM

    This is not selfish at all, you give all the time and taking the hour for you is good

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need help!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Ok here's the 6yr old son shakes something terrible. He eats something it stops or slows down. I'm getting a prescription from the dr to get him tested for hypoglicemia and diabetes. If it comes back that he is, how do I feed him when all he wants is stuff like carbs which aren't good for him? I have tried talking to him and explaining that he needs to eat better foods so he will feel better, it has only sunk in part way. HELP! I need ideas on what to give him protein wise that he would like...kid friendly recipes and I'm calling out to all my friends who know of or have a similar condtion for advise. I realize this is a bad situation, because at times I fear I suffer from it myself. If I don't eat proteins in the morning to refuel myself after the night, I get shaky, clammy and start sweating almost as if I'm going to pass out. So he must get it from me. Thanks to all my sparkbuddies, I've tried to eat better leveling out my blood sugar. There are those mornings when I'm too rushed to eat and end up in trouble. I've never been formally tested myself except for when I was pregnant with the boys. I think with my middle son I was borderline diabetic...but never "offically". So I managed it with diet the best I could. So I can use all the help I can get on this one...please?! Thanks to everybody in advance for it!!

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YENGLISH100 3/29/2014 1:47AM

    I am sure you are getting to a doctor, good advice. Blood sugar is nothing to take lightly. I like Deb's idea of a shake. I was going to mention it too. However, I would recommend some type of protein powder too.

I used to make shakes with cocoa powder, protein powder, banana, blueberries, and maybe yogurt and agave to sweeten.

Another idea is a high quality, good tasting protein bar.

Whole Foods has some decent high protein pancakes that you can add berries on top and make your own whipped cream with low sugar.

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DEB62BIE62 3/28/2014 8:19PM

    Well, for breakfast, have you tried making a smoothie with peanut butter, banana, and other fruit. You could call it a breakfast shake. I have those sometimes when I'm in a hurry, or don't feel like eating anything heavy. I have diabetes 2 so it's a little different, but if he needs the protein, and he like peanut butter, it's an idea?

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68ANNE 3/28/2014 7:43PM

    I do not know much about it but I would think if the doctor does diagnosis him then they will have you get with a nutritionist. Plus there are many groups on SP that deal with diabetes in children and child friendly meals

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GEORGE815 3/28/2014 11:47AM

    Get your son evaluated. Diabetes isn't a great thing. I have tried to manage my condition.

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