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Happy Days 50 and 51...

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Happy day 50, Friday:

Another day of great moments. The dog is barking less when I leave the house now, I think he finally realizes that I will be coming back.

Happy day 51, Saturday:

Had a visit with my sister-in-law, who took some awesome pictures of Zeus.

Justy also came to visit and to meet Zeus, who instantly took a liking to her.

Went for a drive with my sister-in-law, picked up some moving boxes that I am borrowing from the office, and then we stopped by the housing where my new apartment is. We had a quick look on the outside.

Tomorrow, I will go back to see the inside.

I move on September 15. I am really looking forward to having a bigger place.

Zeus decided to eat the crotch out of a pair of my underwear this morning. He pulled them out of the laundry hamper in my closet, and munched on them.

Here is one of the pictures that my sister-in-law took:

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BETHEUNICORN 8/3/2014 1:28AM

    Oh my goodness, Zeus is a beautiful dog!!! My dog likes to eat my undies whole. emoticon And I don't just mean thongs, I mean big, ole granny panties. He doesn't discriminate. Always scares me to death that he's going to get a blockage or something. I try my best to keep them away from him but he's a little sneaky butt. Lol!

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Happy days: 46, 47, 48 and 49... getting healthy with the help of Zeus

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy day 46: Monday

Back to work, came home after lunch to check on the dog. He peed at the back door, but I didn't scold him -- he's in a new environment, and he's still learning.

Also discovered he's clever. His water bowl is on top of a bucket with a lid that holds his dog kibble. When I left in the morning, the bucket was sitting on the floor leaning against the end of the counter. When I got home from work, the bucket was on its side, leaning on the counter, but it was inside the "L" shape of the counter, and there was kibble on the floor all around it. The water bowl was on top of the bucket, upside down. Which means (to me, anyway), that the dog moved the bucket, opened it, snacked on some of the kibble (half of what was left was missing), and then put the bowl back on top of it (upside down), so that I wouldn't notice that he was up to no good. LOL. Silly dog.

Happy day 47: Tuesday

Came home from work, later than the day before, and the poor dog made a mess -- he had a bout of diarreah. Didn't scold him, because I knew it was an accident.

Happy day 48: Wednesday

Came home at lunch time to check on the dog. He was ok, so I took him for a walk and then went back to the office.

After dinner, later in the evening, I went dancing, had a fantastic time. When I got home, I found another sign that the dog is clever. He didn't make a mess. I had left an open (but sealed) bag of icing sugar on a tray that was sitting on top of the toaster. There was about a cup of sugar left in the bag. I found the bag on the floor next to the fridge, with the tie carefully removed (it was intact), but the bag itself had a hole the about the size of a silver dollar, and half the icing sugar was gone.

Happy day 49: Thursday

Woke up late, and fed the dog, who didn't eat right away. Since I have to wait 45 minutes after he eats, I started on some chores. About five minutes after eating, he suddenly squats and has a huge dump right on the floor in the kitchen -- it was soft and looked more like a cow pie than a poop, but by the time he was done, it was coming out in liquid form... diarreah again. I figured it was the icing sugar he ate the night before.

I cleaned up, got ready for work, and then took the dog for a walk, since 45 minutes had passed since he ate. Good thing, because he had a liquid poo. Brought him home, and went to work. At lunch time, I headed to the store and picked up some new dog food (as per instructions from the SPCA), and dropped it off at home. Took the dog for a walk, and then went back to the office. Nothing for me to find when I got home.

The dog is really a good dog. I actually look forward to taking him for his walks. I love how the walking is changing the way I look. I also love how I am beginning to feel. Even though we don't walk at a super fast pace, I am still moving, and my body feels great! My clothes are fitting loose, and I have a lot more energy.

I find that once we've made our trip around the track, I still feel like walking, so today, for both of our evening walks, we ended up going for a walk around the block before we went home.

The dog loves his walks too! So it's win-win!

I think tomorrow we will start going around the track twice -- 2 km!

Life is good!


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CHELLEBELLE104 8/2/2014 12:44PM

    That is awesome. Sounds like everything is working out. He sounds very clever. You are probably going to have watch out lol. My pooch is smart too. She believes she is part human. Hugs love hearing your adventures.

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RR1_RR1 8/1/2014 6:55PM

    Awe. dogs are the best aren't they. My dog has a habit of flipping her bed when Im goneÖ.have no clue why lol.

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SALAM4545 8/1/2014 12:43AM

    He sounds like a very smart dog. Good luck outwitting him with the food!

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MCFITZ2 8/1/2014 12:40AM

    You have a lot of love and forgiveness. We had two large dogs for a very long time. We had them on the invisible fence and it was wonderful since they both had figured out how to open the screen doors and let themselves out. Also counter tops and table tops were no problem if there was something they wanted. lol
Enjoy you buddy and hope the new food is just what he needs.

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144AUTUMN 8/1/2014 12:26AM

  Keep up the good work!!

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KMACKENZI3 8/1/2014 12:15AM

  I think you are good with your new dog and obviously you are benefitting from him as well as him from you. What kind of dog is he ? The paw looks like a Dane and I have one named Buck. Thanks to you Buck is going to get evening walks as well . Good luck.

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Happy Days 44 and 45... Life is good!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy day 44, Saturday, was an interesting day.

Started off with a good breakfast for myself and for the dog, and then after a 45 minute wait (as per dog-feeding instructions from the SPCA), we went off for our morning walk.

First five minutes in, some bimbo woman with her dog off the leash lets her dog charge my dog, and of course, I got stuck in the middle of what could have been a mauling -- her dog attacked my dog. My dog managed to get a grip on her dog's neck, and her dog submitted to him. I was holding on for dear life, so my dog wouldn't get away from me, and in the midst of the dogs pawing and snapping at each other, I ended up getting scratched on my side.

Once that was broken up, we continued our walk, and then headed home to rest.

Afternoon walk didn't go so well. My dog was hyper the whole time, looking back and forth and behind him for any possible ambushes. Not pleasant at all. so we went for another walk around the neighbourhood, and he was relaxed. Tried the park again in the evening and he was still nervous about it.

I think his previous owners may have beaten him, because he cringed when I reached down to pick something up at his feet yesterday. He was bracing himself for a hit. It made me sad to see that.

I am convinced, though, that he is actually a very good dog. He follows me around and sleeps at my feet, which I think means he's bonded with me.

Happy day 45, today was much better for the dog. We went for our morning walk, but I took him in the opposite direction in the park, and he was not so hyper. We went for another walk in the afternoon, finding a new path to take through a different park, and then our after dinner walk was in the park across the street again, and he was not at all hyper this time.

Tomorrow will be the true test. I go back to work, after being home with him since he came back. I went for groceries on Friday, and had plans to go out on Saturday, but I worried that leaving him alone after he was attacked might make him more hyper. Today I went out for about an hour, and my neighbour said he barked for about five minutes, and then stopped. Nothing was destroyed! YAY!

After spending the last few days with him, I came to the conclusion that Winston was not a suitable name for him. He is a Zeus. So that's what I've been calling him all day, and he has responded to the new name well.

Have a fantastic day!

Zeus relaxing on my bed after a great walk:

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CHELLEBELLE104 7/30/2014 9:20PM

    Awww. Zeus is so adorable. They are just amazing huh. You are doing great.

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JUSTYDENNIS 7/28/2014 2:15PM

    OMG I can hardly wait to meet him. Let's do a meet up this weekend! We can meet on the bridge or I can bike over and we can go for a hike somewhere like Park Mousette?

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Happy days 43 and 44.... (wo)man's best friend...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy day 43:

Yesterday was a great day.

emoticon I picked up Winston from the SPCA, and brought him home. He had the look of wonder in his eyes, a bit worried, and a bit excited at the same time.

When we approached the front door, he moved ahead of me and put his nose right next to the door handle. He spent about twenty minutes scoping out the house, and then came into the living room where I was sitting, stretched, and then lay down on the long floor mat there... and let out a HUGE sigh. Then he came over and cuddled with me!

He's so thin. He was at the shelter for two months, and apparently had the runs the whole time. They gave me special food for him, and some medication to give him. His stools have been solid, though, so I guess it was just stress that was making him sick.

Checking out the kitchen:

He is just a sweetheart! I have a feeling that he'll be sticking around after the foster period is over.

I was so excited about having him with me that I actually forgot to eat lunch and dinner! I was getting ready for bed when I realized it! I made a small chicken wrap from leftovers, and then slept like a baby.

Happy day 44...

Today, I stayed home with him, and we hung out. Took him for three walks - one was to the office building where I work, so I could show my co-workers.

When we arrived at the building, he kind of freaked out when he saw a statue ... he growled at it, and wouldn't go near it, but he stood and watched it, maybe waiting for it to move? LOL. It was comical.

When we left, he got a little closer, but he was still about six feet away! LOL.

He's a lot more relaxed today, and he even left some of his dinner in his dish, so I guess he feels like he's at home!

He dreams a lot, his feet are running in his sleep. And he's goofy. Definitely has a sense of humour. He also snores. And he farts. A lot. Not sure how my house is going to smell after a week of him farting like that. I may need to get an air cleaner... LOL!

I'm happy. I think having him around will be beneficial to me in many ways -- not only with all the walks that we'll be taking, but everything else that he'll give me.

I even remembered to eat today! LOL.

Life is good!

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JUSTYDENNIS 7/28/2014 2:12PM

    What a face what a face!! Yes he looks more like a Zeus for sure!!

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CHELLEBELLE104 7/25/2014 9:42PM

    Awww it sounds great. Just watch your shoes and anything else he can chew. They sneak right into your heart before you know it.

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PUZZLEPOPPLES 7/25/2014 8:28PM

    He's adorable! Glad he has someone to love and to love him now!

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PICKIE98 7/25/2014 7:50PM

    He is so cute!! I bet he loves having his own bed and house...

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CATRINAWINS 7/25/2014 7:38PM

    Winston is so cute. He is a lucky guy to have found you. I hope he is at his forever home.

Dogs are woman's best friend. I'm going through a divorce right now and I would be a complete mess with my dog Blazer. He is by my side all the time. He improves my physical and emotional health.

Enjoy Winston!

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Happy Days 39, 40, 41 and today, 42...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So Iíve been slacking when it comes to blogging.

Hereís how my week has been so far:

Happy Day 39, Sunday:

emoticon I spent the morning relaxing. I slept in, after an amazing nightís sleep thanks to the hike on Saturday, then I made breakfast, and watched a movie. Realized how late it was and rushed to get out of the house to meet my crochet friends. Went for a ride on my motorcycle afterwards, and then headed over to my middle sonís new apartment to have dinner. It was a great day!

Happy Day 40, Monday:

emoticon Ended up sleeping in and taking the motorcycle to work, so I wouldnít be too late. I got a lot of work done, and then left early to go the local SPCA to meet a dog that Iíve been looking at on their website for the last few weeks. I figured if we clicked, then I would consider taking him.

Well, he was a little bit hyper, which is understandable, because heís been cooped up in a cage for nearly two months. I took him for a walk, and he was perfectly calm, but he tended to pull a bit. I was thinking there was some potential, so I asked some questions. It turns out that they would be willing to foster him to me for two weeks, to see if it would work out. I immediately said yes, but I had to make arrangements to get a ride, because I only have a motorcycle. Everyone conjured up images of this dog sitting on the back seat of my bike, and we all had a good chuckle.

Called my sister-in-law, and asked her if she could drive me, and then had the whole conversation about how much work owning a dog is, etc, etcÖ She said she would drive me! YAY!

Happy Day 41, Tuesday:

emoticon Another busy day at the office, but I was feeling restless Ė excited about the dog. I left the office an hour early and went to visit the dog again. He was much less hyper this time, and walked well with me, with little tugging. The dog is very likable. I talk with the staff and they say that heís a little stand-offish with me because heís seen so many people come in and they never come back for him. They all tell me what a good dog he is. I tell them Iíll be back to walk him on Wednesday, and that Iíll be picking him up on Thursday. They seem pleased.

Happy Day 42, today, Wednesday:

emoticon Got a call from my sister-in-law, to tell me she will be out of town tomorrow, but I can borrow her truck for the weekend, so I can still go get the dog.

I am excited! Iím going to leave an hour early again today to go walk him, and to make arrangements to pick him up earlier tomorrow.


Iíll go pick the truck up tonight, and then tomorrow Iíll bring him home for the two weeks and see how it goes.

Here's a picture from the website:

I'm not fond of the name he was given, so I'm thinking of calling him Winston.

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JUSTYDENNIS 7/28/2014 2:11PM

    Now that's one great lookin Dane!!! So happy for the both of you!! emoticon

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CHELLEBELLE104 7/23/2014 6:57PM

    Awesome. I love my rescue pup and i am so happy for you. He looks a bit like he might have bird dog in him?

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XRSIZE16 7/23/2014 2:35PM

    What a beautiful dog and a super cool name.

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