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To Detox or Not to Detox - Wild Rose?

Monday, August 25, 2014

So a friend of mine is trying the Wild Rose detox and was telling me about it. I'm thinking about maybe doing it too. It doesn't seem overly drastic and it's only 12 days. I thought maybe it could help me get back on an even keel. Reduce the cravings so I'm not wanting to mainline chocolate constantly.

Has anyone ever done it and if so - thoughts?

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AMARILYNH 8/25/2014 7:50PM

    I've not heard of it but if you can tough it out without it sending you into a binge I say go for it! You are a strong woman - I believe you can do anything you set your mind to! You could also treat it as an elimination diet and add foods back one at a time to see how they effect you. I DID do that (when I went on 'The Plan' in January) - imagine my shock with I discovered I reacted to OATMEAL (which I had been eating almost every day) with a two pound weight gain? And I've retested it since with the same result. Amazing!!

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WISHICOULDFLY 8/25/2014 2:11PM

    I'm a bit leery of detox programs with supplements, BUT it seems to work for a lot of people. At the very least, eating a very restricted diet can make you appreciate things you can't have when they are allowed back in, like yogurt, or certain fruits. I'm sure you can do it. You strike me as someone that can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. emoticon

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AMBERLICIOUS88 8/25/2014 1:21PM

    YES! And it was fantastic! I dropped weight and it helped kill sugar addiction. If you can tough it out it is really good. Almonds and brown rice. All you can eat. Atleast you don't starve.

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LOSER_ZIMM 8/25/2014 1:19PM

    Never tried one...best of luck!

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Itís 9:30am and Iíve already eaten 1,100 calories. And how are YOU today?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Starting yesterday morning, I decided to start getting brutally honest with myself. Iíve got the exercise thing on a good track, I like it, I look forward to it and Iím getting exercise 6 days a week. Like truly sweaty exercise. But my eating, oh man, my eating is out of control again. I havenít been tracking for a few weeks (Iíve been pretty sporadic the last few months really). So yesterday I made a vow that no matter WHAT I ate, I was going to track it. This morning I ate my cheerios and blueberries as per normal. But when I got off the bus downtown, I saw Starbucks there and I just HAD to have one of their sausage and egg sandwiches. I could have chosen something else. You know, like the egg white wrap or the turkey bacon sandwich. But no, no I had to have the 440 calorie sausage and egg sandwich. And while I was standing in line, I saw these cinnamon brioches and had to have one of them too. So you add the sandwich, the brioche (which, turns out, wasnít even all that good) and my cheerios and coffee and you have 1,100 calories already. And itís only 9:30am. But the first step to reigning in my binging and poor choices is to track things again. Itís like a punch to the gut to see how easily Iím consuming calories and when Iíve been honest with myself in the past, Iíve been able to use it to motivate me to get things under control. I have a messed up relationship with food. I probably always will have, so it will always be a struggle for me.

So not only am I tracking it honestly for myself, but here I am blabbing about it to all you guys too. Haha

Iím working on intimidating myself into submission. lol

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ADAGIO_CON_BRIO 8/23/2014 2:36PM

    You can do it! I will join you. You've been to Italy and I've been to Norway and we all know that European calories are more delicious (and more tenacious) than North American calories.

So....I will be back to see how you are doing! Let's hang in there.

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_BABE_ 8/23/2014 12:35AM

    When you don't add up the calories it doesn't sound like it's that bad but oh boy what a reality check. emoticon

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    bring honest is the first step to fixing it

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AMBERLICIOUS88 8/22/2014 2:12PM

    hahaha. I hear ya. We just had a bbq at work..plus there is ice cream cake coming. Doubt I'm gonna turn that down. It's interesting to see the calories we take in. I've never done that when I'm eating like crap to be honest..might try it, would be a good eye opener.

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PHOENIX829 8/22/2014 2:08PM

    Well, you're like me - impulse food/drink decisions are the WORST. The good news is that you know exactly what the issue is, and that means you're already in a position to make the changes and choices that will eliminate the issue. That being said, treating yourself now and then (maybe to just one thing emoticon ) is totally okay and prevents craziness.

Tomorrow's a new day, and you can totally do whatever you want to do!

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SUEARNOLD1 8/22/2014 1:54PM

    You know hat you did. So now you can act to make a correction.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Don't quick!

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DOTTY7267 8/22/2014 1:41PM


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LALATIDAH 8/22/2014 1:35PM

    It's not always easy to make your will power stronger than your craving! Here's what I do... I love ice cream after dinner, so during the day when I see food "porn", I tell myself if I eat this (food porn item), I can't have ice cream tonight.
Be strong!!! Remember that we control our destiny! Go ahead and eat it, but you'll have to suffer the consequence it brings!
I wish you much luck & success in our mutual journey to good health!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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AMARILYNH 8/22/2014 1:16PM

    You can't change what is already done, but you CAN remember that the brioche wasn't that good the next time you want one. And you can decide now that if you get another pastry that isn't really that good you can just toss it. HARD to do, but possible!! And as WishICouldFly said, you CAN finish the day strong!

This may have been JUST what you need to SPARK you into action!! Sadly life is full of little lessons - but the more we learn from them, the better life becomes! But remember none of us are perfect, we just do the best we can!! Hugs, Marilyn

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NUTSNUTSGETEM 8/22/2014 1:11PM

    There's one thing you have to work on and I have to work on too - when something is not all that good, stop eating it! Pardon the phrasing, but it is appropriate here, there is so much "food porn" around. Things can look so good, but the reality might be completely different. Isn't it ganache or something like that they use on all of the Cake Boss type shows - looks beautiful, but tastes like, well, you know. I really do have a tough time not eating something when I have paid for it. But, there's a term, "sunk cost," which means the money's gone; you're not getting it back. We both need to treat that"not all that good" brioche like a sunk cost, because, while the money is sunk, the calories aren't.

We actually need a message board on here somewhere - "Things I didn't finish because they tasted blah" - and you should have the honor of starting it with your next brioche-like food (that you don't eat this time!).

Good luck!

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TANITHSEH1011 8/22/2014 12:48PM

    Honesty is key even when we don't like it. I have been working long hard hours this week and my eating hasn't been as clean as I would like either. However, we know and that is the half the battle. now we can change.

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WISHICOULDFLY 8/22/2014 12:48PM

    WELL...this does not mean you cannot finish the day out STRONG. I do not know what you have access to for your lunch, BUT you can have a LOT of veggies at dinner (fills you up with fewer calories) and still come in under 1800 - 1900 calories for the day, which is NOT unreasonable. Much better than spiraling upward to 3000 - 4000 calories.

I'll be checking back in on you, 'cuz I have the day off. emoticon

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Same issues, different week.lol

Monday, August 18, 2014

Iíve been having a few rough weeks food-wise. I havenít gotten on a scale in 3 weeks. This is a bad cycle to be in Ė Ďoh I had a really bad week, Iím going to skip my weigh-iní (thus any weight gain that occurred in that period didnít ACTUALLY happen right?). Iíve been great in the way of exercise Ė at least 5 days a week, usually 6. Kickboxing and trainer workouts have been helping me build muscle and strength but I know I havenít lost any weight because Iíve been making some pretty poor choices and binging. Such as last night when I ate a bag of Chicago style popcorn and some chocolate covered almonds for dinner. Why is that? Oh thatís because Iíd already screwed up my day by choosing the crispy chicken wrap and French fries at the pub for lunch. Iím the first to remind people that one bad choice does not a bad day make but then I go and do the exact opposite! I did get in an 11km walk but still Ė it should have been followed by something like chicken and salad. Not caramel popcorn and chocolate almonds. I know what was causing it Ė Iíve had some drama regarding a friendís wedding shower (Iím not even going to go there, itís so dumb) and my brother was in town and while I totally love having my brother in town it makes me sad cause I know heís leaving (which he did this morning).

My therapy sessions have ended for now and Iím supposed to be working on my mental well being and manifesting a more positive lifestyle for myself. I think I kinda went a little nuts on the freedom of not having to check in with my counselor to admit my failings, haha.

I am happy to hear that BLC sign-up will start soon. I really like the accountability of being on a BLC team. As much as I did enjoy my old team, I think itís time to mix things up. I need a team that is super motivational and going to really kick my butt Ė so if you have suggestions of a good team for me, let me know!

(I just glimpsed the last blog entry I put up - this one I just wrote seems awfully similar. It's time to make some changes!)

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TWESTEN1 8/19/2014 6:52AM

    Congrats on getting all that exercise in! Focus on the positive & the food portion will fall into place soon. That did make me laugh though as I tend to have the same mentality... bad food week, no scale!

You're doing great, really. Just stick with it!

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WISHICOULDFLY 8/19/2014 6:24AM

    AMBERLICIOUS said it. Apparently there are more than a few of us that are struggling this summer! WHY is that? I do not know, but that does not matter. What matters is that we all need to find our footing and soldier on! emoticon Let's DO THIS.

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_BABE_ 8/18/2014 9:47PM

    I agree with you.

I support you.

I just don't have anything witty to say... emoticon

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HOBBESIS49 8/18/2014 5:58PM

    Don't be so hard on yourself... progress and NOT perfection. It's a good thing to admit that you feel like you are blowing it for a day.. but that's not the end of the world (not a day, or several or even weeks). Sometimes we get off track it's ok.. It feels like a real bummer at the time (I should know). But the important thing is to just stay in there and to just keep moving.. moving.. moving.. !!!

A diet never should end.. as it never should be really a diet.. it's just a lifestyle change and sometimes that is difficult to work out .. it's a new kind of balance that becomes easier as time passes. But NOT a diet that one is temporary..

Be so very proud of you!!! Give yourself a big pat on the back for all you've accpmplished...


emoticon Jane

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AMBERLICIOUS88 8/18/2014 5:23PM

    lol. Seems like this summer is kicking everyone's asses. All of our blogs seem to be the same. Fessing up. lol! Good Job on all the workouts! Seriously, that's good.

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Setting Myself Up For Destructive Decisions!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Iíve recently become very aware of one of my worst setup-to-fail situations. It has happened to me twice this week that I can think of and both times it has spelled DOOM. The problem? I let myself get too hungry. And when I get too hungry, I make poor decisions. I donít just make poor decisions, I actually make destructive ones. Letís take yesterday for example. I stopped at the mall after work to get some mascara and then decided to wander around the mall just a bit before I went home. I hate shopping Ė for anything (okay, well not groceries but thatís a whole other blog on food fixations) - anyway I literally go into a mall maybe 4 times a year. I wasnít even in there very long but it was long enough for me to get very hungry. I usually have a snack right when I get home, then do my workout, then eat dinner. But yesterday was different because Iíd gone to the chiropractor and was not planning to workout because of the adjustment. Anyway, so there I am, in the mall. And I go past Purdyís chocolates. And I think to myself, mmm, I should buy myself some really nice quality chocolate. So I buy three bars in my favourite flavours. Then a little later, Iím walking past the popcorn place and I think mmmm, I really want some of that Chicago Style popcorn. But itís so bad for me. But I want it. Well, maybe if I donít weigh in tomorrow then the damage wonít be calculated. So I bought some. And when she said Ė did you want a medium for only 75 cents more Ė Ďyesí came out of my mouth faster than no could hit my thoughts. So by the time I got home Ė I was starving. Like beyond hungry, no I didnít want to make dinner Ė I wanted to eat this bag of Chicago style popcorn. And once I started, there was no stopping. Handful after handful Ė even when Iíd think to myself, okay, this is the last handful there would always be one more. I ate almost the whole bag. After another hour, I was hungry for more food so instead of barbecued chicken and salad as planned, I had toast with cheese slices because heck Iíd wrecked today anyway right? And to finish off? Yeah you guessed it Ė the fancy chocolate! I ate one. And then I ate another. And then I decided that I needed to get this chocolate out of my house so I ate the last one too.

As I said, this is the second time this week I set myself up for failure. Another example is on Saturday. I went grocery shopping late in the day to Walmart. Now, as you know, Walmart is enough to exhaust and overwhelm anyone so I was already tired from my workout and my house painting that Iíd been doing and now I was grocery shopping. But I didnít eat before I left. And again, I made poor decisions and once I got started, I couldnít stop. I saw they had Pringles nacho chips. I never eat chips. But I just had to give these a try. And oh they had fresh white baguettes on for only $1. A DOLLAR! How can you beat that? Well you can't beat it but you sure can pair it with spinach dip! Something else I never eat. I get home and put everything away and itís only 5pm so itís too early for dinner so I need a snack. So I eat a few Pringles. Then a few more. And before I know it, I ate the whole damn can. And then the bread Ė which I was going to use as an addition to my chicken and salad dinner. Well I had some with the spinach dip, then some more and before I knew it, Iíd eaten 3/4 of the baguette and had no intention of eating dinner.

So not only do I set myself up for failure by letting myself get too hungry, I also have no off switch when I start in on something at that point. I just keep eating like my hand is on a conveyor belt from plate to mouth to plate to mouth to plate to mouth. WellÖ you get the picture. I guess the difference now is that I recognize what Iím doing when Iím doing it, but Iím still not stopping it mid-stream. Iíll be downing those chips thinking, oh man here I am, binging on these, I should stop. But I donít.

I guess the good news is that Iím not failing everywhere, I am working out pretty steadily (though my chiropractor thinks Iím overtraining, which is why my back gave out, and that I should cut the 6 days a week to 4. Iím taking it under advisement). But Iím struggling with the food this week. I didnít get on the scale today even though itís Wednesday cause I just know the salt consumption alone was good for a 3 lb gain and I just didnít want to look at it. Man that BLC canít start soon enough I tell you!

I hope that your weekends were much more successful than mine. This is an ongoing battle for me and I have to try harder not to let myself get so hungry.

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    I do the same thing too about being too hungry -Or- i put off going to the grocery store and instead want to eat out. don't ask me why i do that i know it doesn't make sense.

Have you ever tried boom chick a pop?? It's organic popcorn that is only 37 calories a cup. full of fiber too. I love it.

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_BABE_ 8/6/2014 8:30PM

    I do the same thing.

My ability to rationalize why I should have something and then the whole 'throw away the entire day cause I ate something I shouldn't have' is the old one-two punch.

Plus, we both love Chicago style popcorn...this eery.

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    "Well, maybe if I donít weigh in tomorrow then the damage wonít be calculated.†"

I have done this time and time again. It is a slippery slope. For ME, I have found that I stay more focused by weighing in DAILY, but the only weigh ins that "count" are those on the 1st, 11th and 21st of the month. I am not upset if I go up when I KNOW I have been eating properly because then I KNOW it is just fluid and I'll take more care with my sodium. That sets me up with three "10 day targets of 2-3 pounds" per month. It keeps me honest.

As for "Setting Myself Up For Destructive Decisions", I like to think if it as "preparing for emergency hunger situations"! I have learned that if I get too hungry, I go totally bonkers and binge and THAT IS AN emoticon EMERGENCY!!!. That said, I now ALWAYS keep a stash of something in my purse like almonds or a protein bar!

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TWESTEN1 8/6/2014 5:33PM

    Oh I hear you! I have that thought process too when I'm binging - already screwed up so might as well keep on eating ... and the "I won't get on the scale tomorrow" - yup, that one too!

But, as you said, you're recognizing what leads to the binges. So now you just have to make the conscious decision to eat more often (the healthy stuff) and not let yourself get overly hungry. You can do this - you're stronger than you realize!

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PHOENIX829 8/6/2014 3:02PM

    I had a bad food day yesterday too...it's that special time of month, and I had a craving for donuts, so while I was stopping to pick up fruits and veggies for the week, I decided I would get just one donut for myself because I'd been doing so well with food lately. Then, I couldn't decide between two donuts, so I decided to get both - one for tonight, and one for another time, maybe. And when I got home, I ate them both! To make matters worse, my daughter had asked my husband if she could make us dinner, which he allowed, and it ended up being macaroni and cheese with hot dogs in it. Train wreck!

I think bad food days are unavoidable, but I think you're right - it's really easy to subconsciously set yourself up to fail. For me, routine seems to be crucial. The moment my routine gets thrown off, I downward spiral pretty quickly. I really need to learn to be more flexible and adaptable.

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Kickboxing My Psyche

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

When I last checked in at the beginning of July I was totally planning on blogging at least every few days. But Iíve just been so darn busy working out I havenít had a chance! Hehe

So here I am 3 weeks later. The hope that some of the gain was water weight was in fact true. I lost I think 4 lbs in the first week of starting to track and drink water regularly Ė water weight! But the rest has not melted off so much. So my total gain was 11 lbs. However, instead of concentrating on a number I have decided to make my focus on enhancing my strength. I think knowing my body is strong and healthy is so much more important to me than a number on a scale. I know that by concentrating on my strength and health that the number will drop too over time but Iím not going to fixate on a goal number. Especially with the amount of strength training Iíve been doing, Iím quite sure that SOME of my fat loss is being turned into muscle gain and so the actual number in the end doesnít move much.

In addition to doing the trainer-designed workouts that I started in June, a friend of mine introduced me to 30 Minute Hit or ĎThe Hití as itís apparently affectionately known. The Hit is a 30 minute kickboxing based circuit. So itís kinda like Curves in that you move from station to station only itís much more hardcore. Each station is 2 minutes. Thereís an audible timer (over the rockin music) every 15 seconds so you know when to switch from single to Ďdouble timeí Ė you do singles, then double, then switch (if youíre doing leg work, you have to switch back and forth). So you start out skipping rope (or doing stepups) to get your heart rate up, then you do straight punches into a bag, then straight kicks, then crunches, then left and right hook punches, then round-house kicks, then some more crunches, then upper cuts, knee-ups (as if you were kneeing a guy), then glute work on a bosu or exercise ball, and a couple of legwork ones. Then at the end, you get to take on Bob. Heís a big tall rubber dummy and for 2 minutes you get to hit and kick the sh*t out of him. Itís amazingly cathartic. So after 30 minutes youíve had a great workout, are sweating like a pig and you get to take out your dayís frustrations with a pair of boxing gloves.

At first, I was really hesitant about going because all I saw were skinny ladies in skimpy workout outfits coming out. But my friend, who is a regular attendee, is not tiny and I figured if she felt comfortable in the atmosphere then I would give it a try. And Iím glad I did. Theyíre all very friendly and supportive in there and contrary to my first assumption, Iíve seen women of varying sizes and fitness levels attending. Itís a completely new exercise for me, but itís quickly helping me build my strength. So The Hit along with the trainer workouts have been my main focus for the past 3 weeks. I do the trainer workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays and go to The Hit on Tuesdays, Thursdays and sometimes Saturdays (yes! Both workouts in the same day!). Sundays I like to do something cardio based Ė walks, hikes, swimming, biking or just elliptical and Fridays are my rest days.

So although I havenít really lost much weight in the past 3 weeks, Iím not getting too bent out of shape about it because I know for sure that Iím working hard and Iím definitely building muscle. Iím already feeling stronger. And Iíve noticed changes in other ways Ė thereís a slightly more obvious cut to my waist and my posture is improving, Iím able to walk standing tall much more often than my normal slouch (I notice how much I slouch when I walk past store windows, lol). With a stronger core and shoulders, Iím able to walk tall and keep my shoulders back (and my chest out loud and proud! Haha)

Now foodwise, I havenít been too bad. Iíve been staying in my range most days Ė Iím averaging about 2 days over. Iíve kept the binge monster at bay for the most part (except last Friday when I went to a movie and got overwhelmed by the smell of popcorn and just HAD to have it. With butter. Because reallyÖwhat would be the point without it amiright?)

And finally mentally Ė well Iíve had some ups and downs. More ups this month than otherwise. Iím trying to really focus on the positive, on good thoughts, good vibes, letting go of old and welcoming new. Itís not always easy but itís a hell of a lot healthier for my psyche. And although my group therapy sessions have ended, there's a few of us that have committed to meeting over coffee every few weeks to check in on each other and that has been very helpful too.

I just wish more of my missing Sparkfriends would re-appear - I really miss them!! I'm talking to you Lola. Specifically. Yeah - I totally just called you out. Whatcha gonna do 'bout it?! Huh? ;)


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    THERE'S the fighter I knew you were! The Hit sounds AWESOME! I'm too old and out of shape for that type of exercise (plus I am babying a knee injury and rotator cuff problem right now), BUT it sounds like it is fun and effective. Plus, you can beat the crap out of Bob and make him anyone or anything that is aggravating you. That sounds like great therapy! I am so happy you are back in your groove! emoticon emoticon - Connie

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PHOENIX829 7/25/2014 10:35AM

    That sounds like fun! My sister took up kickboxing (traditional, not The Hit) and loves it. Glad you took the chance and found something you like!

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    You seem to have the right idea. I suffer from water retention in the summer so just keep doing the right thing and it will show on the scale

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AMBERLICIOUS88 7/24/2014 10:46AM

    You sound like you are on fire! It does feel good to feel stronger huh? Atta girl! Kick the $hit outta Bob!

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TWESTEN1 7/24/2014 7:07AM

    Wow - I wish I had a Hit class close by - that does sound incredible. And yes, I'm sure you've totally built up some muscle mass with all of those workouts :) Good for you. Personally, I think the scale is more detrimental to our mind sets than anything else... wish I could stay off mine!

Keep up the great work & again, congrats on the strength training. I agree, it's tough when our Spark friends disappear. But, I had one leave due to a major injury and she just came back & it was so good to see her again... so maybe Lola will surprise you!

Have a great day!

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_BABE_ 7/23/2014 8:28PM


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TREP13 7/23/2014 6:49PM

    The Hit sounds awesome!!! I would love to find something like that around where I live. Since moving from NYC to San Diego, I haven't been very physically active. I joined a gym briefly but I didn't like it. I need to branch out and find something to get my butt moving. You are motivating me with that description of your kickboxing workout. Great job! You are kicking a$$ (literally)!

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