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Mid-week update

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Did my hill repeat workout on the bike this morning. Rode 5 miles out to a nice 1/2 mile long hill with I think about a 7.5% average grade. repeated that 5 times then rode 1 mile further to the back side of the same hill then rode up that and went home. 20 miles total, about a 1 hour workout, average heart rate 148. Heart rate was 168-172 up the hills. So about 87-91% of max HR.... right about where I want to be. For referemce,. my max I estiamte is about 183-185bpm, resting is 38-40bpm.

Tommorrow is a recovery day. I probably swim in the morning then go for a short bike or run at lunch.

Saturday I'm taking my bike to the shop to get a lower angle stem to get about 1/4-1/2" lower in front. I'm at the minimum number of spacers on my headset and feel like I can get jsut a little lwoer and still be comfortable. I also need the cable lengths trimmed. The cables ends near hte bars have gottne damaged from having hte handlebarsr turned when transporting in my truck. that shouldn;t happen. Finally I want the aerobar extensions trimmed just a little. they are still a little long on the ends for my smaller hands.

Saturday is a longer brick workout. A 90% effort race simulation. Mostly to practic
e nutrition and work on pacing. I'll probably do it sort of as a interval workout. I think I'll go ahead and ride part of the course for the race in July. Its' about 14 miles form the bicycle shop I'm going to. I'll have to bring my regular road bike. I might shorten the course about 2 miles accordingly since the road bike is slower. I'll run the running course at the normla length. It's pretty hilly.

Sunday is an easy ride.

Monday I'll swim in the morning and do the hard-easy workout in the evening.

Tuesday is recovery (maybe just an easy biek ride in the morning.

Wed. I'l swim in the morning andl do the track workout. That may sound a little intense only 3 days before the event... but it's all at my 10k race pace, not faster... so about a 5:50/mi pace to target a 36:00 10k. My goal is a 37:00 in this race, but you want ot train jsut a little faster on fresher legs to simulat running off the bike. Plus I want to partially train through this event to focus on my later events. Plus you can get flat legs taking it too easy before an event.

Thursday we travel to my parents in Michigan. I'll go for a swim in the morning followed by a short run.

Friday, an easy ride to loosen the legs.

Saturday ---- RACE DAY! First Olympic this season. The winner last year was a 2:03. I want ot be under 2:05. I think I can do that, so 2nd or 3rd place sounds doable. I'm a little tentative about the longer swim. I expect to give up about 1 minutes, but would liek to limit my damage to under 2 minutes right at the start. the winner rode a 1:02 on the bike. I think it's moderately hilly if my memory is correct os that will be a tough mark to match. He ran a 37:30 which I'm pretty confident I can beat if I'm feeling good and my legs don't cramp I'm not suite sure if I have the leg endurance yet to ride a 1:02 and follow-up with a 6:00M pace. My primary goal is to be under 38:00. I'm be really happy with that. I think the run is relative I'll have to be jsut above my anerobic threshold to do the 1:02. The 6:00 pace should put me jsut below my threshold except on hills. I'll probably go out fast to try and catch the leader if I'm within a 1/4 mile, then just hang on, and then kick the last 1/2 mile.
It's currently forcasting partly cloudy, high of 71F and upper 50's in the morning. Jsut abotu perfect wiht no need for layers. Probably will still be a wetsuit race. I expect water temps between 68F sicne they are predicting rain mid weeks before the race.

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CRYSBROWN1 5/20/2011 9:41AM

    WHEW! You have some intense workouts planned! Your bike sounds pretty fancy, what kind is it? I've been in the market for a bike for awhile but I think that I'm being rather cheap but I know that it would mean a world of difference in speed. The weather forecast sounds perfect for your big day, much better than last time I think! You definitely got it on the run, something tells me that you'll do even faster than you anticipate, I always find that I run faster on race days & I bet you definitely do. I know you're hoping for 2nd or 3rd but I think with your speed you may surprise youself & get the pressure though LOL!

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Race #2 - Final Results/Times

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I looked at the final time results.

I think I only lost about 1-1/2 minutes on the wrong turn, so I think catching the winner would have been hard. My bike was 8th fastest depite the wrong turn. 21.3mph average (not bad considering the wind conditions and moderately hilly)

My swim as 5th fastest at a 7:04. Pretty good again given conditions.

My run was 2nd fastest and only 1 sec. slower than the fastest guy. I think the course was almost a 1/2 mile long. They had me at 20:35, But I think I ran a more like an 18:30 equivalent.

My knee feels better thsi morning. I think it will be 95% by Wed. and I should be able ot start doing some fast workouts by Thursday or Friday. I'd like to get in 3 hard workouts before a short taper next week leading up to my next race.

The long 1.5k swim for the Olympic Distance has me a little ocncerned. I'm sure I'll do fine, but my local pool is so hot that I'm not sure I can suck it up and do a practice 1600y swim. I'll just have to rely on my overall training. My arms have felt pretty good in the 2 races so far.

For fast workouts thsi comming week I have the following:
1)RUN - Hard/easy 1/2 mile repeats. Fast pace at 5:40-5:50, slow pace at 7:00-7:20. That should give me a good 10k average effort.
2) Bike - Long Hill repeats. 1/2 mile long hill, repeat 5 times.
3) Run - Track - 400/800/1200/1600/1200/800/400, walk/jog 400M between.

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MOTOGUY128 5/19/2011 9:39AM

    You'll get there. For a female, you're posting good times and average speeds. Actualyl a lot of men wish they were going that fast, especilly in the run. A 24min 5k is really good. At most sprints I've done, very few women average over 19mph on the bike.

It takes a lot of power expeically with hills to go much faster than that. Figure 150Watts for 18mph, but you'd need something like 350 Watts for 22mph. It's just a matter of building both leg strength to reach that power level and cardio fitness to maintain that intensity.

Again, building leg and arm strength takes time. Running is somewhat easier since those muscles are also used for walking, so much of the leg strength is already there.

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CRYSBROWN1 5/18/2011 12:14PM

    Workouts look tough! I tried interval bike riding this morning with .25 repeats as fast as my little legs would carry, averaging around 18mph, not bad! Wish I could keep that speed though. I only did a half an hour though so I will definitely increase it. It must be so exciting to be in one of the top competitors! Can't wait to see your progress on the olympic distance tri!

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Race #2 Results

Monday, May 16, 2011

Holiday Lake Triathlon
500M Swim, 25k (15.5mi) bike, 5k run

1:16:40, 2nd place overall. $100 prize money.

Swim - Cold...very, very cold. 62F water temp. Arm were mostly numb, struggled ot get my breath. Came out the water around 5th place. I struggled in the transiton getting a jacket on I probable should have just used my vest.

Bike - Cold, very cold. Actualyl I wasn't too chilled since I had my jacket. Air temp was 47F! with wet roads and a light rain. I really need soem small toe covers for my shoes. I taped the holes on them, but it had limited effect. I showed a 21.6mph average so the distance I rode. the 2nd - abotu 9th place racers all missed the first turn . There were no markings or corner marshals. The result... it cost us all abotu 2 minutes, plus that wasted energy and being a bit demoralized. Ultimately I lost by 2 minutes... so that mistake cost me another $150 in prize money. Oh well. I flatted 20 yards frm transition and my feet were so numb I couldn;t pedal on top of my shoes because i couldn't use my toes. I nearly crashed when my foot slipped off a shoe. I should have stayed in my shoes and just unclipped. I really struggled getting one of my shoes on. Putting shoes over numb feet is really ,really hard. I should have loosen my elastic laces a little more anticipating this.

Run - Super, super hilly. The hilliest 5k I've ever run. To make it even harder, it was more like a 6k. The turn around was at least a 1/4 mile too far. I went ahead and put on a vest which was a waste of time. My feet remianed completely to partially numb the whole run.

Overall a great effort physically and in terms of overall performance. I was much happier with my leg strength during the whole bike. Not swimming that great, but I'm not getting overaly fatigued either. My calves are not sore liek they wer after th elast race and my fast run workouts last week. SO I think I finally built some more strngth in them. I do have a sore left knee. Looks like this week will be mostly recovery. I hold off on any fast stuff until this weekend. Probably focus on the bike again.

I need to take my bike in to get the aerobars trimmed 1 final time, get a lower angle stem (I think I can drop my front end another 1/4-1/2" and shorten the cables. I also think I'm ready for a new pair of training shoes. I estimate these current ones are approaching 500 miles. I usually find 500 miles in the limit for runing shoes.

My training now moves more towards a focus on longer distances with an Olympic, Sprint, 3/4 Olympic, and my Olympic "A" race for my next 4 races repectively in that order. The training will be more about 10k race pacing. I think I can maintain right around 5:50/mi for a 10k. Although I may try just going out fast, closer to my 5k pace and just trying to hang on.

Based on times from previous years, if it's an accurate distance, I should be able to win it fairly easily, so it would be a good time to try some new things in terms of pacing. Should be a cold swim again, so a wetsuit will be a definite. I'll have to shift my swim training to focus on the 1500M swim now. In reality, I swim pretty clsoe ot the same pace. I go out fast and fall into a slightly slower rythem than I would for a 500M swim.

The other big different in Olympic, is that it's a 2hour race. So nutrition and carb loading come back into focus. I'll have to cunsume carbs on the bike and drink on the run. In a sprint, I'll drink just a single bottle on the bike and not bother drinking on the run. I'll probably carry 2 bottle on the bike. You only need 1 bottle for a 1 hour bike, but after a long swim I'll want a 1/2 bottle ot rehydrate, and ultimely anothe 1/2 to pre-drink a little for the run. I might also dilute the bottles just a little and consume 1 gel on the bike. At full strength I get a lot of phlem and choke on it sometimes.


Race Weather Update #2

Friday, May 13, 2011

The weather turned ugly again. Forcasting a high or 56F and rain with 47-48F for the duration of th race. Brrrr... the water temps at least warmed up a little this last week with the hot weather. They should still be hanigng around in the mid 60's.

Not terrible however, since cool weather is still faster than hoter weather when running. I at least have the right clothing for it.

Definitely wearing a skull cap and my aero wind/rain jacket. Taping over the shoes and helmet vents. I will keep a vest and headband handy for the run just in case I'm chilled after the bike. Partially numb feet might be unavoidable. I'm still debatign on gloves. I wasted a good 20 seconds struggling to get them on the last race. I think I'd try and go without. I might try rolling up the sleeves inside out and see if that speeds up putting on the jacket. Then it would go on like a vest and I just roll the sleeves down once I start moving and I'm into my shoes. It's worth trying.

Wish me luck. I still think I have a good shot of winning, and bad weather actually gives me an advantage I think. I'm a good bike handler and train outdoors all fall and winter in the cold and soemtimes in rain.

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MNCYCLIST 5/14/2011 12:10PM

    Chilly! Best of luck!

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CRYSBROWN1 5/13/2011 11:49AM

    Best of luck! Go for the gold! You've GOT this!

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KESHIAG 5/13/2011 9:36AM

    Goood luck!

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Race Weather Update

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The forcast improved a lot. Rain is gone and now a high of 69F, so probably mid 50's by the start of the bike, so no layers will be needed, but I might still toss on a skull cap and will tape over my shoes and helmet vents.

It should actually be close to perfect weather.

Did 10x400M repeats on the track this morning. Was very happy with my pace and form. I think I have a good shot at a sub 17:30 5k on Sunday... which would be a PR for me in a triathlon and hte fastest I've ru na 5k since high school. It will be hard on a hilly course. it may depend as well on race strategy. If I think I have a solid lead, I may back off hte biek slighty and puch for a fast run. If I'm in a very tight competition, I will have ot go for a good overall time and pace the other competitor on the run... possibly by going out fast to see if I can get them to blow-up or letting them pass, especially if there's a head wind, then accelerate at the last mile, see if they match or couter. If they do, then back off again and kick in hte last 1/4 mile.

I'm excited. I haven't really "raced" in a long time. I'm usually just up against the clock.

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MOTOGUY128 5/13/2011 9:38AM

    "winning it on the run" is defintely true, but the question is, are you trying to gain position or hold position on the run. There a lot of runners that are poor swimmers but descent cyclists... so they finally "get to work" on the run. The real killer of being a poor swimmer in my opinion, is that you waste soem time on the bike working through slower traffic and you don;t have the advantage of pacing your competition. You are always passing compratively slower competitors in the bike and run compratively.

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CRYSBROWN1 5/10/2011 12:07PM

    This race sounds really exciting, especially since you'll have some competitors that you can *hopefully* take out! Typically I am happy when I just get to say "to your left" a few times, puts a big smile on my face. I like your strategy of killing it at the run, I have always been told - of course my expertise is far, well, less than yours - that triathlons are won on the run. I do notice even when I did my 5 sprint ones last year that I did beat quite few people when it came time for the run so maybe there is something to that theory. Best of luck, can't wait to hear how you do!

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