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6 in one, half a dozen in the other.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yesterday I put my travel with healthy style in to place. It was a 12 hour day. I started off with a good walk with catlady, and made it to work on time. Catlady and I moved our routine up an hour, so I am not late to work. I traveled, pausing at the rest stop to use the facilities, and stretch. I did my appointments. Mapquest said I drove for 4 hours. I ate my fruit for snack, my salad for lunch, I splurged and bought a starbucks tea and fruit and nuts. Everything counted. I bought a ice insert for my lunch bag and a bike lock. I took my 6 pm meds. I got home, made dinner, Ate dinner and took meds. Then the world sort of crumpled. I twitched, I itched, I got up, I laid down, round and round the house I went, Lights hurt, I started to hyperventilate. All alone, the kids having gone to bed and the husband at chapel. I tried to read about drug interaction and overdoses from mismanagement on the computer, but I couldn't focus. After two hours of this, I called my husband and asked him to come home. Grudgingly, he did. He read all sorts of dire thinks on the web. Check your sugars, My meter broke. Is it high, low, to much of one med, not enough of an other, is it mania or a panic attach? I don't know, I just want to go to sleep. About 1 am, I passed out. No walk this morning. Made it to work on time. Walked at lunch. Left work, hot bothered and distracted. Went grocery shopping and LOST MY SPAT. Phone call from doctor. She is sorry she didn't answer the phone at 11. She thinks it's restless leg syndrome, prescribed a med for that. Went to pharmacy, they don't have my replacement meter, or a new script. Really hope I can sleep tonight.

SO 6 in the health basket, 6 in the chronic, what the he% is the matter with me and why can't anyone figure it out basket!

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1CRAZYDOG 8/27/2014 10:36PM

    Sorry! HUGS

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TATTER3 8/27/2014 9:23PM

    Bless your heart! Keep Sparkin'!

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Round up and away we go...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I had a supper long work filled week, with two twelve hour days and trips out of town. While I fell short of my goals; intentional exercise, and paleo sober; I did learn some things to tweak my life. The first lesson was about time management, and it led me to think about boundaries. I've elicited opinions from cherished people, and am percolated my thoughts.
My previous boss, she who shall be called she-devil, downgraded me because i had "open boundaries" with my staff, and a more open communication style. Snidely, she would say I couldn't keep a secret. But she liked it that I wasn't rigid about things like time clocks, and would work late on her projects, so my boundaries suited her then. My current boss, is super mega rigid about time clock, says I can't work more than 40 hours a week, likes that I will work late to met the needs of families after 6, or before 8. Here is my deal. On the days that I need up working early, I mess up my exercise plan. I don't like that. On the days that I work past 6, I tend to screw up my meds and meal plans. This week, I had both. I was thinking about telling my boss that I wouldn't do it anymore, that the 12 hours days just wreck my health. I was thinking that this would be an example of personal growth and better boundaries. but Catlady, who survived the she-devil herself, talked about co-workers who have done just, and the negative perception. Husband talked about the need for flexibility in managing my illness, and needing to trade days off by working a sunday or saturday. I'm thinking that there has got to be a happy medium. _ramona suggested super planning, where I carry meds, food, exercise shoes through out the day and refused to mess up my life, my health. They are my priorities, but I agree with my current boss, it's good social work to met the schedule of the families. I just need to plan better. So Sunday is the day of preparation; today I am making chicken bone broth, cleaning out the refrigerator and planning the menu. payday is tomorrow, so the cupboards are mostly bare. Then there is the daily prep. I've decided to pack my lunch the night before, so all I have to do is put the containers in the feed bag and away I go. That will keep me from "oh, I don't have anything, and I am away from home so I must eat Jack In the Box." I already have my 6 pm meds separated out, now I just need to carry them with me. THen there is the hurdle of missing my morning walking routine. Tomorrow, when I go shopping, I am going to buy a bike lock. Biking to work isn't intentional exercise, but it is activity, and the days that are wonked, it will do. I am also going to put together a rescue and recover kit for the office. ( wipes, deodorant, face cream, powder, hair dryer). Planning for this week, I think I have one work trips out of town planned; a good day to see if the new preperation plan will work. I am going out of town over the weekend, to a pool party for my 8 year old nephew.
The second lesson was the importance of the right med plan. I think I am getting stable. My fibro pain has been less if I exercise. My energy level has been stable since Thursday. I really think that exercise, paleo sober will give me the cross over effect of energy to wake at 5am, to de-clutter the house bit by bit., to be a better parent.

parent-wise, we had some milestones this week. Registering the baby for high school. It wasn't traumatic, just chaotic. In terms of the school year, I have some school clothes shopping and school supplies to get. My plan is to go thrift store shopping on Monday Labor day, and will get the last of the supplies then. The boys start school this week.
And then there was getting the princess ready for dorm life. We ordered the small appliances ( tea kettle, french press, smoothie blender) We bought the organizing supplies. We have the linens. I bought the safety supplies ( flashlight, sewing kit, tool kit, reading light, personal fan). I think we are set except for the small fridge, which will have to wait. We had a nice mother daughter date at BED BATH AND BEYOND, but I have to rein in the preparation purchases. She only has a 12X18 room, to share. I know what's behind the buying frenzy. I wont be there to take care of her. I am nervous that I haven't prepared her. I know rationally that things wont prepare her. I know that I have given her the tools to thrive. She is smart, focused, empathetic, balanced. She will do well. I just have to trust that.

My bone broth smells so good. I am going to go can it. Have a great week Sparkers!

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BEAUTY_WITHIN 8/25/2014 8:19PM

    sounds like a great plan!

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1CRAZYDOG 8/24/2014 11:33AM

    ((((HUGS)))) Letting go is H-A-R-D! YIKES!

Sounds like you have good plans in place to make things work.

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Up early, full of energy, manic monday?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Instead of laying awake in bed for two hours, I thought I would get up and blog my thoughts. I might suffer later in the day, but my Monday schedule is such that I might be able to sleep early.
emoticon My first thoughts centered around my exercise plan. Today, we have a choice of walks. I can shower early, and be ready for work before Catlady gets here, then we can walk to the doctor's office for my blood draw, stopping at starbucks on the way home. the walk shoudl be about 8 miles, round trip. Or we can walk to starbucks, taking the short route, 5 miles, and I can drive to the doctors. I'll leave the choice up to Catlady. Then there is the possibility of a THAI CHI class run through park and rec. If I can talk either Catlady or Steve into it, I will sign up. It's fifty bucks, and every Saturday morning, from 8-9 till October. Once I get the basic moves, I think I can do it at home. The high school pool should open sometime this week, and I'll keep checking to see if they are offering a water aerobics class, or even open swim where I can use my belt and run in the water. Then, finally there is my plan to bike to work. I am almost all prepared, I need to purchase a bike lock, and a recovery kit to keep at work. This has to wait until payday, which is next monday , so I'll plan for tuesday. My recovery kit is such things like deodorant, baby wipes, my face cream and powder, a small hair dryer, a spray bottle, a hair brush. clothes and shoes should be wearable for the bike and the office. I'm pretty casual. I'll do a couple test runs next weekend, too.
emoticon My second round of rambling thoughts are about my meal plan for today. It's a fasting blood draw at the doctors, so breakfast is after. I was planning a protein shake. for a late breakfast, AM snack. Lunch is chicken, kale, onions, olives in sort of a greek salad mixture. I'll put everything together but the dressing and the cheese, and bring it to work to mix at lunch time. My work schedule is such that I have to plan for eating late, due to a noon home visit. Dinner is taco salad. My kids are so picky, I have to make the taco meat in separate ways. First is plain, just hamburger and seasoning for Baby. then I add tomatoes for Princess and me, Then I add beans for husband and big boy. They will eat it will tortillas, princess and I will share a salad.
emoticon My third thoughts center around school starting. Registration and pictures is later this week, and I would like my boys to wear something nice for pictures.They will disagree. Then there is the cash out lay that two high school teenagers will cost. Between pictures, ASB cars, yearbooks, parking pass, lunch account and activity fee, the whole shebang is going to cost about $500. This causes a a whirl of anxiety. It would come the week before payday.
emoticon What I am not thinking about is fibro pain. It's relatively low today. I cant say I got a great nights sleep, but I did get two days of rest, and stayed within my calorie range, eating only paleo food yesterday. My good spark freind _ramona told me about a link for a doctor who specializes in Fibro. His stuff was interesting, it's all very similar to what the natureopath doctor has said. Sleep, nutrition, gentle activity and self care. The web doctor recommended supplements, most of which I am already taking. the different ones I wont take because I am already on a prescription med for the issue like depression, sleep, thyroid. His supplement bundle was only $66 for a month. I bet if I added up all the different supplements, it would equal out. It might be less fuss to order them from the online doctor.

So, I have centered my thoughts for the day, I have a plan for today, and for mostly, this week., I now need to put the plan into action. AND stick to it.

A sparker who I admire is _ramona, who has discipline and persistence, and a gentle get to it spirit. here is a shout out to her, who should be earning her trophy for a 10 minute, 4 week challenge of intentional exercise. I am repeating week three, adding additional exercise beyond the planned 10 minute walk ( although my walk is more like 45 minutes). I am starting my paleo sober streak over, today will be day two. and I am keeping my focus on those two goals. With work, running a family, having some chronic health issues, and a mental health issue that grows with the extra's, I am trying hard not to add the extras. The extra commitments, the extra time, the extra anxiety. This week, I really want to focus on my two.

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1CRAZYDOG 8/18/2014 11:06AM


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_RAMONA 8/18/2014 10:06AM

You are too kind, my dear Kate! ...and I wish you could see that my accomplishment PALES in the face of YOURS: "I am starting my paleo sober streak over, today will be day two. and I am keeping my focus on those two goals. With work, running a family, having some chronic health issues, and a mental health issue that grows with the extra's, I am trying hard not to add the extras. The extra commitments, the extra time, the extra anxiety. This week, I really want to focus on my two."

This post has me dancing in my seat (and I love multiple posts in one day... I'm glad you're finding blogging to be of help)!

Yay, for the 'minimal fibro pain' and the new natural approach doc... he sounds REALLY good (and the approaches seem very similar). And I wasn't even remotely suggesting that you do anything counter to his counsel... just offering more information for you to bring to him, if it seems useful. What's really amusing to me, is that despite no diagnosis, and no focus on treatments for fibro, I have actually researched my way into the exact plan the on-line doc recommends, and I really do think it's all part and parcel of my healing, LOL. Go figure!

The beginning of the school year always makes me feel crazy. I, too, am nervously streaking toward the day... I'm wondering if my August will lend itself to this process in supportive or disruptive way. I'm concerned about 'hitting the wall' with respect to my own focus. I already find myself resisting... I really hate it when the Divine Miss O heads back to school... though we'd probably kill each other if we home schooled, LOL.

You are SUCH a sweet and loving Mom when it comes to feeding your family!!! I sure hope they appreciate you... though that is exactly what it looked like at our house when I first switched to Paleo. A good substitute for the bean in chili (I still miss those) is cubed kabocha squash... the texture and flavor is nearly identical to the beans, and it doesn't break down like other squashes.

NOW! You leave me I complete awe (and the dust) with your exercise!!! I don't see how you're 'stuck' on week 3, my dear! AS long as you're doing 10 minutes a day, you're meeting the challenge... the other stuff is all suggestion for when you're ready for it. The point is consistency, and you've got that! At least think about it....

...and I just have to say it again, I wish you could see that my accomplishment PALES in the face of YOURS: "I am starting my paleo sober streak over, today will be day two. and I am keeping my focus on those two goals. With work, running a family, having some chronic health issues, and a mental health issue that grows with the extra's, I am trying hard not to add the extras. The extra commitments, the extra time, the extra anxiety. This week, I really want to focus on my two."

You ROCK, my dear Kate!

{{{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}}

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Reducing to concerntrate....what should I be doing?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Reductions always bother me, I hate stirring and waiting for the liquid to concentrate. Mine enviable turn out to water because I didn't wait properly. I am apply that cooking principle to sparkpeple, and my time here. Waiting patently, I need to make the most of my Sparkpeople time.
1) Instead of the gazillions teams I am a member of but not very active on, I am going to pare down. I like By the numbers, and the calorie differential challenge. I'll stick with that. The 10 minute challenge is a good one, I'll stick with that. And Paleo, and bi-polar. but the rest will probably not miss me.
2) my daily goals and measurements. This are important. The measurements are how I am tracking my health changes. and how I am going to show and report progress to the doctors.
3) tracking... the sum, the whole enchilada, the most important of it all. tracking.
4) my blog. it keeps me centered. it gives me something to reflect on.

Goals for the week, and the plan to meet them.
300 fitness minutes. That's the 60 minute walk with Catlady four times this week. and evening activity of some sort. I had planned to start riding my bike, but that will have to wait until the payday purchase of a bike lock. I keep checking the pool website to see when the pool will open, hopefully this week.

Paleo friendly. Since I refuse to buy anything that's not on the paleo plan, my diet should be a rock star this week. My goal is to have a calorie deficit of -500 each day.

Negative night time eating. I have new nighttime meds, to help curb the night time eating. This should help with the forementioned goal.

Daily Sparking, just the minimum.

Off to fold laundry.

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_RAMONA 8/18/2014 9:40AM

    You made me laugh... reducing to concentrate, indeed! Though it may not seem so on the surface, I think that may be a very apt description of the process here, LOL!

For me it has always been about managing distractions here, and doing only what I LOVE. In retrospect, I really did need to learn how to balance emotionally before I could really balance within this process. I have a hard enough time managing ME let alone adding too many other people to the mix. I think that's why I largely stay off teams (my handful include Paleo, Balance & Moderation, and Natural Healing)... I'm much too easily drawn into other people's struggles.

What an awesome plan, my friend! I'm here cheering you ON!

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BABYSOX 8/18/2014 7:38AM

    I agree with paring down. I set my limit to 4 teams. You can always give up one and join another in the future as you seem fit.

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JAMBABY0 8/17/2014 11:40PM

    keep up the good work and good job

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begining of the week, and I am still tired from the last one...sigh

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I am still very tired, and in slight fibro pain. It's from inactivity. While my soul needs me to sit in the chair with the cat and the dog, the body needs me to move. I choose the soul, and today, the body is sore and achy. Today, I am planning for the week, planning for success. Movement will be walking with Cynthia Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Tuesday I have a 13 hour work day, and doubt I will get any walk in. Food planning is next. No grocery shopping, as it's the week before payday. I have to plan for what I bought at Costco. If I plan ahead, cook ahead today, plan for crock pot meals on the days I will be to tired to cook, I will be eliminating some of the obstacles I routinely hit. That's the plan, anyway.

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EDDYMEESE 8/17/2014 9:26PM

    Great job planning ahead!

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1CRAZYDOG 8/17/2014 8:15PM

    Kate, you havea good plan and you're right to listen to your body and rest when you need. Cooking ahead is a aving grace for the week, especially if it's a super busy week.

Good job, you can do it.

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_RAMONA 8/17/2014 5:18PM

    GREAT plan!

I finally 'get' this: "the body needs me to move."

For whatever reason, it has taken me a really long time to fully realize just how much my body needs me to move. I'm crediting this streak for teaching me... it's like they say about paleo.. most people don't realize how good they can feel. I don't think I ever really believed that exercise could make such a big impact to how I feel... to maybe I just had to find the right exercise.

Kate have you heard of this guy/book?

My SIL has Fibromyalgia,and she recently started using his book and recommendations. She is finally progressing toward wellness. The doctor himself, had fibro when he was in medical school... that's how her developed the treatments he now uses for patients.

How have you been since seeing the doctors?

Walking together, on faith,

Comment edited on: 8/18/2014 12:27:26 AM

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144AUTUMN 8/17/2014 2:53PM

  You can do it!!

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