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Goal Reset - Day 2 ~ Busy Busy

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Busy day so late and short blog.

I'm still here, been over on calories the past couple days. However, I'm back to tracking all my food. So I'll keep taking baby steps and work on getting healthier.

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WALLAHALLA 3/26/2014 11:16AM

    never give up and you will get there

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DRPEPPIE121 3/26/2014 8:42AM

    Good for you! I know it's hard to track food if you know you're going "over". You'll get back to where you want! You're doing a great job!!!


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Goal Reset - Day 1 ~ I'm back!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hi Spark Friends!

Just under 1 year ago today I started this journey by joining the gym.

I am 21 lbs lighter today than I was this time last year. I went from 208 lbs to 187 lbs. I am 28 lbs lighter today than my heaviest consistent weight of 215 lbs (not the highest number I ever saw, but my highest consistent weight).

At this time last year I had to shop in woman's. Today I am out of plus sizes.

I do believe that counts as a successful year.



Utilizing Sparkpeople: I got lazy in December and stopped tracking food (mainly because I wanted to eat fun things without stressing about it). I stopped tracking food, I stopped losing weight (and even gained about 5 lbs back). I have gone in cycles of being good (and then bad) about utilizing Spark since December. As a result I have been losing/gaining the same 5 lbs over and over again.

Health Issues Update: I had an ovarian cyst rupture on March 12th. Which caused a lot of related pain. When I posted about health issues last week I wasn't sure how long it would take to get over but I'm finally feeling much better now.

Exercise Update: Because of related health issues, I obviously have missed a bunch of exercise. Because of schedule, winter, and laziness I was down to about 120 minutes of exercise/week even when I was being good. I went to Zumba on Saturday and while not my best ever class, it wasn't my worst by far.



Today is Day 1 of my Goal reset.

I'm going back to my original plan:

Track food everyday/stay within recommend calorie range.
Track exercise/exercise at least 180 minutes per week.
Blog everyday.

Ideally, I'd like my weight to be around 165 by my cruise in September (which is the goal listed in Spark that populates my new calorie range).

If I make my goal great, if I don't I just hope to be at a lower weight and healthier than I am currently.

There are no more excuses. I know I can do this. I have done this. I just need to keep pushing.


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SIERRAGOLD 3/25/2014 12:16AM

    Congrats on starting fresh and having realistic goals. I know how it is to gain and loose the same few pounds over and over again. You can do this! You're on the right track!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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AALLEY2 3/24/2014 6:42PM

    emoticon logging in to PP sure keeps me on track. Keep up the good work!

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WALLAHALLA 3/24/2014 5:05PM

    emoticon I believe in you!

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DRPEPPIE121 3/24/2014 4:06PM

    GREAT BLOG!!! Glad you're doing okay and so proud of you for your accomplishments thus far in weightloss! I think your journey has been very realistic and healthy! It's good to see people similar to myself just truckin' along...fightin' the good fight!

Keep it up, girl! AND HAPPY RESET DAY!!!


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RACEWELLWON 3/24/2014 3:55PM

    Sorry I missed your last blog - but my DH had a Heart Transplant last week - I glad your on the mend - Good news about your loss ! emoticon and about NSV - shopping for all that new clothes for your trip - good for you !! Hugs K

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Days ??? ~ Health Issues

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I unexpectedly had health issues last week which has pushed back my goal reset later.

I at least know what is wrong now. It is not serious and will pass but there is at least another week until I am feeling better.

I will check in at a later time.

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DRPEPPIE121 3/21/2014 10:06AM

    Glad it's not serious!!! You're missed! Just do your best to get better and take advantage of this time to relax a little more.

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SIERRAGOLD 3/21/2014 1:23AM

    Take good care of yourself. Things happen. You'll be back when you're ready.
emoticon emoticon emoticon


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WALLAHALLA 3/20/2014 9:53PM

    feel better emoticon emoticon

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JSAMMONS1981 3/20/2014 3:06PM


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Days 229-233 ~ Still in Maintenance Mode

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Still here. Weight is about 185 lbs (~ 30 lbs lost from my highest ever weight). Which is still great.

I'm still in maintenance mode. The current goal to start pushing myself again is Monday 3/17 (which gives me approximately 6 months before my cruise). I will reset all of my goals then.

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CARRIE925 3/12/2014 11:33AM


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WALLAHALLA 3/11/2014 5:54PM


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BHENDRICK2 3/11/2014 4:31PM

    your doing great

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GEORGE815 3/11/2014 4:28PM

    Congrats on the weight loss.

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Days 202-228 ~ Temporary Maintenance Mode

Thursday, March 06, 2014

So I went into temporary maintenance mode. I had too much going on with work, work, and life.

Good news is I'm more or less the same weight that I've been.

I am hoping to get back out of maintenance mode shortly.

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DRPEPPIE121 3/7/2014 8:36AM

    Good for you! Sometimes I think we've gotta make decisions that fit in with our life. I totally get it!

You can do this, girl!

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CARRIE925 3/7/2014 8:34AM


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WALLAHALLA 3/6/2014 5:09PM

    Some times maintenance is a good thing. It gives our body a break, and a chance to get comfortable before we wake it up and push forward.

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LUANN7 3/6/2014 4:01PM

    You will lose more when you come out of maintanance mode

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