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A Message from Captain Obvious

Monday, July 28, 2014

I got home from a business trip Friday night and headed straight out to dinner for a veggie burger and fries.

Saturday I had hemp toast and almond butter for breakfast, metric tons of sushi for lunch, then had TWO parties to attend. One surprise birthday party that ended up being an engagement party too, then another engagement party. (As J put it, "is there a Groupon for weddings right now?!") I had a drink and a hummus/pita chip snack at the first party, so not too bad, then, ahem, another veggie burger with fries for dinner at the second party.

And yesterday, geez. Talk about off the rails. I had a piece of toast with almond butter and some chocolate almond milk for breakfast. Then we hit the road to go to the Rubber Duckie Festival in Pennsylvania. Yeah, you read that right. The Rubber Duckie Festival! They race 20,000 rubber duckies down the river! You buy the ducks and all the money goes to charity. It was pretty freaking awesome.

Anyway, on the way there we stopped at 7-11 and J came out with Reese's Pieces and Munchos. Which I ate. Then when we got there I had a pretzel for 'lunch' because it was basically the only non-meaty thing I could find. Then I had ice cream. Because I'm insane, apparently. Then when we got back we got Chinese food, and I ate a small container of vegetable lo mien.

That is WAY more junk food than any human being should ever consume in a day.

Here comes the message from Captain Obvious:

When you eat junk all day Sunday (and really most of the weekend), it makes boot camp on Monday morning REALLY, REALLY suck. I felt weak. I felt sluggish. I felt downright dizzy a few times.


All I can do at this point is pick myself up, brush myself off, and march onward. This morning I've got my hemp toast and almond butter, a banana, and a giant bottle of water. I'll go out to lunch - probably a salad from Whole Foods - and tonight, I am definitely going to the grocery store. I left J alone for a week and came home to find Kool-Aid, Pop-tarts, Twinkies, hot dogs, bologna, and all sorts of other utter crap in the kitchen, with no actual food. This changes tonight!

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SMILINGTREE 7/28/2014 12:33PM

    Going to the grocery store is one of my biggest roadblocks to good nutrition. I either don't have time to go or don't have money to spend.

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MARGARITTM 7/28/2014 9:32AM

    I think it's ok to go off the rails once in awhile....just not too often

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Hotel Workouts

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm on my only business trip of the summer right now. (Which, by the way, is amazing! I never get to stay home this much!) Figuring it's just one week out of the whole summer, I set some rules for myself before going:

1. Exercise at least three days during the week.
2. Get all the Fitbit steps in (set to 7500/day).
3. Say no to the snack breaks.

1. Good! This morning I went to the hotel gym for the second time, and am on track to go either tomorrow or Friday. Hell, maybe both! This morning I put together my own little boot camp circuit:

Roman Chairs - 25
Burpees - 25
Bicep Curls - 25 sets
Side Squats - 25 sets
Back Lunges - 12 each leg

I'm pretty proud of myself for not being lazy!

2. I got 20,000 steps in on Monday. Whoa! And yes, every other day I have exceeded the 7500 by a fair amount.

3. Welllllllllll, I've had some cookies. It's basically been a bagel for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, a cookie in the afternoon, and then various dinners (tofu and veg one night, thai another, italian last night). Overall it hasn't been horrible. But I can lay off the cookies now. :)

How's your week going?

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SUMMER2203 7/23/2014 4:46PM

    im on a business trip right now, too, and have not been able to get my butt to the gym!!! i am getting my steps in, and even put on my gym clothes, but haven't worked out :( this is inspiring me to go to the gym this evening!!!!!

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BURGUNDYBABE 7/23/2014 9:17AM

    Congrats on sticking to your goals!

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PINKEUROGIRL 7/23/2014 7:30AM

    good for you!

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Adios, FitBit Connection.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

OK, love the new FitBit, as expected, but after 24 hours I've already disconnected it from Spark. If I track exercise here, which I like to do, the FitBit double books everything. Yesterday it added an addition 103 fitness minutes. I'm not even really sure where that number came from - I'm guessing that's how often it thought I was 'active' but in any case I don't want to over-credit myself on spark.

Still, I do like to see my steps and stairs throughout the day for a little extra motivation to go for a walk. (I'm already at 7059 steps today and it's not even 10AM yet!)

Yesterday was supposed to be Twofer Tuesday, with boot camp in the morning and a run in the afternoon, but one minute before I was set to walk out the door I looked outside and realized suddenly the sky had gone black and there was crazy wind. I called my running buddy to cancel and sure enough within 5 minutes there were insane thunderstorms rolling through. VERY glad I was not out in the rain during that, as there was lots of wind damage after the fact and the trail has lots of trees.

This morning I woke up on time for boot camp and realized ... everything was sore. Cardio / upper body day on Monday + lower body day on Tuesday = Sore Wednesday. So I slept another 30 minutes, but then went to the gym and got on the incline treadmill and walked hills for 45 minutes, then did some ab work. A pretty good workout still, but not boot camp intensity.

Plan for today is lots of water and some regular stretching breaks in my office to work out the kinks. I had my usual hemp toast + almond butter + banana for breakfast, but need to go out for lunch. I'm thinking Whole Foods salad with the sesame grilled tofu. We haven't been grocery shopping in far too long so dinner may be Gardein (fake chik'n) and frozen veggies as that's what's in the freezer and we might as well use it up. I'm trying to make more of an effort to clean up my diet in July. I've gotten pretty indulgent on the chocolate/cookie front, and I need to calm it down.

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TCANNO 7/23/2014 7:53AM

    Not good to be out in a thunder storm at the best of times. I am glad you stayed in

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SMILINGTREE 7/9/2014 3:34PM

    I love how you evaluate day to day. Smart.

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BRAINBENTT 7/9/2014 10:13AM

    Body Media does the same, I just use it for tracking fitness and use Spark for tracking nutrition and get them to feed each other.

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BURGUNDYBABE 7/9/2014 10:07AM

    Sleeping in and getting a different workout was probably the best thing for you!

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Leg Day + New FitBit

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Leg day at boot camp this morning. Lots of running, squats, lunges, dirty dogs, donkey kicks, calf raises, and resistance-band running. Oof. It was good, though.

I was really craving a hot breakfast so I went to the Whole Foods breakfast bar for some tofu scramble and potatoes. I don't do it very often, but sometimes you just need a solid cooked breakfast, you know?

One of my credit cards has these 'thank you points' that you can redeem for gift cards, electronics, even airfare and trips if you have enough. I have been known to save up all my points and then order gift cards just before Christmas but I got an email with new things in the store and I saw that they had a FitBit One within my point range. A 'free' (yes I know it is far from actually free) FitBit to replace the one I lost ages ago? OK! It came in the mail yesterday, and it's sitting here charging now. I hope I can keep this one more than three months. :)

I've synced it with Spark, too. I did that last time and I remember not liking it because if I track my exercise and the FitBit, I end up double booking everything. But it looks like they've made some changes to the interface so I'll try it again and see how it goes. If you start seeing "Megan burned 2098304982343 calories today!" notifications, well, please disregard. It was only 1049152491171.5 calories. (Yes I just did the math because I am a dork.)

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    It helps to add a tether to it so it doesn't go astray. I've almost lost mine several times if I hadn't had that extra life line.

Happy that you got your FitBit for free. Yahoo!

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BURGUNDYBABE 7/8/2014 11:11AM

    What a day! Nice 'free' Fitbit. Still can't afford anything like that, but maybe one day i'll buy the spark tracker

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MAVERICKDR 7/8/2014 10:39AM

    Good luck with your new FitBit One. I have one and like(d) it a lot. I'm presently using the Spark Activity Tracker which right now has only one benefit in that it uses a replaceable battery.

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Action- (And Activity-) Packed Long Weekend!

Monday, July 07, 2014

I! Am! Exhausted!

Aren't long weekends supposed to leave you feeling refreshed, rested, and ready to go? Ha!

8AM Firecracker 5K.

I forgot my watch (what?!) so I was relying on my running partner for pacing and intervals. I know she runs faster than I do, but when we hit the first mile I knew we were going really fast (by my standards).

Me: "Hey, B, we're going really fast, aren't we?"

Her: [looking at watch] "Ummm, I'm not going to tell you."

Me: "Oh man, that fast? Maybe just a teensy bit slower for mile 2?"

Her: "11:31 ... OK, we'll slow it down."

In the end I finished at 37:02. That is AWESOME for me!!!!!

I went home, chilled out a bit, and then that night we went into DC for the 4th of July fireworks. We got there somewhat late, around 8PM, so we decided to skip the Mall and find a spot outside of security. #1 that saves us from having to stand in line at security, and #2 that means we don't have to sit with 203894082039843984029830498234 of our closest friends within 4 centimeters. Win-win, really. Of course, getting there late also means there was no parking, so we ended up walking about 10 blocks, which is not super far unless you've run a fast 5K in the morning and you are wearing flimsy flip flops.

I got a little confused having a Friday off. See, I put stickers on a calendar for days I exercise and I had put a sticker on for Friday's 5K but when I woke up Saturday morning I was sure it was Sunday because helllloooo who does a 5K on a Friday? So I put a sticker on Saturday thinking I had missed it for the race. Then I realized it was, in fact, Saturday. So OBVIOUSLY I had to exercise, because I already had a sticker on the calendar.

And if you followed that logic at all, I feel sorry for you that your brain is as strange as mine. :)

Long story short, I went for a very slow, very short, leisurely jog around the neighborhood. 2.3 miles in 30 minutes. It was good to work out some kinks.

Saturday afternoon we went to a local winery (there are 8 bajillion of them within a one-hour radius of our house). It was such a beautiful day to sit outside an relax!

Power scrubbing the house, which I think totally counts as exercise when you have three stories to clean. I was sweaty for sure!

Then we went to a friend's birthday party. She lives out in West Virginia and the party was at her mom's house right on the Shenandoah River. We went tubing down the river a bit, came back in and had some food and drinks (toooooo maaaaaannnnyyy snacks!) then headed out.

And now I am exhausted just recapping all of that.

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KAT321123 7/7/2014 10:03PM

    Sounds like you made the most out of a long weekend! Kudos to you for finishing the race with such a great time =) And double kudos to you for letting the accidental sticker placement motivate you. I totally "get" it, but am not sure I would had quite your strength. Nice work!

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    Yes, it made total sense. I was confused all the 3 days going into today. I had to rearrange my cleaning schedule to accommodate a major client. I had to remind myself what day it was every day including today.

Yes, power washing a house is definitely exercise.

Great job on the 5K. You were smokin'!

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MARGARITTM 7/7/2014 4:37PM

    nice job on the 5k!

Sounds like a fun week end to me

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ABAKER34 7/7/2014 2:51PM

    Great time on your 5K! Glad you enjoyed the fireworks, the building I work in was doing a rooftop viewing of the them in DC this year and everybody said they were awesome as normal!

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