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Choose YOUR Hard

Monday, September 02, 2013

“Being overweight and out-of-shape is hard. Being lean and in-shape is hard. Choose your hard.”
Just saw this in a blog by Molly Galbraith and it really got me to thinking.

If life is going to be hard anyway...wouldn't I rather have it be hard while being healthy?
When I am heavy, it is hard to:
1)Hike/Climb/Run as far as I want
2)Have pain free knees
3)Keep BP in control unless I take meds
4)Like the way I look in pictures.
I could go on, & on & ON...but those are the major ones.

When I was under 200 it was hard to:
1)Stay motivated to train for races & just exercise period
2)Say no to high calorie foods
Hmmm, wait a minute, that is about
Waaay shorter list huh?
Shows that being overweight is a lot harder than it looks.
And just maybe, being healthier isn't as hard as I thought.
Yup, gonna have to mull this one around a little.

Also in that blog, she had this idea.....

“Next time you start to say, ‘I don’t have time to _______.’ Replace that sentence with, ‘________ is not a priority to me right now.”

Seriously. Say that out loud. Instead of telling a friend that you don’t have time for lunch, tell them that they are not a priority to you right now.
Ouch. That hurts, huh?

OK, so maybe you really shouldn’t tell your friend that, but at the very least it helps you be honest with yourself about your priorities and how you spend your time.

Yep, made me realize, most of the time, the word I would replace would be "Exercise"
OR "Healthy Food Choice"

So, maybe make a list of your own.
Which Hard do YOU Choose.
Because make no mistake. You ARE mking that choice Every Day!


Did NOT use Tattoo as an Excuse

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Here it is, Sept 1st....
I did floor exercises EVRY DAY in Aug! Woot Woot for ME.
So, I got a tattoo I have been wanting last night...Ummmm, on my shoulder blade.
Kinda hard to do crunches or lay to do leg lifts....What's a girl to do?

I sat up, like for a full sit-up, then went back as far as I could.
Whew, these were harder than the crunches! And I had upped them to 35.
So, did ten of them, then did my laying on my side hip flexers, (Side leg lifts)
Then did ten more sit-ups, then did the 10 kickbacks for each leg I added this month, and,
TADA! Finished with 15 of the half sit-ups...for my total of 35
Whew, felt THAT.

Ok, that took care of the crunches, what about the leg lifts, where I would have to lay totally on my back?
My smart husband handed me the wheelie thingie that you use by getting on your knees & rolling out as far as you can. Then rolling it back towards you.
EEERRRRGGG, I think these are tougher than the leg lifts.

Well, my tattoo is a warrior anglr and I have to say, I did feel a little of my old warrior self coming back this morning.

Here is to Never giving up, and

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KIM___ 9/1/2013 4:47PM

    emoticon Great going!

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Sept Planning

Friday, August 30, 2013

Reading PIXILICIOUS' blog made me realize...YIKES it is almost Sept.
I have a very busy month coming up. So I NEED to get an action plan in place.

Good News...I have actually done Floor Exercises EVERY day in Aug
Great news for me. Over a year since I seemed to even get one week going.

Bad News...Stopped logging my food about 2 weeks ago

Sept Plan
Up floor exercises, just a little
35 Crunches, 12 LL, 20 SLL, Adding KickBacks, 5

Do it every day, can have a new pair of earrings, up to $20

Our 4 station, 7.5 min Circuit Training AT LEAST 2X a week.
Shooting for M-W-F

Watch steps again, shoot for 7000, at least have that be the average at the end of the week.

Okay, I did stay on track for losing the 13 in 13 weeks challenge, so will continue with that.
AND, reminding myself this is LIFE, not just a short term thing.
Sloooowly is better than Not At All

I need to get to hiking when it cools off & get ready for Nov.

I close my eyes & remember the Chicago Marathon, and that I want to go there again......

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RUMBLESEAT 8/30/2013 9:58PM

    That's what I do too, set a goal and reward myself when I reach it!


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FINALLY Swam in the Waterfall!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Finally got my swim under the waterfall yesterday. It was soooo awesome.
Floating on my back, looking up at the rocks surrounding the basin, I cannot desribe the beauty. I told myself that I WILL make sure I get down there a couple times a year after this.
So gorgeous, and FREE! I know people would pay for the privilege I was enjoying. How could I have waited so long?

One note, do NOT go into the fullest section of a water fall & look directly up, haha.
Took my breath away, literally, plugging my nose & of course blinding me. Had to hold my breath & swim out to get it back.
I will foerever be able to close my eyes & bring back this precious memory.
I had left the cell phone home. It was just Jim & I enjoying the day.

The trek to the bottom was not as bad as I remembered. The trip up, not nearly as rough as the first time I did it 4 years ago. I was thankful for my sturdy walking stick tho.

It also made me even more determined to fight fracking. I found myself a little sad thinking how this kind of beauty can be so easily destroyed. How this place might not be around for me to bring my grandchildren to.

Yes, I am forever grateful for this wonderful experience.

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MERRYMARY42 8/29/2013 10:44PM

    sounds lovely, next time take your phone/camera

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Leading a Hike in Nov

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So, I said I would lead a hike in Nov...yes, THIS year.
Makes me want to up my game so I can be in better shape when we get out there.
Also hoping it helps me keep focus in these next couple months.

Tomorrow Jim & I are going down a fairly steep incline at the park I will be taking them. But for Nov, it will be too cold to swim in the waterfall, so we will go up, up, up and see some gorgeous vistas from the top of the ridge. I am looking forward to the hike, cuz it is rocky & a bit difficult for me.

Have my hand in a lot of other projects. Rain Barrels for April is a go, with Coke donating the barrels, Sweet! Now I have to line up the fellow to do the talk & help people put in the hardware.

And, have a new project for Sept 21st, only 6 days after the Anti-fracking Conference.
Getting ready to do some conference calls on that.

Times flies when you are having fun.....

Speaking of FUN.
I challenged my Personal Challenge Ladies to find a swing this week and get on it & FLY!!!
Summer is leaving. Our tushes are smaller. Time to give the kid in us a ride.

Find your PASSION Folks!
Cuz the Summer of our Lives are shorter than we realize.


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