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Passion for Jesus!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Walk closely with Him NOW. Daniel and his three friends chose to obey God and refused to compromise in even the food they ate (Daniel 1). The others who were brought from Judah to Babylon as prisoners with them caved in and are never mentioned again. When the Jewish prisoners of war had their convictions challenged in a far greater way, it was only these few who stood alone for God (Daniel 3 and 6). In order to ensure that we will be passionate for God later, we need to walk with Him now and begin to obey Him in the smallest tests! Peter learned this the hard way by following God “at a distance,” rather than identifying himself more closely with Christ before his temptation to deny Him (Luke 22:54). God says that where a man’s treasure is, there his heart will be also. As we invest our lives in God through serving Him and being on the receiving end of persecution for Him, our treasure will increasingly lie with Him, and so will our hearts (1 Timothy 3:12; Matthew 6:21).

Eliminate the competition. Jesus said it is impossible to have two masters (Matthew 6:24). We are tempted to love the world (those things which please our eyes, make us feel good about ourselves, and gratify our fleshly desires) (1 John 2:15-17). James says that to seek to embrace the world and its friendship is enmity (hatred) toward God and spiritual adultery (James 4:4). We need to get rid of those things in our lives (friends who would lead us the wrong way, things that take up our time and energy and keep us from serving God more fully, pursuit of popularity, pursuit of possessions, and the pursuit of physical and emotional gratifications). God promises that if we pursue Him, He will not only provide for our needs (Matthew 6:33) but will give us our desires as well (Psalm 37:4-5).

If straying, begin to do what helped you grow in love with God in the first place. It is not uncommon to have dips in a relationship. Peter dipped in his (Luke 22:54), and David dipped in his (2 Samuel 11), but they got up and pursued after God once again. John, in Revelation 2:4, states it is not a case of “losing” one’s love but “leaving” one’s love. The cure is to do the “first works,” those things that caused one to grow in love with God in the first place. This would include those items mentioned above. The first step in this is confession and receiving the forgiveness and restored fellowship that are the result of that confession (1 John 1:9). There is no doubt that God will bless the pursuit of a passion for Him and will glorify His name through it.

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1HEISTHEANSWER 11/21/2014 7:01PM

    REally good blog!

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GLORY- 10/30/2014 1:40PM

    Excellent! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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D_4RECOVERY 10/16/2014 8:10AM

    Thank you so much. I always enjoy these lessons. emoticon

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SANDRALEET 10/16/2014 8:01AM

    Dress Live act like the warld The easy path Not the right one

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PLATINUM755 10/16/2014 2:17AM

    emoticonAmen! emoticon

And thank you for the link!

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

FACT NO. 1 God loves you and wants us to love one another. If we love one another. God lives in union with us, and his love is made perfect in us. (1 John 4:7-21)

FACT NO. 2 You do not realize God's love because you have sinned and are far away from God's saving presence. Roman 3:23

FACT NO.3 You will learn how bitter and wrong it is to abandon the Lord your God, and no longer to remain faithful to me. Jeremiah 2;19

FACT NO.4 Death is not the end of life. Beyond death there exist new heaven and new earth Revelation 21:8


FACT NO.6 Only by the precious sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ on the cross, your sin can be cleansed. 1 Peter 1:19

FACT NO. 7 Even though you cannot understand the truth with your own knowledge, if you confess that Jesus is Lord and believe that God raised him from death, you will be saved. roman 10-9


Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved ; you and your family Acts 16:31

I am the resurrection and the life, whoever believes in me will live, even though he dies, and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this? John 11:25-26

Some, however, did receive him and believed in him, so he gave them the right to become God's children John 1:12



Beware of false teachers. Go to a church where the Bible is taught as a whole truth, nothing but the truth, the GOD'S WORD.

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1HEISTHEANSWER 11/21/2014 7:02PM


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SUNSHINE5268 9/1/2014 10:12PM

    beautifully shared, thank you :)

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GLORY- 8/22/2014 9:14PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PLATINUM755 8/10/2014 11:33PM

    emoticonAMEN! emoticon

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COOP9002 8/10/2014 2:24PM

    thanks for faithfully proclaiming our hope in Christ. Blessings

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SANDRALEET 8/10/2014 12:34PM

    I learned from the Bible how God wants us to grow Change Love live and love compassion

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SANDRALEET 8/10/2014 12:31PM

    There are 2 forces in the warld Good and evil The 2 can can be so mixed that some can be fooled

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The Weapon of Warfare!

Friday, August 01, 2014


Some of you need to wake up!!! Don't you see what the enemy (Satan) is doing in your life?

If we can trust God for our salvation for ALL ETERNITY, why can't we trust Him to work out our troubles here on earth in this life?

Anything that disturbs your peace, whether it be an emotional trauma, whether it be stress, whether it be sickness, whether it be spiritual, whether it be financial, whatever the problem--it did NOT come from God!!!

God will never pull you down, and on the other hand, Satan will never, ever lift you up.

People, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal!!! That means that the fight that is before us is not a fleshly battle that we can fihgt!!! It is all a spiritual battle that each and everyone of us live every day, and we must recognize what is of the devil, and what is of God, and to listen to your spiritual leaders!!

When you seek advice from your leaders, whether it be your Pastor, or your elders in the church, or anyone who has been called into a spiritual walk for the Lord, listen to what they tell you, and go home and meditate on it!!! Don't waste your time, and God's servant's time, or God's time by asking, and as soon as you go home, try to do it your way!!! Of course, you need to read your Bible and Study for yourself what the Word of God says, and make sure your leaders are not feeding man's doctrines instead of God's. Man's doctrines are just that---man's doctrines!!!

Get into a church where they teach the true Word of God!!! Don't go to a church that does not teach the True Word of God. It HAS to be the Word of God.

Some of us suffer from things that started back generations ago, and these are called generational curses, and they can be broken, BUT YOU MUST BE WILLING TO LET GOD BREAK THEM!! You have to want them to be gone and to forgive those who caused the curse to placed upon you in the first place.

If you can't recognize what is happening in your life in the Spiritual Realm, that is what you have your Pastor to help you with and to pray with you about, and to counsel with you, but you MUST be will to say, "OK, I believe God is going to do this." It is not a miracle cure that God is going to do, and then you go out and continue to do things the way you want with no regard for the commandments of God. Don't ask for advise and ignore what you're told!

We have spoken to many, many Pastors and Ministers that have come across this problem with people. These men and women are "called" of God, and they know how God feels about specific things, and they know the Word of God.

You will never, ever, get relief from the things that have you in bondage until you let them go. Some of you are so bound up by Satan that you think that is the only way of life and it is never going to change. Satan not only has control of your life, but he has control of your mind, and he keeps placing these strongholds in your mind, and you accept them, and that is when he does his best work.

You have got to learn to take a stand for Jesus, and learn to trust Him to guide you in each and every circumstance, and stop believing that everything that comes your way is "just your luck". Luck has nothing to do with it!!!

The spirit of poverty can be broken off your life--it can stop now!!! The spirit of infirmity and sickness can be broken off your life--it can stop now!!! It not only stops in your life, but it stops with your children--when God breaks that curse that was placed on your family and ancestors before you, it stops!!! So what if you have been sick for years, so what if you have been poor for years, so what if this is the way it has always been??? God says he who the Son sets free is free indeed.

You have to know what that means! To be able to be set free of something, you have to understand what it is that you are bound by. I stand up in front of people all the time and see different ones that are so bound that it is a wonder that they are even able to move and breathe, and the only reason that they are bound and are suffering is because they are allowing it and thinking that they can't do anything about it. They think that that is just the way it is--they are not as lucky as others. Hogwash!!! That is a lie from the pits of hell, and Satan is selling them a book of goods and they are buying it hook, line, and sinker.

Until you stand up, and say "enough", Satan and his minions are going to keep right on walking all over you and crushing you and interfering with your life and stealing and killing and destroying everything you are putting your hand to.

It DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!!!! Quit trying to figure it out, quit trying to do it the way you always have, quit trying to look other places for relief!!!! Give it to God, but when you do, leave it there.

If you want things to change, and REALLY want things to change, God will supernaturally intervene, and you will immediately start to see a difference in your life and in the lives of your family.

The only way that Satan can do anything in your life and to you is if God allows him to---and God will allow Satan to do it until you say "enough", and turn it over to God, and let Him set you free.

Don't allow the devil to have any more control of you. Sometimes, we have problems or circumstances that we suffer through for years, and sometimes we have seen our families suffer through some things--God will supernaturally intervene on your behalf and you can be totally set free, and live a good life. BUT!!! You have to want a better life, and you have to believe that God can do it. Don't let the devil come back and in and start setting up the strongholds in your mind that got you in that condition in the first place.

You need to think on these things--look it up in the Bible---Study it---Believe it---and let God do it.

Remember that God is no respector of persons, what He does for one, He'll do for you! BUT, Satan will also do it to you if you let him---mo matter who you are!!

The choice is yours!! THINK ON THESE THINGS!!!!!

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1HEISTHEANSWER 11/21/2014 7:05PM


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GLORY- 8/5/2014 10:51PM

    emoticon emoticon You preach it girl! You speak my kind of language! emoticon emoticon

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PLATINUM755 8/5/2014 9:22PM

    emoticonAMEN to that! emoticon

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SANDRALEET 8/1/2014 3:43PM

    God puts rain and sunshine in our life God never promised us a easy life Good and bad can get ahead Good and bad can suffer God said that

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COOP9002 8/1/2014 11:57AM

    Great reminder.

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PATTYGIVENS 8/1/2014 11:08AM

  Thanks i so believe.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Practice Moderation

Even if you're anxious to reap the health rewards of a regular rowing machine workout, don't rush headlong into the activity. For beginners, aerobic exercises such as rowing are ideal to perform three times per week. Ideally, allow a rest day between workout days to give your muscles a chance to recover. As you raise your endurance, perform aerobic exercise three to five times per week. If your body is extremely sore after a session, take two days to recover before your next rowing workout.

Short vs. Long Workouts

When you're new to aerobic exercises, you might find exercising for more than a few minutes at a time to be a challenge. Don't be resistant, however, to breaking your rowing workout into several short intervals. If you don't have the endurance for an hour-long workout, for example, perform four 15-minute workouts. According to, long workouts don't have any benefit over several short workouts. To lessen your risk of injury, gradually increase the duration of each rowing workout.

Related Reading: How Does Rowing Affect Your Chest?

Consider Your Workout Goals

Although aerobic exercise contributes to your health in a variety of ways, many people closely associate it with weight loss because of its quick calorie burn. Evaluate your reason for working out before deciding how frequently to use the rowing machine. Adults should spend a minimum of 150 minutes engaging in aerobic exercises each week to maintain their weight and 300 or more minutes of aerobic exercise per week to work toward weight loss. Reaching either guideline is possible through three to five sessions per week.

Rowing Toward a Slimmer Body

Three to five rowing workouts per week can be enough to help you build a slimmer body. The exercise burns calories quickly. According to HealthStatus, a 200-pound person will burn 792 calories during a 60-minute rowing machine workout at a vigorous pace. Provided you're careful about consuming a healthy, low-calorie diet and get a moderate amount of activity throughout the remainder of the day, the calorie burn you'll experience during this workout is often enough to lose weight slowly.


You'll know you're working at moderate intensity if your heart starts beating faster and you break a light sweat after about 10 minutes on the rowing machine. If you want an even "better" workout that will help you burn more calories and build muscle faster, speed up your pace -- while remaining in control -- or increase the tension level on the machine. This can move you from a moderate-intensity workout to a vigorous-intensity workout. Vigorous-intensity workouts will cause you to break a sweat after just a few minutes, your breathing will be deep and fast and it will be hard to say more than a few words without taking another breath.

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PLATINUM755 7/16/2014 9:51PM

    A lot of great info...Thank you! And I'm borrowing the NO EXCUSES says it all!

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D_4RECOVERY 7/16/2014 9:38AM

    emoticon Very good information.

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SANDRALEET 7/16/2014 9:11AM

    Bad arthritis walk put not overdo anything

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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Burpees. The suck. Whatever you call them, if you have ever done them, this topic probably makes you a bit uneasy, perhaps because you fear that you have unknowingly stumbled onto a feature that’s going to encourage you to get up RIGHT NOW and bang out 100 of these bad boys. Never fear. I, too, have had the best intentions of learning to love burpees, but even after performing literally thousands of them over the years, I have failed. Miserably.

CrossFit aficionados participate in the “fun” tradition of yelling “Yay, Burpees!” when their coach says the word and/or they appear in a workout. However, this is meant to be ironic (at least, I think it is—the Alanis Morissette song has confused me and an entire generation about the actual definition of that word). Indeed, there doesn’t seem to be a single exercise that inspires in athletes the kind of invective and old-fashioned cussin’ that burpees do.

To wit, the very same CrossFit community described above recently posted the following prompt on its Facebook page : “If burpee had an alternate name, it would be _____” .

Out of the 885 comments people posted, note the following sample of responses: • Hell
• Torture
• Burpee! Thy name is DEATH
• Vomits
• Kill-mes
• Suck jumps
• T.T.I.M.M = taste throw-up in my mouth
• The devil
• Satan’s idea of fun
• Poop!
• Awful!!!
• My ex-wife
• Skunks ‘cause they stink

There were many more in the same vein, far outstripping the number of responses that actually had something positive to say about burpees. And these don’t even include any of the many R-rated suggestions.

Why all the fuss about burpees? What is it about them that strikes fear and revulsion in our hearts? Descriptions of how to perform burpees don’t sound that bad, and they are legion (simply conduct a Youtube or Google search and you’ll see what I mean). Individual descriptions are vary somewhat, but they are all variations on the same theme; all you have to do is squat, sprawl, execute a pushup, jump back to the squat position, and execute a vertical jump. How bad can it be....

Well, anyone who has ever read a CrossFit workout on the whiteboard and thought those famous last words has also experienced the phlegmmy, dry-heaving, days-of-recovery aftermath of such workouts. So let’s investigate a bit further. When you read the above description, can you identify a major muscle group that *isn’t* implicated in the execution of a burpee? No, they are full-body exercises—no part of you is immune. Also, their explosive nature ups the intensity; not one, not two, but THREE jumps are required to complete a single burpee. (Yes, one and possibly two of the jumps is executed when your hands are on the ground, but after a workout that incorporates burpees, ask your hindquarters and shoulders whether that was a difference that made a difference.) This means that both your muscles and your lungs will be making their displeasure known before too long.

Burpees are also known as a staple of “prison workouts,” workouts that require very little equipment and space, ostensibly because they can be performed by people who have space and equipment restrictions placed on them, including those who are incarcerated. With all due respect, most of us probably wouldn’t choose to associate our workouts with a prison sentence. Having that as a bit of context, let’s break down the burpee into its component parts. Perhaps this will provide additional insight into why it inspires such intensely negative reactions among the initiated.

The squat: According to legendary strength coach Mark Rippetoe, “There is simply no other exercise, and certainly no machine, that produces the level of central nervous system activity, improved balance and coordination, skeletal loading and bone density enhancement, muscular stimulation and growth, connective tissue stress and strength, psychological demand and toughness, and overall systemic conditioning than the correctly performed full squat.”

Coach Rip was likely referring here to the back squat, which is commonly referred to simply as “squat.” In a back squat, the practitioner executes a squat while supporting a barbell on the shoulders. (Where, exactly, on the shoulders is a matter of some discussion and preference.) The barbell is loaded to a weight that produces the desired training effect in that specific practitioner, and this will obviously vary depending on the strength and experience of the lifter. The back squat is not to be confused with the air squat, however, which is also routinely referred to as “squat”. The important point, however, is that there is no back squat without a solid air squat, so even if the air squat doesn’t confer all of the benefits Coach Rip describes, there’s still a lot going on.

The sprawl: Fling yourself face-first at the ground. Repeatedly. See how many times you can do this before you want to rip your own face off from frustration and fatigue. Chances are you will start to breathe heavily after the first 2 or 3, and if you’re like me, the full training effect won’t set in until after you have stopped. That’s when the effects of the exertion catch up and grab hold like a boa constrictor. Sprawling is what wrestlers do (except for the face ripping), over and over and over, to practice removing their hips and legs from the reach of an opponent who might be trying to close the distance and take them down. And any of you who know a wrestler have probably marveled at that person’s “cardio,” explosiveness, and just plain focus and intensity. Complete ten sprawls in rapid succession, and you will probably see why this might follow.

The pushup: Based on my observations of accomplished burpeeists (both ones I have seen in person and watched in videos), it appears that the most efficient way to hit the pushup seems to be to sprawl to the bottom of it, so that when you fling yourself at the ground, you land in a plank position with your chest almost to the deck and your arms bent just enough to catch yourself before you slam into the earth. I know people who even take flinging themselves at the ground a step further and let their chests break their falls. This may be the most efficient way, but the self-preserving among us might find it difficult psychologically as well as coordination-wise. It’s also difficult to maintain over multiple reps because of the intensity, explosiveness, and control required.

Then, once you’ve made yourself one with the ground, you have to push yourself away from it, in direct opposition to the substantial energy you have expended getting there in the first place. Not to mention in direct opposition to gravity.

The jump: Finally, there’s the jump. You gather your feet back under you into another squat by jumping them forward between your hands, and then you jump as high as you can, achieving triple extension and throwing your hands in the air (like you just don’t care) or clapping overhead. Starting from the squat position increases the intensity of the jump, as does the fact that you must execute it after you have already executed steps 1-3 at least once. And if this is anything other than your first rep, you have executed steps 1-4 multiple times.

Perhaps after this synopsis it’s a bit easier to see where the burpee vitriol comes from. Any one of these elements of the burpee is going to challenge us physically, mentally, and neurologically. Put it all together, and it’s a veritable cornucopia of physiological challenges. Also, keep in mind that the descriptions above are the ideal way to perform burpees, but that it doesn’t usually take long for form to break down once fatigue sets in. As we tire, our squats become less squatty. Our sprawls become unholy alliances of donkey kicks and inchworms. Our pushups resemble nothing so much as bad break dancing. And our jumps barely clear the ground. The tendency for these things to happen increases as the number of reps increases. And the knowledge that we are falling short of the standard for performance adds to the mental challenge.

All this being said about how we hate burpees, I suspect we actually LOVE to hate them. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have the strong reactions we do; remember that the opposite of love is indifference. This means we do love burpees, on some level; it’s the very things about the burpee that we hate that are the things that are good for us. Burpees are the spinach of the physical fitness world. Think about it: How good do we feel when we’re done burpeeing? It’s not just because the immediate discomfort has stopped. We feel good because we know we have accomplished something.

So, I guess I lied. This IS a feature that will encourage you to go forth and squat, sprawl, pushup, and jump. Maybe you don’t have to do 100, but go, and then go again, with feeling! Yay, burpees!

To my experience I did 3 burpees at the boot camp. I called BURPEES IS A BEAST!!

Topic: Strength & Conditioning

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PLATINUM755 7/12/2014 2:51PM

    emoticonblog...I'm exhausted just reading it! emoticon

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MRSP90X 7/5/2014 9:12AM

    At the moment, I have to modify them, but not for long!!!

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SANDRALEET 7/3/2014 7:44AM

    Not for me

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D_4RECOVERY 7/3/2014 7:18AM

    My words for Burpees are....not in this lifetime. emoticon I admire those who can master this exercise because it looks like a great one for the body. I like watching it done but my body would not even think about trying it. lol Thanks for the blog...loved reading it.

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