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Saturday, September 27, 2014

I have had an incredibly filled month - lots of doctors' visits for my son, lots of computer issues, two new great nieces born since my last blog, lots of just feeling tired, a couple of out of state trips. School has been going strong and really well. I have turned into a senior citizen and now am officially on Medicare and have NO PLANS to slow down even the tiniest bit.

I started this school year worried and concerned because EVERYTHING seemed to be changing and I was feeling overwhelmed. As so often happens, the worries were a waste of time as most of the MAJOR changes and crises have turned to either be blessings in disguise OR minor blips on the pulse of my life. I have been BUSY but really happy. The CRISIS ridden, CHANGE intense world I was preparing to have swamp me, hasn't materialized but I used an awful lot of energy worrying about it. So, what is the message this has for me now?

First of all - as a believer, I SHOULD have known that if I simply trusted and had faith in the Lord, I would have KNOWN that worry is almost ALWAYS wasted energy. I admit to being a flawed human being and to being guilty of doubt and unbelief. I should have, could have, and would have KNOWN this IF ONLY I didn't have that gene that makes me want guarantees and to be able to put my fingers in the nail holes. I should have KNOWN but that niggling doubt that comes from not being a PERFECT believer left me wanting and cost me a LOT in time, stress, and heartache. Maybe I will one day learn my lesson as well as I TEACH it.

Second of all - I have learned that I am stronger than I think I am. I am more competent and maybe even a little more confident now. I have learned that strength doesn't necessarily come from NOT doubting but simply moving forward despite my doubts. I have learned that what seems overwhelming because it comes from changes and challenges does not ALWAYS mean that they are negative, difficult or even unwelcome. Sometimes what seems to be meant for evil can be turned to good.

Thirdly - I felt truly loved and supported. I FELT the family and friends caring and love. I have always KNOWN that love and caring but I have not always FELT it. I FELT and still FEEL cherished and truly appreciated. I learned that the people I love and care for really DO love and care for me as well. I had many small tokens of love offered to me. I learned some valuable lessons and taught others a few along the way. Small gestures of love and kindness reaped great joy and brought great solace for me and also for those I care about. I learned to let go and LET GOD a bit more. I learned that when I practice the little actions that I often share in my posts on the walls of my teams and on my activity feed that they REALLY work as I might hope and sometimes in ways I can't even imagine.

Finally - while I haven't actually lost weight, I haven't gained weight this month either. I have been switching things up with my exercise and my eating. I have been trying new ways to listen to my body and to work toward my goal of getting healthier. The small changes have made a difference in my life. I took the "REAL AGE" test on my birthday and found that although I have aged a bit since the last time I took it a year ago, I have ONLY aged by 6 months AND am 7 years younger than my chronological years. I have found myself making more and more healthy choices. The choices I have been making are small but they seem to be helping me to move closer to my goals.

My NEW schedule has turned out to be wonderful. My new email system is no big deal. My new IEP demands are relatively minor and most of them are things I have already been doing because they make sense. My new evaluation system is not AS BIG a deal as I expected and one that I am quite prepared to tackle. My class - despite many changes - is wonderful. My one student I was most worried about has turned out to be much easier to deal with and I haven't had any problems so far. My other students are eager to learn, NON-aggressive, NON-violent, and actually considerably more capable than the students I have had in the past 10 years. I look forward to going to school. I enjoy my job in a way I have not enjoyed it in quite a while. I am HAPPY. I work harder than I have in many years, but feel like I am making UNBELIEVABLE progress. I have been able to vary my schedule and my activities more than in the past. I love how the year is shaping up. I am constantly looking for new ways to present the material and new ways for the students to work together. The training I missed in August (cost me $250) is being offered in October on a Saturday and I will be able to go and to earn the money I thought was lost. I will also be able to attend two other trainings in November that will help me to deal with the challenges of the new IEP requirements AND the new Common Core standards I am expected to teach. I am feeling empowered and hopeful.

My plan is to keep focused and keep working toward my goals health-wise, career-wise and in all areas of my life. I plan to stay as active as possible on SP because all of you have brought me hope, joy, and love. I plan to stay active in my fitness pursuits - including my walking, my strength training, and my pool time (have already walked 500 miles plus since April first - even with my cane). I plan to stay active and strong in my extra-curricular school activities (concession stand, Local School Improvement Committee, and mentoring). I plan to stay active in my church activities (vestry, delegate to state and regional conferences, preparing brunches, reading the lessons, and passing the chalice during services). Finally, I plan to continue to attempt to be the BEST ME I can be and to spread love, joy, hope and kindness whenever, wherever, and to whomever I can.

Be blessed and make your every second on this Earth meaningful, generous, and loving as possible. You can be an agent of change and make your little corner of the world a better place. You can make your seemingly small life the stuff stories are written about. You can make a BIG splash and effect change throughout the world simply by being the BEST YOU that you can possibly be - flaws, weaknesses, and all. They matter less than the intention to be all that you can and to improve whatever and whoever's lives you can.

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NHES220 9/29/2014 11:13AM

    Wow Nancy - great update! So glad the work things ended up so well. Sounds like a rewarding school year! I hope Ed is doing well and keep up the great progress! Keep us posted on how you are doing!

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KALIGIRL 9/29/2014 8:47AM

    Sounds good to me - here's to focus and continued work on your excellent plans!

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AUNTALICE2 9/28/2014 8:40PM

    I am so glad you have the faith to make the changes you need to. You are a great person and so supportive. I am glad you are my friend. emoticon

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NOWYOUDIDIT 9/28/2014 7:52PM

    emoticon emoticon

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NELLIEH1 9/28/2014 3:54PM

    Many thanks for sharing your lessons from the past month or so!!
Good! you have no plans to slow down as a senior!!! just put on new tires (even before you "re-tire" and take off in GOD's leadings!!! Blessings, Nellie

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PATTYCAKE17 9/28/2014 3:47PM

    emoticon Terrific blog. I related to it on so many levels and so glad I stopped by to read ALL of it. Very inspirational and you're so right, our anticipated and worried about fears rarely happen as we worried they would. Hope your school year continues to be blessed! emoticon

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IOWAGRAMMA 9/28/2014 10:36AM

    What a beautiful blog, Nancy. You sound very upbeat and enthusiastic!! Looking forward to hearing from you next month!! emoticon emoticon

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GODS_TEMPLE 9/28/2014 5:51AM

    Now I know why I was given these verses today...they are for you!

Philippians 4:6-7 (MSG)

6-7 Donít fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of Godís wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. Itís wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.


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SYDLETZIII 9/28/2014 2:39AM

    You have been very busy. I hope next month give you time to slow down and relax

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4EVERNESS 9/28/2014 12:36AM

    A monthly event I know that I look forward to!

As for worry, easier said than done, but what are the verses about a sparrow in ephesians, and some other lil thing about lilies of the field?

Life and more abundantly, faith, hope, and the greatest is love...all things with joy and thanksgiving....

So glad things are looking up, and you are the one that can do that in your corner of the world, and help do that for mine. Thank you!

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Labor Day and time for a LABOR OF LOVE

Monday, September 01, 2014

It is time to make a labor of love toward myself. It is a new day, a new week, and a new month and as a teacher, kind of like a new year as the school year has just started recently, but more importantly for me, September is always my NEW YEAR's resolution time. My birthday is later this month and it seems to always be a time of making plans, making changes, making a difference. I see my new year as the time to start anew with a clean slate and a fresh attitude.

The past year was tough for me. I have struggled; I have experienced some serious losses; and I have had some major challenges (both my own and those my son has had to deal with). So, I am looking out over the new year, month, week and day and seeing fresh hope and fresh opportunities for me.

Today I went to church and was thrilled and overjoyed to see a very dear friend who has been away for the past 2 years walk through the doors at church. She was in fact the person who drew my stepmother and I into attending this particular church. She was there for both of us and also for my father during his years when he was bedridden. She and I have continued to maintain contact, but she left this church under some very difficult circumstances. Several of the members of the church were extremely hurtful to her. She allowed herself to become overwhelmed and to be driven away. Those same people profess to be caring but were not kind at all. I know it took everything in her to walk through the doors today and she did it for one of my close friends whose birthday is this week. I wept tears of joy, but I KNOW that she had tears of pain mingling with the joy that most of the congregation felt today. I have kept her in my prayers and hope she will be able to return at least once in a while.

I fixed brunch today and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. I made two casseroles one a breakfast casserole with hash brown potatoes, sausage, eggs, and cheese, and the other a lunch casserole with hash brown potatoes, chicken breast, and topped with cheese. They are SUPER easy to make, feed a lot of people and I could cook them while I was in church - kept oven temperature low and they were perfect when we were done with the service. Best of all, the clean up was simple too, They young man who does brunch with me brought a Jello mold with fruit in it and there was a birthday cake for my good friend whose birthday is Wednesday - she will be 77.

Another woman at church brought me 4 brand new Love Inspired - Suspense books - she gets four each month and brings them to me after she is done reading them. I really love reading these because they are upbeat and have a strong spiritual foundation. I knew what I will be falling asleep with this week.

On the way home from church, the leaves were falling from the trees already - mostly just from one type of tree, but still yellow leaves falling in the road made me think that the beginning of my favorite season is about to start. There will still be some hot days but mostly the nights are getting cooler (even had 45 degree mornings this past week). I love autumn and I love the feeling of expectation that comes with this time of year. I feel like the really tough chaos of the first weeks of school have started to settle into some semblance of a routine. The kids are starting to settle down. The routines are starting to be less strange. It is a GOOD time to make changes and to get serious about reversing the struggles of this past year.

My wish for each of your dear friends is that you also, feel ready to make some changes that will make a difference for you. I am going to be making changes and know that for me the changes that I make in September are those most likely to be lasting and to move me forward.

When we make changes in our physical and emotional lives, we often send out ripples of change all around us. We change those closest to us, but we also change those we encounter occasionally.

Be blessed, bless those around you - hope, faith, love, and joy are all contagious and they make a difference to you and the world around you as well. Share your best and most wonderful self with others today, this week, and this month and . . . if like me, you are looking at a "new year" then throughout the rest of your new year too.

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MIMULUSBUG 9/8/2014 1:03PM

    Nancy, I'm new to the WV team and noted that you were on the leader-board for the team so decided to stop by to read your Sept. 1 blog. I am so glad I did, it was a real blessing for me today.

Also would love to get your casserole recipe too!

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FROMNDTOGA 9/2/2014 8:03AM

    Happy New Year - and Happy Birthday. clm

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NOWYOUDIDIT 9/1/2014 9:49PM


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SPEDED2 9/1/2014 3:48PM

    emoticon emoticon

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OMNOMNAMASTE 9/1/2014 3:26PM

So beautifully written, Nancy. You are a treasure!

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SYDLETZIII 9/1/2014 1:46PM

    You had a great day. Enjoy the new year of teaching, it is the best profession.

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  I always felt like the new year was when the kids went back to school. New activities and leaving summer behind heralded in the fresh start. New beginnings can cause trepidation. Sometimes we just fear the unknown or what we believe to be scary due to warnings by older siblings who had that teacher before us. We need to sort things out for ourselves though and proceed. Soon we fall into a new routine that works for us and learning brings about the changes of growth we experience as a new season of life unfolds. Make it a good new year of learning and expected and accepted change.

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    This was a really uplifting blog to me. So glad you were able to visit with your friend. I hope you have a blessed day. You brought peace to me today.

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AUNTALICE2 9/1/2014 9:55AM

    Happy you were able to see your old friend and wish you success iin your 'new' year resolutions! emoticon

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PATSYB7 9/1/2014 8:23AM

    Happy New Year to you!

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NELLIEH1 9/1/2014 7:42AM

    Thanks for sharing! and for the nudge for me to review, reflect and renew this first day of September. May your new year be full of hope and blessings!

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GODS_TEMPLE 9/1/2014 2:37AM

    Blessings to you Nancy, in your new year emoticon

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HICKOK-HALEY 9/1/2014 1:57AM

    It is sad when church members behave like that. I too hope your friend comes back once in a while, or maybe drop by your house. She sounds like a kind person. Good luck with the school year. Even here in So. Calif. we have seen fall approaching. Early this year. Makes me wonder what winter will be like.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

My son was born 47 years ago today. In fact, I just looked at the clock and exactly 47 years ago, I was just being handed my darling baby boy for the first time - he was born at 1:35 p.m. and now it is just after 2:00 p.m. He has brought me such great joy, so many tears, and has taught me so much. He has grown and changed and developed into an amazing man. I still remember the baby I held back then.

I remember the chaos he brought into me world. I remember the JOY most of all. i wanted that little boy more than anything in the world. I had great visions for him and imagined so many scenarios of how he would grow and be everything I was not - successful, brave, courageous, confident, and popular - I don't know that he ever became the vision I had for him, but who he DID become is someone who makes me incredibly proud. I wasn't always so accepting of him not being MY VISION of him. I struggled. I was embarrassed often. I was at the end of my rope more times than I can count. He JUST refused to fit into my molds. . . . but the person he is now and that he has always been is simply incredible. CHALLENGING - certainly - Problematic - DEFINITELY - Easy - NEVER . . . but he is kind, caring, generous, competent, supportive, intelligent, willing to do anything for anybody. He is a MAN that a mother can be proud of. I love the HIM he chose to become and only wish that I could have accepted that all along since it would have made life easier for ME. It probably made him stronger that he had to resist becoming someone other than MY IMAGINED HIM and actually become the GENUINE and REAL HIM. I love him and wanted to share this with you.

Just because they don't become who WE imagine them to be doesn't mean we have failed, it simply means that they are who THEY are not who we think they ought to be.


Be blessed as much as I have been and share those blessings with all around you. I think I learned it from my precious son Ed.

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DJ4HEALTH 8/27/2014 10:49PM

    emoticon Happy Belated Birthday to your son!!

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KALIGIRL 8/25/2014 8:20AM

    emoticon Ed and thank you Nancy for caring for him.

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IOWAGRAMMA 8/24/2014 11:30AM

    Happy (belated) birthday to Ed! Nancy, if it had been easy and you had done everything the way you think you should have, you wouldn't be the person you are today, either. We all grow, develop, change and become who we are for tons of different reasons. You and Ed, both, are fortunate to have the love and caring you both deserve. Hope he has a great year and that school goes well for you, too! emoticon emoticon

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JILL313 8/24/2014 12:41AM

    Hi Nancy, Wow, you took the words right out of my mouth, I sure can relate well to everything you said. We sure have a lot in common. . .for sure, our sons can be difficult and like you it took me many years to accept that although he would never live up to MY dream of what I thought my first born son would be he is a very kind, caring, friendly, etc. man. I'm sure it is harder for even him to accept that he is different than most other people. Without a doubt we are both blessed to have our sons a big part of our joy, tears, concerns, etc. You said it all much better than I every could. Please with Ed a Happy Birthday from Brent and I. I wish we were there to celebrate it, but we live many miles apart.

Thank you so much for the wonderful massage goodie. You are always so kind and thoughtful and a great friend.

Love You,


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SPEDED2 8/23/2014 10:37PM

    DH birthday is today, too. There must be something very special about this date! Thank you for sharing!

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STEVEN2GO2 8/23/2014 7:26PM

    CONGRATULATIONS on raising a REAL MAN!!! emoticon - emoticon

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NOWYOUDIDIT 8/23/2014 6:43PM

    Happy Birthday Ed!! Nancy you are blessed!! :o) emoticon

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LILYDOG11 8/23/2014 4:20PM

    You're very lucky to have a a Son like Ed !! But I would bet he feels just the same about you too !!

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AUNTALICE2 8/23/2014 3:07PM

    How wonderful for you! I hope he will be able to read your blog! It is the fact of who you were that he could become HIMSELF. emoticon

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5 down - 175 to go

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The first week of school is over and I am still alive. It is always a stressful time, changes are continuous and whether good or bad, they mean adjustments, chaos, and stress. BUT . . . . . .

if all of that weren't enough, THIS week my darling son Ed had doctors' appointments on Monday (first day of school and I got to drive 3+ hours each way to his doctor and home well after 10 p.m. although I was up and moving by 5 a.m.), Tuesday (another early day but I was so exhausted by the time we got home, I fell into bed and went right to sleep), Friday (another 3+ hour drive each way AND discovered we did NOT even have to be there and they could do NOTHING), I also had a baby shower on Wednesday and didn't get home until almost 10 p.m. I had 3, 4, 5, and 7 students in my class this week at different points during the week. They were in and out like crazy trying to get them where they really belonged. I ended up with 4 students at this point and so far they are really starting to come together as a class.

My week was supposed to continue through the entire weekend and be REALLY stressful but also fun, however it would have meant another (yep, third this week) 3-4 hour drive into the chaos of Washington D.C. traffic during a Nationals' ball game. It would also have meant getting up early today, staying overnight somewhere, and then driving home LATE Sunday night. Fortunately, my darling son is as tired of driving in city traffic and making LONG trips and although he REALLY wanted to go to the party since it would have been a joint b-day party for him as well, so he agreed to skip the party.

So, now, the weekend is stretching before me with no special plans.

I REALLY REALLY needed to have some down time. All of the late nights meant I was walking and not using the POOL - the SAME pool that provides my exercise, relaxation, socialization, de-stressing, meditation, and healing - and the same pool I was NOT able to use except ONE time all week long. All of this stuff would have made less of an impact IF I had the time to be in the pool. Thankfully, I will be able to get there tomorrow. I will also have the time this weekend to make some realistic plans for next week. I want my SCHEDULE and ROUTINE to get back to NORMAL again.

I have done better with my eating this week because I have been so busy. My schedule at school is different but I like it. I actually have time to interact with the other resource teachers and also with the general ed kids - at least one day each week for each. I also have my planning period without having to have my students in my room and trying to work with others around because these students I have this year don't have MAJOR behavior problems but the ones last year did. It also means I will not be so isolated and will not feel like I am so alone.

Be truly blessed - count your blessings and be grateful - bless others with being the BEST and most wonderful YOU that you can possibly be. Don't let all of the chaos and stress around you drag you down - don't let yourself have "ONE OF THOSE WEEKS" too often. The occasional week like that just helps to remind us of how important it is NOT to let them happen too frequently. Chaos disturbs the healthy functioning of our bodies and our minds. Keep both functioning at their best by maintaining some type of balance. Keep your sense of humor and more importantly keep your sense of JOY. Take time to recharge.

Celebrate the small blessings when they arrive unexpectedly.

My best moment this week was when I went to my baby shower. The mom-to-be is the wife of my stepmother's grandson. They are expecting their first baby in September. She is due right around my birthday AND I have already decided that she will be my adopted granddaughter. I live closer to them than the rest of the family and have already volunteered babysitting duties and plenty of hugs and special times. I thought it was one of the nicest things I have seen in ages. The parents rent their house from a local church. They do NOT go to the church. The women's group hosted the baby shower and there were about a dozen women and they brought homemade blankets, quilts, afghans, and all kinds of other things. They played the best baby shower games - one was to have each person write advice for the mom on index cards that were then given to her. Then there was a Bingo game where each person filled in the squares with what they thought would be in the gifts and then when the gifts were open we covered the items we had written down. There was a lovely cake and punch and they had each person fill out an envelope with their own name and address on it so the thank you notes could be written and sent. They even stamped the cards that would have to be mailed and told the mom to just drop off the others at the church to save herself the postage and they would give them out.

Be open to the blessings that others bring to you as well as those blessings that YOU are to those around you. Be open to JOY, LOVE, GRATITUDE, PEACE, SERENITY, and KINDNESS - it makes YOUR world a more wonderful place to be. YOU make a difference in MY life and hopefully, I do the same for yours. Namaste

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KALIGIRL 8/25/2014 8:22AM

    Hope you got some emoticon in - crazy week.
Love that you have a small person in your life!

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JUDITH316 8/23/2014 2:54PM

    WOW, you sure had quite the week, but amongst such a hectic and busy schedule you experienced many blessings...Have a great weekend and here's hoping your coming week is less stressful and busy, hope you enjoy your time in the pool!

emoticon for sharing a emoticon Blog emoticon

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AUNTALICE2 8/23/2014 2:21PM

    What a week!! Yet you found some positive moments during it. Being an adopted grandchild is just as good as being an adopted Grandma! You do make a positive influence on my life! You can be so very upbeat! Treasure you! emoticon

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The wonderful weekend blessings

Saturday, August 16, 2014

This week was a LONG one - first of all, I had to get up EVERY day and go to work - that may not seem like much but summer has barely started - not even time to unplug my battery charger on my life - still in the getting used to feeling relaxed mode. Then my son had doctors' appointments that interfered with my own schedule and we had a lot of juggling to do here and there. The financial fallout from my fiasco with my brakes is still hitting hard and so is the emotional fallout from the whole family thing - closure is great but it also is HARD to finally say our good byes. The there is the whole thing of major changes in everything at school and on my job. Lots of stress and then my darling son's schedule is really crazy and messed up - normally I get the early mornings on the computer and then late nights. Today I got up and he was online and didn't go to bed for the "night" until noon today and he was up yesterday morning too - really messed with my peace.

Having said all that, I let it go and simply went back to my room and read until he finally was able to go to sleep. I just like the peace in the mornings without having to deal with other people before I head out of the house. With everything going on this week - I KNOW my stress has affected him and he is also concerned about his upcoming appointments this week. He has appointments Monday, Tuesday, and Friday and what happens at them may determine whether he needs surgery in the near future or if it can be postponed. I am worried too so I know THAT impacts his sleep as well. I need to get my serenity back if I am to survive this next week as well as the past week. I managed to survive but struggled all this past week.

I do have a PLAN in effect for next week and in some ways will be grateful to be back to semi-regular schedule. Once the routine is in place, it gets easier to KEEP it in place. I am packing lunches and snacks and planning to get to the pool at least 3 days this week (M & F we have to be 3-4 hours from home so I expect to miss those days - but at least there will be walking on my schedule). Each day I will be doing more walking than normal with my students so that will help balance my activity a bit. I also am reenacting my scheduled minutes of calm throughout my day - taking 30 seconds at a time to think of and if possible say aloud something I am grateful for, then ask for patience and love to be my approach to dealing with challenges throughout my day) It has worked in the past so I am going to use it again this year - may need to start with every half hour instead of every hour though as it looks like it will be quite a challenge.

Yesterday afternoon we discovered we would be getting 3 new students in my class and they are all EXTREMELY challenging and have MANY difficult and aggressive behaviors - before that, all of my students were supposed to be non-aggressive and nonviolent - all but one of the students are NEW to me and so I am quite sure it will be an adventure for the next few weeks. I met one of the students and in the 5 minutes I was with him and his caregiver, he tried to bite her 20 times, was self-abusive, screamed, destroyed at least 10 things in the waiting room we were in, and tried to run away 3 times. He should be an adventure. He is NOT the most serious problem we are looking at however.

'Nough of the whining and complaining. I am ABSOLUTELY COMMITTED to being upbeat and positive as the kids arrive for the first time on Monday.

On another note, as many of you know I have been struggling with my program for several months now. Dealing with grief, stress, and worry have been totally devastating to me. I have in the past learned that while all of my healthy eating and healthy choices can sometimes be sidetracked and it is hard to get back on track without some novelty to give me an extra push. So, I was watching a PBS special today and have decided on my NEW addition to my sane, healthy eating plan. I am going to try to limit the amount of sugars in my eating by using a formula for determining how many teaspoons of sugar I am eating. The plan is to limit carbs and calculate how many teaspoons of sugar taken in per day - eventual goal is to get down to no more than 10 per day - BUT as I always do, MY PERSONAL PLAN is to reduce the number over time if I discover I am WAY over that goal. The formula is to take the total number of grams of carbs and subtract the number of grams of fiber and then divide by 5 to get how many teaspoons of sugar in the food. They said to use total CARBS and not just SUGARS since carbs turn into sugars. I will let you know if it helps. The theory behind this approach fits with my concern about inflammation and so it also makes sense to me and doesn't take away or deprive me of my healthy eating habits in other areas either. The idea is that sugar leads to inflammation, inflammation leads to most of our chronic health problems. I take anti-inflammatory supplements already but the speaker suggested treating the CAUSE of the inflammation and not just the SYMPTOM of inflammation. I think it makes sense. There are correlations between inflammation and BP, cholesterol, diabetes, and cancers - so it seems like this might be a reasonable addition to my already balanced goals for making healthy choice3s more often and moving away from NEEDING medicines to heal my body but rather doing it through the choices I make - both with food and activity.

Everyone - be blessed today with joy, serenity, peace, and kindness. Then share those same things with those you love and those you encounter throughout your day. You will make a difference in YOUR life and the lives of everyone you come in contact with. Furthermore, you will make your corner of the world a better place to live, love, and grow.

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DJ4HEALTH 8/20/2014 11:58PM


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KALIGIRL 8/18/2014 11:01AM

    "The formula is to take the total number of grams of carbs and subtract the number of grams of fiber and then divide by 5 to get how many teaspoons of sugar in the food. They said to use total CARBS and not just SUGARS since carbs turn into sugars."
Sounds like a emoticon plan to me.

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IOWAGRAMMA 8/17/2014 11:02AM

    I, too, am limiting my sugars in particular. I'm not counting carbs except as on my tracker and believe I have to start somewhere. I'm concerned about sugars for me as I think they tend to lead me astray...kind of like my crack cocaine. I just don't want to get into anything so complicated that I have to do math and computations. If I do, I know I'll fail miserably, so I'll try my method of no obvious/known sugar and moderation on the carbs. I say we all have to do whatever works for us. Sorry about all your challenges this week, but knowing you, I think you will get everything pulled together and organized quickly. Sending warm wishes for many blessings and much success this week! Jeannie

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NOWYOUDIDIT 8/17/2014 7:59AM

    emoticon and prayers, that's a lot to deal with.

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SPEDED2 8/16/2014 11:57PM


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MSGRANNYMAE 8/16/2014 7:54PM

    emoticon emoticon

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AUNTALICE2 8/16/2014 7:51PM

    That sure was interesting information on measuring the sugars in your carbs. I will have to try that. I have a lot of trouble with carbs....I eat too many! I hope the outcome of your son's appointments will be positive..........and I hope Monday will not be as challenging as you are afraid it might be. emoticon

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GODS_TEMPLE 8/16/2014 6:54PM

    They say LAUGHTER is the best medicine for stress (and everything else), so remember to take it in BIG DOSES!

Blessings to you! emoticon

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TXMEMAW6 8/16/2014 6:47PM

    Thank you for a very informative blog. May your week be as stress-free as possible with your son receiving good news and your new students adapting quickly to a new routine. God bless you for your commitment to these special kids. Have a great weekend! Hugs being sent your way.

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    Very informative blog about carbs and sugars. I may have to read it again to get it all settled in my mind. I am sorry about the added stress you are under at home and ay school. I hope your son gets good news at the doctors and that he is able to postpone the surgery. I am concerned about the situation at school. Hopefully the young student to talked about will settle down after he gets used to the routine at school. If he remains violent and destructive then it becomes a safety concern for him and your other students. I don't know how you or your school deals with these special children but I know it must add a lot of additional stress on you in this already stressful but rewarding profession you have. Hugs and have a peaceful blessed evening.

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