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Squat & Push-up Challenge...

Monday, March 03, 2014

I have had several people ask about the Squat & Push-up Challenge that I did in February, so here it is...

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SOON2BCOURTNEY 3/6/2014 11:24PM

    Thanks for sharing. I am nursing a sore wrist after a nasty fall on the ice but I can at least do the squats.

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IMGLAMRUS 3/6/2014 9:04AM


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BSTMAMAS 3/4/2014 12:02PM

    I'd love to try this but my left knee gives me lots of trouble. Good luck to you!!

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AVONWITHJENN 3/4/2014 12:50AM

    Thank you for sharing!

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DEANNATN 3/3/2014 11:01PM

    Thanks for sharing!! I started a squat challenge the 1st. Was wanting to add something else the pushups would be good

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Attention: Nascar Fans...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hey there ya'll... a new season is upon us...

Once again this year, we've got a "Pick Five" game going for the Nascar season. We'd love to have some new people join in on the fun... the more, the merrier!

It's really simple... basically each week, you pick your 5 top drivers (or fav, your choice) and then you receive the same points that your drivers do.

This is year #5 for this game and it is a blast for all involved... hope to see some new fans join in this year!

Here is the link:

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SLIMMERSUSAN10 2/20/2014 9:19PM

    We did something like that when I worked at Sprint. We had 3 sections of drivers (Good/Okay/Who?) and could pick 2 from each section. I never seemed to win but it was fun!

My boyfriend is a HUGE #24 fan (as was my Dad before he passed away 10 years ago)! I think Dad had about 5 or 6 Jeff cars. It's fun to look back and remember when he got them.

Ready for another great season!

Susan (A fellow Kansan!)

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NASCAR_CHICK 2/14/2014 1:08AM

    Lee Ann - I kinda thought the same thing when I first joined the game... but I'll tell ya, it makes things a lot more interesting! LoL

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WALNUTT1961 2/12/2014 10:01PM

    Okay, I joined! You gals are tough - picks before qualifying? I'm in!!

Thanks for the invite! I'll do my best! emoticon

Lee Ann

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RUFFIT 2/11/2014 10:05AM

    Good for you!! Have fun!!!

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ZRIE014 2/11/2014 12:18AM


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Biggest Loser Winter Challenge: Special Challenge for Week #8

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

So this week's special challenge is to blog about my goals & action plan, so here goes...

I have my short-term goals broken down into 5% weight loss goals. So far I've reached 15%, and by the time I reach my "ultimate" goal, I will reach 45%. I also have a couple of "milestone" goals thrown in for good measure. So my upcoming short-term goals are as follows:

20% Loss (218 lbs)
25% Loss (204 lbs)
"ONE"derland (199 lbs)
30% Loss (190 lbs)
No longer "Obese" (185 lbs)
35% Loss (177 lbs)
40% Loss (164 lbs)
No longer "Overweight" (154 lbs)
45% Loss (150 lbs)

Initial goal is to reach 175 lbs... and then maintain this for at least 6 months

Once I know that I can maintain this weight, then I would like to work towards 150 lbs

*** I do plan to start the process for a panullectomy, which is removal of the abdominal skin apron caused by weight loss, once I reach my first LTG of 175. I've already visited w/ our cosmetic surgeon at my hospital, and he prefers that patients who have this procedure come see him as soon as they reach their goal weight. He then requires them to wait 6 months to see if they will be able to maintain their weight loss. If they are able to, he will then perform the surgery. He believes that I could lose anywhere from 5-15 lbs. from the removal of this excess skin, so that would make my final goal of 150 lbs. very close.

1. Track everything I eat to monitor nutritional intake & keep my calories in check.

2. Workout at least 4x / week, for a minimum of 30 minutes.

3. Go to gym at least 2 of those workouts each week.

4. Do a monthly workout challenge w/ co-workers & friends.
(currently doing the 31-day Squat & Pushup Challenge)

5. Continue to participate in the Biggest Loser Challenges on SP to help maintain my motivation & accountability.

6. Donate "outgrown" clothes to Goodwill as I "shrink" out of them to prevent me from having a buffer to fall back on if I gain weight.

That's it in a nutshell... this is what I want to do, and how I plan to do it...

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GRLTAZ 2/15/2014 5:31PM

    emoticon emoticon TC

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REBBUL67 2/10/2014 12:53AM

    You have emoticon goals and emoticon plans to get you to where you want to be. emoticon emoticon

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IMGLAMRUS 2/5/2014 8:39PM

    I love the break down of your goals and the actions you need to do to achieve them. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TROOPER1961 2/5/2014 7:44AM

    emoticon Sonja!!!! Bring on Spring challenge!!! emoticon

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LORI2562 2/5/2014 7:37AM


emoticon U can do it!

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January 2014 Results...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So this has been a pretty good month for me... I've done a great job w/ my nutrition, and stayed on track "fairly well" w/ my fitness.

So, here are my results for January:

Weight: 7 lbs. lost

Body fat %: 1.1% lost

Upper arms: 0.25 in. lost

Chest: 0.25 in. lost

Waist: 0.5 in. lost

Hips: 0.75 in. lost

Thighs: 0.25 in. lost

Calves: no change

TOTAL: 2 inches lost

If I can keep losing at this rate, I will actually reach my goal by the end of the year... hopefully if I keep participating in the Biggest Loser Challenges on here, that will keep my motivation up to achieve that!

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JANUT57 1/31/2014 1:31PM

  Great job! emoticon emoticon

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SHANTODD420 1/29/2014 5:58PM

    Congrats that is awesome way to go Sonja.

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TROOPER1961 1/29/2014 5:58PM

    Woohoo Sonja!! Amazing job emoticon

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New Year, New You poem...

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

(I can not take credit for writing this... and I'm afraid that I can not give credit to the person who did as I don't remember who shared it w/ me last year... but I wanted to share it w/ all of my Sparkbuddies on this first day of the new year!)

Twas’ the day after Christmas and all through the house
are enough dinner goodies to tempt any mouse.

Momma in her nightie and Dad in his tee
share cookies and candy with brother and me.

The feasting continues all through the week
gobbling down food until we can't speak.

Crackers and dip, the leftover cake,
surveying the 'fridge to see what else to take.

Finally the last of the crumbs we do lick,
amazed we admit that we feel a bit sick.

Turn on the TV and what do we hear?
A cheerful reminder for a Happy New Year!

We toss and turn all through the night -
could this be the year where we get things right?

A New Year ahead we know what to do…
it’s out with the old and in with the new.

Turn on some music, you know how to go
start moving your feet, it’s ok to start slow.

Slowly a grin spreads over your face
when you find yourself able to pick up the pace.

A plan you now see just what you will do
toss out the old fat clothes and buy a few new.

As you change yourself one pound at a time -
you now run, jump and dance, feeling just fine.

A New Year is ahead so get out of that bed…
there's so much to do starting today to see that NEW YOU!

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IMGLAMRUS 1/5/2014 4:48PM

    What a great poem to share!! emoticon

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IDLETYME 1/2/2014 2:16PM

    Love the poem - thanks for sharing it! Hope your new year is super!!!!! emoticon

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JANUT57 1/2/2014 4:49AM

  Very nice! emoticon here's to the New Year! emoticon

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WALNUTT1961 1/1/2014 8:39PM

    Great blog!

Lee Ann

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