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Slimmer Hips, Larger Lips---Interesting Side Effect of Maintenance

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yes, I recently noticed that since I have reached my all-time low weight-shedding goal, not only have I had to literally purchase an entire new wardrobe, including underwear (only my shoes, hats, and scarves still fit!), but another result of weight loss is a more pouty upper lip! No filler or cosmetic procedure-----Having shed the burdensome extra weight I have been carrying, having a happier outlook, becoming a healthy, fit individual, I am more RELAXED, less tense all the time. I no longer hold my lips in a tight straight line.

The delightful side effects are slim hips, that I don't clench my face and lips any more, and I'm no longer angry and disappointed in myself.

My upper lip has become youthfully full! I just noticed it the other day while putting on some gloss and didn't feel the need to use a lip pencil.

I have learned so much on this journey. I have accomplished a monumental task and enjoyed the journey, really, because it turned out to be one of self discovery, too.

I urge you to notice the subtle changes in your body and mind, as well as the changes in weight. Shedding pounds and learning to maintain that loss helps us become happier people because it's OUR accomplishment; we're doing something important for ourselves; we've got to feel whole and worthy before we can possibly hope to fully know and appreciate love of others. emoticon

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CUTENSASSY 9/10/2011 4:30PM

    Congratulations - I too am close to my goal and look forward to noticing more than the smaller underwear and new wardrobe! emoticon

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SIZE Really Does Matter!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm now a mere ounces away from my all-time low goal weight, the lowest "healthy" weight for my frame. I am occasionally compelled to pinch my no-fat self, especially when recently purchasing jeans at Gap in a SIZE 0Petite OR SIZE 00Petite. I HAVE A 24-INCH WAIST, for crying out loud! Me! A woman in her 60s! I feel like a teen again; so much energy and verve; rockin' those skinny jeans.

Let me come down to earth for a minute and figure this out. Who is kidding whom out there? Retailers have gotten wise to this size thing. Size 00, my derriere (which isn't so huge any more, either). In the 50's and 60's, a woman's ideal measurements were 36-24-36, usually a "perfect size 10." I remember my mother agonizing over the fact that her size 10 Talbot's slacks were a little snug on occasion. She'd go on her campaign of eating nothing but cottage cheese, a hamburger patty, and half a grapefruit for days on end until her size 10's zipped up easily.

Manufacturers have dramatically changed sizing, and it's getting ridiculous. They do this to make us feel better about our chubby selves. I think it's ridiculous to have sizing in the minuses. What about the 100 pounds-or-less category of women? 00000? Why can't women's sizes be uniform like men's?

I have a silk fitted wrap-around skirt from the 80's in size 6 that I could never bring myself to give away, even when I was a size 12. It's a lovely art skirt, a drapey elegant thing. It fits me perfectly now. I, who wear size 0 or size 00 Petite jeans in 2011, can also wear a "perfect size 6" skirt from 30 years ago. Go figure.

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ONECATSHORT97 7/26/2011 4:48PM

    Way to go, Nicky! and what's with Chico's and their sizes of 1, 2 and 3?????

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DONNAEDA 7/26/2011 1:39PM

    whatever the size you are one beautiful lady. I too believe the manufacturers have changed the size coding. I never could wear a 12 and now still pudgy can fit into my 12's easily.

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KANSASROSE67 7/26/2011 1:15PM

    I know what you mean! The thing that helped me know how much weight I had actually lost was trying on my prom dress from 1984, which was a size 7 and which I could get into AND zip! I was pretty pleased! I agree that women's sizes should be standardized like men's. It would sure make shopping easier!

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JOAN_HEO 7/26/2011 11:55AM

    I have been a sewer since I was 8 years old and it has always amazed me the difference between pattern sizes and store-bought clothing sizes. There is absolutely no correlation between them. Pattern companies haven't changed their sizing. I pulled out an older pattern and compared it to a new one. A size 12 is still 26 1/2". There is NO way I should be able to buy and wear a size 12 bathing suit bottom but I do!

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BALTIMOM 7/26/2011 11:28AM

    I am inspired!

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KATIE3908 7/26/2011 11:27AM

    I too agree. If people can't accept the true size they wear they should get off their butts and do something about it!

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ANTHRA 7/26/2011 11:25AM

  I agree it seems that sizes are no longer what they used to be! Congrats on doing so well!

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Getting Psychologically Ready For Maintenance

Monday, April 11, 2011

9 pounds left to reach a really lovely goal weight for me-- a realistic goal weight that still puts me in the "slim and fit" category when a stranger would be asked to describe my physical attributes.

I'm preparing myself for the next lifelong goal, that of maintaining this weight. I've been able to lose and gain weight since my early teens. I've been too thin; I've been.............ahem.....................
...chubby, sometimes in the same year!!

Now that I am a woman-of-a-certain-age and have shed these pounds in a most healthy way and have incorporated good solid exercise six days per week into my life, I must change my attitude about maintaining, something at which I've not been so successful in the past.

What's different now? An epiphany. Hello! I must be diligent forever. Oh. It's that simple? Yes, it's simple; it's just not easy. I at long last realize I will need to monitor my portions for the rest of my life. It's a fact. I accept it with joy.

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BALTIMOM 4/12/2011 4:31PM

    The taste of thinness and fitness now overwhelm the tastes of cravings. Health, when you become a woman of a certain age, takes on new meaning. As we see peers with ailments that seem out of sync with our images of ourselves and aging parents with the ailments of old age "taking care of ourselves" takes on new meaning.

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EPATTHER 4/12/2011 12:15PM

    Nicky, as you so eloquently expressed - it's simple, just not easy! I find maintenance takes as much patience and persistence as losing. Good luck with your continued journey.

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KATHIE_B 4/12/2011 7:46AM

    Nicky, what a wonderful feeling for you. Accepting a new lifestyle with joy means that it will be forever. I remember my similar moment. It would have been in 1991 when I was close to goal and I was having lunch in the teachers lounge. I looked at the lunch I had packed and told my friend, Pam, "I could eat like this the rest of my life" and it dawned on me that I would eat like this the rest of my life. I've had a few times when I've drifted but I've never drifted far or for long. Twenty years later I weigh less than when I first became a LTM. Embrace the joy.

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