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April Revised

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

So I had a giant (not too giant) meltdown on Facebook last night because I needed to do something and FiancÚ was not helping me...

I posted I was a loser and frustrated because I am wishing and hoping for losing weight and not doing anything about it. I will eat great all day and have cake or ice cream so I finally made a commit to myself and FB that I would work out for 21 days. 21 days makes something a habit... For 21 days, I will post my workout and they will hold me accountable. I will do at minimum 30 minutes of cardio.

To not completely suck with April, Cross fit is scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday. I am praying I do not chicken out. My race is signed up for and I will complete it next month... I will add squats and planks during my workouts. I will finish... Just REALLY late.

I needed the motivation since my FiancÚ was not doing anything to help me after I melted to him first.

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JESVARNER 4/16/2014 10:32AM

    I've joined a motivation group on facebook as well, it does help! You can do this!

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Judgement Day

Monday, April 07, 2014

I am not one to compare myself to others because I do not like how it makes me feel.. You do not know what these people go through and it causes a lot of self doubt in myself. That being said, Over the weekend, I went to the pool with my fiancÚ and a few friends. I have a two piece tankini so it covers my stomach... My problem area. I live in South Florida so it is ALWAYS hot...I was having a good time and not letting my issues get to me when a few girls come over in a group who have tube top looking bikini tops on and thong bottoms in a community apartment pool.

I couldn't help but think first off, how horrible it is to dress like that in a community area with young children all around but second off, it really makes you consider body image and how you look vs. how you feel.

When you see skinnier people then yourself, do you think about how they got there? Do you think about how you would look if you looked like that? Do you think about how hard they work to look like that? I know, I do not!
I try really hard to look at what I ate that day or that week, I look at how hard I worked out that week and if I deserve that body or if I am wishing for that body... It was a huge reality check for me. I ate like crap last week and didn't work out a lot. Did I deserve that body that I was good looking or do I need to kick my own ass into logging food and working out?
I look at the hard work I need to put in to get that body and really look at myself and use it as motivation. Do not deprive yourself of what you want but be smart and do not judge...Motivate!

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JAHINTZY 4/13/2014 2:49PM

    I generally try not to although sometimes the catty voice has it's go. For the most part I'm very aware that I will never be a thin lithe figure - my frame isn't shaped that way. I can feel where my ribs are, where my hip bones are, where my shoulder bones are and they are not that narrow. I might at times compare myself to my mom because she has a similar (but still smaller) frame and is very thin. But she's also not very strong. I like to try to focus on feeling my body and feeling it's strength, knowing where it is bone and where it is soft flesh and where it is muscular and then looking for growth in those muscles.

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JESVARNER 4/8/2014 8:25AM

    I do tend to compare myself to others at times. Sometimes it makes me realize just how distorted my self image is, other times it just makes me feel depressed and like I'm never going to reach my goals, or never going to be that fit/skinny/toned/whatever. You're exactly right, I should be using that as motivation to work harder, not a reason to be depressed and give up! Maybe those girls have an amazing metabolism and perfect genes, but more likely they've worked their butts off to get that body, and that's exactly what I need to do if I want to get there too! Thank you for sharing that perspective!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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April / Catch up

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Hey all--

Work has been insane for me so I have not been on but I have been tracking food on MPF as well as working out. I was sick for the last two weeks so I have not been pushing too hard but I have been getting stuff in.

Excuses are over, I am better and I have April goals.

Goal 1: Squat and Plank challenge. I will post if you want to see them
Goal 2: Sign up for 5K. (DONE) --May 10th - Color run
Goal 3: C25K 4 times per week
Goal 4: Try Cross Fit.

I have a free trail for two days of cross fit and I want to look into it. I heard it is amazing and will give amazing results. ... Goal three is because of Goal 2 ... Goal one is because my dress alteration appointment is next month and I need to get some toning in!

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JLEMUS1 4/10/2014 9:27AM

    emoticon m emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NIMIRRA137 4/2/2014 11:29AM

    I have heard great things about Crossfit! Hopefully you enjoy it.

Great goals! I did the Color Run last year and had a blast.

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JESVARNER 4/2/2014 11:08AM

    Glad you're feeling better! It seems everyone has been coming down with some sort of bug lately!
Your goals for April look great! I'm doing squats & planks right now too, started the squat challenge on St. Patty's Day, so I'm halfway through that one, and started planks yesterday.

Good luck to you & enjoy the spring! :-)
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

So, I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something. This is the first time in over a month since we got the new bed, I have been having weird dreams. I cannot tell what they are as I do not remember them when I wake up. I am tired at work, more than usual. Nothing out of the ordinary is going on that I can think of... Super strange. I wish I could get some answers and go back to sleeping soundly.

Workouts are good... I am feeling good. Staying off the scale is hard work but I am doing it. I am beyond excited to see the changes in the measurements this month. I am not one to wish time away but lets go March... I want to see my progress.

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JLEMUS1 3/13/2014 9:00AM

    We need sleep, good luck in getting more than you have been!! Way to go on the workouts emoticon m emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon mmm

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SPICEMWE 3/11/2014 9:43AM

    Hope you get some decent sleep soon! We got a humidifier for our bedroom and I've been sleeping much better lately. I think the white noise helps.

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JESVARNER 3/11/2014 8:46AM

    Glad your workouts are going well! I went through a period of really weird dreams a few months ago too, then they were gone again. I had no idea where they were coming from. I agree it's frustrating to have your sleep interrupted! Hopefully yours go away soon!

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Thursday, March 06, 2014

To keep with my March goal, I need to confess and move on.

I had Chinese food for lunch yesterday, I had cookies with buttercream frosting and I had 3 cups of coffee with delicious creamer yesterday. I came in slightly under calories for the day because I did 70 minutes of cardio and weight lifting at the gym last night...

I am not beating myself up. I owned the food, logged it and went to the gym to make up for it. I feel like I did an amazing job yesterday and I feel amazing about it today.

GO me

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JLEMUS1 3/13/2014 8:59AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon m

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SPICEMWE 3/6/2014 10:07AM

    Admitting our faults or missteps can be a great achievement in its own right. You did the right thing! Beating yourself up won't change anything and sometimes we need to give into our cravings if it means that we won't go overboard. It sounds like this was the case with you! You were able to get in your workout and stay on track to make up for it. Way to go!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JESVARNER 3/6/2014 9:39AM

    Great job on keeping things balanced!

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