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October Blues

Friday, October 03, 2014

Oh, hi.

It's been a while.

Time to get back on track.

I have to admit, the last couple of months since my wedding has been pretty bad. Not sure what happened. I let loose on my honeymoon and it all went downhill after that. I don't regret anything about my honeymoon, but I just couldn't get a handle on my eating and exercising after being out of routine for a while. It's time to get myself together.

I am going to start today. I am planning on going for a walk (though it is a crisp -1 degrees celsius outside!), go through my fridge and clean it out, and get groceries for some new healthy meals and snacks this afternoon. I am going to re-start the T-25 schedule starting on Monday (following their calendar). I am going to again start using the Beachbody Shakeology for breakfast on the days that I work and making sure I get all of my servings of veggies, at MINIMUM on the days that I work. I am going to start drinking more water again. I can really tell the difference since I have been drinking less water. I am going to cut out fast food UNLESS it is the only way to eat a meal during a day (ie. if I am traveling), and if I do have to have fast food, I am going to try to choose smaller and healthier options and opt for the Subway or other healthier option if available. I am going to save splurges for some very specific reasons: celebrating close family members' and friends' birthdays or my own birthday, or major holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter). I also celebrate a girls' night with my friends and I am planning on splurging on every second meeting. Quite honestly, that gives me many chances to have my splurge days. I know that I have been successful in the past with giving myself "cheats" and giving myself rules, and I know I can do it and be objective about what I should and shouldn't eat in order to be healthy. And, most importantly, I am going to track EVERYTHING I eat on sparkpeople. Even on those cheat days, as painful as it is. Not tracking the food doesn't mean I didn't eat it and consum e those calories. After I am finished doing T-25 alpha and beta, I am going to continue with the next level of T-25 or get a gym membership again. I am going to stick with eating my lunches at work, and enjoy small snacks or birthday cakes in moderation when the days come along. I can still have a small piece of cake or half of a treat and not miss out on celebrating, but still stick to my plan.

Another person that can help me along with my journey is my new husband. I feel bad for him because he is so supportive, but he doesn't know how to handle it when I say DON'T LET ME EAT FAST FOOD and then the next evening say I DON'T CARE WE ARE GOING TO GET A BURGER. I need to remove him from being accountable for my choices. I don't want our relationship to suffer because he doesn't know how to interpret what I want. And even worse, I don't want it to suffer because I have no self esteem. One of the greatest things is that he has shown interest in exercising with me in the past. I think this may be harder to do in winter, since we have mostly enjoyed going for runs together outside, and it is starting to get quite cold to continue with that. However, a while ago he mentioned that our Christmas gift for ourselves should be a new treadmill. I think that would be so great! And I want to continue to run with him and hopefully next year I can have the best of both worlds and enter some races/runs along with him!

It is going to be difficult, especially because I feel like I am starting all over again. But I am starting RIGHT NOW and I am going to keep moving throughout all of the joys and stresses of life and take it as it comes.


Just about a month til the big day! And feeling pretty good!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Decided to take this morning off of exercising for myself. I have been doing well lately with getting my exercise in daily, even when I REALLY don't want to go. I have realized that I actually value sleeping in and prefer working out in the evening right now, during summer. Only problem is, I am going to have to suck it up and start fitting in morning workouts. As my wedding date approaches, there is no way I will have time to work out in the evening time as well as get my wedding errands done! So I am going to have to drag myself out of bed a little bit earlier.

Still been running by myself and with my fiance. Things have been pretty great. I am feeling better and stronger. Can't complain. That's why I decided to take a break this morning. I am feeling content and just wanted a morning to sit and sip my coffee and get some stuff done around the house. Things are going to get busier and busier this last month. I hope I can keep up my motivation and self esteem!

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GRAPEVINE60 6/24/2014 1:13PM

    I'm glad things are going well for you.

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JSPIN74 6/24/2014 12:43PM

    emoticon emoticon

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The month before my wedding!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Things have been so busy lately! We are getting closer and closer to THE BIG DAY next month. It is so stressful and scary and exciting and magical all at the same time.

i have been putting in more of an effort to work out lately, and I have been feeling great. My fiance has started running with me sometimes after work, and it is great. Even just going 3km with him has been awesome. I think I am going to continue with this along with my regular workouts.

I am starting a half marathon training schedule on Monday, so that will make workout planning a lot simpler. I have also been doing an app called Runtastic Six Pack Abs. It has been pretty good with giving me (almost) daily ab workouts that I can do to slowly progress. I am not seeing the difference yet since it has only been about a week, but I am definitely feeling stronger in my core already! So that's awesome.

I have been also putting in an effort to eat better. Sticking with my veggies and fruits to make sure I get enough servings. And eating lower calorie breakfasts and suppers. My fiance and I have even made a schedule for the next couple of weeks for what we are having for supper. It has made things so much easier because I don't have to think about what we are having. I just look at the schedule, take out whatever ingredients I need, and that's it. I want to continue this until the big day because there will be enough other things to think about.

Anyways! Got to get off to my friend's wedding. Hope it's a nice warmup for my own wedding!

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SUNSHINE99999 6/14/2014 3:47PM

  congrats and yes it will be. emoticon

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SPARKMEG77 6/14/2014 3:17PM


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Feeling pretty good

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Finally, it seems as if summer is arriving! I think my area skipped spring this year.

Did some yard work today and plan on doing some more tomorrow. Hopefully it can start off my tan and give me some exercise at the same time. My fiance left the house with my running shoes in the car, so I couldn't go on my planned jog this evening. I was going to make excuses and stay on the couch all night, but instead I found Bollywood and kickboxing videos online and used those instead. I am actually surprised at my own motivation to work out without shoes! Hopefully my shins aren't paying the price tomorrow..

I think I may cook some chili tomorrow so that I can have some easy lunches and suppers, since I work this weekend. Mom is also bringing me some cabbage rolls and perogies, so that will help make my meal planning a bit easier this week. And I stocked up on so many fruits and veggies that I shouldn't have to go shopping for those for a while! Sure makes life easier.

Hope to post some photos of my flower beds tomorrow. :)


May - I can't believe it's May!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Tonight I am taking some time to step back and remember my motivators.

Things have been tough lately in my personal and professional lives. I have been dealing with a job promotion at work which is a blessing but has given me many new roles and responsibilities. I have also been dealing with 2 tragic deaths in my fiances family - that came about 2 weeks apart. Things have been hectic to say the least.

I have found that I can make many excuses for myself to "skip" healthiness. For example, when the house and kitchen are a mess, I decide that it isn't worth it to cook, and I should just stop at a drive-thru on my way home. Or I think that I went to bed late, so I should sleep in and do a workout later in the day; then, later, I think I had a stressful day at work so I should just go home and relax. Here are some things that I want to put into place starting immediately:

1. Tracking food and fitness daily on sparkpeople.
2. Working out every morning that I work; following the training schedules that I have for my 10KM and half marathon workouts (finishing all weekly workouts according to the schedules).
3. Do not postpone working out until later in the day; morning is when I am most motivated, as long as I get out of the bed.
4. No more eating out for supper, period. The only exception is during travel, when I don't have another option or going out with friends. At this point, strive to make healthy restaurant choices when I am out.
5. Drink my usual 8 glasses of water throughout the day.
6. Continue striving to eat 5-10 veggies and fruits daily.

I do have weight loss goals to strive toward for my wedding, but I think that is not the main concern right now. The weight loss will come as long as I stick to the above goals. Most of all, I want to feel like "myself"; fit and light, and not lazy and heavy (as I have been feeling lately). I do need to forgive myself because I haven't had to deal with this much stress in a long time. However, I have been through stressful situations before and have handled them in healthier ways. It is time to return to those habits.

As if my health and my wedding for myself are not motivation enough, I have been thinking more lately about my future with my fiance. We do want to start a family and I want to ensure that I am in the best possible health that I can be in when the time comes. Luckily, I have time right now to ensure that I take care of myself for my own personal future - and my future children.

The recent deaths close to us have reminded me that I should cherish myself and my body. You never know when it can be taken away from you.

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BELLAALI 5/15/2014 12:06AM

    This sounds like a wonderful idea! I think you have the right mindset! I think weight loss is a tricky thing because we focus on looks I like your idea to focus on feeling light and healthy that sounds like the better way to go! Also i am the QUEEN of excuses and I like your ideas to combat your excuses you GO GIRL!

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GRAPEVINE60 5/6/2014 10:31PM

    Sounds like a good plan. If you follow your plan the weight will come off.

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