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Hello, it's me again...

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Five months since I posted? wow, time flies. We won't say when you're having fun tho. Been a stressful first half of the year.

But then what's new?

Well, one thing is new...I started going to a personal trainer/training studio last week. Yesterday was my first class - 45 min circuit training class. The first 20 min, no problem. I was working, I could feel my muscles waking up (you want us to do what after ignoring us all this time?). Then came the last 15 min of active training. I hit the wall. My energy took a dive and I was huffing and puffing like a 75 year old chain smoker. When it was done, I crawled to my car and for a few minutes my muscles just.....quivered. Exhausted I drove home, and sat in the recliner. I was whooped for the majority of the day. Had some aches and pains, but overall advil took care of it.

This a.m. I'm feeling some muscles speaking to me. Not, however, as bad as it could be. Tomorrow I drag my butt back there at 6 a.m. for the next circuit class. Tuesday is a core and stretch class. Then I'm starting to move the end of the week and figure I'll save my energy for that and skip Saturday's class.

Something had to change - and I finally bit the bullet and did it. Was it the most fun ever? No. It was not. Do I dread going tomorrow? To be honest, a little bit, yes. Will I go anyway? Yes. Yes I will.

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LADYVOLSFAN1954 6/1/2014 11:03AM

    emoticon emoticon Sounds like you have a good plan there. Hang in there!

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1CRAZYDOG 6/1/2014 10:01AM

    Keep on doing it! Good for you. It WILL get better. Glad you are back!

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CRAZYGARDNER1 6/1/2014 9:47AM

  Good for you! emoticon

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

7 days of prednisone....and I'm so crabby today I can barely stand myself. Weight loss has, as expected on steroids, completely stopped and in fact I regained 2 pounds even tho being pretty much on plan.

Today is allergy testing, and while I'm abjectly sure they will say I may now have water and toothpicks for the remainder of my life, I'm just going to be so glad to get off the prednisone I don't care.

Still not eating grains, overall not missing it. What I'm really missing is Dairy. Horrible mood says "oh, you're probably allergic to THAT too and you'll never get to have it again and...."

Yikes. This steroid stuff has brought my inner bitch right to surface. Blech. Keeping quiet mostly because I'm sort of afraid if I open my mouth....I might get myself into trouble.

blech. blech. and more blech. Here's to allergy testing day, getting OFF prednisone, and hopefully having some answers to this infernal constant itching....

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LEXIE63 2/10/2014 10:29AM

    So, what happened? please tell me you aren't reduced to water and toothpicks. :-)

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MOM2BOYZ1GIRL 1/21/2014 3:02PM

    So sorry about that! I hope they figure out what is going on.

Yesterday I was totally Snarky and couldn't be trusted to be on the computer making comments at all!


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Week one - Done

Monday, January 13, 2014

What an interesting week!

No sugar/dairy/grain for a week was an adventure...but then the cheat day came and that was really an adventure! The nutritionist built in a cheat day - and I'm so glad she did. Said this is the day to eat whatever you want. You may notice you don't feel very well when you eat some of the things you've been cutting out.

Ahem. Try a full blown allergy attack to the point I almost thought I was going to have to go the ER. All this after eating a hamburger bun and some popcorn. I dunno which one did it (they were eaten pretty close to each other) but I started feeling not so great about an hour after ingestion. Needless to say, I will NOT be partaking in either of those grains again in the near future! It was, pardon the expression, scary as hell!

Scary enough, I now have an appointment with the allergy/asthma doctor this week.

On the good side..I lost 5 pounds this week and I can really FEEL the "wheat gut/wheat belly" deflating! Before I ate the grains, allergies were really starting to settle down....since the ingestion and subsequent allergy attack, they are back to where they were before.

It's been an interesting process, and I'm well into day 1 of this week and right on plan....

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LEXIE63 1/19/2014 12:01PM

    Wow! Quite a bad experience on your cheat day, but at least it is a good lesson learned for the future. Keep going. You are doing great!

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MOTHEPRO 1/13/2014 8:03PM

    Wow! Glad you're alright! Congrats on losing 5 pounds!

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TERRYT55 1/13/2014 7:02PM

    Good for you, Lisa. I've tried going grain free but I didn't last long. Maybe I'll give it another try. Hope you're feeling better soon.

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Day 3

Friday, January 10, 2014

I can honestly say, this is the longest I can remember sticking to a plan and not cheating. Seriously. While that's sad on one level, it's very motivating on many others.

Interesting things (to me at least) are:
With the removal of constant grazing, or popping candy into my mouth, or drinking sugar-laden coffee - I'm noticing what I think of as low blood sugar episodes. That sudden, I'm hungry and if I don't eat now my body might just fall over on me feeling. Not as bad as my partner's diabetic low blood sugar attacks where she breaks into a cold sweat and really WILL pass out, but a less intense version if I go more than 4 hours without eating, or eat too little at breakfast which seems to be the usual culprit.

See, I'm not a first thing in the morning eater. Prior to this, I wake up around 4:30, I'd have a couple cups of coffee, eat a small bite at my desk around 7 a.m., then a snack at 9:30, then a big lunch at 11 a.m. Now....I get up and force myself to down a couple of scrambled eggs to meet the "eat within 30 min of waking" rule set by my nutritionist friend. Wow, is it hard to eat that early for me! yet, I find if I don't add some veggies in there, it's not enough and by 8 a.m, I'm feeling my head start to spin.

All learning curve I guess. I can say, I miss cheese. Eggs without cheese? Sigh. I did have some bad chocolate cravings last night and I was GLAD I had removed it from the house! i don't know if I could have not eaten it last night if it was here!!

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JAZZID 1/12/2014 4:10AM

    emoticon emoticon

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MOTHEPRO 1/10/2014 8:04PM

    Stay strong! It does take a little while to adjust, but it's worth it!

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MCCC75 1/10/2014 5:46PM

    I can relate! Great job sticking with your plan!

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_RAMONA 1/10/2014 4:46PM

    Hey there, Beautiful!

Keep up the good work... you are making great progress... anytime we do something we've never done before, we are forging new pathways of success in our lives.

As for those dips/crashes... try upping your healthy fat intake. In these days of your body transitioning from being a sugar burner to being a fat burner, don't worry about your calories or how often you eat, just eat a lot more fat... avocadoes, nut butter on celery (it's SO good), hard boiled eggs for snacks, eat olives by the tub full, have a cup of coffee with full-fat whipping cream, full-fat coconut milk (I keep a can in the fridge and eat it cold like pudding... sprinkled with cinnamon which helps to keep blood sugar stable), coconut oil, walnuts, macadamia nuts. The enemy of anyone trasitioning to a low/lower carb diet is going too lean.

Here are some articles that you might find helpful:




{{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}

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PLUGINALONG 1/10/2014 4:27PM

    My downfall is BBQ potato chips, Lays.

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Day 2

Thursday, January 09, 2014

2+ days sugar free. I have been hit with a virus, so have slept a good portion of the day away - keeping cravings to a minimum.

On track - even tho I feel like crap. go me! Kids brought home a pizza and I have to admit, I looked at the lone piece when I went in to fix myself something to eat. I thought about how I would have grabbed it and ate it without a thought 3 days ago. it smelled good, but not so good as staying on task.

That's sort of a first for me folks!

So...almost through with day 2. Paleo meatloaf (no oats that I usually put in and no brown sugar in the glaze), salad and a sweet potato half for dinner coming up. Now if I could just get rid of this virus....

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MOTHEPRO 1/10/2014 6:16AM

    emoticon emoticon

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