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I did it!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I made 10,000+ steps yesterday.

During the day I got up and walked, a lot. I tried marching in place when I had to wait (though I discovered the Fitbit doesn't really seem to pick up my marching in place steps, more like half). At 7 pm last night I had 6500. So, I put my shoes back on and walked the dog. Not far enough. Another walk around the block. Almost. 250 steps of walking around the house and I was done.

Now to do

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SUMMER2203 5/23/2013 12:09PM

    nice!!!!! i seem to be able to make it to 10000 on most days, but CANNOT get to 15000! next goal!

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CJJANISS 5/23/2013 11:40AM


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The Path of Least Resistance

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Been awhile since I posted. I lurk on SP a lot, takes time and energy to commit to teams/participate and I haven't had either.

I've been amazed at how darn hard it's been to increase my steps. It's really easy to sit at my desk during work for a good 2 hours without getting up once. Even with walks on breaks, my step count has been sinking rather than rising.

I want to fix this. I want to fix it badly. How am I going to do it? Well...

I'm back at doing Zumba in the a.m. several times a week. Even if it's only a 15 minute session, it's adding steps.

A SP/Fitbit friend mentioned setting her Outlook calender at work to remind her to get up and move. I'm going to start that today.

I need to start adding in walks after work. Planned on last night, but we had high winds and rain. I went grocery shopping instead, lol.

This has to change. The count has to go up for me to be getting the calorie burn I need to maintain. Belly dance unfortunately does not count. I can take a 15 min walk at work and get 1400 steps easy. I can do 15 minutes of dance practice, and dance hard, and the Fitbit says I took 250 steps. I took a lot more than that, but because of the nature of dancing - knees are always soft and steps are more gliding - it doesn't register the steps taken. I think my body also does not recognize the steps taken because if so, my dance time alone should help keep my weight in check. There is a lot of muscle being used, so I don't think it's "wasted time" (besides the fact it's my art), but it means that I have to go above and beyond the dance time. That makes time an issue, because I dance frequently.

Blah blah blah. I'm rambling. :)

All this to say, yes, my weight IS still at exactly the same point it's been for darn near a year, 244. doesn't seem to matter what I eat, doesn't seem to matter how much I dance or add walks on breaks etc. That means I must do more.

That's sort of a daunting thing.

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SWEETNEEY 5/22/2013 10:05AM

    emoticon I find that when I get to work, I sometime don't get up from desk for the entire day. May to use the bathroom and then heat up something in the microwave. So the only way I can get fB is to exercise in the evening. I've logged as little as 2500 steps in a day when I don't exercise - that's just walking up the steps to work and walking down.

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Check in - Finally...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Whew. Life's been a whirlwind. Good things, hard things, sucky things, you know, things.

Still grappling with trying to get to 10K steps a day. Grrr. Averages around 7K-ish... So, for now, the goal: Get to 7500 steps a day CONSISTENTLY. Then we'll worry about 10K.

Food: I've been consistently (there's that word again!) whittling down my carb intake. The goal? around 100 carbs a day from fruits and veggies, not from grains. Again, I'm about 70% successful. What am I shooting for realistically? 80%. If I can eat 80% on track consistently...that will be a great place from which to fine tune and attain the goal of eliminating more processed foods. All at once? yeah. that works for about 2 hours for me. What seems to be working? Consistently (3x I've said that now) adding more veggies and reducing grains/processed foods. Replacing grains with veggies. Walking away from the sugar.

This is National "Lab" week and of course, I work in a lab. What does that mean? Food! I should say, Carbs! Today, pizza. Instead, I ran home for an early lunch of a giant salad with lots of chicken and veggies (new fave: Trader Joe's "Healthy 8" - prechopped mix of broccoli, cabbages, radishes, jicama, etc - great for tossing in a salad!) and so far I have avoided the lure of the aroma of pepperoni wafting up the stairs....Tomorrow? Sub sandwiches. I will likely try the same tactic to avoid the carb fest - eat my own salad right before food arrives so I won't be starving and dive in...

Water continues to be an issue. Working it, but it's an issue.

I've cut way, way back on diet soda. I would not say I am free of it, pretty much have at least one drink out of my partner's cup a day, but I no longer buy my own and now I'm working on not pouring my own at home either - just because she drinks it doesn't mean I need to!

CPAP usage: 85%. I'm pretty darn proud of that one! I might miss one night a week on the weekend from falling asleep before I put it on...but otherwise, it's on every night and I can FEEL the difference!

Weight? Exactly the same: 244. Nope, no change. Haven't measured in around a month. Not in any hurry to either. I get on the scales maybe once a week, or every other week. Doing this is about feeling better. YES, I want to lose weight, but....the scale is my quickest tool to sabotage myself so, no. Just say no....

That's it! I've been lurking around SP all this time, watching my friend feed - I'm watching you friends, LOL! Just too busy to post much or do much else on the site.

i'm working it though!!

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LEXIE63 4/26/2013 1:46PM

    I've come to the conclusion that it isn't so much about losing weight, but more about feeling better, fitter, stronger, happier. Weight loss is only a very small part of this journey. :-)
Lex xxx

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So Far, So Good

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Strength training 2x this week: Check
Walking: Check
Lower back spasm: Check.

Sigh. The back thing...ugh. I knew the week we went to tacoma I was in mild pain. The week before I'd sat on my keister beading, beading and beading. Then we had a 6 hour car trip, followed by two days of sitting and judging categories, followed by the 6 hour car trip home - back to my job where I... sit. What's the worst thing for a chronic back injury? Sitting. So Monday I was really feeling it and by Tuesday? Spasm. Typically, this would have ended with me being flat on my back with muscle relaxants for a week.

I can't afford the time off. So, instead:
Ice. Ibuprofen. Rolling the affected area on the floor with a tennis ball and a knotted rope dog toy, LOL - works surprising well! Walking. Getting up out of my chair every 30 min for a lap or two around our floor at work. Repeat.

Is it all better? no, but it is improving and with no lost time from work or muscle relaxants. Let's cross our fingers it continues to go the right direction here - I have a LOT of stuff coming to a deadline, and being injured is putting it on hold in a big way.

But, I'm working it. I'm working on strength, on walking, zumba etc. One day at a time.

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MINIDRIVER63 4/15/2013 12:57PM

    Hi Sweetie! I'm so proud you're still making progress and working through the pain. You're doing the right thing with your exercises and stretching. I just takes so long to heal - longer the older we get!


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MANDYLOVE_76 3/15/2013 10:15AM

    SItting all day is horrible with for us. I try to get up once an hour.

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MAW_OH 3/14/2013 10:57PM

    emoticon emoticon Keep on keeping on!

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WATCHMEGO! 3/14/2013 9:33AM

    I feel for you. I have lower back issues as well. I do some Pilates-type stretches every day, along with taking some meds. Mine is related to my spinal column, not muscular.

I'm glad you found a way to manage without time off and without meds! Great job figuring out what YOU need!

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SUSIEQ911 3/14/2013 8:44AM

    Is it like sciatica pain?

If so, there are quite a few stretches you can do to help. I can send links to you if you want.

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ALL-IS-AMAZING 3/14/2013 8:37AM

    Hope it feels better soon!

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WILSON1926 3/14/2013 8:36AM

    emoticon emoticon

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A Year Til 50

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yesterday was my 49th birthday. I woke up with a fire in my heart that in a year, when I turn 50....I want to have changed my body.

I'm still stuck at 244.

I had weeks I was well on track. 244.
I had weeks I was so tired and stressed I ate what I wanted. 244
I skipped weighing all together for two weeks and after that? 244.

I look a little different - some measurements have shifted. But I'm still definitely morbidly obese and still physically miserable at this weight.

So, what to do differently? In no specific order, my thoughts on the subject:
1. Consistency. In what I eat, in what I do.
2. Track my food.
3. Replace other beverages with water. (I have reduced my diet coke consumption by about working on that last half)
4. Body weight exercises
5. Keep dogging that 10K steps a day - get to it, and stay there or increase it!
6. Work on stress levels

That's it for today. My last goal? To spark daily. Being on site keeps me motivated and focused.

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LEXIE63 3/14/2013 7:19AM

    Can be so frustrating when the scale refuses to budge, no matter what you do. Good for you still trying things though. It will budge again soon, and in the right direction, I'm sure. :-)

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WATCHMEGO! 3/12/2013 9:45AM

    I agree that consistency is key. I like your plan. The only thing I would suggest that I didn't see would be to focus on eating few, if any, processed foods. Try to eat things you great-grandmother would recognize. That has been the key to me, after calorie counting. It's not glamourous, but it worked for me.

I turned 50 last October. After being in the high 200s and sometimes over 300 since late elementary school, I finally made it into the 100s and was there by the time I turned 50! You can do it!

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LOVESTOWALK49 3/12/2013 8:40AM

    I turned 49 as well yesterday. Neat. emoticon

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RIDLEYRIDER 3/12/2013 8:06AM

  Being consistent is the key to success. Falling 'off' occasionally is okay, but don't let it stretch into more than one meal or snack. If you wake up every morning and say to yourself "I can do this today", then you will. Good luck, and never, never give up! emoticon

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AZMOMXTWO 3/12/2013 8:04AM

  keep up the good work it is all done in baby steps

my weight stays about the same but my clothing fits different (looser) so I know I am on the right track

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