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Thursday, January 11, 2007

"If money comes, great. If not, rest assured, knowing that your life is not defined by what you make but what you already have. The best things in life are free!"

Well and good...but I have more of a problem motivating myself to work full time...always getting the bare minimum and not making it.

Yes the best things in life are free...but struggling day to day and paycheck to paycheck aren't the best things.

Working on self discipline in all areas of my life is going to show good things...paid bills, a cleaner house and a healthier me.


A Plan

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"Today, think about your goals and form a plan to achieve them. Write them down, chart your progress, refer to them as often as you need to stay on track, and most importantly, hold yourself accountable"

I've always had a concrete idea of what I wanted, to lose weight. But that has not been specific enough. I usually had a plan, like "I'll go to WW" or an unrealistic "plan" like 'I'll exercise 60 minutes every day and eat 1000 calories'.

So what are my goals?? Well.....I'd love to fit into my burgundy costume by March 31. I want to be able to get through the class routine without having an asthma attack (or feeling like I'm gonna have a heart attack!) on Feb 10. More vague, but important to me just as much, increase my stamina...increase my health overall.

Writing in my journal is a big one, keeps me accountable. Scheduling dance students and not cancelling on them keeps me active and feeling good about myself. Weighing daily reminds me that I weigh over 200 pounds. My mind is easily forgets how much I weigh! I think weighing daily has been very successful in keeping me out of hte candy jar at work! No candy in three work days (five total days). That is HUGE for me. I'm working on getting my water in...and since I got the to go packs of crystal light that actually seems to be working.

I have such problems with perfectionism...all or nothing thinking. It's good to be able to see what I did each day that were good choices, rather than just obsessing about the mistakes I made.


81 days left

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

and what have I done to help me attain my goal of being my best in performance for the Unmata show March 31?

* I've got 220 minutes of cardio under my belt
* First troupe practice - they looked great!
* Made healthy food choices 90% of the time the last few days.
* Lost a pound, woo hoo!
* Made decisions on costuming just have to carry them out!
* Got payment for the ad mailed.
* No candy for two days, this is a record!
* Weighed daily, not to see if I lost weight but to keep my honest, yes I weigh over 200 pounds. Seems pretty darn easy to "forget" that little tidbit of info unless I weigh daily.

Motivation is easier to keep going when I keep feeding it...feeding my motivation rather than my mouth.

Still have fears about "what if I fail? What if my choreography sucks? What if I'm the one who makes mistakes? What if everything is a bust???" Working on taking one "bite of the elephant" at a time helps, rather than procrastinating out of fear...

I can do this! I can get healthier, lose a little weight, and dance my best ever on March 31!!!


More reasons to get healthy

Thursday, January 04, 2007

My blood pressure is creeping up. My mom had several small strokes by the time she was 60ish...I don't want that to be me.

So...What have I done today toward my goals?
1. I weighed. Not to see if I lost weight, I didn't, but to remind myself in a concrete way of how much I weigh.
2. So far, 4 servings of fruits and veggies. For me, this is a blooming miracle.
3. It's 2 pm, and I'm under about 500 calories. That is a success I haven't had so far. Usually, by this time, I've past my daily allotment, so I stop counting. I should be able to have dinner AND stay under my goal of 1550. Another freaking miracle.
4. I went to the doctor this a.m. for first time in a couple years. Working on getting in for an annual exam. This is progress - I usually don't go unless I'm sick.

Other things I need to work on: Using my CPAP. Why do I not do this? I feel so much better when I do...sigh. Getting some exercise in...none so far today.

Not taking everything so uber personally....I let my feelings get hurt too darn easily. Period.


Back to Reality...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's back to work, back to routine and hopefully back to focusing on my goals, dreams and health!

Joined the 1 day challenge team...hey, even a slacker like me can do a challenge for one day, eh?? Today was 3-5 arm strengthening exercises and I did 3. It's a start, right? Right!

89 days till my first major goal date....what do I want by then? In the past, I would have said i want to lose at LEAST 20 pounds - hey that's three months, right? I can do it! But the reality of setting myself up for failure so many times has left me deciding to start small...after all, I went back to Stage 1 of Spark to re-start and start small soo.....I think my goal will be half of that old less realistic goal - 10 pounds by March 31.

So far today to attain that goal I've:
*Done the warm ups from
*Done 3 arm strengthening exercises
*Read 3 Spark articles

Yet to do today:
*Eat at least 3 fruit/veggie servings
*Eight cups of water
*Dance 15 minutes minimum


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