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June Goals

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

grrr. I stepped on the Wii this a.m.....and apparently it's having a senior moment. For one, it said I hadn't weighed in recently, which is incorrect. It then said that my weight was the same as "last" time (whenver it thinks that was) and that was incorrect as well. We've had it two years....and I've noticed it did this before - but I thought i was the one having a senior moment, LOL. I know the Wii "scale" isn't particularly accurate - at least mine on the carpet isn't. Perhaps that means it's time to drag out The Real Scales. I banished them to the closet a long time ago.....I'll think on that.

Goals for June:
Up my cardio from May by 10% - that's around 770 minutes
Walk a minimum of 10 minutes a day - Several days a week I do more than this, but this needs to be the baseline and it needs to happen 6-7 days a week.
WATER. This is my poorest "goal" - I'm embarrassed to say I've not made it but one out of many, many days.
Five freggies...this has gone by the wayside as well as funds got tight and i've been living on cheap carbs.
I walked about 20 miles this month - up that by 1 mile more a week.

These are reasonable goals - reasonable being the key word.

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TERRYT55 6/1/2011 11:19AM

    Great Shar140 said, they are attainable. As for the Wii, did you try changing the batteries in the balance board. Sometimes when the batteries in mine are getting low my Wii has many senior moments!

Have a terrific June......

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SHAR140 5/31/2011 9:27PM

    Awesome goals - good job making them measurable, attainable, and increasing them!!


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KATCHAGIRL 5/31/2011 5:48PM

    Sound like GREAT goals and CONGRATS on May's accomplishments! Just keep workin' on that water intake... Try to think of it as your favorite beverage and just drink! ;-)

Like the sayin' goes: "JUST DO IT!" :-) I have found that it REALLY can be THAT simple, amazingly!

Thanks for "Liking" my recent status'... makes me feel like there's actually someone out there! LOL

Have a WONDERFUL rest of the week!

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A real day off...

Monday, May 30, 2011

I like to be busy. When I'm not doing something....I get uncomfortable...jittery....nervous. Old tapes begin to play from childhood...I get depressed.

So, I routinely overschedule myself to avoid thinking. Not great, really, and tho I know it....I continue to do it. I work 40 hours, have dance practice for 2 hours x2 a week, have private students 2-3 nights a week, and teach a dance class on sundays. Typically, I have tuesday and saturday nights "off" and that's it. All of the dance class stuff takes prep time on top of along with the mundane stuff of laundry and grocery shopping...I keep myself busy.

i took today completely off. Cancelled my dance practice and no work. Yep, i did some dance prep stuff...but I'm working on "just being today".

Yep. I can feel the uncomfortable thoughts hovering already. Thoughts of loss...failure...not good enough. For years, I soothed those thoughts with food. Hence, I weigh 240ish pounds on a 5 foot frame.

Now, I try to soothe those thoughts with excerise, therapy, and journaling. You would think when a 250 pound woman starts the exercise, the weight would fall off. Not so, for many reasons. Too much estrogen (way too much)...sometimes eating too much...arthritis....depression....

The numbers on the scale go up and down up and down...(sung to the tune of the wheels on the bus...)

It is so easy to give up. To eat the cake. To comfort my hurting heart with food. To skip the walk. To "rest" - when I've been"resting" for years.

Nonethless, I'm proud of myself. last week I worked out 180 minutes and burned 1390 calories. Compared to doing "nothing" that's a lot. Nor did I start off too fast/hard and injure myself, which is a repeating theme for me.

Goals for this week:
190 minutes exercise
exercise 10 minutes a day or more for 6 days
5 fruits veggies a day

Reasonable goals. goals that will help me feel better and live longer, regardless of what the scale says at the end of the week.


Saturday check in

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Three day weekend beginith! Of course, the skies are overcast and we're supposed to have crappy weather...where is the Central Oregon sunshine I love? We usually have 300+ days of sunshine, even in winter the sun shines....but not this year.....

I bit the bullet and approached a friend for help financially, and she can help. This takes a huge load off of me - HUGE. I'm too prideful to ask for help usually...I'd rather bite the bullet and eat peanut butter sandwiches every meal than ask...but it was bad enough I needed to do something - pride or no pride. No family left to dad and aunt are gone and my mom's family disowned me when I came out. That means - my friends ARE my family.

Whew. Can't express how relieved I am. Really. It will get me through till my partner gets her financial aid check in July and then i can repay her and be back on solid ground again.

Sorta sucks to be 47 years old and live paycheck to paycheck. But, i remind myself it could be a lot worse. i could live in Joplin and have lost everything - including my life or the lives of people I love. In comparison, money is nothing!

Going to lace up the shoes...walking half the 5K I'm doing next week...I need to see how I do on half. I've been walking daily, but I'm not confident I'm fully ready for a 5k without injury. We'll find out today - if I can do half today I am confident i can get through it all next weekend.

have a fabulous weekend spark friends!

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SHAR140 5/28/2011 2:50PM

    emoticon emoticon

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1HELPLESSMOM 5/28/2011 10:33AM

    I'm glad things are working out for you. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. I know that I am. I hate having to ask for help. I have had really bad experiences whenever I have done so, especially from family. So I totally relate.

Good luck to you on the 5k. I am sure you will do well. Enjoy your weekend. emoticon

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Three day weekend...

Friday, May 27, 2011

*I'm planning to walk half of the route for the Heaven Can Wait Breast Cancer walk that will happen in a week....
*Do some major dance choreography...for classes, students, troupe, and me
*Catch up on some laundry - it's taking over the world....
*BBQ some burgers maybe?
*Relax - or try to.

Last night was an important step in dealing with my son's mental health issues. For the first time, the therapist used the word "psychosis" in conjunction with Mike. Until now, the last 2 months of being in this special program, they would only say "well....something's going on. We don't want to label him too soon....". And bringing a med on board again was confirmed and a date set.

This is HUGE. We've been living through hell - and so has he - for months. To have a confirmed diagnosis of some kind of psychotic disorder (bipolar, who knows?) and get him back on a med is huge. Like...the light just went on at the end of a very dark tunnel that you began to think had no end.

Going into the weekend hopeful!


Thursday Check In

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Measured today....couple inches total off hips/waist. I keep measuring at specific spots to try to be accurate..but as my body changes, droops,'s hard to tell. Still, I'm taking the measurements at face value - my clothes fit differently so that's an affirmation that the measurements aren't far off.

I've exercised consistently for three weeks - at least 10 minutes a day, sometimes 90 minutes a day. I've done strength training, cardio, and stretching. I've cut my food consumption considerably...I haven't been "perfect" but I've been consistent.

Yesterday, when it was raining I chose not to do my morning walk. By afternoon, I felt like I was about to crawl out of my even tho it was still windy and drippy, I walked anyway and it helped. I think my body has hit that point of wanting the movement - which is a good thing.

Mood is still low - directly corresponding to finances and issues with my son. But...nonetheless....I got up and came to work. I did my hair, I showered and did my makeup. I wore my walking shoes and brought my ipod so I can walk on my break. I brought pears and string cheese for snack, and have crystal light in the battle to get more water down.

I'm low emotionally...but I'm not out. One foot in front of the other. One day after another. One workout, one meal, one thing....All I have to do is get through to the next thing, eh?

So today's question: What's on your ipod for working out? Currently, I'm listening to Pink's "Raise your glass" - repeated during my walk. I like the beat, I like the sentiment...."wrong in all the right ways" sort of fits me....So what do YOU listen to most?

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1HELPLESSMOM 5/26/2011 10:57AM

    Congrats on getting up and moving. I can totally relate to having no get up and go. For the last two and a half years, my life has been one constant up and down struggle. My weight has bounced up and down based on my mood. Now that I am walking every morning, I have noticed that my mood is better and I am not as stressed as I was before. Although I haven't lost a much weight as I had hoped, I feel better about myself and my mood is better.

I would like to wish you luck on your journey to becoming a healthier you. Just take one day at a time as you have stated. I know that you can do this. Good Luck to you. emoticon

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