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Finally Friday...

Friday, June 24, 2011

What a long, messed up week!

Boss A of 6 bosses doesn't like something..but the other bosses keep shooting him down on his ideas for change. so he comes to lil ol' ME and says "I'd like to see YOU take some leadership and write a (my) new protocol but don't say it's from me" other words 'here, take this stick and hit the hornets nest for me, will ya?"

At home, we have two women on separate hormone roller coasters. I think that speaks for itself...

Teens are enough work as it is...add in one with some bipolar or what have you and you have a third kinda roller coaster I won't recommend to anyone.

Crazy busy week, and fitting that exercise in has been a pain! but, I'll make it, I thnk I only need to burn less than 300 for the weekly goal...Day three of being honest and tracking my food. Always an eye opener!!

Mr Scale is still banished. I had a moment of longing...thinking hey, why not? but I resisted. He must learn to appreciate me and show a lil love for all this work I'm doing and I'm quite sure that leaving him in the closet a while longer will reinforce that for him.

Today is a half day at work, then a 2 hour drive to another city to perform with a dance buddy, then the 2 hour drive BACK. Can't say I don't know how to rock a Friday nite!!

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TERRYT55 6/25/2011 4:07PM

    Good thing the week is over.....I hope dancing last night helped to release some of the week's tension.

Good for you for resisting the scale!

I hope you can relax a bit this weekend..........I'm hoping that the teenagers and raging hormones (who ever they belong to) take a break so you can too!

Take care

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SINABUNN 6/24/2011 10:00AM

    Great thing about this week is that it's OVER! emoticon What I love is that you have all these stressors sitting on your shoulder... work issues, hormone issues, time issues, kid issues... all these handy-dandy excuses and not once did you use them to justify any kind of negativity. You still said "I'LL MAKE IT" and you're focused on taking this bull by the horns. emoticon Keep it up, kid!!!

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Mr. Scale is Banished

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So...yesterday I commented on how I've been revving up the exercise minutes and I was hoping that soon the scales would begin to reflect that.

Nope. I stepped on before i got into my shower....and it was up 4 pounds.

I promptly burst into tears. My emotions have been all over the place, feelings hurt at absolutely nothing...and later in the day I realized this is probably a result of those menopausal hormone shifts. It could be the weight issue is connected or not, who knows.

what I do know is that if I'm working as hard as I am and the scales is going the wrong way? I'm not getting on them for awhile. I'm doing this for so many reasons - not just the weight. I want to live a long, healthy life, i want to be able to dance longer and better....I want to be here for my kids and grandkids in an active happy life.

Mr Scales can just go back in the closet for awhile. I spent yesterday on an emotional roller coaster - not only due to the scales, I just felt blue and whiny and frankly sorry for myself. I had a starbucks - first one in three weeks - and I didn't walk (truthfully because of the blisters from Saturday, LOL). I had my day of "vacation" from health pursuit...

And today I'm back on the plan. And part of the current plan is no weighing for a few weeks, maybe not for a month.

What do YOU do when you are working hard and the scales isn't cooperating? Enquiring minds wanna know!

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TERRYT55 6/21/2011 7:45PM

    I weigh everyday and am sometimes so disappointed but I move forward knowing I am doing my best and that everything can't be measured what I weigh. I feel so much better all the time. I move more easily. I walk farther. My clothes fit better. I feel like I look on the days when Mr. Scale isn't giving me the number I want I look at all the other positive changes I've made.

I wonder if the moon was in a weird phase or something yesterday. Even with my daughters and grand-kids here I was still teary for most of the day.

Keep that scale in the closet for a while and keep doing your best!

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MRSLEENY 6/21/2011 1:06PM

    I so understand that darn scale! Last Friday, I got on my scale before my shower. I was going to weigh in at Weight Watchers and thought, I had lost at least 2lbs. OMG, I gained what looked like 2lbs! Talk about a meltdown. I had hiked hours and felt sooo good, I couldn't believe I gained! I made myself go to WW and weigh in and it was up .2. OK, much better than my scale, but the waterworks had started again and my poor leader got the brunt of it. It is funny now, but then I was whining and crying and saying it's not working, blah, blah. I calmed down enough to sit through the meeting and promised I would stay on track and keep going back.

I had eaten out a lot that week and still thought all my walking etc was going to help me drop the weight. I think all I did was call it even.

The next day I was much better and back on track. A good cry is good every now and then!! I think we women are sometimes too hard on ourselves. We need to take a breath and realize that we are not in a race and to just keep living a healthy lifestyle, track what we eat and the weight will come off. I need to track every day and if I look even 7 days ahead, I seem to lose all focus.

Good luck, you are doing great!!


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IRISHBEANERGAL 6/21/2011 12:30PM

    When the scale doesn't move - and mine didn't for over 7 weeks, you grit your teeth and stick it out. Sure, I whined... A LOT. I thought about quitting. I cried because I wasn't going to get to my "Onederland" goal by my son's high school graduation. It COMPLETELY SUCKED.


I stuck with it anyway. And I learned that I am a strong woman. And a healthy one too. A woman with determination in her heart and the spirit to move past the naysayers and the obstacles placed in my path. And I learned to reach out to everyone and anyone who would listen to me whine. And guess what? Most everyone on this site stood by me and listened... and kicked me in gear... I found new ways to measure my success besides the stupid scale. And eventually the stupid plateau passed.

Hang in there - post some new pictures... look for visual cues of your success. Have a friend take some silly pictures of you doing the things you CAN do that you couldn't do before. Take measurements. Have people hug you and let you know they can put their arms around you better now (and besides hugs feel good).

Keep moving forward - do WHATEVER it takes - and NEVER quit!

~Irish (aka The Incredible Shrinking Mom)

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1HELPLESSMOM 6/21/2011 9:01AM

    The scale is only one measure of your efforts. It is nice to see the scale go down. But it has been my experience that I go up and down all the time. I use to be one of those people who would get on the scale before and after I ate, after going to the bathroom, after drinking a beverage just to see how much or little I lost or gained. It was ruling my life.

I only weigh myself once a week on Sundays. I judge my success or failures by how my clothes fit or if I have more energy. We have to look other places for results of our efforts. The scale is only one aspect.

You can do this. It could be just the hormonal things going on. I wish you well. Forget about the scale.

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Monday check in

Monday, June 20, 2011

Well, Monday's here already! Saturday I had to work part of the day, Sunday I taught a dance I haven't had a full day off in over two weeks and I'm beginning to feel it.....

But, nothing to do about it but continue to march forward!

Saturday I took a 30 minute walk to ensure I met my 1390 cal burned goal....and did something foolish. I threw on my shoes and went...with no socks. Let me preface that with, I don't often wear socks normally...but always do when i walk. half way through my heels started burning, but there was nothing to do but continue on as i was now across the river from my car....So i have HUGE blisters on the backs of my heels.


Lesson learned, believe me.

I had a student criticize something after class yesterday, and I noticed I'm having a hard time shaking it. when i began planning for this session, I asked the students what they were interested in - gooey, fast, etc. I chose a cut of music that wasn't fast or slow, but had components of each in it as the responses had varied wildly. Well, apparently this student had wanted slow...and didn't feel she was getting it. Normally, I would like to think that a caustic comment wouldn't affect me and I could let it roll off me. Apparently, that's not the case because I kept worrying about it all night. I went from "oh she doesn't like what we're doing...maybe the others don't either. Maybe none of them like the new class material! Maybe i shouldn't have done that. Now they won't come back in the fall when I begin teaching again..."

Truly, just negative worry and ugly self talk! over one comment. I suspect I'm tired - back to the over two weeks without a real day off - and it's been an emotional weekend - my 2nd fathers day since dad died adn my partners 1st fathers day without her dad.

I need to Let. It. Go. and not allow myself to spiral down over it - or anything else for that matter. I determine my mood, right? not the scale! Not an unhappy comment from a student! Not finances or work stress....I am in control of my mood, and I say I'm going to shrug it off and move on. right? RIGHT.

I hope. sigh.

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DEGENNAN 6/20/2011 11:59AM

    emoticon awww cheer up! it was one careless comment by the student and I am sure that she didn't mean it that way, and that all the other students love your class. My father died when I was young so I know how hard Father's Day can be in that case - it's great that you and your partner have each other on days like that. Hang in there! AND DON'T FORGET YOUR SOCKS! If your feet are miserable, it's hard to think of anything else. I hope that doesn't put you off your daily walking goals. You are doing *GREAT* so hang in there! emoticon

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Who knew?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

yesterday, I was surprised and perplexed to receive a spark trophy for achieving 250 exercise minutes. I've only gotten trophies at the end of the month - you know, consistency, blah blah blah...

then it hit me. That's because i've never achieved 250 exercise minutes in one month before! I didn't know they gave those....because I've never worked out (of if I did I didn't track it) that much.

That lead me to look at my reports....and again I say, no wonder I haven't been losing weight! More often than not, i was burning half or less than the suggested 1390...just look....

I feel like doing a palm to the forhead "doh" kinda move every time I realize I was so far off the mark. As you can see, I've been working hard to hit that 1390 burned goal a week, and I'm darn proud of it a spark friend commented earlier, it takes dedicated TIME to burn those calories and time is my most precious asset...i work full time and my bellydance stuff might as well be a second full time job, a special needs kid, a's a lot of work to add in the fitness, but I feel better and I feel proud when I do it. And maybe, just maybe, the scale will begin to show it too.

typically, it takes a week to two weeks for effort to show on the scale for me so I'm interested to see that....but the feeling better part is worth it no matter what!

I'll leave you with a phrase that I never really understood until recently. now I understand ALL TOO WELL.

HOT FLASHES. I'm sitting here, fine as can be....then boom I'm sweating and feel like I'm in an oven. As i started with...who knew? UGH!

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1HELPLESSMOM 6/18/2011 8:07PM

    emoticon on the fitness trophy. I totally relate to the hot flashes. But I much rather deal with them than go back to having the plumbing working again. Good luck with trying to incorporate the fitness into your schedule. Sometimes just taking 5 or 10 minutes when you can will show a difference. emoticon

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SHAR140 6/18/2011 1:06PM


I didn't know they started giving out other fitness minutes trophies until now, either - but I like that they started awarding them as soon as you earn them. More incentive/motivation to me! :)


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Friday, June 17, 2011

Glad to see the end of this week! I have to work a few hours Saturday, but it will be by myself for the most part and I really don't mind.

Summer has begun - both in the weather....and the calls to work. Calls that my son is acting up again, hitting his sister, screaming....It jacks my stress level up to 10 immediately. My concern for him is overwhelming, the way he treats his sister is unacceptable...and he won't (can't?) take any responsibility for his actions at this point. If it happens in anger - he does not remember it. This is part of the psychosis they tell me, and while in some ways it's a relief to hear that there's a doesn't solve the problems.

One day at a time, sometimes one call at a time, is the only way to handle it.

Working out has been okay this week, off schedule some and I don't do well without my usual routines. I need to burn about 400 more calories by Saturday night to make my goal...I am sure i will though. Food has not been all that bad, but not all that great either. Yesterday, there was an ice cream cake for the birthdays this month in the office. I thought, wow, i haven't had dessert in forever! i will have a small piece...

made me sick as a dog. I take it to mean I'm getting away from the garbage I used to eat and now it is making me sick when I do indulge. Everyone was talking about seconds today...I won't be joining them, LOL!

I've been weighing sporadically...Down 2 pounds, up a pound. down a pound, up two pounds. I weigh to remind myself that I weigh 250 pounds, because it would be easy to conveniently 'forget'. I'm doing well at not obsessing over the numbers - allowing the number to decide if i'm having a good day or a bad day. that's been successful. I'm pleased I'm making it to the amount of calories burned a week and realize how much less exercise i was doing before that revelation a couple weeks ago.

TGIF my sparkly friends...


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